5 Years of Travel (Lessons and Adventures)

What makes you feel alive? What makes you feel anticipation and enthusiasm now? What would you rather be doing right now? And where would you rather be? And what’s stopping you other than yourself? It’s not money or other people. It’s just you and your priorities. Your only priority is finding your path in life. The trouble is, you think you have time.
What gives your life purpose? What are you grateful for? What marks the days when you are excited to get out of bed? Maybe you’re still looking for it. Sometimes you have to explore the world outside so that you can find the answers inside.
What if you become aware of your inner dialogue and feel control over your emotions. You learn to still your mind and recognize your intuition, deep in your belly, in your very centre. You trust it and follow it. And you have a little faith in the universe having your back. Tap into your own state of flow and you find clarity and direction. And your intuition will lead you to purpose and fulfillment.
You can gravitate to places and people who inspire you, whom you admire. You can learn to anchor the states of mind that serve you best. And you can drop into them as you wish. You can consciously chose how you react to the world. And you can choose to work on yourself and become extraordinary. And don’t take any of it too damn seriously! Lighten up and have some fun! Play outside your comfort zone!
There are many ways of looking at the world, and your own beliefs navigate your own particular experience. But you are entitled to make new ones, to change. Everything changes with time. But it’s up to you to chose growth.

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Автор Mohammed Hamouda ( назад)
this is fake, the drone used throughout the video is not 5 years old

Автор Ally Law ( назад)
Love this!

Автор Morgan Price ( назад)
hi my name is morgan & i'm 18! i am really not trying to be dramatic but your videos truly speak to me! i believe i'm destined to travel & explore the world! i think there is so much more beyond what i know & the life i live! please i need advice on how to travel & get to the places i want to see!! because like you said "we think we have time" when in reality everyday you aren't doing what you love is a day wasted!! please reach out to me if you get the chance it would be the world, literally! just need some advice on how you guys are able to travel so often & how i can do the same! thank you so much!! & keep making more videos!!!!

Автор Xlvatia ( назад)
Hey guys I changed my channel name It's Bry games if your remember just wanna say I've always wanted to travel like you guys but I'm not rich you guys are a true inspiration to me, for a while I forgot your channel existed😅 But aim back watching your videos you guys are truly the best gr8 Video sometimes I forget there is a whole world out there but you guys make me realize life isn't about staying at home 👍🏻

Автор NowGetThere ( назад)
Awesome video! I am packing my bags now for my next flight to Palawan Island in the Philippines.

Автор Salah Mohamed ( назад)
editing is too damn awesome :')

Автор Sillax_ girl ( назад)
you guys should go to Bosnia and Herzegovina.....

Автор Vasanth Kumar ( назад)
Can anyone please tell which song u hav used in this video.
perfect song for an AWESOME video

Автор Humman Adventures ( назад)
very inspirational BS... to do all that stuff - you either need to be rich or still work. The thing that I really enjoy pay little money

Автор Damien Browne ( назад)
This is one of the best things I've watched.
Where did you get those magical words from?
Did you come up with it or is it from somewhere else?

Автор Alicia Landers ( назад)
I missed your videos! So happy to see this in my subscriptions :)

Автор Brenda Castano ( назад)
YESSSSSS.. Love it..

Автор Sensei Ryú ( назад)
I've got a question 🤔 what trip would you recommend me? I'm 17 years old and i saved about 1.500€ and i got 4 weeks time in september 2017 and i want to go on a trip but i don't know which trip is the best opertunity.

I would be happy if you csn give me an answer ty :) friendly greetings from Austria!:)

Автор Yashwanth A.V ( назад)
Super video. ur videos always inspires me to go out n travel......
I have a dream to travel like u guys.
which is da music album?

Автор Alexander Pogosov ( назад)
what camera ??

Автор Santiago Costa ( назад)
I have 20 bucks

Автор Sillax_ girl ( назад)
Now I want to travel....but It's impossible...😭

Автор typicalsnapshot ( назад)
whats that song called? Can't find it on your other channel, help!!

Автор NaWais ( назад)
This video explains exactly what I've been working on and living for the past 2 years. It feels so much better the be in control by yourself. If you have restrictions that are stopping you, find a way to overcome them and don't just complain on the internet. Start taking action right now and slowly but steadily you'll get to your goal.

