Nathan Chen 陳巍 (USA) - 2018 PyeongChang, Figure Skating, Men's Free Skate

  • Published on Feb 12, 2019
  • Pyeongchang, REPUBLIC OF KOREA - Nathan Chen of the United States won the Free Skate, which allowed him to move up from 17th Place to finish 5th overall.
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  • Zoé Butera
    Zoé Butera 4 days ago

    he is so inspiring and literally amazing ! i love watch Nathan on the ice 💙 can’t wait to see him on 2022 for medals in Beijing ! Go baby

  • City on a Mountain
    City on a Mountain 6 days ago +2

    Nathan, you are a masterpiece from God's throne- never forget it.

  • Reuben Leonard
    Reuben Leonard 8 days ago +2

    If I had seen this in person I definitely would’ve cried

  • Kaylee Nguyen
    Kaylee Nguyen 9 days ago +2

    Yall stop hating on nathan chill out. Yall go out there and do exactly what he did and apparently better. Do it. Stop fucking complaining assholes.

  • Lenni Leem
    Lenni Leem 12 days ago +1

    Jesus , that leg strength

  • Виктория Потапова

    Он деревянный

  • magicks25
    magicks25 21 day ago

    "Nathan Quad" lol

  • ReiRei
    ReiRei 21 day ago

    Great technique but the choreography is kinda solid and kinda cold, while Yuzuru skates with arms moving gracefully. His a great skater but in my opinion I think they need to work on the choreography.

  • iluvbluecookies97
    iluvbluecookies97 22 days ago +1

    He's come so far since this performance, I just can't wait for the 2022 Olympics!

  • Francis Nguyen
    Francis Nguyen 23 days ago +4

    Nathan Chen is ready to USA Figure Skating Championships this January.

  • geoboe84
    geoboe84 Month ago

    The modern day Emmerich Danzer. Here's hoping for better things in Beijing 2022.

  • Janar K
    Janar K Month ago +2


  • shihlin1
    shihlin1 3 months ago +5

    Even tho he didn't medal in the Olympic men's skate, this is by far still the best choreographed LP of his still young career. The music only adds to the stunning choreography.
    He's since improved and skating better in 2019, but I'm not sure if Nathan‘s changed choreographers bc his LP moves doesn't have the same bite nor is the music as involving.

  • Donny Hathaway
    Donny Hathaway 3 months ago +1

    He just arrived a few days late to Korea...... he's grown so much Olympics are going to be amazing to watch!!!

  • Steven Valencia
    Steven Valencia 3 months ago +1

    If he would have skated clean in the short program hands down he would have won did u see the score god damn higher the yuzuru score sucks he was 20 points behind from the score he made up almost 20 just a lil behind so unfortunate

  • jun casilang
    jun casilang 3 months ago +2

    Poor of art, but it's ok he should have make it higher.

  • D Wu
    D Wu 3 months ago +7

    Technically he was great here :)

  • May Gallardo
    May Gallardo 4 months ago +21

    He may jump a hundred quads, but absent the artistry that made skating what it is, then he will never be best.

    • Oleg Rostov
      Oleg Rostov 6 days ago +1

      Yuzu may 102% artistry, but when he will miss pure jumps ....

  • j bee
    j bee 4 months ago +1

    6 quads but still No Olympics Medal 🙊

    • C A
      C A 3 months ago

      I haven't reviewed all the technical scores, but he had a meltdown in the short program and this program, while amazing TCS-wise, is quite forgettable and pretty average PCS-wise. His programs got better after the Olympic season.

  • Lily Luo
    Lily Luo 5 months ago +2

    He said ...just “throw quads...” how abt artistries?? With 8yrs of ballet lessons 🤦🏻‍♂️🙄🙄 I watched this twice but just stop abt half way... 🙅🏽‍♀️, sorry I had to switch to watch other skater...🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏻‍♀️

  • dee stevens
    dee stevens 5 months ago +7

    A true athlete!!! Nathan delivered what a true athlete does and that is get back up and press forward no matter what! I have so much respect and adoration for his dedication, his determination and strength of character.....truly a powerhouse athlete!!! THANK YOU NATHAN FOR SHARING YOUR SKILL AND TALENT WITH THE WORLD!!! Love the commentaries on his routine, they were spot on!!!

