Adventure Time - Finn Meets His Mom (Clip) Helpers

Years of questioning and wondering we finally see Finn reunited with his real birth mother Minerva Campbell

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Длительность: 3:17
Комментарии: 542

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Автор Dat Guy ( назад)

Автор 2 To The 1 To The 1 2 3 ( назад)
*t h a t s m y h a n d*

Автор HighlightMike ( назад)
"Thassma hand" 😂

Автор Le Anonymous Person ( назад)
I have not seen this show since Finn was building some kind of tower thing up to space to see his dad I think? He had some kind of bubble arm I think. What have I missed?

Автор Funkytones 314 ( назад)
What season, what episode. facts. now. need to know information

Автор Brooke Clayton ( назад)
what series and what episode?

Автор Joseph Nick ( назад)

Автор Michael Navarro ( назад)
I've only seen the first season, how deep did this go?

Автор Dark Valkyrie ( назад)
What episode is this?

Автор Pokemoner Ketchum ( назад)
I was watching Steven universe before this...I feel ashamed...

Автор Taitum Flores-Yallop ( назад)
I can't believe it his mum

Автор GambitGaming ( назад)
What is the title of the episode

Автор Luyishtom Theapp ( назад)
Fin should've shown his hair to his mom

Автор Trumpet Duck ( назад)
1:39 XD

Автор Julian Rubis ( назад)
I didn't know Finn had diabetes.

Автор The Comedy Combo ( назад)

Автор Caramel Viking ( назад)
"That's ma Hand"
Idk why but it's so funny hearing it from Finn

Автор Rabid Panther Productions ( назад)

Manerva: You've been gone for so long...


Автор Clamor Sound ( назад)
That's mah haaaand. :D

Автор LordOfCombat ( назад)
Argh! It's just so... ugh!

Автор Bossaprods BG ( назад)
what is a season or episode

Автор Izzy Uy ( назад)
Who else cried 😭

Автор Edward Cronin ( назад)

Автор pinky pie ( назад)
what the heck

Автор agony wight ( назад)
I grew up with adventure time and i would honored to see the end of this show. its ending
show time

Автор Christopher Walker ( назад)
what ep is and what seson im new yo adventure time

Автор Goldenswagger359 ( назад)
I had no idea there was episodes about this I got to watch some

Автор Henort 101 ( назад)
Was it the final episode?

Автор ian munoz ( назад)
unfortunately I never got to see this, I'm sure lots of people never got to see this because of Cartoon Network's unbelievable schedule!

Автор 沖田涼輔 ( назад)
Which episode of the adventure time is it?

Автор The Guy With Wings ( назад)
People in the comments saying how they left tge show for like a month and have no idea whats going on. Meanwhile, I've been gone for 2 YEARS, and I have no fucking idea what anything in this show is anymore.

Автор shrewdscissors9 ( назад)
2:08 the arms switched

Автор El show de anita y yo ( назад)
wn la mamá de fin la wea bkn

Автор animevids II ( назад)
That's not fair i want to see luffy's mother!!!!!! wwwhhhhhyyyyy😣😣😣😣

Автор Guy Awesome ( назад)
I came into this 7 years and I come out of it 14 years

Автор Ace Wellington ( назад)
His mom is a scientist he missed some of those Traits

Автор Angela Zielger ( назад)
I forgot everything about this show... I need to rewatch all seasons... this will take me a while

Автор Mekhi Lewis ( назад)
That's maw hayyuund

Автор Lenny Wierdo ( назад)
So that's why finn had the fear of oceans before

Автор Lil Hush ( назад)
ive missed so fucking much havnt watched an episode since like 2013

Автор king shoutmon ( назад)
omg what happened to finn's mom

Автор murdoc ( назад)
that's it

Автор AgentdizzywolfX526 music and gaming ( назад)

Автор Dab on em ( назад)

Автор Demion The Robot ( назад)
what episode is this?

Автор Andy Juarez ( назад)
dang who else fucked up the timeline and doesnt know how the story is in order now?

Автор Sunny ( назад)
WOW, i don't watch this show since 2012, this is shocking and confusing.

Автор griffinandjack productionz ( назад)
Ummm.... what happened to Adventure Time?

Автор Vilhen Gamer ( назад)
1:53 me when i failed at exam.

Автор Rolling Thunder ( назад)
The fuck is this? Fallout new vegas?

Автор عبدالله العراقي ( назад)

Автор Zayanna naba ( назад)

Автор Starman ( назад)
das mah hand lol

Автор CamScam18 ( назад)
I think she's scottish.

Автор Shiro ( назад)
Her accent is so beautiful

Автор DoctorMario606 ( назад)
i havent watched adventure time in years

Автор alastair overstreet ( назад)

Автор boomblitzer er ( назад)
thats ma hand

Автор Some Geezer ( назад)
So if Finn's mother has a British accent but Finn has an American accent does that mean the Land of Ooo is in somewhere close to Britain but continental drift caused it to move to and merge with North America?

