• HOW TO KISS *TUTORIAL* Today my long distance gay couple boyfriend and I show you how to makeout with tongue, how to French kiss a kissing tutorial and tips. How to first kiss. Were kinda relationship cute couple goals 2019.
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Comments • 80

  • ItsJustNick
    ItsJustNick  2 months ago +447

    You #teambottom or #teamtop ?!😬

  • Tonia T
    Tonia T 9 hours ago

    Nick's shirt is an optical Illusion.

  • Marta Giacchino
    Marta Giacchino 9 hours ago

    You are very pretty 😍😍😍

  • Charles Hughes
    Charles Hughes Day ago +1

    Are you married💍

  • Jess
    Jess Day ago

    My first kiss was with a boy, and it was sO horrible,, he just kept jAbbing his tongue in my mouth 😬 everything was slimy and gross,, and 5 years later, I'm a lesbian 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

  • فرج يوسف
    فرج يوسف 2 days ago

    why are you gay

  • QSKL Clan
    QSKL Clan 2 days ago

    What the hell have I just watched

  • Led Eyes
    Led Eyes 2 days ago

    My first kiss when i kissed my best friend
    Suddenly i turned into a gay🙂

  • Adam Sakabani
    Adam Sakabani 3 days ago

    I want to kiss you

  • DARK Hell Corporation

    Nick and Anthony: tell us how your story went
    Erm... we’ll I haven’t had my first
    ( gay ) kiss yet... 😭😭😭 ahhhh I
    want myself a Boyfriend, I’m alone and sad

  • Tamara Tillmann
    Tamara Tillmann 3 days ago

    Last year at my birthday we played truth or dare (my girlfriend was also There) and my Best friend told me to kiss her... so we did it (IT was our First kiss) but with tounge... now I watch this Video and you say never do this... oops

  • The Cool Girlforlife

    tell us how your first kiss went
    well since ant is from the uk he will understand but i just randomly got kissed in reception then we was dating up until yr 7

  • Adam Sakabani
    Adam Sakabani 4 days ago

    We’re do you live to kiss you

  • Adam Sakabani
    Adam Sakabani 4 days ago

    I want to kiss you

  • Elang Gabriels
    Elang Gabriels 4 days ago +1

    Why you're f*ckinn gay? Dumass!

  • Ryan Western
    Ryan Western 5 days ago

    My first kiss was like okay

  • Ryan Western
    Ryan Western 5 days ago


  • Khandoker Helal
    Khandoker Helal 6 days ago +1

    I never saw a boy kissing a boy this is my first time I watch your videos that’s kind of disgusting you’re making a to Torio with how to kiss 💋

  • LennetteFoxxy77
    LennetteFoxxy77 6 days ago

    My first kiss:
    Peer pressure 😭
    And I'm pretty sure I did it wrong 😅 embarrassment

  • Thereza Loftus
    Thereza Loftus 6 days ago

    im almost 40 and never been kissed i am repulsive so im not surprised really

  • Ben Kasper
    Ben Kasper 7 days ago

    Im just 11 but....thank god i got someone to help with my uses my dad acount not a boy....

  • beth webster
    beth webster 8 days ago

    Liked commented and notification

  • beth webster
    beth webster 8 days ago


  • Jennifer Dejesica
    Jennifer Dejesica 8 days ago

    Im dead for that

  • ZHC is Fantastic
    ZHC is Fantastic 9 days ago

    It went great... no not really

  • Maliha Mackey
    Maliha Mackey 9 days ago

    My first kiss was in school in the hall in school 😍😘😖😻💏💑💋💞💕

  • Filip Francesca
    Filip Francesca 10 days ago

    I am single

  • Olivia Brock
    Olivia Brock 10 days ago

    I’m straight but got dared to kiss a girl for my first kiss

  • Antonio and Khamaurian
    Antonio and Khamaurian 11 days ago +1

    Of course I had my first kiss

  • Aam Willianz
    Aam Willianz 11 days ago

    What The Fuck ! You Crazy Man..

