Trailer 🎥 | Kim Possible | Disney Channel Original Movie

  • Опубликовано: 7 дек 2018
  • Find out what the sitch is, premiering in the U.S. on February 15, 2019!!
    Everyday teen hero Kim Possible (Sadie Stanley) and her best friend Ron Stoppable (Sean Giambrone) embark on their freshman year of high school, all while saving the world from evil villains. While Kim and Ron have always been one step ahead of their opponents, navigating the social hierarchy of high school is more challenging than the action-heroes ever imagined. With Drakken (Todd Stashwick) and Shego (Taylor Ortega) lurking in the wings, Kim must rely on her family and friends on Team Possible-Ron, tech-genius Wade (Issac Ryan Brown), new friend Athena (Ciara Wilson), and Rufus, a Naked mole-rat-to stop these super villains!
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  • Consider
    Consider 19 минут назад

    What animated franchise should Disney ruin next?
    1. American Dragon: Jake Long
    2. Phineas and Ferb
    3. The Replacements
    4. The Proud Family
    5. The Emperor's New Groove (or school)
    Or maybe they could just *stop*

  • A Wonderful Caricature
    A Wonderful Caricature 49 минут назад

    Nobody asked for this Disney.

  • cat
    cat Час назад

    god forbid a teenager play a teenager

  • Nathan Dithmart
    Nathan Dithmart Час назад

    I swear if any of my friends go see this I’m disowning them

    • RC Topaz
      RC Topaz 6 минут назад

      Then your fake

  • TheCasGirl
    TheCasGirl 2 часа назад

    Ew. Now where's the actual trailer?

  • Marina DeVries
    Marina DeVries 2 часа назад

    What’s next? Jake the American dragon?

  • Bianca Nugget!!
    Bianca Nugget!! 2 часа назад +1

    To be honest, the girl playing Kim is very pretty!

  • Damara Akers
    Damara Akers 3 часа назад

    She looks nothing like her . At least give her a crop top or give her the dark lipstick . Y’all at least better give this the og theme song . Or add her iconic friends . Those stunts looked so cheap especially the one with the bus stop . Like ok now everyone in the town knows she can do that stuff ?

  • Nick Kartha
    Nick Kartha 3 часа назад

    2019: The Year They Ruined Kim Possible.
    Wouldn't you have liked another Cody Banks movie instead of this?

  • Moose Way
    Moose Way 3 часа назад

    Poor kid :( She has not idea what disney just did to her

  • super smilez
    super smilez 3 часа назад

    Acting 100

  • MatsuyoRific
    MatsuyoRific 3 часа назад

    Wow, Barken really let himself go...

  • King X FAV
    King X FAV 4 часа назад +1

    “Kim Probably”🗿

  • Ava Gardiner
    Ava Gardiner 4 часа назад

    “I’m Kim possible “ NO U AINT

  • Tobi Maus
    Tobi Maus 4 часа назад

    Omg yas I can't wait to watch that movie and ruin my complete childhood 🙈💯🔥

  • pompom45
    pompom45 5 часов назад

    This offends me

  • thelazybluefoxnia Nia
    thelazybluefoxnia Nia 5 часов назад

    First the fairly odd parents
    Now Kim possible

  • Maybe Sapien
    Maybe Sapien 5 часов назад

    No. Just no.

  • Jacqui Teng
    Jacqui Teng 5 часов назад

    Such a huge Kim Possible fan back then. Literally dressed up as her for Halloween and competed in a contest to be on the Taiwanese version of the soundtrack, and this trailer is just... Yeah, next.

  • Robert HaroOro
    Robert HaroOro 7 часов назад

    Se ve bien como para una serie de TV

  • Sándwich Producciones
    Sándwich Producciones 7 часов назад

    Y asi es como arruinan mi infancia >:v

  • Anthony Castro
    Anthony Castro 7 часов назад

    Kim 2019: Llama grita si me necesitas
    Yo: no llames le llamamos :v
    Nooooo porqué Warner porqueeee ! Digo Disney :v

  • drippaulaa
    drippaulaa 8 часов назад

    this ain’t it chief💀.

  • Nicole Rain
    Nicole Rain 9 часов назад

    What....what have you done to my precious child?

  • ashley nicole
    ashley nicole 9 часов назад

    If I started a go fund me to do this tv show justice, would anyone fund it? Cause this really bothers me. One of my favorite shows turned into something so corny and out of touch, and as a filmmaker I don’t think I could just stand by this...

  • AceDestruction
    AceDestruction 9 часов назад +1

    no.......just no

  • Jan Jensen
    Jan Jensen 9 часов назад

    Oh my! This looks incredibly cheap!

