• Published on Oct 22, 2019
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  • Chungus
    Chungus Day ago

    Tobi is cruel bro

  • VxkeFN
    VxkeFN 2 days ago +3

    Tobi: just points down
    VikkStar: *he's an animal*

  • Ibrahim Alavy
    Ibrahim Alavy 2 days ago +1

    I love how they gas up even the most simplest things to make them fun and enjoyable to watch

  • juu uu
    juu uu 2 days ago

    16:07 Vik being smoot

  • john rodriguez
    john rodriguez 2 days ago

    Tobi’s video 🔥🔥🔥👉

  • Bilal Hamid
    Bilal Hamid 3 days ago

    What vik did at 8:52 killed me

  • Young Prynce
    Young Prynce 3 days ago +1

    Should see the NZ version 💯 *Knockout* its straight 🔥

    FLURVY 5 days ago

    I mean it's done

  • alisha
    alisha 6 days ago +3

    i want them to pay more games like this instead of just arguing like they did in tipping point

  • DevyanshBahri
    DevyanshBahri 7 days ago +2

    “Seven retards screaming for 17 minutes straight”

  • Sam Bradley
    Sam Bradley 7 days ago

    Everyone can tell you are running out of ideas 😂😂

  • SeanZo
    SeanZo 8 days ago

    Has anyone realised Simon said down to Tobi at 14:07 and Ethan said LIKE THAT! Down Like That by KSI

  • Itzzz Ruthless
    Itzzz Ruthless 9 days ago

    Point game lol what r these man playing at what a name

  • Blueberry Xo
    Blueberry Xo 9 days ago +7

    14:05 Simon said “down”
    And someone else said “like that!”
    Prediction of jj’s new song 👀

  • Joshua Macawalang
    Joshua Macawalang 9 days ago +1

    2.5 million people saw grown men point their fingers SMH

  • Abdirahman Mohamoud
    Abdirahman Mohamoud 11 days ago +12

    16:04 the way they left vik hanging

  • Sirprize Muthafakka
    Sirprize Muthafakka 12 days ago

    Vik and jj two best friends

  • Jack Burnard
    Jack Burnard 13 days ago

    Playing this with the woah song is 10x more hype with the lads

  • Etienne Rubibi
    Etienne Rubibi 13 days ago

    Part 2

  • Thomas Alford
    Thomas Alford 14 days ago

    Tobi low key slick

  • Elz
    Elz 14 days ago

    Always jj and Simon with no socks😂

    MAXTREME GAMING 14 days ago +1

    #5:15 the best finish, yw :)

  • Mac machine 89
    Mac machine 89 14 days ago

    I have just seen 7 grow men OHH

  • Jacob King
    Jacob King 15 days ago

    Whos here after jj finnished logan

  • pukeylukey199
    pukeylukey199 15 days ago

    Jesus Vikk is the embodiment of awkwardness.

  • Amiin Ahmed
    Amiin Ahmed 15 days ago +2

    Who came here from Simon’s reddit

  • Aidan Satter
    Aidan Satter 16 days ago

    Why do jj and simon not have socks on?

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 16 days ago

    This made me laugh way too much mann 😂especially at 15:23 when Ethan rlly thought Simon did it 😂😂

  • H2O jellyfish
    H2O jellyfish 16 days ago +9

    Tobi: “I’m bout to end this men’s whole career” 🥶🔥

  • CloWn
    CloWn 17 days ago

    Fuck a bunch a bent men pointing different ways and screaming

  • Josh From Ohio
    Josh From Ohio 17 days ago


  • Seta Jovic-Peu
    Seta Jovic-Peu 17 days ago

    Bruh this called shadow boxing not pointing game

  • Practical Wumbo
    Practical Wumbo 17 days ago


  • Orri
    Orri 17 days ago

    Is this some weird british shit that everyone is too normal to understand?

  • Hyper Thomas
    Hyper Thomas 18 days ago

    Set 8 kids when a student argues with a teacher

  • Andrew Smitton
    Andrew Smitton 18 days ago +8

    5:15 has to be one of the most satisfying things ever

  • English Kids
    English Kids 18 days ago

    9:20 watch josh

  • Aaron Edhugo
    Aaron Edhugo 18 days ago

    This is so dumb yet really exciting

  • Gaia Golashi
    Gaia Golashi 18 days ago +5

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Josh: I hear voices in my head
    Me: Yea in your meathead

  • JankoV022
    JankoV022 18 days ago

    If the hype man was in this video there would prbobably be an earrape warning

  • Mghool4ever
    Mghool4ever 18 days ago

    mashallah alhumidllah inshallah better
    Mashallah tbark allah

  • Carter James
    Carter James 18 days ago

    This is so retarded and jokes

  • ONI
    ONI 19 days ago +1

    sidemen ads: you may not pass!

  • Generic Youtube Account Name

    *insert look away music here*

  • Fuse
    Fuse 19 days ago +3

    6:50 why do they slowly go move like they are in a menu of streetfighter or something

  • Omega Nations
    Omega Nations 19 days ago

    Welcome to 7 retards scream for 17 minutes 😂

  • Fredster Boy
    Fredster Boy 20 days ago +1

    The were talking trash talk Simon said it’s time to end the game trash talkers 😑

  • Fredster Boy
    Fredster Boy 20 days ago


  • ツYonimon
    ツYonimon 20 days ago

    Why is the video called *viral* point game

  • john michael embile
    john michael embile 20 days ago

    This is how jj spent his training. Good for reflexes

  • Devin Dhillon
    Devin Dhillon 20 days ago

    I can’t believe this is a thing

  • Adam Bass
    Adam Bass 21 day ago +206

    Deji in the sidemen house:

  • Nite_Tested
    Nite_Tested 21 day ago

    this should be on a channel could sidemens garbage

  • abdalrahman hassouneh
    abdalrahman hassouneh 22 days ago +1

    9:24 look at josh,he got simon the point

  • The_Assasin004 mos
    The_Assasin004 mos 22 days ago

    1:22 Simon's bicep thoo.....

  • Hezammm
    Hezammm 23 days ago

    Set 8 kids

  • George William DINNAN
    George William DINNAN 23 days ago

    👚. That’s jj

  • TFS Kaylum
    TFS Kaylum 23 days ago

    Why are 7 retards pointing and screaming for 17 minutes

  • Odd
    Odd 24 days ago +1

    literally shadowboxing

  • ÆceLIFE
    ÆceLIFE 24 days ago

    Vikk is just bouncing around like a space hopper the p***