Автор Khushdeep Singh ( назад)
Song name - major lazer powerful instra remix

Автор WhatsSimonSaying ( назад)
Such an awesome video! Glad to see such a great comeback for your channel :D How long did this take to edit?

Автор Uvis Ulmis ( назад)
⚠️ WALLPAPER ALERT at 1:43 - love the shot!
Can someone make a good quality image out of this? Or maybe HighOnLife guys can make it happen?

Автор Network-Profi ( назад)
whats the name of the song?

Автор Holiday Extras Travel Guides ( назад)
This is perfect <3
Some of these shots are just amazing!!!!!!

Автор Zoey Arielle ( назад)

Автор Clay Williams ( назад)
this video is awesome

Автор Dylan Manley ( назад)
You guys have a great channel, I love your videos, especially the travel ones those are hilarious. You guys r truly inspiring, keep it up

Автор Max Terry Willes ( назад)
You guys are the best

Автор Christian L ( назад)
Your camera gear it's insane, the drone and underwater footage looks amazing

Автор ivan c ( назад)
i remembered you guys are the first ones who greatly inspired me and make me fall in love into traveling

Автор James Pfister ( назад)

Автор Abhishek Hebbar ( назад)
Did you guys split up? I have been hearing this a lot lately..!!

Автор Adventurestep ( назад)
Incredible video, amazing footage!

Автор Jake Lomm ( назад)
What camera did you use for the very start at the water and what housing if using a dslr or mirrorless

Автор Sand Shadow ( назад)

Автор Heverton Nascimento ( назад)
You guys know how to use a drone!!

Автор Mo T ( назад)
wachted it like 3 times in a row... f*cking beautiful shots!

Автор amalandin77 ( назад)
I just had goose gumps. Thanks for that! Hope you will travel again soon :)

Автор rickiikaka ( назад)
yes is awesome

Автор Kendra Felices ( назад)
Do you believe in this lifestyle forever? Do you think it's possible to live this way into your old age? Could you keep on working and vacationing in bursts? I'm still in high school and I want to travel so much, but is that just to avoid the responsibilities of everyday life? Maybe employers will eventually see my habits of living and age as not doing anything with life, irresponsibility-- I'm scared that if all of a sudden this lifestyle won't support me anymore, I'll be stuck without a house or a background and won't be able to get back on my feet so late in my life. How do you do it? What do you think your future looks like? One might say that time will pass regardless of how you spend it, so spend it the way you went to so you don't regret anything, but what about the time after that? Will you be happy no matter what happens in the future as a result of it? Is the accumulation of what you've found and experienced worth it, no matter the cost?

Автор Rahul Kumawat ( назад)
soooooo good to see u backkkkk

Автор Jesse Bessoir ( назад)
But... What if money IS holding you back?

Автор Evan Simons ( назад)
what happened to you guys?

Автор RICA ( назад)
I am hooked! The lessons are on point!

Автор Travel Is Wealth ( назад)
Great video think this is the 5th time I have watched it!! Travel has really become my passion this last few years, learning, loving and laughing at this amazingly cool world!!!

Автор Palvi Saini ( назад)

Автор ddudepeterson ( назад)
cool video & words man!

Автор Tyler Vanburk ( назад)
My dad and I are planning a vacation and we're looking for a cheap, but beautiful paradise. any ideas? we're considering St. John or st Thomas, but I feel like it's overrated

Автор Abhinav Wadhwa ( назад)

Автор iHeart Huskies ( назад)
Song Name Please , I tried to shazame it but no result

Автор Vivis Oliveira ( назад)
SAUDADE de vocês garotos! " Miss you all guys!

Автор Martin Tabanag ( назад)
you guys are back! damn. been waiting for this

Автор Jack Belmont ( назад)
Damn this gave me shivers! Incredible!

Автор Donnie Orlovsky ( назад)
I was scrolling through flip board and clicked on a random article about some people getting arrested because of shenanigans at national parks and it ended up being you guys lol

Автор Joey Nowlin ( назад)

Автор walterstrikes ( назад)
i've watched a ton of your vids but this one is the best. so polished!

