What It's Like To Work At BuzzFeed + Have My Own Channel

Answering your questions about what it is like to both create videos for BuzzFeed as well as have a channel outside of my job. I hope this also gives a new perspective to anyone deciding whether to be a solo internet creator vs. to work for a company.

MY ARTICLE FOR THE INTERNET CREATOR'S GUILD: http://community.internetcreatorsguild.com/t/x1m23n/how-do-you-balance-creating-your-own-content-while-also-working-for-a-company

HOW I GOT A JOB AT BUZZFEED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZ13MCnYhvI

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Автор S ( назад)
But buzzfeed hasn't made anything viral

Автор Betül ( назад)
I dont understand how you can have your own channel and content (no offense here! i love your videos both in here and buzzfeeds channel) but for example Freddie cannot be in Saf's videos/channel because she also works for buzzfeed... it is not even her channel she just appears because its her good friends channel... things are really weird in buzzfeed tbh

Автор diayeyeney Brodie-Sangster ( назад)
i thought you left because most ex-buzzfeed employees start having personal channels after leaving the channel. isnt is againts the contract to have another channel with you in it?

Автор Aditya Goushal ( назад)
Something related to India

Автор Linzi Peters ( назад)
background music is way too loud and distracting

Автор Ireallyreally Hategoogle ( назад)
Now Michelle, tell the truth. How much does it suck working for an uncaring evil corporation that only thinks about money?

Автор simplerevery ( назад)
i love your elephant necklace

Автор Lindsay Shen ( назад)
I thought Buzzfeed didn't allow them to have their own channels...🤔

Автор Alice Thai ( назад)
All of your videos training to be someone or to do something make me want to go run a marathon or be in the best shape I can be for myself!!

Автор TheCowprint ( назад)
Michelle it sorta feels like you're gonna leave Buzzfeed soon. Don't worry, you can make it. Fly, baby, fly! 😘😘😘

Автор Idyllic dreamer ( назад)
the music is too loud :(

Автор Sarah Miller ( назад)
Could you do a video about basic film equiptment/how to edit for beginners? I've always wanted to start my own channel.

Автор Wise Owl ( назад)
*having my own channel

Автор Kat Epic Gaming ( назад)
you're so adorable :') are you coming back soon?

Автор MG films ( назад)
I thought that buzzfeed frowns upon people in their videos creating other content outside of buzzfeed?

Автор McKenzie Franklin ( назад)
Can someone explain to me why she is allowed to have a personal channel while other buzzfeed employees have been fired for it? I just don't get it. I used to love Buzzfeed as a company, but the more I learn about it the less I like the company.

Автор ovrdozzzz ( назад)
WoW hairy arms....shit

Автор SV2 double aces ( назад)
you are smoking hot

Автор Jack Waldman ( назад)
is it me or does she seem "different" now vs on buzzfeed

Автор Maria Adela ( назад)
you look pretty much like chantel in this video

Автор Desert Rivers ( назад)
how come you can have your own chanel on youtube but others cant? Saf resigned so she could be more active on hers but you seem to be able to do both? How do you find the balance?

Автор theREALmypawgi ( назад)
if ever you leave BUZZFEED...or TRY GUYS, or LADY LIKE girls...

since most of the great characters in buzzfeed leave...

thats the LAST STRAW...i will unsubscribe buzzfeed...

Автор cherrycanon813 ( назад)
Good video, but I feel like the music is really distracting and too forward.

Автор girl power ( назад)
hey michelle..can u do some fitness videos?plz

Автор Dani Chan ( назад)
Just a thought I had, if you pitch an idea to buzzfeed and they say no we don't like it and so you make it for this channel and then they decide that they made a mistake about that idea, is there something put in place to protect you from any negative repercussions that might happen if buzzfeed decides to be shady and say they never said no to that idea in the first place?

Автор Emma K ( назад)
Woman you do you!!!Bravo!!!

Автор MEGSTER メグスター ( назад)
I enjoy your videos on your channel and Buzzfeed!! Keep doing you! :D

Автор Hally Hutcheson ( назад)
you look like Natalie from Natalie's outlet

Автор ITalkToPixels ( назад)
I think the reason people are confused is because many people that have left, have talked about not being "allowed" to have a personal channel. So... why can you?