  • Caiyun Kim
    Caiyun Kim 5 months ago +1

    라파엘 표정 왜저래.... 네이든 잘했는데 칭찬이라도 해주지 진짜.......

  • Lynn Woods
    Lynn Woods 5 months ago +1

    Artistic? Tara shut up 😂😂 you arr delusional.

  • Aaron Mendoza
    Aaron Mendoza 5 months ago +8

    commentators obviously biased..... nathan performed well but he had little choreogaphy..

  • Joy Living
    Joy Living 5 months ago +22

    "A program beautifully coreographed" - how is that for a bias? lol

    • R M
      R M Month ago +4

      Well they are US commentators and former US figure skaters afterall, what would you expect throw shade on a US athlete? Not happenning.

  • Ann Dubon
    Ann Dubon 5 months ago +8

    I remember crying while watching this live. It fills me with adrenaline.

  • SammietheAverageGirl
    SammietheAverageGirl 6 months ago +3

    I remember going absolutely feral at my high school lunch table while watching this the first time. What a legend

  • Camu Sanchez
    Camu Sanchez 6 months ago +2

    tanto Nathan Chen comoYuzuru Hanyu son exelentes patinadores, pero la sensibilidad y el carisma de Yuzuru Hanyu lo hace inigualable al interpretar sus rutinas.

  • Daniella Sosa
    Daniella Sosa 6 months ago +7

    He has the technical score down pack great jumper but for me he lacks artistry. I want to see a performance not just amazing tricks. Shout out and respect to chen tho he is a beast.

  • Hanna Bennett
    Hanna Bennett 6 months ago +2

    We love rite of spring

  • da-me
    da-me 6 months ago +1

    can someone give this guy a better costume. he's a quad king, he deserves his royal robes

  • Kaia Grey
    Kaia Grey 6 months ago +7

    If you take out the quads this routine is very empty and boring most figure skaters are all about jumping and quads nowadays

    • Johan Arteaga
      Johan Arteaga 6 months ago +4

      Yeah Idk why they say it’s beautifully choreographed. Like what choreography tho

  • elviade
    elviade 6 months ago +44

    He's good. Solid performance and no drama. Humility is a virtue. Too bad they don't give points for that too. ;)

  • skaterboy3718
    skaterboy3718 6 months ago +2

    Yes, a wonderful and courageous skate. But I think courageous may be a bit exaggerating it wasn't like he was beaten and raped or survived cancer or a tragic accident nothing to his doing. I wish Johnny and Tara would be a bit more professional. The first quad lutz had a bit of a lean or is it called pitched landing. Nathan is the greatest technician especially for 2018. Wow. And he continues to improve artistically - mind you he has some big support behind him including Vera Wang I assume . I am guessing by the black and white costume and graphic simple lines this is a Wang. I do wish she would show some vesatility. I can see what she is going for but she continues to do the same thing over and over. But no question technically birlliant. Sure a lot of the landings are bit off but quads are worth so much. I am sorry Tara I guess he does it have it all compared to her yes. Doing six quads as great as he is has its costprice - artistically.

    • smurfiennes blue
      smurfiennes blue 4 days ago

      skaterboy3718 I think he’s couragous to be able to stand up again and did 6 quads after the sp. Many skaters lose hope and do even worse on their fs after a bad sp.

    • Mara Ram
      Mara Ram 5 months ago

      dont you think it's a bit.... i dont know how to put it... "dangerous" to raise difficulty standards to this point? before we had gold medal winners with just 1 quad, maximum 2... recently we had some with 3 quads... now suddenly we have this kind of "quad master" doing one after another...but i am not sure it's good for this sport, if this makes sense

  • Bill Denton
    Bill Denton 7 months ago +102

    Nathan's a wonderful athlete, but the routines these days leave me cold. As someone said below, where's the choreography?? Other than the jumps and spins, he just skates around preparing for the next set up for another quad. Yawn.. No connection with the music, it's just wallpaper. This is the embodiment of the new digital age...all perfection, no soul.

    • Jojo Schlenner
      Jojo Schlenner 14 days ago +6

      Yi Jie (Angela) TSOU they’re the goat mans

    • Yi Jie (Angela) TSOU
      Yi Jie (Angela) TSOU 21 day ago +5

      What do you think about Yuzuru Hanyu or Javier Fernandez?

    • Bill Denton
      Bill Denton 6 months ago +8

      @Phoebe Chan You're right...I just miss the old days, more lyrical.

