How to Make a Japanese Breakfast

Since moving to Japan, our whole concept of breakfast has changed, and we love it. WE CAN NEVER GO BACK! Here's what we eat for breakfast in Japan.

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Автор Ardianto Sumitro ( назад)
Hi Simon & Martina, why did you strain your eggs before cooking it ?

Автор Tracey Kralik ( назад)
i think i am watching this one for the 100th time. i can even talk along 😂 i should really get a life

Автор HarambeGaming 1738 ( назад)
Egg, bacon, or macaroni

Автор RoyalJME ( назад)
On a busy day, i'll have a double double. On a slow day ill have crepes.

Автор Luthfan Akbar ( назад)
here in Indonesia we got Nasi Uduk, Nasi Pecel or Porridge with chicken and egg. Tasty and super cheap.

Автор Thiên Nhất ( назад)
in Vietnam we eat Pho for breakfast or Banh Cuon, Banh Mi,...

Автор SalemK ( назад)
I eat a few slices of turkey bacon. On a day when I actually have time to cook a full breakfast, its turkey bacon, boiled egg cut in halves, a fried egg, seared ham and a piece of toast. I like to have avacado with that too when I get the chance.

Автор princessrei2001 ( назад)
I eat bacon egg and potato taquitos ... most of the time.. if I'm in a hurry it's a bagel or bowl of vanilla yogurt with granola...

Автор Mutant Ninja ( назад)
Don't eat at breakfast

Автор Lucy Hawkway ( назад)
normal norwegian breakfast on schooldays
maybe something on it
normal norwegian breakfast on the weekend (more like lunch cause i wake up too late for it lmao)
scrambled eggs and lots of stuff besides it

Автор Nicholas Bourassa ( назад)
can you post a recipe for those Cucumbers? they look soooooo good!

Автор tama nuts ( назад)
too much salt for a breakfast...

Автор DaisyBee ( назад)
just a granola bar because daisy got no time for breakfast.

Автор Roni Sydänmäki ( назад)
I typed a long detailed explanation of what people in Finland typically eat for breakfast and what my personal dream breakfast would be but when I scrolled down to look at the other comments the text disappeared before I could send it. I gave up

i'm a sad unemployed young man so i wake up too late for breakfast and just go straight to lunch. But when I do eat breakfast it's a sandwich or cereal.

Also I'm new, why's the dog blue??? good videos

Автор ItzBriBri ( назад)
in the Netherlands they eat bread with butter and chocolate sprinkles, or pancakes with powdered sugar or butter or syrup. You can also have poffertjes such are little pancake pufds

Автор Diana Vega ( назад)
We eat so different here in Mexico. Sometimes the typical American breakfast (eggs, pancakes, etc) or Mexican food as tacos, quesadillas (corn or flour tortilla with cheese and with or without meat or others ingredients) and in every state we have different meals made for breakfast :)

Автор Vanessa-Mae Karaitiana ( назад)
My normal is museli and my luxury is pancakes or eggs ilygsm (I luv u gys so much)

Автор Leyna Frais ( назад)
As a student in Califronia , I have no time to even grab a granola bar or a sip of water

Автор PastelYuki ( назад)
I have no time to eat for breakfast
cuase I'm gonna be late for school
But on Saturday and Sunday
I eat anything leftovers of I wait until we go to the mall to get food
Yes I'm allowed to eat fast food cuase I never weight :3

Автор julia pastusiak ( назад)
Brasil: toast/bread/tapioca with butter/cheese/ham and coffee/milk.
A fancy breackfast would include fruits and cakes.

Автор Cristomel Ganaden ( назад)
I love your videos guys^^, im from the Philippines... I will never forget the combo meal of sinangag( fried rice) tuyo (dried fish) and kamatis ( tomato) ^^,

Автор Javiera Solar ( назад)
I would love to have this for breakfast everyday, but I would be scared of the carbs ;_;

Автор Nonomo. hana ( назад)
Why is the dog blue...?

Автор Sarah ( назад)
normal breakfast for me is either a green smoothie or granola with soy yogurt :D preparing a japanese breakfast seems like so much work to me, but it looks delicious...

Автор Jess W ( назад)
Timmy Ho ho? I like to say Timmy ho's xD

Автор Lauren Schlepp ( назад)
I usually eat oatmeal with dried fruit or yogurt or cottage cheese.

Автор Napoleon Ambalada ( назад)

Автор Angela Chan ( назад)
Please make more food videos like this! They are so satisfying to watch. Martina ALL of the food you make always looks soo good!

Автор Olivia Whitney ( назад)
Ugh, I went to Japan for a week back in January, and I miss the absolute hell out of breakfast there. I was so spoiled. They had these awesome trays in our hotel in Hachinohe that were divided into nine sections so you could get so many different things, and their apple juice is to die for. *drools*

Автор RannPNut ( назад)

Автор Abel Sumanas ( назад)
I'm Indonesian and I like to eat minced meat noodles in the morning. It's basically an egg noodles topped with a minced meat sauce, made from chicken or pork. It's so addicting xD

Other common menu here is chicken porridge or fried rice...
...and Indomie instant ramen. They are treasures.