  • Crafty Dap
    Crafty Dap 9 часов назад

    Una infancia arruinada esto es peor q el youtube rewind 2018

  • Deiontae Tavares
    Deiontae Tavares 10 часов назад

    Disney Tried it.......throw the whole movie away, kim deserves better then this..... RUclip Red series have a better budget then this

  • Kenza Jose Manuel
    Kenza Jose Manuel 10 часов назад

    This is avatar the last airbender all over again

  • Baller Luke
    Baller Luke 10 часов назад

    i already dont like the first 20 seconds not watching the rest because it looks trash

  • Veridan
    Veridan 10 часов назад

    a cosplayer on a budget could do a better job with costumes

  • Captain Demobeard & Mr. Play
    Captain Demobeard & Mr. Play 11 часов назад

    Mr Play: I will admit the effects aren't that great. But bare in mind that it is a TV movie, and TV movies don't generally have good special effects. I prefer to keep an open mind until I see the film before I make my final judgement. (Who knows, the story might be decent.)
    I really like the look of the Dr. Drakken. He looks awesome.

  • Xirtie Senjo
    Xirtie Senjo 11 часов назад

    No thanks.

  • Swiss cheez?
    Swiss cheez? 12 часов назад

    This is a live action nobody asked for or wanted. It doesn't even follow the original source material, i'm disappointed. Their clothes aren't even true to the source material. The stunts that are all look poorly done and most likely uses too much wires to lift the girl up in the air and looks very awkward to watch. This trailer is an uncomfortable mess the series seems like it would also be just as bad or maybe even worse. I would suggest that they stick to the original character design and plot instead of giving us this mess.

  • Chiara Dzull Lee Hadzic
    Chiara Dzull Lee Hadzic 13 часов назад


  • JoNerue
    JoNerue 13 часов назад

    I thought no one was suppose to know about Kim being a secret agent

  • YAY
    YAY 13 часов назад

    Tim probable

  • Kyle McLuckie
    Kyle McLuckie 15 часов назад

    What’s the problem with this video?

  • May Min
    May Min 15 часов назад

    The new Kim is too like childish
    Sorry but where's Ron

  • May Min
    May Min 15 часов назад

    This is ruining Kim possible

  • TheOfficialBudikGoals
    TheOfficialBudikGoals 15 часов назад

    The green felt like Ben 10 was around

  • tangywangyJade
    tangywangyJade 18 часов назад

    LAME. please don’t ruin my childhood with that knockoff.
    There are SOOOO many things wrong with this idea.
    Thank u, next!

  • mmgarza1997
    mmgarza1997 19 часов назад

    Makes agent cody banks worth watching

    MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE 20 часов назад

    This looks like a low-budget movie that was bought from a guy selling bootleg movies on the sidewalk.

  • Java Shark
    Java Shark 20 часов назад

    they remade lindsay lohan?

  • Brandon Botwinick
    Brandon Botwinick 21 час назад +1

    140k dislikes, 33k likes. Disney was good 10 years ago. Now they just have to stop... kids today will never know.

  • Mayfire Blaze
    Mayfire Blaze 21 час назад

    Why do I feel like this is going to be a worse remake than heathers...

  • I love me some Memes
    I love me some Memes 21 час назад

    Why does this need to even be made

  • DanMat6288
    DanMat6288 22 часа назад

    I can definitely hear Professor Dementor's voice in this trailer at one point. Like, it's unmistakably Dementor.

  • Niki Niki Knock Knock
    Niki Niki Knock Knock 23 часа назад

    They couldn't even find a girl with more volume in her hair?? ATLEAST!!?!

  • Twicefan 1
    Twicefan 1 День назад

    Kim should say if she late no big deal

  • B0ZY Z
    B0ZY Z День назад

    issa makes a way better kim possible

  • MAG Productions
    MAG Productions День назад

    Why has God left us?

  • Kaidan Smith
    Kaidan Smith День назад

    The only thing I like about this movie is that uncle/father Kieran from the originals is kn this

  • SavageChewBaka
    SavageChewBaka День назад +1


  • fah gut
    fah gut День назад

    dude im surprised this isn't a nickelodian movie. this is worse than all of those

  • Kris LaWho
    Kris LaWho День назад


  • alexaa:p
    alexaa:p День назад

    Shes a walmart version of kim.🤷‍♀️

  • Allison Fraser
    Allison Fraser День назад


  • Tormgart Ravenwolf
    Tormgart Ravenwolf День назад

    My childhood good crushed by the Disney Channel again.
    Pls real Nickelodeon Kim stop this from happening 😢

  • une utilisatrice de google
    une utilisatrice de google День назад

    Cancel it.

  • wichito A
    wichito A День назад +1

    I have seen better cosplays >:vвидео.html

  • Omiou's Tales
    Omiou's Tales День назад

    When is this being released in the UK? Because then I can show my friends how depressing this movie is!

  • Nereida Dominguez
    Nereida Dominguez День назад

    C R I N G E

  • Sophia Saad
    Sophia Saad День назад +1

    Bro we’re are her cargo pants shes literally wearing lululemon leggings ????

