Nathan Chen 陳巍 (USA) - 2018 PyeongChang, Figure Skating, Men's Free Skate

  • Published on Feb 12, 2019
  • Pyeongchang, REPUBLIC OF KOREA - Nathan Chen of the United States won the Free Skate, which allowed him to move up from 17th Place to finish 5th overall.
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  • SammietheAverageGirl
    SammietheAverageGirl 5 days ago +2

    I remember going absolutely feral at my high school lunch table while watching this the first time. What a legend

  • Camu Sanchez
    Camu Sanchez 6 days ago

    tanto Nathan Chen comoYuzuru Hanyu son exelentes patinadores, pero la sensibilidad y el carisma de Yuzuru Hanyu lo hace inigualable al interpretar sus rutinas.

  • Daniella Sosa
    Daniella Sosa 10 days ago +1

    He has the technical score down pack great jumper but for me he lacks artistry. I want to see a performance not just amazing tricks. Shout out and respect to chen tho he is a beast.

  • Hanna Bennett
    Hanna Bennett 11 days ago +2

    We love rite of spring

  • da-me
    da-me 11 days ago

    can someone give this guy a better costume. he's a quad king, he deserves his royal robes

  • Kaia Grey
    Kaia Grey 13 days ago +1

    If you take out the quads this routine is very empty and boring most figure skaters are all about jumping and quads nowadays

    • Bret Williams
      Bret Williams 12 days ago +2

      Yeah Idk why they say it’s beautifully choreographed. Like what choreography tho

  • elviade
    elviade 18 days ago +8

    He's good. Solid performance and no drama. Humility is a virtue. Too bad they don't give points for that too. ;)

  • skaterboy3718
    skaterboy3718 19 days ago +1

    Yes, a wonderful and courageous skate. But I think courageous may be a bit exaggerating it wasn't like he was beaten and raped or survived cancer or a tragic accident nothing to his doing. I wish Johnny and Tara would be a bit more professional. The first quad lutz had a bit of a lean or is it called pitched landing. Nathan is the greatest technician especially for 2018. Wow. And he continues to improve artistically - mind you he has some big support behind him including Vera Wang I assume . I am guessing by the black and white costume and graphic simple lines this is a Wang. I do wish she would show some vesatility. I can see what she is going for but she continues to do the same thing over and over. But no question technically birlliant. Sure a lot of the landings are bit off but quads are worth so much. I am sorry Tara I guess he does it have it all compared to her yes. Doing six quads as great as he is has its costprice - artistically.

  • Bill Denton
    Bill Denton 26 days ago +2

    Nathan's a wonderful athlete, but the routines these days leave me cold. As someone said below, where's the choreography?? Other than the jumps and spins, he just skates around preparing for the next set up for another quad. Yawn.. No connection with the music, it's just wallpaper. This is the embodiment of the new digital age...all perfection, no soul.

    • Bill Denton
      Bill Denton 16 days ago

      @Phoebe Chan You're right...I just miss the old days, more lyrical.

    • Phoebe Chan
      Phoebe Chan 16 days ago +2

      You can't have it both ways.

  • Анна Котенева

    OMG he’s a true quad king...

  • Nora Norowska
    Nora Norowska Month ago +21

    The most difficult program in figure skating history !

  • an nguyen
    an nguyen Month ago

    He's quad machine, that's it. So boring to watch

  • lovely youngho
    lovely youngho Month ago +8

    great jumps, but kinda boring

  • V M
    V M Month ago +1

    Great jumps, but nothing else really. Gets dull after a while.

  • Erisha Aquino
    Erisha Aquino Month ago +1


  • skaterboy3718
    skaterboy3718 2 months ago +5

    He is a beast. Not sure about the artistry and edges but he does h ave some nice moves. I do wish Vera Wang would give him something more than black white and sometimes silver or grey. For $10,000 US per outfit plus you'd think she wouldhave more originality. But wow, Nathan six quads quite an accomplishment. H really has pushed the technical side of skating - though Iam not sure I am super happy with the loss of artistry. Still what a marvel and to go to school at the same time now. Just wow.

    • bunnynorway
      bunnynorway 26 days ago +3

      I loved his outfit better than all that night. Love the fit and elegant line. Not much for the flouncy outfits.

    • Shen Zhao
      Shen Zhao Month ago

      Do this outfit worth 10.000 dolars? ??