  • Jaebum's strawberry milk shake

    Your cat's name is Karen??
    *Wait that's illegal*

  • carlangelogonzaga gonzaga

    Just try mee please

  • Nevaeh Harris
    Nevaeh Harris 12 days ago

    My first kiss:
    It's was in 9th grade and I had been dating my boyfriend(ex now) for 2 weeks. So that morning before school, he asked me if he could kiss me when he sees me. I said yes. But once I got to school I was so nervous that I hid all day. He didn't see me until 4th period(we have that class together) and we are partners so we sat together and did our work. During reading time, he asked me where I have been all day. I told him I was nervous and that I didn't think I would be a good kisser. He then told me that it's fine and said it's like riding a bike, everyone can do it. So then class ending. We had to go to 5th period. My next class was on the 2nd floor. His is on the 1st. He walked me to class. He even took his time even though he would be late. On our way to class I was starting to get cold so he gave me his jacket. I didn't put it on yet because he had his arm around me. So we got to my class and the 1 minute bell rang. The teacher came to the door telling me to hurry up before I'm late. All the kids in the class were looking at me too so I started to walk into the class but then my boyfriend grabbed me by the arm and pulled me to turn and face him. Once I was facing him he said "I love you" and put his index finger under my chin to guide my head up(he's 3/4 inches taller than me) and kissed me. It was just a light peck. And when he backed away the bell rang and he left and I went in class.HE KISSED ME IN FRONT OF MY TEACHER AND THE WHOLE CLASS. Everyone in the class was talking about him kissing me because I'm fairly quiet so no one thought I'd ever date anyone. I kept getting asked so many questions about our relationship but I couldn't answer them with words I just nodded. I thought about our kiss all class. After that point we kissed all the time and he never told me when he would kiss me(I liked it though). We broke up last year, so we dated for 2 years. Come to find out, he was cheating on me the whole relationship. But that's my first kiss. A memorable one.

  • Mya R
    Mya R 13 days ago


  • Annamae Wish
    Annamae Wish 14 days ago

    Me: Watching this even though I’m single

  • Dylan Young
    Dylan Young 14 days ago


    Yeah, that's as true as me having a boyfriend

    (I think you know what I mean)

  • Arielle Parrilla
    Arielle Parrilla 14 days ago


  • Webalo Weirdos
    Webalo Weirdos 14 days ago


  • Taco Bot
    Taco Bot 14 days ago


  • Devon Smikle
    Devon Smikle 15 days ago

    Why won't you prank him by breaking up with him and then coming back after 2 days🤗

  • Devon Smikle
    Devon Smikle 15 days ago

    Why won't you prank him pretending that you are

  • AAWilk15 !
    AAWilk15 ! 15 days ago

    We were sitting in his car. He was totally nervous. But he leaned in and gave me a cute peck on the lips. Then I went back and kissed him again. It was many kisses later before tongue

  • Xxlolita trinityxX
    Xxlolita trinityxX 15 days ago

    3:45, also my first kiss was with my ex-gf, I accidentally kissed her when me and my mam was dropping her off at home after swimming. it was so awkward!

  • Pink Alpha xX
    Pink Alpha xX 17 days ago

    You guys are so cute together

    Like if you think there cute together

  • Far credz
    Far credz 17 days ago

    Cuando estoy viendo este canal pongo cara de que supiera todo lo que dicen y me río de todo lo que dicen y hacen

    Pero en realidad entiendo de 2 a 3 palabra y poca vez todo el vídeo

    Por andar de mentirosa, mi mamá me dijo que porque me reía en el vídeo de "it's over"
    :] que oso

    Ya despues traduci vi lo que decía pues yo no soy muy dada a ver lo títulos y si los veo son por segundos