Автор Adam Cattoor ( назад)
Love you guys 🤙🏽✈️

Автор Mohd B ( назад)

Автор niraj kapadiya ( назад)

Автор lolo joli ( назад)
no it's​ 💰 my biggest problem 😭😢😭😟

Автор The Path Less Traveled [Ryan Wilkes] ( назад)
Anyone who liked the message in this video should look up Stoic philosophers such as Seneca and Marcus Aurelius! Amazing stuff =)

Автор Adan Reyes ( назад)
Amazing video. What do you use to film?

Автор ROBIN1237234 ( назад)
One of my favorite things about traveling solo is learning how people try to scheme me, makes me alert wherever I go 😉

Автор Cris Paster ( назад)
This group never fails to inspire me!
Kudos to High on Life! <3

Автор Nombre Production ( назад)
Where the hell has you guys BEEN!

Автор TwinShow * ( назад)
YawwwT that is great Wooow ❤❤❤❤

Автор oumy mad ( назад)
omg today is my birthday and you are Back .I think that this is the best gift I've received.!!!😄😄😄

Автор Shatika Coleman ( назад)

Автор Shane Meenaghan ( назад)
So inspirational

Автор Dean Sonetirot ( назад)
What is it with travel videographers being so into backflips? (e.g. Kold, Matt Komo, High on Life, etc.).

Автор Joe Lanen ( назад)
This was literally one of the most amazing videos I've ever seen

Автор allison skeen ( назад)
are you guys going to start making more videos I'm so excited!!!!!!

Автор sood ( назад)
song on the outro ?

Автор David B ( назад)
oh u guise you shouldn't have

Автор Nicolas mrgs ( назад)

Автор Anjuli Mack ( назад)

Автор BONZA STYLE ( назад)
Nice video guys!!
This kind of vids of you are the best!!
Hopefully we Get more soon
Or we Get a Travel vlog
Love to c that!✌🏻

Автор The Travel Guy ( назад)
No way. You guys actually made a video..yyyyyyeeeeeeeeesssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор mgogn ( назад)
For the last I dont know how long, ive been checking your channel daily for a new video. FINALLLY!

Автор Ztiger ( назад)
it was very cool to finaly see somthing new from you! Good video!!

Автор Dayna Morales ( назад)

Автор RapperGeek Media LLC ( назад)
what song is this playing??

Автор AnAnD P ( назад)
Back with a bang.

Автор GoPro Sebi Clips ( назад)
So awesome edit. I liked the sny between music and drone footage. Very inspiring 🍀🍀📈📈

Автор Ianniqu Lies Bcl Ysf ( назад)
Where the new videos at brothers ?! Are you taking a break or stopping the channel?

Автор Dillan Brandt ( назад)
Would be awesome to have a document or article of all those places you visited in your video. Great edit!

Автор Travels Of Marco ( назад)
Killing it guys looking forward to seeing more

Автор Left Lane ( назад)

Автор Семён Таффгай ( назад)
Я смотрю вас из Новосибирска. Смотрю с самого начала. Какго х... не выпускаете новые видосы?!😀 Делайте субтитры на разных языках и удачи вам!)

Автор all of Indonesia ( назад)
Hey guys.. I dream to have a trip like that, I think it requires a lot of cost to it, but I enjoyed your video.

Автор Brad R ( назад)
Its just you and your priorities...been saying that line for years! hit the nail on the head!

Автор The Guy ( назад)
I want to travel but don't want to travel alone. Any suggestions???

Автор The Guy ( назад)
❤️I love you guys❤️ sorry you don't get the views that you deserve!

Автор Spencer Jankowski ( назад)

Автор Joe Struthers ( назад)
Ooh I remember you guys. You got federal warrants out for you because you broke the laws at another country's national park. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/jun/03/yellowstone-bonneville-salt-flats-social-media-stunts-damage

Автор Vinnie Kelly ( назад)
yes you guys are back!!!

Автор Elliot Govier ( назад)
One of the best travel videos I have ever seen! I DREAM of being able to make videos like you guys :P any advice is appreciated! :)

Автор Paxxzr ( назад)
Its good that you guys are back, but the Community Support, and the Connection to your followers ist just bad...
Loved the Moment 1/2 years ago, when you where replying to all comments, and answering on facebook.
I will not support you, untill you answer comments, and getting into your community...

Автор Abhishek Kurian ( назад)
Goals \m/

Автор Be The Difference ( назад)
Awesome Content!

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