    7.5M views 2 months ago

    i hated the music and choreo of this program, it didn't show off Nathan's artistry at all IMO.

  • Evan Wills
    Evan Wills 2 months ago

    His still lacking in some parts where yuzu's great. Emotion is the key this guy is amazing in technicality but not in artistry he need to learn that passion and love with patience would bring him to gold medal. Still hoping for him. For those Chen fans saying he can beat yuzu nope because yuzu has its own record has it's own artistry and style that's why he shine this guy shine in another way but he can still improve it.

    • Mark Lester
      Mark Lester 17 days ago +4

      Evan Willis - But Nathan has his own style, his own records (recently 2 WR in FS and total score) and he has his own artistry too. He doesn't need to be next Yuzu. He defeated Yuzu in Saitama 22.45 points and this is the beginning of his career ... Have you noticed this ? I bless the fact that not only Yuzu fans exist, but international judges too.
      Prefer yuzu ? Ok. But it would be less rude to write it under Yuzu video ...
      By the way Yuzu isn't the only god in figure skating. Check recently ISU standings ...
      I prefer Chen since I saw his FS at 2016 GPF, but I'm not going to go under another skaters video and write about it ...

    • WhatAreYouGonnaGainFromIt ?
      WhatAreYouGonnaGainFromIt ? 18 days ago +2

      Evan Wills Chen has beat Yuzuru before, though? I’m pretty sure he beat him at Rostlecom 2017.

  • Ashley Vandersteen
    Ashley Vandersteen 2 months ago

    Okay, but this music sucked ass, the choreography sucked ass, you could tell he wasn't into it

  • Ove Niemi
    Ove Niemi 2 months ago +8

    Nathan..youre a star and are Always be number 1..i wish you all happy thjings on ice even in the future skating..well done this is more than very well done Nathan!!!!

  • Anthea Yip
    Anthea Yip 2 months ago +12

    Wow .... NATHAN QUAD

  • Karina Huertas
    Karina Huertas 2 months ago

    Tara is on crack as always or is she watching a choreo when there isn´t? , beautiful jumps and music that is a fact.

  • tyrone lewis
    tyrone lewis 2 months ago +14

    It ok to have all those jumps but i found the programe to be boring i find figure skating now is all about jumps.It like jump after jump and no content

  • Dosmth
    Dosmth 2 months ago +6

    Nathan Quad lol He is gorgeous

  • soxnation1000
    soxnation1000 2 months ago +25

    Just a reminder of how insane *SIX* quads are--that's the same number of *TRIPLES* that Yuna Kim, widely considered the GOAT in women's skating, does in her programs. It just shows how insanely difficult this program is, it's at the edge of human capability.

  • Riadla enache
    Riadla enache 2 months ago +2

    How is it possible for a mediocre skater to get scores so high? It is offensive for the public to observe what these idiotic judges are doing. It is very possible that they have severe vision or head problems. Something is wrong. It is frightening for someone to be declared a winner and he is less technically and artistically than a junior. You look at junior programs and see how well they are trained. It's a great pleasure to look at them. Chen is with many classes not just under Yuzuru Hanyu but even under Vincent Zhou. Vincent's programs are far above those of Chen. Vincent even noticed that he has greatly improved his programs both from an artistic and technical point of view.

    • WhatAreYouGonnaGainFromIt ?
      WhatAreYouGonnaGainFromIt ? 18 days ago +4

      Riadla enache Even though Nathan is tied for my favorite skater along with Yuzuru, I have to admit I hated Mao’s last dancer and felt it was missing something . Land of All, however, is EVERYTHING. It completely embodies everything Nathan is about. It’s really fresh, contemporary, modern, but still shows off Nathan’s ballet training. I was okay with his Caravan program, but I still prefer Nemesis. Nemesis paired with Land of All would be the ideal season pairing. In conclusion, Nathan is great and him only doing four quads during his 2019 World’s long program and still beating the GOAT, says something about his growth. He is NOT just all quads anymore. He’s grown so quick into a bitter artistic skater.

  • Xii M
    Xii M 3 months ago

    The thumbnail just got me lmao

  • sunnysanny32
    sunnysanny32 3 months ago

    Nathan chen from
    Assuming usa

    • R M
      R M 2 months ago +4

      Most people in the US are immigrants/descendants of immigrants: white, black, latino, asian. Nathan is as American as they all are.