    • Phoebe Chan
      Phoebe Chan 6 months ago +14

      You can't have it both ways.

  • Анна Котенева
    Анна Котенева 7 months ago +8

    OMG he’s a true quad king...

  • Nora Norowska
    Nora Norowska 7 months ago +35

    The most difficult program in figure skating history !

  • an nguyen
    an nguyen 7 months ago +5

    He's quad machine, that's it. So boring to watch

    • RKS CA
      RKS CA Month ago

      Here yes, you can tell he was feeling the pressure and focusing on getting through the jumps instead of interpreting the choreography and music. he has beautiful movement but I think he can work on his posture, he is always a little forward to me

  • lovely youngho
    lovely youngho 7 months ago +26

    great jumps, but kinda boring

  • V M
    V M 7 months ago +8

    Great jumps, but nothing else really. Gets dull after a while.

    • Bonnie
      Bonnie 3 months ago +1

      It never got dull for me. The final spin combinations were spectacular.

  • Erisha Aquino
    Erisha Aquino 8 months ago +3


  • skaterboy3718
    skaterboy3718 8 months ago +16

    He is a beast. Not sure about the artistry and edges but he does h ave some nice moves. I do wish Vera Wang would give him something more than black white and sometimes silver or grey. For $10,000 US per outfit plus you'd think she wouldhave more originality. But wow, Nathan six quads quite an accomplishment. H really has pushed the technical side of skating - though Iam not sure I am super happy with the loss of artistry. Still what a marvel and to go to school at the same time now. Just wow.

    • RKS CA
      RKS CA Month ago

      @bunnynorway I preferred Javi and Yuzuru, I am just not a fan of Patrick Chan's outfits this competition

    • bunnynorway
      bunnynorway 6 months ago +4

      I loved his outfit better than all that night. Love the fit and elegant line. Not much for the flouncy outfits.

    • Shen Zhao
      Shen Zhao 7 months ago

      Do this outfit worth 10.000 dolars? ??

    7.5M views 8 months ago

    i hated the music and choreo of this program, it didn't show off Nathan's artistry at all IMO.

  • Evan Wills
    Evan Wills 8 months ago +4

    His still lacking in some parts where yuzu's great. Emotion is the key this guy is amazing in technicality but not in artistry he need to learn that passion and love with patience would bring him to gold medal. Still hoping for him. For those Chen fans saying he can beat yuzu nope because yuzu has its own record has it's own artistry and style that's why he shine this guy shine in another way but he can still improve it.

    • Mark Lester
      Mark Lester 6 months ago +6

      Evan Willis - But Nathan has his own style, his own records (recently 2 WR in FS and total score) and he has his own artistry too. He doesn't need to be next Yuzu. He defeated Yuzu in Saitama 22.45 points and this is the beginning of his career ... Have you noticed this ? I bless the fact that not only Yuzu fans exist, but international judges too.
      Prefer yuzu ? Ok. But it would be less rude to write it under Yuzu video ...
      By the way Yuzu isn't the only god in figure skating. Check recently ISU standings ...
      I prefer Chen since I saw his FS at 2016 GPF, but I'm not going to go under another skaters video and write about it ...

    • WhatAreYouGonnaGainFromIt ?
      WhatAreYouGonnaGainFromIt ? 6 months ago +2

      Evan Wills Chen has beat Yuzuru before, though? I’m pretty sure he beat him at Rostlecom 2017.

  • Ashley Mo
    Ashley Mo 8 months ago

    Okay, but this music sucked ass, the choreography sucked ass, you could tell he wasn't into it

  • Ove Niemi
    Ove Niemi 8 months ago +10

    Nathan..youre a star and are Always be number 1..i wish you all happy thjings on ice even in the future skating..well done this is more than very well done Nathan!!!!

  • Anthea Yip
    Anthea Yip 8 months ago +14

    Wow .... NATHAN QUAD

  • Karina Huertas
    Karina Huertas 8 months ago +3

    Tara is on crack as always or is she watching a choreo when there isn´t? , beautiful jumps and music that is a fact.

