ROASTED Crab & GARLIC Noodles in San Francisco

I went and stuffed my face with Dungeness crab meat in San Francisco California. I had the roasted crab and the peppercorn crab.

I wanted to mention again...no restaurant review views are ever sponsored on this channel including this one. Most of the time and in this case as well, I even have to pay for the food. I do this so these reviews remain authentic and never influenced. Thank You! :-)

PPQ Dungeness Island

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Автор Jenny Loraine ( назад)
omg, I loved this video! I want to try that crab

Автор Shinji D ( назад)
Thats rice paper. They normally use that for the viet spring rolls but I like it more fried. It tastes so good!

Автор Stephan Tande ( назад)
man that looks so delicious

Автор woordenhechtster ( назад)
ughhhhh, I'mm allergic to crab :( But it was so yummy the one time I had it (but had to run to the bathroom afterwards with a severe rash)

Автор nguyen tran khoi ( назад)
Will you ever go to Vietnam?

Автор Celestia Playz ( назад)
Before you go there, leave your dignity at the door

Автор robyn bond ( назад)
Come to england, torquay to eat at the Drumm Inn in cockington, also then in torquay go to Angels tearooms in babbacombe, angels tearooms are famous for their scones and cakes and they are beautiful, i'd be happy to send pictures of my own meals at both these places in torquay, torquay is also a beautiful town!

Автор back2back ( назад)

Автор Bruce Sprague ( назад)
5:09 "I can't let anyone know about this"

Автор kula yang ( назад)
what kind of wireless microphone do you use?

Автор Jeremy 1007 ( назад)
5:04 ladies and gentlemen , the first man on earth to ever dip garlic noodles in a butter sauce 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻l

Автор Gina Gallegos ( назад)
Look at that place, it's empty. Thanh Long is always full. Says something.

Автор Gina Gallegos ( назад)
Wrong place. You should go to Thanh Long on 46th & Judah best roasted crab & garlic noodles in the world. Sister restaurant located on California St called Crustacean. Original Thanh Long tastes better.

Автор TheNikhil85 ( назад)
Hi Mike, one quick question, have u ever got food poison. Do u take any precautions before eating out. By the way u look so handsome :)

Автор Sonya Lore ( назад)
Next time you're in Vancouver you've got to try the deep fried dungeoness crab that has salted duck egg yolks in the batter. So good.

Автор Jera Iden ( назад)
I love how its a meal for two... but he downs it by himself.

still it looks great

Автор One Love ( назад)
the organs are the best lol ...

Автор Roger Fischer ( назад)
I so want some Crab after watching this...I am so glad I get to eat Crab Cakes tomorrow.....☺👍🐟....

Автор Luke SF 415 G ( назад)
Thanh Long in SF is way better in my opinion.

Автор akong331 ( назад)
one of my favorite places!!!

Автор Bullshit Detector ( назад)
Asians will eat anything.

Автор Commander Jameson ( назад)
The guts are the best of all and it´s organic for sure..
The handmade noodles with garlic and butter is pretty tasty, but come on..it´s not that special.

Автор David Tay ( назад)
please do a Malaysia food review after this!! our currency is all time low at 1USD = RM4.5 so it's really cheap to come here! There's chinese, malay, and indian food all over the place too curious to see how u eat all of them! Plenty of spicy food to keep u occupied!

Автор 武市純輝 ( назад)
You know you missed one awesome way to enjoy that meal. You should mix some crab meat with noodles!!! That makes noodles much more flavors!

Автор luciyanna4002 ( назад)
But actually, how are you so nonchalant about eating 7x more than most human beings

Автор Sheila McDaniel ( назад)
Thank you for vlogging. #snapchatfam

Автор Andrew Herrera ( назад)
Have you tried San Tung in the sunset district? its a must

Автор Chaline Explores ( назад)
I usually avoid crab because of the work but this is making me want to dig in.

Автор Paul Stupakov ( назад)
He there, love your videos, but just to let you know, that's the inner Richmond district, not the Sunset district. (may confuse some viewers) I live near by!

Автор Amy C ( назад)
Love watching you eat

Автор Linda Chang ( назад)
How sad..I'm eating ramen noodles while watching this!! Ugh that looks amazing!

Автор Mad Myers ( назад)
I would be sweating so much

Автор saif haider ( назад)
u talk alot please rectify it

Автор Bups671 ( назад)
Who is filming? are you sharing that food with someone or eating it all yourself?

Автор Roland Bellerud ( назад)
Richmond not Sunset!!!!

Автор My Emerald Life ( назад)
You did not just eat two giant crabs?!!! 👀

Автор gardengalsu ( назад)
I don't usually like crab, Honest. But I think THIS is to drool!

Автор Corey T ( назад)
Jackie Chan??

Автор ScreenQueen813 ( назад)
Please do the Hottest Chip in the World challenge (Paqui, Carolina Reaper Chip)!

Автор holt1956 ( назад)

Автор el mariacho ( назад)
jeky what happens to you

Автор Eon Lee ( назад)
Hey Mike, how many channels do you have? I recognized you from Beyond Science.

Автор Takashi HUN ( назад)
Every American/Asian when eating they always like "humhumumunumhumhum"

Автор Ben Le ( назад)
You should go to Maryland our crabs are sweeter but smaller

Автор carol fong ( назад)
shout out to bay area SF...finally u made it to this side of the area!!! thanks!!!

Автор Lauren Pierre-Louis ( назад)
Maryland! Maryland! Maryland! Maryland! Maryland! Maryland! Wooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Автор gab may ( назад)
I wanted to try seafood after watching how to lose a guy in 10 days - am yet to get an invitation from Kate or Matthew ...

Автор Jay Wade ( назад)
Have had lobsters many times, even just made a video on it; but never really tried crab properly.. how does it compare?