  • Omar Alfonso
    Omar Alfonso 3 months ago +8

    5:35 3flip half loop 3 salchow my fav combination

  • Kate Holcomb
    Kate Holcomb 3 months ago +30

    All I can say is, way to go. You are an inspiration to so many young skaters/athletes.

  • Nerry Jimenez
    Nerry Jimenez 3 months ago +24

    BRAVO, Nathan Chen! The Best skate on the ice! You deserve it all for your Hard Work! Just GREAT! Blessings, Nerry Jimenez

  • Bobby Haberia
    Bobby Haberia 3 months ago +8

    the music made my heart melt.... so good

  • Martina Mateo
    Martina Mateo 3 months ago +16

    Nathan quad

  • R M
    R M 3 months ago +17

    This is Yuzu's Olympics. I hope and pray that Nathan will have his own Olympics. How tough of him to battle it out from bottom. This is a go for broke performance, throwing caution out the window. Respect!

  • たまちゃんキャット


  • Oleg Rostov
    Oleg Rostov 3 months ago +25

    For the second time in a row the World Champion !

    • sof sym
      sof sym 4 days ago

      I used to hate him last year because I have caught the fanyu bug but now I have made a 180 turn, I hope for him to get more world titles and become an Olympic champ in 2022. He is a unique athlete and a wunderkind. I love Hanyu but he has it all already. I am all for the fair battle between them but I am rooting for Nathan to keep winning and pushing the boundaries of human limits.

    • Oleg Rostov
      Oleg Rostov Month ago +6

      @sunnysanny32 So... try to be this USELESS world champion and you see how hard it can be ...

    • Uniaza Oof
      Uniaza Oof Month ago +8

      sunnysanny32 being world champion is useless? What world do you live in? It's the second most important title in figure skating!

    • Oleg Rostov
      Oleg Rostov 3 months ago +16

      @sunnysanny32 This will not change the fact that Nathan is the World Champion for the second time in a row !

    • sunnysanny32
      sunnysanny32 3 months ago +1

      World champion is useless OLYMPIC IS MORE IMPORTANT.that he needs to earn so far nothing more practice pls.

  • JD l
    JD l 3 months ago +23

    The opening quad lutz is great but the quad lutz he delivered in the 2019 US nationals and 2019 Worlds was gorgeous and exceptional by comparison. He had made his most difficult jump even better if you can believe that! Also, his triple axle has never been so solid and now gets high GOE's for them.

  • samsung user
    samsung user 3 months ago +12

    The commentators were like: "His name should be Nathan Quad..." "Who does that?" "Nathan Chen do!" Major congrats to you Nathan.

  • lcowles
    lcowles 3 months ago +25

    This was easily THE moment of the men's event. Who else could launch themselves 12 placements up the boards and perform near perfectly what's practically the most difficult men's LP ever skated but Nathan Chen? He even won the LP here, defeating Hanyu by 18 technical points and almost 9 points overall after PCS was added. Legend.

    • Maria Margarita Hernandez Olvera
      Maria Margarita Hernandez Olvera 2 months ago

      @lcowles Ní aontaím Deirim libh go maith gur saineolaí mé i scátáil fhigiúirí agus is féidir liom a rá leat, cé gur cosúil go bhfuil scátáil Nathan neamhghnách dom, ní mór dom a rá nach dóigh liom go bhfuil sé chomh iontach ina léiriú ealaíonta. Don chuid eile, is é Yuzuru Hanyu an t-ealaíontóir scátála mór, tá sé an-iomlán toisc go bhfuil léimí neamhghnácha aige freisin. Sin é an fáth a mheasaim Yuzuru níos fearr.

    • Rozieva Venera
      Rozieva Venera 2 months ago

      lcowles lcowles
      of course, injury and aging are challenges for him but he's still there, he's not retired yet. i'm not a fan of Yuzuru, i'm fan of figure skating.
      everybody have enough time to level up their skills, recover from the injuries and add new jumps until the next season, so not only Nathan can add technical content, the same goes for everyone.
      Yuzuru said that it's frustrating for him to lose, but i think he have already done everything in his career. maybe it'll be his last season as you've said. though we never know how he would be, maybe he would recover, maybe add other jumps, maybe not. until he's gone, he's competitive.
      i just wanted to say, don't put Nathan so high - other skaters are coming to a place near him.