Автор Kyrstin Stoneking ( назад)
Usually I eat breakfast only on weekends and I'll make eggs in a basket and a large glass of water. It's pretty basic, if I go out for breakfast or want something different I would order or make French toast, waffles, or pancakes

Автор ᘔEᖇO ᑎIGᕼTᖴᗩᒪᒪ ( назад)
....I either don't get breakfast or I'm eating chips

Автор jdoublea25 ( назад)
I hardly eat breakfast but when I do it's usually tacos. Eggs with refried beans and chorizo

Автор MaZEEZaM ( назад)
Thanks for the video, I wonder, do you make all the side dishes yourself? I am wanting to eat much more of a Traditional Japanese diet as it much healthier than most.

Автор Nikolas Games ( назад)
Normally I would have cereal, and a luxury thing to have is a Full American breakfast.

Автор takashi rei ( назад)
is it just me but i wake up at 11 and i didnt do anything for mornings until i dont get breakfast just directly to lunch

Автор Sun Meta ( назад)
In Italy we eat Dessert! Yes, we eat cake and cappuccino with some fruit juice, or croissant and cappuccino. It's the best!

Автор ns ( назад)
Do you guys still eat this as your first meal now that you do that intermittent fasting? I find I'm never hungry enough to eat a meal that large early in the morning—it'd have to be like 2-3pm

Автор Vorpal Eyes ( назад)
The baked salmon reminds me of kippers on toast in the UK

Автор Rainbowloom girls ( назад)
Plátanos with cream and beans and salt and to drink we have fresh coconut water

Автор zlackerify ( назад)
I thought you guys stopped eating white rice? Or maybe I missed out watching the video where you guys are back on rice!

Автор Eiffies ( назад)
i'm in Australia and a typical breakfast for me (and most people I know) is buttered toast with Vegemite, but for a sort of full on decadent breakfast mum will do a "farmers breakfast" which is steak, boiled sliced eggs and salad with some bread rolls and butter. I personally am not a fan of that though because its so heavy and you feel sluggish all day after, feels good at the time but after you just feel so full and bloated that you dont eat for the rest of the day when you dont have a full on day (like a farmer.)

Автор Samuel _lovehockey88 ( назад)
I sometimes eat leftover sashimi or even uni for breakfast ( don't judge me)

Автор Keith Westpy ( назад)
were do you get a square pan in new jersey i wont a dam pan O--O

Автор yoongi_ luv83 ( назад)
Martina: " what do you usually eat for breakfast?"
Me: "RICE :| "

Автор Violet Rose ( назад)
Looks delicious to me. I also love Bibimbap. My dad makes excellent Japanese food. I eat porridge with stevia and almond milk every day.

Автор CHERished626 ( назад)
Boiled eggs, spam, fried potatoes with various peppers & homemade tortillas (American Southwest)

Автор Nay231 Rose ( назад)
never eat breakfast. Id make what u guys make, but im too broke and can only afford egg ._.

Автор somebody ( назад)
for a second i thought there were scales on the fish

Автор K-pop Motherfluffer ( назад)
In Cambodia we normally eat Cambodian noodle soup if not then we would eat rice with marinated pork and eggs

Автор Philip Warden ( назад)
My usual breakfast in the United States is a skillet at a cozy diner down the road. Two eggs scrambled, hash browns, ham cubes, green bell pepper cut up, onion cut up, swiss cheese melted over and whole wheat toast with Apple Cinnamon Jelly. On the weekends, when I have more time, I try to make a Half/Full English Breakfast. Two eggs scrambled, two strips of bacon, one sausage link, half of a tomato, grilled mushrooms, baked beans, whole wheat toast, Cup of tea. keeps me full until noon or one 'o clock.That is my luxury breakfast.

Автор Shana Rihn ( назад)
a cup of coffe........... and just that xP

Автор たなmちゃん ( назад)
( ˙ỏ˙ )WOW!

Автор Craig Mat ( назад)
Add Natto

Автор Angelica O.H ( назад)
Scrambled eggs and sausages or with chorizo or just plain, but its always eggs.

Автор AssassinXain ( назад)
I skip breakfast most days cause I don't wanna have something heavy on my stomach before work.

Автор Leah ( назад)
avocado toast w an egg but if life loves me, biscuits and gravy or pancakes r my heaven cause American af

Автор 新里光咲 ( назад)

Автор Yvette Rodeo ( назад)
im mexican all i eat is egg and beans with corn tortillas 💀😂

Автор Sofia Lopes ( назад)
What can I substitute the tamagoyaki? I am vegan

Автор OnyxTheDovah ( назад)
In the U.K. we ether eat sausage sandwiches, egg sandwiches, bacon sandwiches or a full English which is sausage, bacon, egg, baked beans, black pudding, toast or fried bread, mushrooms and tomatoes

Автор MeMyselfnUm ( назад)
Usually when my family eats breakfast together (which is the luxury food)we eat Menudo or Carnita tacos with queso fresco and avocado

Автор Han ( назад)
what happens to the bowl of oil after making the tamagoyaki? :p

Автор Open Fridi ( назад)
cigarette and coffee

Автор Logica ( назад)
What I learned to day is if you ask someone about their breakfast and they mention rice and eggs in the same sentence, they are highly likely European or Asian. Lol

Автор 원장 TV ( назад)
hy Japenes or American? 너넨 한국에서도 한국말 안 배우더니 일본어도 안배우네 ㅎㅎ 일본 네티즌들이 욕할날이 올거야 기대해 ㅎㅎ 그리고 너흰 중국으로 가겠지

Автор killer muffin ( назад)
we have so much thing like cheese tomato cucumber egg etc.

