Minecraft Fnaf: Bonbons Mysterious Sickness (Minecraft Roleplay)

  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
  • Minecraft Fnaf: Bonbons Mysterious Sickness (Minecraft Roleplay)
    In today's video Funtime freddy is helping bonbon get better and askes for funtime foxys help. Will bonbon get better or is sister location in trouble?

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    WARNING: This Series is not meant to follow what happens in the games. This is fan made With Fan Theorys and Ideas.
    This FNAF Sister Location Minecraft Roleplay based around the Five Night's at Freddy's Game - Sister Location, The series revolves around the Animatronics and what they do when no ones around.
    This series is based off our speculation,fan theorys or ideas of FNAF Sister Location(and other fnaf related topics). There will be developments in this game's story that do not directly follow the finished game.

    All music comes from Incompetech

    Submit your fan art here: [email protected]

    Business Email: [email protected]
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  • Rainbow Sprinkles Baker

    Freddy um uh

  • Christina Smart
    Christina Smart 4 days ago

    its scare vo

  • Wayne Carney Jr
    Wayne Carney Jr 9 days ago

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  • My Carp Lake
    My Carp Lake 11 days ago


  • Angela Carden
    Angela Carden 15 days ago

    Hello foxy can you do the floor is lava challenge please

  • Laura Michelle
    Laura Michelle 19 days ago

    1like=1prar for bon=bon

  • Puggy Productions
    Puggy Productions 22 days ago

    so right now i can’t pick up my head and this made me happy so thanks

  • Peyton's Perception
    Peyton's Perception 29 days ago

    Sorry wrong episode

  • Peyton's Perception
    Peyton's Perception 29 days ago

    Balloon boy does not Jumpscare

  • Super wolf 123
    Super wolf 123 Month ago

    Hi(edit) I knew it

  • La Vue
    La Vue Month ago

    Take this video down cuz of Funtime Freddy

  • Joco Zaraspe
    Joco Zaraspe Month ago

    I am reacting

  • Jailynn Parry
    Jailynn Parry Month ago

    Ballora is a weirdo foxy and lobit is awsome

  • Reily Josh Juanta
    Reily Josh Juanta Month ago

    Freddy is just a dumbass

  • Candy Girl
    Candy Girl Month ago

    Lol ballora’s song is 1234 clap your hands 👏

  • itsfunneh fan
    itsfunneh fan 2 months ago +2

    That song 10/10

  • Earthworm Sally's cousin
    Earthworm Sally's cousin 2 months ago +1

    I knew that Freddy was just getting the stuff for himself XD

  • Natali Ramos
    Natali Ramos 2 months ago +1

    KILL Freddy

  • Keila May Laidlaw
    Keila May Laidlaw 2 months ago

    # Freddy is hilarious

  • Renee Reid
    Renee Reid 3 months ago

    All I heard from Freddie is thank to

  • Renee Reid
    Renee Reid 3 months ago

    OMG best roplay ever!!

  • Chance Crausen
    Chance Crausen 3 months ago


  • Alia Restaurant
    Alia Restaurant 3 months ago


  • Sylvia Bron
    Sylvia Bron 3 months ago +3

    U know I'm actually kinda sick myself with the cold

  • Carol Chafin
    Carol Chafin 3 months ago

    Crazy ideas how about you made fun of Foxy the main character a sister and have her come over there you can make fun time box he have the flu or a birthday

  • StevenFirePlayz
    StevenFirePlayz 3 months ago

    Freddy ya liar

  • Emma Little
    Emma Little 3 months ago +3

    omg i laughed so hard when ballora sung in that demonic voice lol

  • December Noblezada
    December Noblezada 4 months ago

    Cure or take care of bonbon or he will die!!

  • Robert Martin
    Robert Martin 4 months ago

    Bonbon is not sick I think

  • Pamela Crawford
    Pamela Crawford 4 months ago

    I am watching this at 12:35 am and i am sick as well

  • jhamiel pumares
    jhamiel pumares 4 months ago

    i am fnaf number one fan

  • Buddy the pug
    Buddy the pug 4 months ago

    11:23 you're useless

  • Andrew51 Plays
    Andrew51 Plays 4 months ago

    Lobit give bb and jj a chance

  • Earlene Anderson-Keyes
    Earlene Anderson-Keyes 4 months ago


  • TwoTailedEevee
    TwoTailedEevee 5 months ago

    R.I.P BonBon

  • unwithered Bonnie
    unwithered Bonnie 5 months ago

    Bon bon I hope you feel better

  • Rhys Brear
    Rhys Brear 6 months ago

    I so much love Fnaf

  • Amanda McDaniel
    Amanda McDaniel 6 months ago


  • Kate Rodriguez
    Kate Rodriguez 6 months ago

    Get Well Soon bonbon

  • Pokefox502
    Pokefox502 6 months ago

    Ballora knows the song on blue!! I'm blue bada be da daba die bada beada ba die!