    • lcowles
      lcowles 2 months ago

      @Rozieva Venera
      1. I don't underestimate Hanyu, but injury and aging are REAL challenges that happen to many skaters. They DO take their toll eventually. Hanyu is NOT super-human like his fans want to believe.
      2. Hanyu doesn't have a quad lutz. He landed ONE very shaky quad lutz at Worlds 2017. He's never done one since because that's the jump he injured his ankle on.
      3. PCS marks can only go so high. A skater can add far more tech points to his score based on the way he constructs his program, IF he's athletically adept, especially having mastered all the quads, like Nathan has. A packed, highly technical program skated well, will beat a flawed but high PCS program nearly every time. Nathan has the ability to add in so much technical content that PCS from a competitor cannot close the gap where the other skater is lacking technically.

    • Rozieva Venera
      Rozieva Venera 2 months ago

      @lcowles please don't underestimate Yuzuru: despite his injury and the age he's still a competitor. and also, he does quad lutz.
      and the point i want to discuss: do you think PCS is nothing and only technical score has value? figure skating is the unique sport where we have The Artistry (and the music!). the composition, the emotions the audience feel through the performance make figure skating so special. i think, even though Nathan has his excellent technique and almost all the quads, he still lacks performance. while Yuzuru has his elegance and grace but only three quads, an injury and yes, scary landings. they both have something to improve and that makes them the true competitors.
      and when we have the performances, the scores, the mistakes made or not, does the base value actually matter? Nathan got his SP bad but it was incredible of him to make the 5th place overall. they both had their circumstances: at the Worlds Yuzuru wasn't at his best and he came second but Nathan was and hit the gold. "if he had skated clean..." - the Olympics and the Worlds had already passed and only results are important. Yuzuru won the Olympics, Nathan won the Worlds and that's all.
      no one can predict what happens the next season and after. we have Patrick Chan who had his come back and still got the silver, so the age isn't a big problem. the determining factors are their progress and the performance itself. Yuzuru has plans, or better to say, a goal on quad axel, Shoma has his 3A+4T attempt and a possible 5T he had talked about. but who knows how it would be on the competition? i believe, nobody could ever imagine Nathan to come 17th after SP. and even more unpredictable was his revival on the FS. i mean, both Nathan and Yuzuru have chances to win, and both of them are possible to make mistakes. also there are more skaters than Nathan and Yuzuru there and it may turn out that no one of them would become a winner.
      i think, that's great for us to witness such a rivalry between them and i can't wait for next season to come. let's respect all the skaters and their abilities.
      sorry if i've offended you somehow. have a nice day!

    • lcowles
      lcowles 3 months ago

      @Lili Heri Such a random statement about Scott Hamilton with absolutely no proof. I'm glad you saw there's no sense in going round and round about all this. Have a nice life.

  • 野菜食与
    野菜食与 3 months ago +9


  • 抹額二哥哥的
    抹額二哥哥的 3 months ago +10


  • Sbat Be
    Sbat Be 3 months ago +5

    No one is QUAD KING until they land QUAD AXEL.

    • R M
      R M 3 months ago +3

      Maybe but the guts to be able to jump and land 4toeloop, 4loop, 4salchow, 4flip, and 4lutz; and land 6 QUADS in a long program does make Nathan, Quad King! 😎 Yuzu is still be the King of Skates but Nathan is just a step behind. Yuzu made the SPORT great again and Nathan revolutionize it. Love them both. 💖💖💖

  • Douglas Hallenbeck
    Douglas Hallenbeck 4 months ago +99

    What is so inspiring about Nathan’s free skate is that it followed the two worst performances of his career! The courage and strength that it took to step back on that Olympic ice and land six quads, winning the free skate is huge. Look at his performance at Nationals in January and how much his choreography and artistry have matured and improved while maintaining spectacular jumps! He is the World Champion and no matter what happens this week he will remain the World Champion in my book. Bravo Nathan!

  • Kristen Budich
    Kristen Budich 4 months ago +2

    Say what you want about his artistry...the idea this dude threw out all those quads after biffing so much before I say...bad. Fucking. Ass.

  • Z B
    Z B 4 months ago +12

    I actually think PCS wise, this was a weaker performance. I partially question if it is the outfit. That said, I think nathan is improving PCS a lot and I can see a strong difference this season.

    • Tara
      Tara 15 days ago

      Whats PCS?

    • skaterboy3718
      skaterboy3718 2 months ago

      Speak to Vera (Wang). I am not sure the outfit had much to do with this program. I do like black and white personally but not always.

  • NEWS
    NEWS 4 months ago +1

    just not good enough....

