Tesla store in Seoul, South Korea is open!

I visited Gangnam district in Seoul to see one of two recently opened Tesla stores. There were only Model S 90D for display and test drives. Hopefully they will get some Model X over there to really attract more attention.

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Автор Zdeněk Eisenhammer ( назад)
Did anyone of the store staff recognize you? :D

Автор Raymond ( назад)
Unfortunately Tesla has been put in shame in South Korea :(

Автор iANN Hooo ( назад)
music is dope, edm with ev.

Автор crk cab ( назад)
how do we generate electricity ?

Автор 허삼석 ( назад)
사진이 너무 예쁘네요! 소통해요!

Автор ubi zen ( назад)
i guess we will never know Jörgen🙄

Автор UTubeGlennAR ( назад)
How about the only chubby person privileged enough to over eat in North Korea,
the honerable and murderous narcissistic dictator. Does he permit his slaves to
own Tesla EVs? Or perhaps he has his slaves developing nuclear powered EVs
so they need not fuss with the range anxiety thing of using battery driving on
holiday to China and down south to Seoul?????

Автор jorgen Winther-Larsen ( назад)
What I really want to know is did you do the Gangnam style when you were there? 😎🕺🏻

Автор Tim Dorsemagen ( назад)
cool gam sa ham ni da ;-)

Автор Patryk Pruusin ( назад)
Bad audio

Автор Vanuatoo ( назад)
At the end of the video the screen behind you shows 632 km. It's about 393 miles. What was the video about?

Автор Chidi Dike ( назад)
Thank you for giving your subscribers a view into South Korea's first Tesla store. Keep up the good work.

Автор rhuisjes02 ( назад)
Bad audio!

Автор 3ledom alset ( назад)
I'm a little bit confused now. Typ 1 or 2. I thought all Teslas have the Typ 2 Mennekes plug?

Автор grokker99 ( назад)
Cool vid, Bjorn! Awesome to see you in Seoul, and traveling to different countries.

Автор Pun Jabi ( назад)
have fun in Seoul!

Автор FlybyRider ( назад)
idk if it is the first store

Автор David Grander ( назад)
Is it the first Tesla store in South Korea?

Автор Roman M ( назад)
are they going to produce the cars there as well or ship em from uSA?

Автор Andrew Bicester ( назад)
Cool man :)

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