Liv Tyler Does Her 25-Step Beauty and Self-Care Routine | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

  • Published on Jul 25, 2019
  • On a sunny afternoon inside her charming West Village brownstone, Liv Tyler takes us through her 25-step daily routine, equal parts beauty and self-care.
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    Liv Tyler Does Her 25-Step Beauty and Self-Care Routine | Beauty Secrets | Vogue
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  • Marjorie Bye
    Marjorie Bye 38 minutes ago

    Products list please n links where to buy them...

  • InChrist
    InChrist Hour ago

    She doesn't age

  • Tina McCann
    Tina McCann Hour ago

    What a sweet and gentle lady

  • I love life
    I love life 2 hours ago

    WOW no fake! no heavy filters! I adore this video because I can believe this one- the other videos of stars doing their beauty routine: they looked quite the same at the start and at the end...

  • Agnieszka Agnieszka
    Agnieszka Agnieszka 2 hours ago

    This so relaxing video. Never thought of Live that way, but she is so soft so delicate and I love her.

  • Angelica Torres
    Angelica Torres 3 hours ago

    Man that blue mask made her beautiful eyes pop even more..... simply gorgeous❣️

  • light blaze
    light blaze 4 hours ago


  • Everything 80's Podcast

    She sounds like when Michael Scott does his Kelly Kapoor impression.

  • Costantino Cauto
    Costantino Cauto 8 hours ago

    God bless

  • notalagerboy
    notalagerboy 10 hours ago

    water is my second favourite thing.

  • Melanie Curtis
    Melanie Curtis 14 hours ago

    Got to try that hair trick!

  • Angel Blue
    Angel Blue 17 hours ago

    She is a beautiful woman!

  • K W
    K W 19 hours ago

    Absolutely fantastic, oh my goodness

  • Barbara Montalvan
    Barbara Montalvan 21 hour ago

    Your mum and grandma are beautiful

  • Bethany Oye
    Bethany Oye 21 hour ago

    So refreshing to see a natural make-up & how healthy & beautiful skin can be when you take good care of yourself inside & out. I just love how genuine you are, just being you. You're not trying to force products, you're not trying to be artificially enthusiastic to get people interested, you are just being you. You have always been an inspiration to me (not just because I think you are the most beautiful woman in the world) with how big your heart is & how you continue to do what you love even though you have anxiety too & it just is so comforting knowing that I'm that alone & that even people who have to put themselves out there for a living have things they have to overcome too. Love you!

  • Carole Arce Tello
    Carole Arce Tello 22 hours ago

    Fresh and beautiful forever . Thanks for showing all your secrets.

  • Natasza Kutnik
    Natasza Kutnik Day ago

    Chrisitna Hendricks please

  • Maria Cristina
    Maria Cristina Day ago +1

    Please Liv, make a ASMR video!

  • Stacey Tong
    Stacey Tong Day ago

    I want her to be my mum

  • BlessedSoul🌟
    BlessedSoul🌟 Day ago

    Why is she trying to do this seductive voice? She’s pretty...but that’s not her real voice

  • Alexsandro Santos
    Alexsandro Santos Day ago +1

    Her voice is so smooth and charming

  • pufca
    pufca Day ago +1

    I don't care bout Vogue and their stuff, but Liv Tyler is so nice and seems so calm and beautiful

  • Rafiek Williams
    Rafiek Williams Day ago

    Beautiful love her one of my most favorite actresses ❤

  • San Handles
    San Handles Day ago

    Love love love her 😘

  • Erin Heath
    Erin Heath Day ago

    she's so sweet and soft-spoken I bet she's scary when she gets mad

  • jezebel324
    jezebel324 Day ago

    I didn't even have the volume on, and I was mesmerized.

  • Val 4
    Val 4 Day ago

    Thank you so much Liv Tyler you are a beautiful woman even without your beauty tricks and I just love❤️your voice,I don’t know you but it seems that you are a charming person👸🏻😘

  • Krystal Beaudoin

    what a sweet woman.