  • tyrone lewis
    tyrone lewis 8 months ago +24

    It ok to have all those jumps but i found the programe to be boring i find figure skating now is all about jumps.It like jump after jump and no content

  • Dosmth
    Dosmth 8 months ago +9

    Nathan Quad lol He is gorgeous

  • soxnation1000
    soxnation1000 8 months ago +126

    Just a reminder of how insane *SIX* quads are--that's the same number of *TRIPLES* that Yuna Kim, widely considered the GOAT in women's skating, does in her programs. It just shows how insanely difficult this program is, it's at the edge of human capability.

    • Montrosesister12
      Montrosesister12 22 days ago

      And hes hot 🔥

    • RKS CA
      RKS CA Month ago +5

      Everytime I see Yuna's name, my blood boils because she was the 2x Olympic champion. Ugh, lose to Sotnikova

  • Riadla10 EnH
    Riadla10 EnH 8 months ago +4

    How is it possible for a mediocre skater to get scores so high? It is offensive for the public to observe what these idiotic judges are doing. It is very possible that they have severe vision or head problems. Something is wrong. It is frightening for someone to be declared a winner and he is less technically and artistically than a junior. You look at junior programs and see how well they are trained. It's a great pleasure to look at them. Chen is with many classes not just under Yuzuru Hanyu but even under Vincent Zhou. Vincent's programs are far above those of Chen. Vincent even noticed that he has greatly improved his programs both from an artistic and technical point of view.

    • Bonnie
      Bonnie 3 months ago +2

      What! Nothing personal but that is crazy talk. Yuzuru Hanyu is a wonderful artist and showman but not as athletic as Nathan and he falls down alot (I'm sorry he got hurt and I hope he recovers 110%) truth be told he is inconsistent. I think that Stella Notra was Yuzuru's best work, it is perfection. Vincent simply is not confident on the ice. Did you see the Autumn Classic. Roll the tape. Shoma Uno now there is a skater., I loved the Great Spirit. Nathan is masculine and kinetic, he's not sappy and sentimental, he has concentration like steel and his artistic side is sublime. Like modern sculpture. you have to be with it to get it. Actually what is happening in skating right now is an embarrassment of riches. There is tremendous talent on the junior level, agreed. What impresses me is the respect the top skaters show each other, true sportsmanship: it is refreshing.

    • WhatAreYouGonnaGainFromIt ?
      WhatAreYouGonnaGainFromIt ? 6 months ago +6

      Riadla enache Even though Nathan is tied for my favorite skater along with Yuzuru, I have to admit I hated Mao’s last dancer and felt it was missing something . Land of All, however, is EVERYTHING. It completely embodies everything Nathan is about. It’s really fresh, contemporary, modern, but still shows off Nathan’s ballet training. I was okay with his Caravan program, but I still prefer Nemesis. Nemesis paired with Land of All would be the ideal season pairing. In conclusion, Nathan is great and him only doing four quads during his 2019 World’s long program and still beating the GOAT, says something about his growth. He is NOT just all quads anymore. He’s grown so quick into a bitter artistic skater.

  • Weeaboo Baby
    Weeaboo Baby 9 months ago +1

    The thumbnail just got me lmao

  • sunnysanny32
    sunnysanny32 9 months ago

    Nathan chen from
    Assuming usa

    • False Confidence
      False Confidence 28 days ago

      @R M USA is just hungry of attention look at there athletes more than half were from different countries but because they have the money and everythkng they got those athletes. POOR USA

    • R M
      R M 8 months ago +10

      Most people in the US are immigrants/descendants of immigrants: white, black, latino, asian. Nathan is as American as they all are.

  • Omar Alfonso
    Omar Alfonso 9 months ago +10

    5:35 3flip half loop 3 salchow my fav combination

  • Kate Holcomb
    Kate Holcomb 9 months ago +51

    All I can say is, way to go. You are an inspiration to so many young skaters/athletes.

  • Nerry Jimenez
    Nerry Jimenez 9 months ago +29

    BRAVO, Nathan Chen! The Best skate on the ice! You deserve it all for your Hard Work! Just GREAT! Blessings, Nerry Jimenez

  • Bobby Haberia
    Bobby Haberia 9 months ago +11

    the music made my heart melt.... so good

  • Martina Mateo
    Martina Mateo 9 months ago +23

    Nathan quad

  • R M
    R M 9 months ago +39

    This is Yuzu's Olympics. I hope and pray that Nathan will have his own Olympics. How tough of him to battle it out from bottom. This is a go for broke performance, throwing caution out the window. Respect!