How to Make a Japanese Breakfast

Since moving to Japan, our whole concept of breakfast has changed, and we love it. WE CAN NEVER GO BACK! Here's what we eat for breakfast in Japan.

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Автор Geraldine Swift ( назад)
I liked this video!

Автор Gabrielle Henderson ( назад)
I normally have yogurt for breakfast and for luxury I have crepes with Nutella and strawberries

Автор Brian Pack ( назад)
Is the tap water okay to drink in Japan?

Автор TheYambo121 ( назад)
oh i miss this...

Автор AH BU EV ( назад)

Автор Jennifer Victoria ( назад)
My to go breakfast is 2 donuts, but I go all out during lunch

Автор Nora Sandbæk ( назад)
Toast with cucumber and ham. Something fancy is toast with avocado

Автор Ree Kay ( назад)
I miss this type of breakfast! Living in the mainland US, I miss the delicious homey taste of my japanese breakfasts :( Im from Hawaii and lived in a japanese neighborhood and this was a staple besides local foods growing up.

My mouth watered at this!! ありがろうございまう!!

Автор Raellynz1998 ( назад)
oh my god biscuits & gravey ❤❤ love them

Автор Pastel Pigicorn ( назад)
I just eat bagels

Автор BaruMuzik ( назад)
In the Netherlands it is very common to eat sliced bread with all kinds of spreads on it! Common spreads are chocolate sprinkles, Nutella, peanut butter, jam, apple syrup and (obviously) cheese. I, however, prefer toast with avocado, hummus, rocket salad and tomato or anything like that. Soy yoghurt with honey and cereals is always a good idea as well. But seriously just look up ''Dutch Breakfast'' on google images and you'll be surprised by the amount of chocolate sprinkles pictures >_<.
My favorite type of breakfast by the way is Turkish breakfast!

Автор uchidip ( назад)
the classic nasi lemak as breakfast of course!

Автор TheBethaiable ( назад)
Nothing.. i usually only eat lunch and dinner XD Well, luxury breakfast would probably be soda if i still have some in the can from the day before. I know i'm horrible XD

Автор Ha'ane Barcinas ( назад)
You guys should do a collab video with Aiko and Shin from Life Where I'm From! I believe they're Canadian also.

Автор Jaugernaut genetics John ( назад)
You guys are great. I hope I will get to meet you in person some day when I go to Japan

Автор Jonathan Lang ( назад)

Автор mina mii19 ( назад)
Oatmeal with chia seeds and dried fruit, or if I was doing something fancy I would go with my family to a local restaurant that has lobster omelette's. They are so frickin' rich and tasty!

Автор pandabearninja ( назад)
i think most japanese people just have bowl of rice with furikake and tamagoyaki and like coffee or tea
i know one of my host families everyday made 2 sunny side up eggs and buttered toast and sode dishes. and then theres cereal too. honestly i usually ate cereal or just rice with furikake.. oh often like cut up fruit. for one of my host familes they had it everyday for all meals. ive never really had miso for breakfast. maybe like once. but ive never had breakfast like you guys where you put it all on top like that. looks good

Автор ASolvie ( назад)
For breakfast I eat Open faced sandwiches every single day. With either kaviar paste, cheese, brown cheese, salami, cured ham slices very thin, strawberry jam, cream cheese, canned mackerel in tomato sauce, or sliced cucumbers topped with mayonnaise.

Автор Aliza Mckinnon ( назад)
Vegemite on toast or for a proper breakfast vegemite on toast with avocados with salt and pepper to taste!!!!!! Or alerts that's what I have in Australia

Автор J-Horse ( назад)
I work night shifts so... what is breakfast lol. But when I do wake up early I just have dates and green tea. If we're talking luxurious breakfast... I think the most luxurious breakfast I've eaten was waffles and bacon at a friend's house... as for me personally maybe eggs?

Автор Leah Eich ( назад)
Cinnamon raisin bagel with one side butter, one side cream cheese

Автор Kristen Senger ( назад)
😂✊🏻TIMMIES! ☕️

Автор Kim ( назад)
casual breakfast varies between soy yoghurt with sliced apple/pear/banana or a slice of bread with peanut butter. Luxury breakfast (usually sundays) a soft boiled egg, salted, with a slice of bread coated with butter. After that a typical 'brötchen' -> bun with different toppings like beet syrup or jam :)

Автор Emily Bryant ( назад)
I either have toast and jam with some tea or I make a smoothie

Автор Benjamin Ölke ( назад)
so i have pretzels with butter and coffee which counts as a continental bavarian breakfast somewhere in the world I suppose. And if i wanna be fancy i go to the japanese guy around the corner who does a french bakery and I get either the divine lemon tarte or the decadent chocolate tarte both of which go for like 3.5 Euro I guess which doesnt sound fancy untill u see the size of the piece of cake.