Автор 12me91 ( назад)
what happened to his arm? I need to watch after season 2 of this since thats when I stopped.

Автор The Ultraempoleon ( назад)
Littering can be dangerous and unattractive
*proceeds to throw battery in trashcan

Автор GrapeIsNotPurpleEgg ( назад)
"Thas mah hayaaand"

Автор İlayda Öncü ( назад)
Finn finally finds his Mother and we AT fans finally find our big questions answer "where is finn's Mother" yes guys we finally found it 😳

Автор Redstone Pro ( назад)
I 1 see da rest o dis


Автор Tank And Echo ( назад)
400th comment! Are you proud?!

Автор LordSlader ( назад)
last watxhed this 4 yrs ago

Автор Kimali Bennett ( назад)
man I missed years of this show. I don't even know whats going on anymore.

Автор Alexis ( назад)
She sounds like a Beemo with an English/Swedish/or Scottish(?) accent. Who knows what, haha. Can't really tell, but I love her voice.

Автор BryAnton ( назад)
In 2018 this show... this AWESOME show... is ending... guys CN is dead. I hate that this is happening.

Автор Clover Mint ( назад)
What episode is this from?

Автор Airika Sky ( назад)
For all my Potterheads out there,this kinda reminds me of Harry's mother Lily.

Автор Airika Sky ( назад)
For all my Potterheads out there,this kinda reminds me of Harry's mother Lily.

Автор Janon Lucas ( назад)
drugged fin is so funny, That's my ✋

Автор Vlog Adventurer ( назад)
So I haven't seen Adventure Time in awhile and WTF KARA SPEAKS ENGLISH AND FINN HAS A ROBOTIC ARM!?!?!

Автор Sebastian Mendez ( назад)
They waited for Regular Show to end just to finally reveal Finn's Mom :/

Автор clark chavez ( назад)
Meh I love it but kinda bit dissappointing about his mom/Minerva being a brain or a skinny dead clothless lady that have a tube connected to her prostate and to her lungs like Mr.House in Fallout NV.

Автор I'm not Triggered I'm Fine And I'm Okay ( назад)
1:53 Lol XD

Автор I'm not Triggered I'm Fine And I'm Okay ( назад)
Lol all the Hou

Автор Seneferu ( назад)
Finn's mom is the prettierst character of the whole show *v*

Автор Khôi Nguyên da Exy ( назад)
Even after 2012, they, Finn finally reunited with his mom.
But dad...
So many years i always question: Who is Finn, where is his Origin, Why Finn has a second name... Now i gonna have to watch the whole cartoon from the first till the end.

Автор Keilann Cook ( назад)
that so sweet

Автор Tinturtle GypxeExcert ( назад)
das my haaand

Автор Potato Dancer ( назад)
What the hell is going on? I really need to catch up on Adventure time.

Автор Jonn Ballehr ( назад)

Автор Infinite Artist ( назад)

Автор CittaV Box ( назад)
I thought it was a bit anticlimatic, but it was still cool. So then he was adopted by jakes parents, i think

Автор sadlobster1 ( назад)
I love Minerva SOOO much more than Martin. That loser abandoned Finn several times for his own selfish reasons

Автор Андрей Кравченко ( назад)
Finn and Jake to show people all the islands of the Founders aggressive nature Ooh, he told them nothing about the princesses, their ambitions, wizards wars. People are realizing that people Ooо, sooner or later they will become a threat to the existence of they decide to apply priventivny kick. After Finn and his friends left the island of the state will be similar to the state helgasts with a dash of the American Nazi Party.

Автор imightbe canadian ( назад)
1:57 When your'e gonna end the party and that's when stuff gets lit(terilly)

Автор RainbowSonic ( назад)
long time no see

Автор Latasha Hall ( назад)
woah this is new

Автор Eye Zodiotic ( назад)
Since when did Finn--"You've been gone for so long"


Автор iyanna McClain ( назад)
whose voice is that

Автор IamDragonFury ( назад)
Okay, on a bunch of these clips, I keep seeing comments from people saying that they've missed a lot on the show, some of which have people saying they haven't watched since Finn and FP dated. That leaves me to wonder, did a bunch of people really stop watching the show after Finn and FP broke up? Was that really so devastating that people quit following the show after it?

Or did some just get away from it for a while for no real particular reason, coincidentally around the time of Finn and FP's relationship ordeal, and just start coming back to it. I could buy that, since CN has been focusing so much on their other (some more disappointing) shows.

Автор Justin Tan ( назад)
Is Minerva basically like Skynet now?

Автор Laura Ervin ( назад)

Автор Im BA™AN ( назад)
what happens next

Автор Sam Tufts ( назад)
Haven't seen adventure time since Finn was dating flame princess. So much has changed!

Автор Wes Jaegerjaquez ( назад)
this is the last episode?

Автор Frank Alvira ( назад)
so adventure time is in the future huh

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