Автор Angelea Ishida ( назад)
You're always so pleasant.

Автор Deshee Basara ( назад)
Am I the only one who gets distracted by the background music?:/

Автор Jeremie Jesus Rosario ( назад)
You're pretty dope... I'm definitely going to sub to you hands down 👌🏼

Автор Jessica Vetter ( назад)
Ok, it slightly annoys me that she gives the impression that in order to be successful on the internet that you need to have some sort of professional background via college or corporate know-how to make decent content. I'm sure it helps and I'm sure that is not what she is saying, but that is kind of what I heard.

Автор Trilogy ( назад)
Several ex-buzzfeed people have said they weren't allowed to make videos for sources outside of buzzfeed while working at buzzfeed. That's why Britney got fired for example. So that's why everyone's confused as to how they're allowing you to do this, but not other people. Clearly there must be specificities we don't know about in regards to this.

Автор jdwallace23 ( назад)
is it me or did that 4 minutes feel like 20 seconds, i could listen to her voice all day lol

Автор NGMonocrom ( назад)
How about a dating advice section for dudes? What to do, what not to do. Things like that.

Автор Jessica Danielle Powell ( назад)
You're great!

Автор Emily Mae ( назад)
You're so down to earth, I really enjoy your videos :)

Автор Lucy flowers ( назад)
Thanks for answering our quiestions!😊

Автор Kay La ( назад)

Автор Amanda Baby ( назад)
Can you show us a behind the scene video with planning a video, filming, editing and etc.

Автор OncerSuperFangirlWhoisLocked ( назад)
I didn't know you were allowed to have an account outside of BuzzFeed..

Автор Lady Pinkymoe ( назад)
You are a sweetheart, just plain and simple. Plain and simple honest to God sweetheart. I like your personality, so open and clear about who you are and why you are here and what you want to do. No rambling, every sentence you say has a purpose. Just. A sweetheart.

Автор awesome asssdsdlsfdgddf ( назад)
I wish every1 at buzzfeed make their own channel _and_ stayed! RIP

Автор jojolikescocoa ( назад)
So basically this channel is everything buzzfeed thought was no good, why are we here now?

Автор steelsheen ( назад)
geezus i thought you left Michelle. here i am weeping that the OG BF Awesome peeps were quitting left and right. so glad you're still there <3

Автор sally fox ( назад)
Great explanation thanks for sharing!

Автор Anna Arceno ( назад)
I thought their was a contract you had to sign that you can't appear in any other video than there's. Why doesn't this apply to you

Автор Ruben ( назад)
Hope you know and read your contract, they could claim your videos while you are an employee there.

Автор Sabah Elias ( назад)
I love you and Saf!!!

Автор Lacey Thiessen ( назад)
It seems like there are going to be 2 camps of creators on the internet: those who start out in a more corporate, commercial setting and translate the skills and following earned there to personal projects, and those who are more self-made. it's weird to hear Michelle talking about barriers to entry when most of the youtubers I follow talk about the best thing about the internet being no barriers to entry: anyone with a cell phone or computer can make content and share it with their fans. "If i didn't work at buzzed I wouldn't know how to make this video"...girl, you wouldn't know how to sit on a couch and talk to a camera??

I know what she means and I LOOVE Michelle, I think she's sweet and smart and super talented, but it concerns me that there is an emerging corporatization of the free market that is the internet.

Автор Mari C. ( назад)
Why does it take more than 4 months to release a 2-3 minute video? Like the video was filmed 4 months ago and was released really late I guess

Автор Andres Peralta ( назад)
Although I am not the biggest fan of buzzfeed I extremely love the work you put out. Keep being awesome Michelle!

Автор Caroline Mickle ( назад)

Автор Calvin Mark ( назад)
you are one of the best from buzzfeed! love ur vids!

Автор Lakshmi Mohan ( назад)
Just to let you know there were a few articles on people who were fired from BuzzFeed for creating content online without the company's permission and that article did have your name. Probably why people are asking these questions.