Автор Susie English ( назад)
you coloured your dog - how humiliating- for your dog

Автор Corinne Bowers ( назад)
My favorite breakfast would have to be fried eggs, bacon, biscuits, and cheese grits :) much love from GA

Автор Jesus Deleon ( назад)
i wake up in time for lunch

Автор 黒猫 ( назад)
ご飯に味噌汁 焼き魚 漬物後と他になにか一品ぐらいが古き良き日本の朝食だったのが今は欧米化でシリアルとか朝はギリギリまで寝て食べないとかコンビニで簡単に済ますのが増えて来ている

Автор Lia Wright ( назад)
a normal breakfast is leftovers and a luxury breakfast is eggs Benedict

Автор ImALampPost TryMeB ( назад)
I don't eat breakfast... soooo any breakfast is a luxury for me.

Автор David Lessard ( назад)
Every meal I have : 2-ish cups cooked grains, about 2 ounces of meat or fish, maybe a cup of vegetable or vegetable dishes, and 1 fruit or equivalent for dessert.

My breakfast today was jasmine rice with tuna mayo (with some seasoning vinegar: yum!), sweet potato and a small portion of blueberry peach smoothie.

My ideal breakfast would be true short-grain japonica rice (we only have stupid calrose here), a small grilled fish, miso soup with seaweed and green onion, bitter melon and okra side-dishes, and a good ripe persimmon for dessert.

Автор Alice Madness ( назад)
Try wakame goma. It is so yummy. It is like marinated seaweed salad. Goes great separetly or in sushi.

Автор Alice Madness ( назад)
Make what i eat in a day videos too sometimes? : o

Автор D ( назад)
Tim Horton is the best 😍😍😍☺️☺️😌😌😌😊😊😊

Автор BudgetJett ( назад)
Either porridge, or yoghurt and some fruit lol

Автор Olivia Cronk ( назад)
Fruity pebbles

Автор Evie Addy ( назад)
depends what i've got in the fridge but most of the time its eggs or beans on toast. now that i think about it i should go back to scrambling my eggs instead of always frying them. :

Автор Nina LaPres ( назад)
would you guys ever consider publishing a cookbook? I need new recipe ideas and all of your food always looks fabulous

Автор Animated Fantasy ( назад)
I eat stress for breakfast.

Автор Serenity_Knight ( назад)
I dont even eat breakfast 😂

Автор momonekonya ( назад)
Those cooking chopstick skills though. <3

Автор Ingmar Fris ( назад)
I eat cereal or nothing. I don't know what a luxurious breakfast would be. I don't really care what I eat for breakfast as long as it carries me to lunch.

Автор Blep blebhebhelbhe ( назад)
lol total prep time for 7 different dishes?? if i cant make it in 20 minutes or less its not breakfast. I do NOT believe this could take one person 20 minutes to make all of that. unless part of the prep time is reheating something premade and i dont reheat lol.

Автор Gum Gee ( назад)
Lol Its too much, I only take misoshiru soup with rice and tamagoyaki maybe with some veggies but its not too much, its a little in my dish.

Автор TheRandomAsian ( назад)
loved the coffee part LOL

Автор Sabrina Bina ( назад)
I eat sometimes a Bun with goatcheese(or hummus), salad and tomato. Or cereal with yoghurt.

For luxury breakfast I like a great smoothie and Crêpes.

Greetings from Germany. :3

Автор MonsterMan Vapes ( назад)
I typically make a 6 egg omelette that has shredded chicken, onions, green peppers and mushrooms. I usually will have 3 sides with it. My traditional sides are 2 cups of brown rice mixed with olive oil and Himalayan salt, 4 strips of turkey bacon and 3 cups of grits mixed with lightly salted butter and cheese. Takes me about a half hours to make, primarily because I get everything out before I start cooking.