    Si ven esto porfavor no piensen que me reía de su ruptura
    Se los juro

    Saludos desde Reynosa Tamaulipas

  • Chasity Dunham
    Chasity Dunham 17 days ago


  • claira warner
    claira warner 19 days ago

    My first kiss was with my friend now she my girlfriend it was on a field trip

  • LEGO Channel
    LEGO Channel 20 days ago

    You my idol

  • Annie Nguyen
    Annie Nguyen 20 days ago +1

    You guys are so adorable I love gay couples theirs so cute ❤️

  • Alief Andava
    Alief Andava 21 day ago


  • TikTok Time اروع مقاطع تيك توك

    Man WTF ما هذا الهراء

  • *müśîç._ .böx*
    *müśîç._ .böx* 22 days ago

    NickIsStraight ( your not I ship you. You to are like the best couple )

  • Tatjana Nemna
    Tatjana Nemna 22 days ago

    Its a Dear : put a mait outfit on and say daddy to your boyfriend

  • cosmi mix
    cosmi mix 22 days ago


  • Adalberto Nunes
    Adalberto Nunes 22 days ago

    Bjs lindos.

  • Gamerninja 563
    Gamerninja 563 23 days ago +1

    i’m single but thanks for the tip

  • Cristi Memes21
    Cristi Memes21 24 days ago

    Wtf??!?! RUclip why you don't delete this...this chanel!!?!?!

  • Jessica Miller
    Jessica Miller 24 days ago

    My first kiss was sooo awkward! There was sooo much tongue! (not my idea) still not a bad kiss tho. He's still just my best friend not my bf. Our relationship is very complicated

  • Austingamer gummey
    Austingamer gummey 24 days ago

    Notification squad

  • Miridotaka Fukajimiki
    Miridotaka Fukajimiki 27 days ago

    my first kiss was a compulsory task 😑

  • Tonia T
    Tonia T 27 days ago

    My first kiss was 35 years ago when I was 12, I was at his roller skating birthday party and and some point we were talking, I was leaning against the wall, he was in front of me and leaned in and kissed me.

  • Alyona :З
    Alyona :З 28 days ago

    My first kiss:
    He was trying very hard to Kiss me like holding my hands and all that, i didn't let him, that was funny, then i said only peck, He said OK, and then we were making out for an hour🤭
    Sorry for my english, i am russian👋

  • Melissa Lye
    Melissa Lye 29 days ago


  • Raven Crowe
    Raven Crowe 29 days ago

    Lol there so cute and funny

  • BlueKing VEVO
    BlueKing VEVO Month ago

    Nick is “straight”

  • 2-Girls Girls
    2-Girls Girls Month ago


  • Nighthowler pack Phillips

    So I just ask her out I’m a girl and she said that she wants to kiss me and we were in the school bathroom and she pushed me against the wall and we started to making out I’m in the 6th grade it was awesome

    LYNXGAMER 189 Month ago +1

    Just got it this February 27th and it was my gf birthday 14 years old yey

  • michael rafanan
    michael rafanan Month ago

    “A date with a boy or girl or whatever”
    me, a pansexual: “I-“

  • Marc arem Dela cruz

    I really a fan of you both individually and as a couple

  • Catherine Leilani
    Catherine Leilani Month ago


  • GalaxyGirl 2000
    GalaxyGirl 2000 Month ago +1

    Ok story time! My first kiss, we were on a flipping bus for a school field trip, he was a TERRIBLE KISSER (unlike me 😏🤣) and while I closed my eyes, i did a sneak peek and his were wide open.

  • Gacha Trooper
    Gacha Trooper Month ago

    I have a guy who likes me back...but.....I’m too short to reach his face

  • It's me Esme
    It's me Esme Month ago

    Nick is straight

  • Deyonce Pinder
    Deyonce Pinder Month ago


  • Kasey Jeavons
    Kasey Jeavons Month ago

    « Nickisstraight » 🤣

  • Destiny Smith
    Destiny Smith Month ago

    Ant said it was Ed Sharon he’s my best friend now

  • Raja Hafiz
    Raja Hafiz Month ago

    xxxxxx xxxxxx

  • Evan Davis
    Evan Davis Month ago +1

    Thanks this is mad dope cuh.

  • MIKE griglit
    MIKE griglit Month ago

    You're both are so lucky
    I hate you