Kushiage: Magic Deep Fried Sticks

When we were in Kyoto we tried Kushiage for the first time, and we loved it! Everything in this place is deep fried and delicious. Give Kushiage a shot if you find it in Japan :D

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Автор Serinier ( назад)
wheres the ranch tho

Автор LordDigz12 ( назад)
After going to New Zealand I have a newfound appreciation of deep fried things. At some of the gas stations they have deep fried lasagna and deep fried mac n cheese, and it is soooo good. Especially after a few days backpacking eating lean, first thing you want when you get into town is fatty stuff.

Автор Fresh Maker ( назад)
Duuuuuuude so going here. What's this place called?

Автор honey mii ( назад)
I'm sitting here eating a stick of raw carrot because I'm trying to keep my diet, and I couldn't be further from japan and all this delicious food, and I'm cring actual tears right now

Автор Bello Jello ( назад)
Please let me sleep.. T^T

Автор Tomer Asado ( назад)
U R so funnyyyyy😄

Автор antoshirosahitsuguya ( назад)
When you say "Magic Deep Fried Sticks," do you mean "Deep Fried Magic Wands?" (if you know what I mean. 😏)
But seriously, I don't have a dirty mind. o_o sort of, I sort of don't have a..okay I do. But it's not my fault, it's just the way you wrote it in the title. Why do you have to say "Magic" and "Stick" in the same sentence? ( °A°)

Автор Thom Thom ( назад)
Whats the name of the restaurant?

Автор Thom Thom ( назад)
Whats the name of the restaurant?

Автор Naty Dubbs ( назад)
STAHPPP !! Ur making me so hungry and sad that I will never be able to eat this deliciousnesss 😍😍😢😢

Автор Michely Mora ( назад)
The scalding shrimp burn on his cheek shall be considered a badge of deep fried honor!! Another Drink!!!!

Автор Jazmin Paeste ( назад)
That deep fried mochi cheese sounds delish

Автор budywudy9 ( назад)
*watches with subs on*
"my nose is mayonnaise (?)"
i thought that too, but isnt it " mine comes with mayonnaise"? idk

Автор Max Graphics ( назад)
so..im from America....and haven't tried too much...so no good Mochi......BUT THAT MOCHI CHEESE!!! OMG IT LOOKS SO GOOD THAT I SERIOUS DROOLED!!

Автор Luciano Gonzales ( назад)
The two of you are so hilarious. I need to move to Japan just to eat. So this is like a "healthier" version of the Texas State Fair food, haha!

Автор Anteiku AMV ( назад)
how's called the song at 01:00 - 01:03?

Автор ailee rose ( назад)
OML, the music 🎶 at the end. 😆😂😂😂💗💗💖💗

Автор Betty Bird ( назад)
Simon's Bacon Porn face @1:56 makes me laugh

Автор Lystraatla ( назад)
Actually I put food near my face to test it. Not quite like that, but the way Simon did it, he was able to cover the entire surface area to get the best reading on the temperature.(Also to smell its deliciousness) I get you, Simon. I get you.

Автор Kayoka Flowers ( назад)
I so enjoyed this video

Автор Kathy Easter ( назад)
Thank you . You two take my mind off my pain for however long it takes to enjoy your video offerings. I appreciate you and your time.

Автор Starwberry Girlie ( назад)
you guys always manage to make me SO hungry. literally ill have like no appetite and then by the end of ur video ill just feel like eating a cookie, a cow and three families

Автор Deb Boy ( назад)
love the Toronto Blue Jays hat - unfortunately Eddie went to Cleveland boo hoo

Автор Camille Cajiles ( назад)
"My nose is mayonnaise." That's so cute of you ><

Автор Brandi Gutierrez ( назад)
Simon make the sticks look so tiny

Автор Hans Petersen ( назад)
love ya

Автор Daniel Fl. ( назад)
That is so healthy... Not! ;)