Автор Bowen Fuller ( назад)
i eat water for breakfast. im trying to lose weight

Автор OriginalContent89 ( назад)
I eat a single slice of toast with a bit of butter, sugar, and cinnamon purely because I have to have coffee in the morning and I don't want to drink it on an empty stomach. A luxury breakfast for me is anything that takes time to cook and then sit down and eat lol

Автор Alice Tornberg ( назад)
I usually have oatmeal with organic-no-sugar-omg applesauce and milk, because ut takes like 5 minutes to make in the microwave so it's great for school mornings :3 And you stay full for a long time and that's super important to me. On weekends or when I work out in the morning I usually have quark(?) with bananas and scrambled eggs on the side to eat lots of protein☺

Автор Eleanor ( назад)
I get those part-baked rolls so I can bake up fresh rolls every morning, and just have them with butter melted into them. It's dirty. But delicious.

Автор kayla fernandez ( назад)
Air. I eat air for breakfast.

Автор Chisaphie Belle ( назад)
Eggs Benedict!!! Especially west coast style!

Автор Neko Naccha ( назад)
Gourmet breakfast for me would be eating actual breakfast. I don't eat cereal 😂

Автор drkphinx ( назад)
I make fried rice with the left overs I have. Or just garlic onion fried rice with hotdogs and green peas toppped with a fried egg.

Автор lala guti ( назад)
I like banana and apple with sour cream for breakfast. it's really yummy😊

Автор Jose Villanueva ( назад)
What is breakfast?

Автор Harrrgh ( назад)
That looks so yummy. I love sunny side up egg over white rice with sesame oil and soy sauce mixed in. Kpop-inspired breakfast.

Автор Suhaib Hejazi ( назад)
lamb liver

Автор wrgirlie86 ( назад)
Dunkin Doughnuts Steak Begel

Автор OcarinaHero ( назад)
I'm not too much of a breakfast person, but I'll occasionally eat an omelet with bacon and cheese. If not, I just sift through the fridge for whatever leftovers we may have.

Автор I Taea ( назад)

Автор Julianne Lin ( назад)
Lol in college right now...don't wake up with enough time for breakfast.

Автор crystal acevedo ( назад)
I eat like IHOP in my room. There's no preference. Dinner can be first or last or for snack time lol. Not healthy, but in the current living situation there's no choice. That food looks amazing and it looks so easy to make. It looks like it can be done in half an hour.

Автор Nicole Jackson ( назад)
WAFFLES. I rarely get to have them but give me a pile of fresh fruit and cream on that baby and I am GOLDEN.

Автор meelda saleh ( назад)
i am from jordan we have some stable thing that should be always on the breakfast table like thyme, olive oil, labneh ,eggs, chees , fresh vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers,olives,falafel, hommos,fol(fava beans) ,makdoos ( walnut stuffed eggplant preserved in olive oil ) cured beef,mortadella, tea with mint ,fresh juices and bread ,sometimes we like to eat american breakfast if you ever decided to visit jordan i will be more than happy to have you on a traditional jordanian breakfast in our house

Автор hallie von Scheele ( назад)
cereal for a daily and for "luxury breakfast" something that's names differs from my mother and grandmother "swedish" (mother's name fore it) or "Russian"(grandmother's name for it) pancakes there essentially crepes just amount of egg differs...

Автор Alexander ( назад)
I live in Germany and I simply eat "Müsli" (Muesli in America?) like every morning :D

Автор Rebecca ( назад)
I skip breakfast mostly. except for coffee. Breakfast for dinner though.... bacon omelet.

Автор Faith Ann ( назад)

Автор Kate Farr ( назад)
Late to the party, but I have been having avocado toast for breakfast. I could probably poach an egg to add to that, and have delicious egg perfection to add to creamy avocado amazeballs that is my breakfast. But, I've been making the effort because a) breakfast is good for you, and b) avocados are good for you, and c) I am not a fan of cereal because I am somewhat lactose intolerant. And you can only eat so much peanut butter toast before getting tired of it.

Автор happinesss2 ( назад)
that looks reallyyyy good and healthy! I want to try it!
I really love breakfast haha. My favorite is just.. hm.. I'd say buttered english muffins with scrambled eggs. Ughh but if I go out for brunch.. salmon benedict.. omelette.. at home sometimes I just put guac on toast and egg on top.. my favorite meal is breakfast *_*
I rly want to try the Japanese one.. looks so.. satisfying! and healthy!

Автор JayLynnExperiences ( назад)
I've lived in Okinawa for the past two years; Japanese breakfast (food in general) is godly.