Автор Diala A. ( назад)
I feel so inspired to do some more out of my breakfast now. I just wish we had at least half of those ingredients in Denmark. >_<

Anyway! Usually, I just go for a cup of tea in the morning. If I have the time I eat a couple of slices of rye bread with either cheese, tuna salad (it's a different thing here. Like tuna and mayo), or whatever I find in the fridge. On Saturdays, my family sometimes prepare a larger breakfast with different types of bread, jams, cheese etc.

Автор i ( назад)
i don't eat breakfast, most of the time I don't even eat lunch ~this is bad i know~ 😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Natasha Estrada ( назад)
Nothing, we only have one meal a day and it's dinner.

Автор Kristian Soriano ( назад)
Traditional Filipino breakfast for me! Rice, eggs, then any meat/fish dish. Every...morning.. hehe

Автор Duchesse de Berne ( назад)
I love the Bernese Röst as a special day breakfast: grated fried potatoes with bacon

Автор Gwen Gwen ( назад)

Автор marissa santos ( назад)
As a Mexican American with family who loves Mexican food (or Tex mex?) Breakfast always consists of refried beans, potatoes, migas a la mexicana and barbacoa. Literally so unhealthy. But delicious nonetheless! 😌

Автор Kreaturae E. ( назад)
A Japanese dish called coffee...

Автор GraceDcastle ( назад)
Mexico: chilaquiles or beans with eggs or if you're in a hurry torta de tamal with some atole or champurrado

Автор Khaye C. ( назад)
I just go for rice with whatever's in the cupboard.

Автор emoji plays ( назад)
roti sabji

Автор Jack Lee ( назад)
reduce the heat on the egg bruh.its burned..its not supposed to burn. eggs are all about medium heat.

Автор TheYoutuber RG ( назад)
I don't eat breakfast

Автор Morgan Joy ( назад)
Luxury breakfast in Hawaii is rice or fried rice,Portuguese sausage,spam, and eggs

Автор The Honeycomb ( назад)
I love breakfast sandwiches, if I want something more I will make pancakes by scratch or cinnamon rolls

Автор stars darkness ( назад)
where in japan do you live?

Автор Karichi Du Soleil ( назад)
That's so much food! Big meals put me to sleep, which is not what I need in the morning. lol

Автор Mariam Cherri ( назад)
Hi!! So, I'm from Barcelona, Spain and usually I have for breakfast a cup of coffe with milk (cold) and after two hours a small sandwich with black tea. But when I want to indulge myself, I prepare some black tea, fruit juice, toast, salty cheese (like feta), some veggies (like cucumbers, tomatoes or radish) and some oil, salt and pepper for seasoning the toast. It's very popular the combination of bread spread with tomato, salt and oil and sometimes with some fresh garlic too!

Автор Laura Bretherton ( назад)
my favorite everyday breakfast is granola and yoghurt! when I have time, I like to make a breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs and bacon (or mushrooms instead if I feel like being healthier). I'm from england though, and I do miss crumpets :( can't find them in the states (not ones like back home anyway)

Автор Chrissy Mitchell ( назад)
My breakfast is usually coffee. It took me some time, but I was able to harvest a batch of Tim Hortons. It took months in the wilderness, but it paid off. Best coffee in the world!

Автор Slytherin Queen ( назад)
I don't wake up till lunch 😂

Автор Baby Dumpling ( назад)
Usually just a bottle of water, like a actual bottle of water for breakfast, a luxury breakfast would be what you're eating to be completely honest, like it looks awesome! Sadly in western culture a lot of people just don't have the time or the want to make a healthy breakfast ;=;

Автор Cherlz29 ( назад)
When I lived in Taiwan, breakfast is always onigiri from famima

Автор Carly Emmett ( назад)
Nothing I'm never hungry in the morning I eat at school

Автор Mia Wu ( назад)
Normal is rice, egg, and vegetables. Luxury is ramen.

Автор Kenneth Donnelly ( назад)
damn that's so much effort........Ireland.....Toast or cereal or Porridge.....if there is time a fry (sausage, bacon,white and black pudding, fried egg (optional) toast..........really fancy would be a sit down breakfast in a restaurant/fancy cafe.

Автор NeccoWecco ( назад)
I would usually eat nothing, if I eat something it's a napolitana de chocolate

Автор NeccoWecco ( назад)
that's a very expensive breakfast lol

Автор Donna Hung ( назад)
now is ... only 1L warm water with 20cc sea salt..... on diet

Автор bernard chan ( назад)
I don't eat breakfast…

Автор IsyraqIsHere ( назад)
nasi lemak

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