  • lawomann
    lawomann 4 months ago +18

    Raf - Don't ask me what's going on, I just work here.

  • TheAndre496
    TheAndre496 4 months ago +35

    In my opinion "Land of all" of this season Is Better in every aspect. There are less quads but the program in general Is better

  • Maria Mercedes Ruiz Petro
    Maria Mercedes Ruiz Petro 4 months ago +2

    El perdio el oro por dejarse llevar de personas ajenas a su entrenador espero que para los proximos este mas centrado y aprenda de los errores porque si hubiese hecho en el corto lo que su entrenador le dijo y no lo que le dio la gana la historia fuera otra

  • stacy wiley
    stacy wiley 4 months ago +7

    For Nathan Chen like he is quad of steal doing 6 quads and made history! But I can't wait until next winter games in Beijing, China in 2022 that Nathan get that gold medal .

  • Priscila D. Kakol
    Priscila D. Kakol 4 months ago +3

    What is the level of the coreocraphy and step secuence?

  • Ben Adams
    Ben Adams 4 months ago +10

    His quads and 3A have improved so much since this performance, especially the flip. This was a great point in his career but those quads only deserve a 0 or 1 GOE at best here. Not to mention the non-existent transitions and choreography... Glad to see him putting more in the performance now

  • Hector Clarke
    Hector Clarke 4 months ago +7

    Only if he had a better short program.....

  • Gracie Gold
    Gracie Gold 4 months ago +25

    He is a REAL competitor.

    • Nora Norowska
      Nora Norowska 2 months ago +6

      @sonisisuper Don't you enjoy the fact that Nathan is the World Champion for the second time in a row and has two WR - FS and Total score ?

    • sonisisuper
      sonisisuper 4 months ago +1

      Gracie Gold Hardly. He folded in his most important moment. At least Chan managed a silver when he flopped at the Olympics.

  • Kirthi Rao
    Kirthi Rao 4 months ago +77

    Watching Nathan and Yuzuru's performances for this really highlighted how much better I think Yuzuru is. While Nathan is technically skilled, his choreography was not good here. I got bored watching and in between his jumps, he was just moving to keep up momentum and prepare for jumps. At times, he just had his arms down and was just moving on the ice. With Yuzuru, his choreography is so incredibly artistic that you forget he actually prepares to do jumps and when they happen, it's all part of one fluid performance. In addition, Yuzuru's flexibility at certain moves like 3:24 is the icing on the cake. For me, there's no comparison between these two.

    • Mark Lester
      Mark Lester 17 days ago +2

      @Creutzfeldt Jakob I would admit you were right with the "artistry" if the judges in Saitama gave Nathan much less points in PCS than Yuzu, but this difference was only 0.29 point in SP and 1.06 in FS.

    • Mark Lester
      Mark Lester 3 months ago +4

      @Creutzfeldt Jakob What the ''artistry" is ? In figure skating are PCS and TCS. Nathan's PCS was only about 1 point lower. Do you think these international judges don't have a knowledge about figure skating ? Is Nathan still far from Yuzu ? Maybe he was far... But I agree, you have the right prefer Yuzuru's skating.

    • R M
      R M 3 months ago +3

      @Creutzfeldt Jakob In the 2019 Worlds they both have the same number of quads, four I think. The good thing about Nathan is that he can do 5 different Quads (lutz, flip, salchow, loop, toeloop) at his whim. He also said that he is a jumpbased skater which is how he truly started. The highest scoring of course for now is the lutz and flip, axel will hopefully come but as Nathan said it would probably be Yuzu or some other person who will do it simply because he's not good at axels. (I am hoping and praying that he does it just to solidify that King of Quads 😍). Additionally, his component scores are only a point behind Yuzu, so there's that. We judge them as fans but they were judged at the Worlds as competitors. Love Yuzu and Nathan and Vincent too. 💖

    • Oleg Rostov
      Oleg Rostov 3 months ago +4

      @Creutzfeldt Jakob Trust the judges he isn't far, check protocol.

    • Creutzfeldt Jakob
      Creutzfeldt Jakob 3 months ago +4

      Oleg Rostov yes he won in numbers he skated his best while yuzu made mistakes... he scored like that with a lot of quads but with his 6 quads he did not beat yuzus record when he did only 3... so dont put them on the same level because yuzurus component scores are far from him...