Автор itsasherahduhhh ( назад)
I eat air

Автор Meet MIKI ( назад)
You need to rinse the rice a bit more using your hands unless you bought the one that you don't have to:)
It's better especially if you're making sushi rice:)

Автор Fatima Izel Rodriguez Magaña ( назад)
I am Mexican we have chilaquiles and quesadillas normally for breakfast 🤤

Автор ana elsa ( назад)
Chilaquiles!!!! <3 (Yeah I know, Im 7 months late)
I just love my fry tortilla with salsa, but is a salsa made of garlic,sweet red pepper, you can use yellow or green pepper, it doesnt matter, with tomato, half an onion, oregano and salt/pepper, you put all of this to boiled till soft and then blend it without the water. Then you cut your tortilla and fry it and then add the everything in the pan, you can add sour cream if you want. And for te final touch, you fry an egg and put it on top of your chilaquiles before eat. And yeah... mexican breakfast style, onw of thw easiest breakfeast jajaja

Автор babiijam ( назад)
No matter what time of day i wake up the first meal i eat is breakfast lol. Gotta have eggs.

Автор AnOhioFlybaby ( назад)
My favorite breakfast is over easy fried eggs on top of rice or on top of a gluten-free bagel with mashed avocado or on top of leftover gluten-free pizza. If I don't have time to cook breakfast then I have an instant oatmeal that has quinoa, flax seed and I think chia in it. My idea of a luxury breakfast anymore is one that somebody else makes and just serves to me that I don't have to make myself. I know very silly very lazy. Oh and coffee, don't forget the coffee.

Автор Arian Dahanian ( назад)
In India we eat Chai, Naan, and chutney often to be specific pickled carrot and cucumber btw Indian chutney is WAY different than Europeon/Asian chutney instead of the chutney being a purée it's more of just pickle veggies like the side dishes in Korea! And the specific type of naan or roti we eat it bahkri (bah-k-ah-ree) a sort of crunchy more solid version of roti. And as for gourmet breakfast we will eat a type of naan called bhatura it's like a less crunchy version of naan and instead of chutney we will eat sak (sah-k) (Indian word for curry) (btw the difference between ar roti and naan is that naan is the more fluffy flatbread-y version and roti is more light and like a tortilla)

Автор Media Addict ( назад)
I need a stove like that, that grill drawer thing is awesome.

Автор Craig Mat ( назад)
add nato for breakfast

Автор Nick Reichwein ( назад)
Bread lol all day everyday

Автор Annie Mama ( назад)
we come a long way from power ballls and juices ;)

Автор Nico Q ( назад)
I just eat Nutella sandwhiches coz school😫👌

Автор Cherry Jelly ( назад)
Plain oatmeal soaked in hot water

Автор Jus & Amy ( назад)
I don't think people have time for a breakfast like this unless if they have mama bear cooking at home.

Автор luckystarharehare15 ( назад)
What is the name of those pickles? Also now I am hungry, everything looks soooo good. I really need to make this for breakfast. American sometimes sucks when it comes to finding Japanese stuffs. I moved away from a Japanese mall so I need to look for an alternate to getting Japanese food stuffs.

Автор Mary Gapas ( назад)
i usually eat eggos and a cup of coffee.
my luxury breakfast consists of garlic kimchi fried rice, spam, eggs, and a cup of coffee

Автор septika pedi ( назад)
healthy too!!way to go

Автор nicaxstarr ( назад)
I usually have some bacon or sausage and eggs. Quick and easy. Luxury would be when we eat out. Stuff like eggs florentine, meats and cheeses, breakfast platters. Yum I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

Автор GreenPenguin ( назад)
That Tim Horton's reference haha

Автор Jiminie Chimnie ( назад)
bagel w/ cream cheese or sometimes veggie cream cheese :P literally what i eat almost everyday lol

Автор Ravi Hoeun ( назад)
You guys should get an honorary Asian card.

Автор AsianPopSweden ( назад)
I eat oatmeal porridge with milk, banana and berries and mix of spices. On the weekends to make it more luxurious, I eat bread different toppings such as egg, fish or cottage cheese and regular hard cheese with tea and vegetables/ sallad on the side.

Автор PixelateMe ( назад)
Here in the Netherlands a lot of people eat bread with 'hagelslag' (chocolate sprinkles) for breakfast! It's one of the most common breakfasts here I'd say!

Автор Cookie Kingdom ( назад)
Chips and soda~

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