Басня про крестьянина

  • Published on Dec 3, 2007
  • I wrote this poem (fable), when I was 17. Originally, it's the Chinese Idiom 守株待兔 (Shou Zhu Dai Tu) (Staying by a Stump Waiting for More Hares To Come).

    I'm living in China now and recently I've found the cartoon in Internet, which has the same idea, so I decided to edit it and make my own cartoon with my own poetic text=)

    * Once upon a time, on the field was a man hoeing with the sun shining brightly. He was working hard everyday. One day, a rabbit came into his sight. Unexpectedly, it bumped into a tree and died lying on the ground. This made him cheerful, he would have a rabbit for a dinner. Owing to a fabulous dinner, he hold the view that he could catch a rabbit everyday for dinner. The next days, he stays at the tree, waiting for the rabbit's bumping into the tree. Without hoeing long as he stayed, but of course no rabbit appeared. And...he died...

    The story hold the view, that something happened by accident can't be believed as a rule. You must work hard to get something in this life.

    * 《守株待兔》的故事讲:从前,宋国有个农民,偶而检到一只撞死在树桩下的兔子,从此,他再也不去种田干活,而是坐在树桩上等待兔子送上门,结果什么也没得到。。。。。。

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  • Kevin Z
    Kevin Z 6 years ago

    what the fuck is wrong with you.

    the song is good though:/

  • Khek Ping Chun
    Khek Ping Chun 6 years ago

    No Chinese

  • cantgetme92
    cantgetme92 10 years ago

    Awesome vid :D What song did you use in it?

  • Лена Кириллина

    все верно)
    не сиди под деревом, трудись!