  • Cassy Mausi
    Cassy Mausi 6 months ago

    F.Foxy a Girl!!!!!!

  • Nightmare Foxy
    Nightmare Foxy 6 months ago

    Bon Bon needs Fortnite

  • Eddie harris
    Eddie harris 6 months ago

    At the start I thought freddy was tricking foxy and wanted all of it for him self

  • Ariella Gutmann
    Ariella Gutmann 6 months ago


  • Jeffrey Woodbury
    Jeffrey Woodbury 6 months ago


  • Jeffrey Woodbury
    Jeffrey Woodbury 6 months ago

    Foxy,puppet,freddy,baby,and ballora

  • Sophie Mcmullen
    Sophie Mcmullen 6 months ago

    I love your videos so much!

  • Trumpet Master
    Trumpet Master 6 months ago

    I've always wondered, why does Bonbon have a pentagram in his room?

  • kitty itty
    kitty itty 6 months ago

    Why don’t you see your son ballon boy a lot I mean he is your son

  • wacky77 Harper
    wacky77 Harper 6 months ago

    Make a video of hide and seek and Freddy is it at 3am and bonbon has the cam on his screen

  • wacky77 Harper
    wacky77 Harper 6 months ago

    Do you know star wars play Star Wars battlefront 2 make a video of it

  • wacky77 Harper
    wacky77 Harper 6 months ago

    Do a episode on left 4 dead 2 versus

  • Barb Shuba
    Barb Shuba 6 months ago


  • Monica and Zander Sutton

    A new book on I'm not lying I will I'm not getting tell ballora that she's going to die for years over and over favicon and again and again and again and again I triple dog dare you to

  • Rockstar foxy play
    Rockstar foxy play 6 months ago

    I love chicken!!!!!! sorry I think I'm girl Freddy

  • Bob OD
    Bob OD 6 months ago

    I like how bon bon came out of no wear

  • pink glitter cat
    pink glitter cat 6 months ago

    I KNEW IT!

  • Reve Robynne
    Reve Robynne 6 months ago

    How many kids does foxxy have lol😮

  • Filippa Astrid Santos
    Filippa Astrid Santos 6 months ago

    Foxy. Is. Ma. Bbbfff🍫🍕🍗🍩🍬🍬🍱

  • Filippa Astrid Santos
    Filippa Astrid Santos 6 months ago

    F. N. A. F. 🍕🍗🍜🍬☕️🎮📒📘📕📙📖📔📚📊📑📉📃📈📄📩📧✏️📝📁👯🐈🐈

  • callmehaleesha
    callmehaleesha 6 months ago

    Puppets drawing thumbnail drawings are better than a professional artist

  • #References
    #References 7 months ago

    Take much Z bon bon!

  • Aire P
    Aire P 7 months ago

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr bonbon

  • Aire P
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  • Douglas Spath
    Douglas Spath 7 months ago

    1 like = cure for bonbon

  • Calvin The Funtime Freddy Fan 2007

    Bon bons sickness is kinda like me cus I get random pains in my forehead sometimes

  • Gachagamerem
    Gachagamerem 7 months ago

    Why is Freddy so un smart?

  • Lori Sloan
    Lori Sloan 7 months ago

    Wait on the rug in bon bon ` s room it sed puppet smells

  • Jennifer Herrmann
    Jennifer Herrmann 7 months ago

    Get better bon bon

  • Williams Serna
    Williams Serna 7 months ago +1

    I knew freddy was actually taking all the things

  • Williams Serna
    Williams Serna 7 months ago

    1 2 3 4 CLAP YOUR HANDS

  • Sharley Doyle
    Sharley Doyle 7 months ago

    Kill Freddy

  • Galaxy Gacha 101
    Galaxy Gacha 101 7 months ago

    How dumb is foxy.

  • Doggy Craft
    Doggy Craft 7 months ago

    Funtime Freddy was actually playing Minecraft bed Wars

  • Sheryl Buschemeyer
    Sheryl Buschemeyer 7 months ago +1

    What's Fork night?