Автор mosse matters ( назад)
thats clement and 25th avenue. my neighborhood! i live a block away.

Автор Hitsquad 510 ( назад)
Nigga $45 ?? I could of took you too San Pablo (yes that's the Bay Area) fish market , bought like 5 crabs and cooked them. MSG me if you ever back out here , I'll tell you where too go.

Автор Hitsquad 510 ( назад)
Bay Area born and Raised #Richmond
And I had crab for dinner tonight

Автор Maz Leon ( назад)
I love Vietnamese cuisine. 👍🏻❤️Crab too.. yum yum...the roll looks like wonton wrap skin feel, very crunchy!

Автор Ray W ( назад)
NOOB TIP: Take your own Crab Scissors to the Restaurant(A good set of regular Scissors work) and cut the legs lengthwise. They tend to give you crap tools that make eating difficult.

Автор SweetKitty ( назад)
dessert loooks so good omg

Автор YEEKEE Kwon ( назад)
I've been here when I lived in San Francisco, and then I realized I am allergic to crab after lol

Автор Misforme ( назад)
yall gotta listen to that song "Indigo Misfit-Fly" with J.cole

Автор swopesparklerz ( назад)
What about Cantonese lobster sauce for your dungeoness crab? My mom always made it extra porky, but black bean sauce, ground pork, scallions, piping hot with a raw egg applied right at the end so that the egg barely cooks in the warmth of the crab. Good enough to just have the sauce on a bowl of rice, but better for sure with dungeoness crab!

Автор Francisco Velasco ( назад)
i haven't had dinner and that looks delicious!!!!

Автор GonzalezEzekiel ( назад)
I was there last week :O
Would've been cool to meet you.

Автор Rita Gray ( назад)
I want a strictly dumpling bib!!!😍

Автор Take The Bait ( назад)
Can you feel it now Mr. Krabs?

Автор Mas L ( назад)
i grew up in that neighborhood since i was 3 years old

Автор Troy Mello ( назад)
you're in the outer Richmond

Автор TheSunshineRequiem ( назад)
fml, i missed my dinner and i am watching this right before going to bed!

Автор Joe Ees ( назад)
The Dungeness is fresher in Alaska than the King crab. Supposedly all the King gets sent out of state for packaging/processing and then shipped back in. The Dungeness is caught and eaten without an out of state/freezing trip.

Автор Dillon Tharp ( назад)
I did not know he had another channel besides beyond science

Автор Shaun Steele ( назад)
I've never seen you use a fork lol.

Автор Helen ( назад)
#33 on Trending! Good job! :)

Автор Angelrose38 ( назад)
I'm pretty sure that's much cheaper in Maryland

Автор Joyce Chan ( назад)
the richmond district :D

Автор Generalgutz ( назад)
R and G lounge makes some crab

Автор Naruto Uzumaki ( назад)
I just really wanna know what people say when they see him doing videos

Автор Hearthstone Circlejerk ( назад)
I want to die

Автор Risslight ( назад)
Is Mike born in China?

Автор Risslight ( назад)
Mike you are killing it in that trending section

Автор Pazer Lives ( назад)
How long r u going to be in SF? I live so close by to PPQ. :)

Автор EvolvinEvo ( назад)
Go to Seattle if you want fresh dungeness crab for good price, its native waters are here. We even have all you can eat asian buffets that have dungeness crab served just like that roasted peppercorn crab you had there.

Автор DRJOSHUA007 ( назад)
I feel bad for the camera guy just watching all of that.

Автор mexican ( назад)
What ethnicity is he?

Автор YshI Vulpix ( назад)
First time I saw you eat noodles without chop sticks....

Автор Dean Tran ( назад)
you do better in voice tone, but still it is too aggressive - slower pace and lower the voice

Автор matthew macias ( назад)
Strictly Dumpling, how does this compare to Crustaceans Garlic roasted crab and garlic noodles?

Автор Marleena Ulry ( назад)
Mike would make a good mukbang star!

Автор Yiwan Ye ( назад)
6:00 sad, 6:04 yeah!!

Автор Paradise Wavy ( назад)
says this video is #29 on trending that's pretty cool

Автор AllOrNothinEnt ( назад)

Автор Bluemoon062 ( назад)
plz like https://www.facebook.com/Simple-Reminder-340572712982832/

help to reach 300 likes.

Автор Shemi Ibrahim ( назад)
I want

Автор Jennifer Tom ( назад)
I grew up at that restaurant! LOL I think you went to the Richmond district location in SF though. Many Chinese live in that area so...that's your crowd... I wish I was there! You got safe but DELICIOUS popular items there! You need to go back and try other items too! Never had anything bad there :D I'm glad the YouTube foodie approved of my go-to place!

Автор Simone C. ( назад)
PPQ Dungeness Island is actually in the Richmond (district/neighborhood). The Sunset is on the other side of GG park.

Автор Ivory Herman ( назад)
do you eat alone?

Автор Leo Hernandez ( назад)
I can just imagine how this tastes. Years back I went to the bay area and bought clam chowder and it was served in a bowl made of bread. One of the best food experiences I've ever had.

Автор taelor adderly ( назад)
watching this was pure torture

Автор Jesus Gonzalez ( назад)
He looks like a hotter and younger Jackie Chan

Автор Levard Azou ( назад)
I bet Asian forensic artists have a tough job

Автор Imbibe Hour ( назад)
Absolutely crushing! I am in Maryland and to me Chesapeake Blue crab is still the best, and I did have Dungeness up in Seattle, but this with the hand pull and garlic looks fantastic. I love San Francisco's food scene, it's to die for, I eat so well when I am there.

Автор Sharnali Debnath ( назад)
you're on trending!!

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