Автор Lucinda ( назад)

Автор annemariechase ( назад)
LOVE your videos and your message. This was super helpful to me looking at future careers potentially on the internet! Thank you, Michelle!!

Автор elizabethcorin ( назад)
I don't want this to come off the wrong way but over the past year watching buzzfeed i feel like I have seen an evolution of Michelle Khare... maybe its always been there but it just seems like the content you are making now is SO much more authentic to who you are (both here and buzzfeed) I am so inspired by your fitness videos and had NO idea the extent of your athleticism and its quite amazing to see you show your talents on a wide platform!!!

Автор Gudda ( назад)
Why are buzzfeed making so many racist and misogynestic videos? Is it just for the virality and revenue from clicks?

Автор You've Been Graced ( назад)
i love the icg! i joined as soon as i heard about it!

Автор Justice Tree ( назад)
I wish I can watch more athletic related videos :D they are awesomeee

Автор Sam Watches ( назад)
Very! Informitive! Thank you, I needed this, it answered several of my questions! Love the vids btw, both on this channel and buzzfeeds! Love you girl! Enjoy life!

Автор Diebulfrog79 ( назад)
I am happy that the pod people did not "copy" you. But just in case check under your bed. Buzz feed, sometime creep me out. Like smiley faced Nazi. Love you and your videos.

Автор Jesse McCall ( назад)
Michelle, you're absolutely the best! Keep kicking ass and inspiring all of the rest of us to do the same! We all love you!

Автор Connie T ( назад)
Does that mean that you have to pitch every single video idea you've posted on your own channel to BuzzFeed first? Even your more personal videos and personal messages to your fans?

Автор Tessa S. ( назад)
i love this

Автор Tassil Ali Saleem ( назад)
I have been crushing on this lady since the
day I saw her.

Автор Cubone ( назад)
Michelle for some reason this video didn't show up under my subscriptions or under your uploads, I had to go in your Twitter, click the link to the video in order to view it. Regardless thanks for sharing your backstory if learning to edit and create videos from buzzfeed

Автор Olivia O'Callaghan ( назад)
Michelle , I love your buzzfeed videos and I love your own channel videos. They are creative,funny and inspiring . I truly look up to you as an inspiration for creativity , and video making in general.but not only that, I look up to you for encouraging young people ,like myself to follow their dreams may that be down the creative path or of other areas. And to not get beat down when rejection comes
Thank you Michelle for being great!❤

Автор Andrew Asik ( назад)
Hey Michelle, can you make a video on your experience at Dartmouth College?

Автор f.u.google ( назад)
good job on this

Автор EMZHI13 ( назад)
Omg I love you're intro and ending graphics, they are sooo pretty 😍

Автор arushi dhingra ( назад)
ily michelle

Автор Stanley Kuo ( назад)
I'd like to see reactions and review videos on your own channel. It wouldn't create any conflicts with your Buzzfeed contracts and it's a simple way to get some views.

Автор Atheistic Ape ( назад)
Buzzfeed is cancer.

Автор Namita R ( назад)
Love you!

Автор Ella Beth ( назад)
Great video❤

Автор chanelly ( назад)
am I early enough to get a reply? <33

Автор TwentyØneAttackØnTheCrybabies ( назад)
Hey I hope everyone has an amazing day/night!!!!

Автор TwentyØneAttackØnTheCrybabies ( назад)
Hi!! I'm early yay!

Автор Jimena Vargas chevez ( назад)
You are the best Michelle

Автор Ryan Matzelle ( назад)
I am so early. Please comment and like!!🤘👏👍

Автор Georgia ( назад)
I realy like your intro!

Автор Sonia Barjola ( назад)

Автор Dreamy Panda ( назад)
I so early!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILYSM!!! Please Reply!!!!!!❤️

Автор Ellen Yang ( назад)
you're my favorite person in buzzfeed <3 i really want to intern there one day!

Автор Maddie Sisson ( назад)
I love your channel and your so pretty

Автор Zoë Wilson ( назад)
Love you Michelle, so glad you made this video!

Автор GabzOfficial ( назад)

Автор Natalia Sidlovska ( назад)
I though you left

Автор Kate E ( назад)
First love you 😘

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