  • Alejandro Flores
    Alejandro Flores 4 months ago +2

    If both had gone cleanly, would Chen have beaten Yuru?

    • Nora Norowska
      Nora Norowska 2 months ago +3

      @Creutzfeldt Jakob The problem is you just don't take into account that Nathan is not the same skater as he was before and Yuzu probably isn't the same... Nathan got better - which he proved in Saitama ... He really crashed the competition ...Obviously Hanyu's fans claim that the judges overscored him and it is really pathetic ...

    • Mark Lester
      Mark Lester 3 months ago +3

      @Nora Norowska Thanks, but to be precise I meant the Yuzu's advantantage over Nathan non existent now. I think we can't compare their skating history because Nathan is younger about 5 years ... and this is the beginning of his career ...

    • Nora Norowska
      Nora Norowska 3 months ago +3

      @Mark Lester Really wise and fair entry. Yuzu was better, but now he isn't. We'll see what will happen in the future ... nobody knows...

    • Mark Lester
      Mark Lester 3 months ago +3

      @Creutzfeldt Jakob I DIDN'T WRITE about Yuzuru's past, I DIDN'T WRITE he wasn't great, I DIDN'T WRITE he isn't great. I wrote NOW he isn't better than Nathan, because Nathan has won the last World Championship.

    • Creutzfeldt Jakob
      Creutzfeldt Jakob 3 months ago +3

      Mark Lester well people have their time and it is more rude for you to say hanyus superiority is non existent he is still the greatest of all time in terms of achievements... longest winning streak in gpf (which if not for his injury he could have still won it the past years) plus two consecutive olympics... i am not saying nathan cant catch up with gpf but with the olympics? I doubt that... he will probably compete only one time in 2022 but in 2026 he would probably be retired he lost his chance in 2018 while hanyu won his olympic debut in 2014 beating all big names and changing the sport for good...

  • Nicolas Sanabria
    Nicolas Sanabria 4 months ago +18

    That scream “YES!!!!” from Tara when he landed that 6th Quad was everything!!! Relative to when she beat Michelle and won her Olympic Gold medal. Seems like they all were skating out there with him..., rooting for him. Thank you for this memorable upload. 🙏

  • Yohanes K
    Yohanes K 4 months ago +142

    It was a great performance of him, good technique, clean quads with full rotation, but I disagree with Tara when she said "beautifully choreograph". Like where's the choreography? The slow mo really captured what I mean, he went out from the jumps with the same back crossovers and almost no choreography between the quads. If you take out the quads the program was really empty in my opinion. This year program is definitely better.

    • Jose Hill
      Jose Hill 3 months ago +4

      The music is so disjointed and he never had any real connection to it. If he wanted to skate to it, Lori was the wrong choreographer. She’s more of the smooth elegant type which is not what this was.

    • lawomann
      lawomann 4 months ago +5

      @Biaka Chhakchhuak Yeah, Tara was full of it. Here is Nathan's short program for this season, it's entertaining. Ignore the crazy scoring, it's the US Nationals, and they are always inflated.

    • Biaka Chhakchhuak
      Biaka Chhakchhuak 4 months ago +8

      Me too..did not agree with the 'beautifully choreography' thing...they are extra commenting...he is just being technical on this.

    • Cyrra M
      Cyrra M 4 months ago +14

      Yohanes K I love Nathan but I have to agree. It's a shame really, this program had a lot of potential and lots of beautiful choreographic moments in the beginning of the season (even his spin positions were stunning!) but he ditched it all once he started changing the jump layout and the program lost its charm. I hope he can revive this program at a later time and give it the justice it deserved, even if just for a show.

  • Tobiahs Ellias
    Tobiahs Ellias 4 months ago

    please upload his sp, I couldn't find it anywhere =(

    • lawomann
      lawomann 4 months ago

      Do you mean from the Olympics last year? Here it is: If you meant this season, here it is:

  • sunningdale
    sunningdale 4 months ago +105

    I remember watching this live, hanging on the edge of my seat... I felt so bad in the past when he messed up the previous performances, but this left everyone in the stadium on their feet -- he really showed his true power!! I hope to see him on the Olympic ice again in 2022!!

    • coolness06
      coolness06 4 months ago +15

      My parents and I watched together. We were so devastated when he bombed the short program, that we just wanted him to do well for the free skate. My heart was pounding. We cheered so loud as he hit jump after jump. An amazing redemption routine!

    • Shoko Truth
      Shoko Truth 4 months ago +4