Автор As Yuki ( назад)
now i need a midnight snack because of this video * sigh *

Автор J. Legaspi ( назад)
Watching you guys late at night is a horrible mistake, my stomach growls~ love the food porn

Автор sarah li ( назад)
I am hungry of the food that u buys show omg

Автор But Her Lettuce ( назад)
Did Martina Double dip?! 4:08

Автор malaikarose112 ( назад)
I have so much love for you guys, stay happy :*

Автор LynnMaruu ( назад)

Автор Jasmyn Pseudonymous ( назад)

Автор Glenda Mae Roquim ( назад)
Tried kushiage during the first weekend of my stay in Japan (Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki-ken) and I loved it so much! xoxo

Автор Tóth Pötyi ( назад)
Btw for a thermometer you can hover between your nose and upper lip, I use that area for checking if the soldering iron is hot enough :D

Автор Justin Diaz ( назад)
I agree with this fried food to face method. The key is the hover. Close enough to feel the heat yet not too close to where it burns. Plus you can smell it. Win Win.

Автор Raymond La ( назад)

Автор Crystal Chatton ( назад)
It would b has burst

Автор kiwucha ( назад)
where in kyoto can i find this place? tried searching hana kushiage but couldn't find anything :( I'm going to kyoto in a month and would love to try this!

Автор Stefshay ( назад)
That outro was glorious 😍

Автор Pop Gas ( назад)
The torture of Martina's food picture taking, LOL!!!

Автор Pikaboo ( назад)

Автор Lillian Smith ( назад)
I've watched this like 20 times

Автор SaxophoneLover12 ( назад)
Simon's face at the end showed he definitely regretted that whole dance...time to cheer him up with more deep fried food! (With hopefully no burn marks on his face)

Автор Kim SeokJin ( назад)
Why is deep fried cheese a surprise? Isn't it technically A mozzarella stick. 😂

Автор Silialilia :3 ( назад)
why is this in german?

Автор Francis Santiago ( назад)
how much 10yen in dollar ? sorry I'm so noob

Автор annolov3r ( назад)
I love how u guys always film like we are there talking with... So much good energy

Автор Rania B ( назад)
Isn't deep fried cheese just a mozzarella stick?

Автор lizzymicpoo ( назад)
Why do I always end up watching your food adventures at night. I'm drooling in bed. This is torture. Urgggggg

Автор polocub1429 ( назад)
Is there kushiage in Tokyo??

Автор Christine loves to Travel ( назад)
You should go to Osaka! They have kushiage there too!

Автор Nadjib Abd ( назад)
why there is not a second like button :/ i could like your videos a million time

Автор Emily Pham ( назад)
Deep frying is bad no mater what oil or temperature you use. The hot temperatures of the oil gets rid of all the nutrients in it.

Автор Alberto Batres ( назад)
are u guys Canadian?

Автор oreninja ( назад)
Living for the Hound reference~!

Автор SoundsLikeCalamari ( назад)
Ooooh which ones were your favorites? They all looked so good :9

Автор TJ T. ( назад)
Hey when you said that its at a certain temperature in which the grease gets into the food when frying do you know what temperature that you should be frying at like the restaurant did

Автор Nick Jackson ( назад)
"Imma let you finish" hahahahahahahaha

Автор The Drunken Bear ( назад)
Paying more for double dipping?!?!

Автор First Last ( назад)
Looks like they like sticks.


Автор Shika Maru ( назад)
i shouldn't saw this at night, it's almost 00hs and i'm really hungry right now, my nutritionist hates you

Автор Tubong Purok Saranay ( назад)
Martina, you are so right about 🍤 here in US. Flavorless!

Автор Glazz Queen ( назад)
"were just gonna eat everything fried". well are you gonna eat deep fried butter?