  • Don't Woo My Jiho
    Don't Woo My Jiho 2 days ago

    As a makeup artist, watching her use that beauty blender in swiping motions gave me the heebie-jeebies

  • Blkbirde
    Blkbirde 2 days ago

    Please stop getting lip fillers!

  • Lisa Patti
    Lisa Patti 2 days ago +1

    Here is the product list!

  • Isabelle Tran
    Isabelle Tran 2 days ago

    Aww this is the best self-care routine I've ever watched on RUclip. Her voice is so soft and angelic

  • the special one
    the special one 2 days ago

    Why dont you use the Marge Simpson shootgun????? Is funnier...

  • Umut Altıok
    Umut Altıok 2 days ago


  • sirenribs
    sirenribs 2 days ago

    I find myself watching this once a week now

  • FrankValchiria
    FrankValchiria 2 days ago

    she gets better , what a monument to beauty

  • C. M.
    C. M. 2 days ago

    Just figuring out how to order that nighttime routine would give me major anxiety. PASS ME THE CBD OIL!

  • Катюша Эн
    Катюша Эн 2 days ago

    Какая же она прекрасная , нежная , красивая. Ну очень приятно на неё смотреть. )))) What a beautiful, tender, beautiful she is. Well, it's very nice to look at her. ))))

  • Bad Advice
    Bad Advice 2 days ago

    No you are Arwen. Always gonna be my Queen .

  • Mariane Lee
    Mariane Lee 2 days ago

    Liv is so beautiful and gentle! A true lady!

  • Rosemary Harlan
    Rosemary Harlan 2 days ago

    This has gone into my ASMR rotation 😍

  • Viola Chess
    Viola Chess 2 days ago

    She has such a nice voice.

  • SkaterSurfer Snowboarder

    Why am i watching this?
    oh duh...
    LIV TYLER ASMR❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • George Isaak
    George Isaak 3 days ago

    When the canvas is beautiful whatever you do on it you just enhance its beauty ! Liv is a natural beauty and of course she took very good care of her face and skin so she definitely looks like a goddess ! Her husband is the most lucky guy in the world ! Just imagine sleeping and waking up next to this gorgeous woman !

  • Dianne Thornhill
    Dianne Thornhill 3 days ago

    My god she is naturally gorgeous

  • Sarah SanZig
    Sarah SanZig 3 days ago

    She's adorable!

  • Farouk Zawady
    Farouk Zawady 3 days ago

    You are so beautiful! You voice is so calming. The way you hold yourself is just magical !

  • Suzie Mallette
    Suzie Mallette 3 days ago

    She is so soft spoken, I love listening to her. And I so admire her for a natural look. Even without makeup she's gorgeous. One of my favourite actresses.

  • yommy chicken
    yommy chicken 3 days ago

    omg her voice is so calming

  • Reckless_Driver
    Reckless_Driver 3 days ago


  • ooxx onenineone
    ooxx onenineone 3 days ago

    I like her

  • Aaron Richards
    Aaron Richards 3 days ago +1

    I am a 24 year old young male that is wanting to start skin care right now so I have healthy looking skin when I am middle age or much older. I love this tutorial and hope to use some of these products but every day seems like it would become very expensive.

  • T Y
    T Y 3 days ago +10

    I thought she used a fake voice in LoTR....OMG she actually talk like an elf

  • Gregory Ludkovsky
    Gregory Ludkovsky 3 days ago +5

    i wish there would be a LIST OF PRODUCTS !!! Some names are so hard to catch up since her voice is very soft and the music jingle is covering it up

  • Elizabeth Hastings
    Elizabeth Hastings 3 days ago

    Kiss kiss Miss Luv enjoyed your video

  • Sonia Lee Baker
    Sonia Lee Baker 3 days ago

    Maggie Gyllenhaal next please!!! 😍♥️

  • liv mccloskey
    liv mccloskey 3 days ago

    She sounds like my aunt, which makes her voice seem more familiar and soothing lol

  • Julie.An. Nalley
    Julie.An. Nalley 3 days ago

    I Love

  • Mary Andreu
    Mary Andreu 3 days ago

    I luv her!!!!

  • tkaa tkaa
    tkaa tkaa 3 days ago

    So lovely 🥰