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Автор Mel Toretto ( назад)
Animal Rights...                                                                                       EARTHLINGS --- Documentary

Автор Samuel #Gurke ( назад)
Wtf thats an animal first kill it

Автор Claudia Salinas ( назад)
Are you feeling it now Mr. crabs 😂👌🏻

Автор sionara11 ( назад)
now do the same thing, except backwards you dumb bitch. Crack it open first so it dies before you chop off the legs, less cruelty will not mean less flavor

Автор Andreza Sapede ( назад)
Too cruel the way he did! Should have killed the crab first.

Автор Oliver Vallee ( назад)
It is like he is taking pride in inflicting as much pain as possible, keeping it alive as long as long as he can.
Eating meat is one thing, this is something else.

Автор robertrjsaa ( назад)
bad way to kill a crab you should know better 101 dislikes out 134 likes hard kill not good at all dispatch properly .......wow... not good...

Автор Jose fun ( назад)
this's not a graphic content, this's cruel 😣😣

Автор Lynne Farrar ( назад)
kill it first

Автор Private Virus ( назад)
I understand that it being fresh is the better option but this wouldn't be so popular if crabs could scream lol

Автор awesome girl ( назад)
y would u hurt an animal like that

Автор Erebus Gaming ( назад)
Love watching these vids @morigami, been spam watching a lot of them.

Also to the people complaining about "live" butchering of crabs, lobsters, etc. Why are you watching the videos he uploads if youre coming here to complain?

Автор Yakiraziah Baht Israel ( назад)
I mean no heart just make the creature feel everything your doing to it.....cold blooded savages😣

Автор Reptilian Overlord ( назад)
I like the way the crab squirms in the beginning. also very cool to see how it is prepared

Автор A.C.A.B 1312 ( назад)

Автор Roy Hsieh ( назад)
the graphic content is not as bad as the deafening soundtrack

Автор FuckFace 9000 ( назад)
Savage gang

Автор Aria E. ( назад)
Where's the graphic content? I didn't see it.

Автор Giovanni Rodriguez ( назад)
Thats fucked up how you make the crab suffer

Автор The Meme lord ( назад)
crabs have no souls

Автор KIANA ONE ( назад)
well i just died there. you could have at least killed him first instead of torturing him! Dont think any of them would enjoy being cut up alive! have some humanity

Автор Vladimir Putin ( назад)
Waa waa they didn't clean the crab "properly" I am willing to bet most of you typing things like that couldn't even microwave a frozen crab cake let alone butcher a whole crab of any sort.

Автор Taylor Martin ( назад)
i love morigami tho. He's the guy who uploads foods and doesn't gaf about people bitching on his videos. Keep making great videos man,

Автор Fisch ( назад)
looks yummy

Автор Gregor Egor ( назад)
Вот Мудак сука! нельзя было сперва его умертвить, прежде чем разделывать живьем, садист ебаный!

Автор Wira Agung Yuwana ( назад)
37 crabs dislikes this video

Автор El Gato Dany ( назад)
why don't kill first?

Автор Lisette Lema ( назад)
When editing try to lower your sound it's not that hard

Автор Iqhwan Daniel ( назад)
So evil..u not human..u r evil..wtf

Автор Ric3 Crack3rs ( назад)
Crabs and other crustaceans can regrow limbs. Plus it's fresher and cleaner if you kill the crab last.

Автор Abacos Abaco ( назад)
buen vídeo Morigami saludos..

Автор Michael Anderson ( назад)
I am not an animal activist, but that was a little disturbing. It lived that long to be dismembered a leg at a time.

Автор Romla Kasadeng ( назад)
too cruel. if you're being crab, you're getting a cut, and you're still alive. how?

Автор TheBestAnnie ( назад)
You forgot to put Live, and the Vegans still came to bitch. LOL!

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