Автор FRKW NTK ( назад)

Автор roseopl7 ( назад)
This black girl appreciates the white people drunk dancing. Never change lol

Автор Hypontetu26 ( назад)
今日は学校の宿題をやろうと思ってたのに、2人の動画にハマってやるの忘れてた😊笑 Love every single of your videos! Your videos always make me traveling with you guys in real and that's really fun to watch♡ これからも楽しみにしてます!

Автор melissa wen ( назад)
This looks so good. I can't wait to try this when I go to Kyoto this summer.

Автор Sarah Pippin ( назад)
where you been fam waiting for that new vid

Автор Ayla Somethjng ( назад)
Who else checked if they wer double dipping?

Автор OrangiChu ( назад)
Do they fry everything in the same oil they fry their seafood? I'm allergic to seafood

Автор Andrew Maher ( назад)
The ending was the best

Автор MintPanda ( назад)
How does Martina hair. Little buns.

Автор Yoha Asakura ( назад)
better try all you can eat deep fried food in kushiya monogatiri really awesome

Автор Daniela Bashe ( назад)
It looks so good😍🤤

Автор Phil Nolan ( назад)
I'm coming to Kyoto soon. I think this is a place we should go.

Автор J Lee ( назад)
that ending😂😂

Автор aobayylmao son ( назад)
I just found out this place is one minute walking distance from my hotel in kyoto next april yaaaas it looks so good

Автор Perdomot ( назад)
You guys HAVE to go to Kushizaru in Ueno!! I got hooked on kushiage there last April when I was in Tokyo. So good and its very gaijin friendly: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g1066442-d5601944-Reviews-Kushiya_Kushizaru_Nezu-Bunkyo_Tokyo_Tokyo_Prefecture_Kanto.html

Автор Anny265 Pusheen ( назад)
I ❤️ deep fried ice cream especially green tea ice cream

Автор slaphappie218 ( назад)
what's the restaurant called ?

Автор airofd ( назад)
white ppl problem abt shrimp on face

Автор Rex Kung ( назад)
the "white people chant" at the end is what I came here for

Автор Johnny Manila ( назад)
What if I suck on the food first, and then dipping it? Technically that's dipping once.

Автор Whimsical Azitron ( назад)
where's my "sexy food time" music??

Автор barelybrain ( назад)
I like your purple wallet Simon.

Автор Itgelt Enkhtaivan ( назад)
They have great shoots but little too unattractive look at

Автор Reimu Hakurei ( назад)
Love you guys! I would like to ask you if you can make food videos with vegetarian/vegan dishes, I believe there will be amazing places and restaurants in Japan with plant based goodies! Thank you in advance <3 <3

Автор xoxocamilla ( назад)
the end was hilarious :))

Автор Rebecca Brokenshire ( назад)
Simon, don't burn your face. 😜🙈

Автор Gavin Kong ( назад)
Maybe hover it over your lips?

Автор Carl Nicklin ( назад)
we went to a place in Ikebukuro that did this. The Garlic was amazing but the cheese was imense.

Автор Alex Shield ( назад)
Im drooling

Автор Kris Owens ( назад)
So, basically, if Rich Chigga pulled up on Simon with Dat $tick, he would eat it

Автор Isya ( назад)
Omg i got unsubbed.. I subbed back tho 💖

Автор kobzster06 ( назад)
I recently went to the kushiage place in Dontonbori, Ganso Kushiatsu (the famous one with the statue of the glaring chef with arms crossed in front of the restaurant). I ordered a set menu of I think it was 11 skewers. The service was fabulous, but I was underwhelmed by the food. After a few sticks, everything started tasting the same due to the coat of breading. I was barely able to finish the last stick. I wonder if it makes any difference going to a kushiage place away from the tourist traps.

Автор Jesmagi ( назад)
I really like the way she chews. ... Is that weird?

Автор Leandra Deer ( назад)

Автор Kimentha Govender ( назад)
Simon's dance at the end made me laugh so much! xD!

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