    UR JUST LIKE PAPA День назад


  • LeonardoDiSnaprio
    LeonardoDiSnaprio День назад +2


  • virgil mwatotele
    virgil mwatotele День назад

    Wade should've been played by Scarlett Johansson

  • Space TV
    Space TV День назад


  • Cinnabar Student 65
    Cinnabar Student 65 День назад +3

    spy kids in a nutshell

  • Rățușcanu'
    Rățușcanu' День назад

    But ron?

  • Rares Sava
    Rares Sava День назад

    If that was a fan movie, I would say it's cool. But that's bad.

  • ZerroTheDragon
    ZerroTheDragon День назад

    How did I not hear about this till I saw a meme video of it

  • Miriam R
    Miriam R День назад

    Wow are you done sabotaging my childhood memories yet? This looks like a joke

  • Jamie Aldridge
    Jamie Aldridge День назад

    I hope it doesn't ruin Kim possible for me

  • Alejandro Therese
    Alejandro Therese День назад

    i think i might throw up

  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana День назад

    The only thing I'm mad about is that sheego doesn't even look like sheego and drakken doesn't look like drakken
    Sheego is literally green and drakken was literally blue in the cartoon
    I think they should've gotten he special effects makeup people from guardians of the galaxy to do there make up

  • Melody - hime
    Melody - hime День назад

    WHYYY?!?!?! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    It’s just not the same!

  • Bărbulescu Andrei
    Bărbulescu Andrei День назад +1

    Ugandan airforce has better special effects than this=))))

  • Sapphire Crook
    Sapphire Crook День назад

    You know, for one of the biggest, wealthiest entertainment companies out there, you'd think they could afford better...
    Marketing, CGI, sound design, producers, and really anyone involved in the production of anything that isn't picked up out of a gutter.
    It's just kinda weird such a large, persistent, bloated company... makes throwaways at all.

    BOOCH День назад

    All the actors are paid 1$ a week and they're like why and then they watch the trailer

  • St Roshak
    St Roshak День назад

    I ll call Kim possible to cancel this movie

  • mia suarez
    mia suarez День назад

    Pero no me gusta que me digas que no me vas a decir nada

  • jule Huber
    jule Huber День назад

    Okay this is the worst live action I've ever seen!
    And why does this girl not wear cargo pants? She is supposed to do that because KP always did!

  • Tia Monroe
    Tia Monroe День назад

    Why ppl hating N so many dislikes this looks like it will be a good movie

    • Slap shot Studio2006
      Slap shot Studio2006 День назад

      Kendrick Thomas well because I used to watch Kim possible and I heard it’s getting a movie so I wanted to see the trailer

    • Kendrick Thomas
      Kendrick Thomas День назад

      +Slap shot Studio2006 well that's just your opinion if you don't like the movie why bother watching it the movie is aimed at a young audience and people who never heard of Kim possible

    • Tia Monroe
      Tia Monroe День назад

      Slap shot Studio2006 this is sorry if ur to old or to young let kids enjoy Kim possible I mean how much great where u excepting it’s a children’s movie

    • Slap shot Studio2006
      Slap shot Studio2006 День назад

      Kendrick Thomas the only sad truth is that someone at Disney thought this was a good idea

    • Slap shot Studio2006
      Slap shot Studio2006 День назад

      Tia Monroe because it looks like garbage

  • naomi daniel
    naomi daniel День назад

    Keep it, we don't want this.

  • Hoàng Nguyên
    Hoàng Nguyên День назад

    Everyone dislike this abomination !

  • Hoàng Nguyên
    Hoàng Nguyên День назад

    Everyone dislike this abomination !

  • Hoàng Nguyên
    Hoàng Nguyên День назад

    Everyone dislike this abomination !

  • Hoàng Nguyên
    Hoàng Nguyên День назад

    Everyone dislike this abomination !

  • Happy Times
    Happy Times День назад

    I love how kim was much older in the tv series and now they how a 14-year-old nobody... smh


  • adebayo adeniran
    adebayo adeniran День назад

    Whys the fat guy not fat

  • adebayo adeniran
    adebayo adeniran День назад


  • Random guy on YouTube
    Random guy on YouTube День назад

    Look up fellas maybe detective pikachu wont be a god forsaken failure like this

    • Slap shot Studio2006
      Slap shot Studio2006 День назад

      Random guy on RUclip bruh I would rather watch detective pikachu than the trailer of Kim possible

  • Jason Breniser
    Jason Breniser День назад

    Christy Carlson Romano is doing a cameo! yay!

  • Jason Breniser
    Jason Breniser День назад

    looks cute.I shall watch it. Call me, Beep me, if you want to reach me when this comes out please. :)

  • 스패즈
    스패즈 День назад

    Where Is The Shego?
    0:33 Not The 'Hella' Costume-Player From Thor.

  • Blue towel
    Blue towel День назад

    Emmm no

  • Dragon Fox
    Dragon Fox День назад

    No rufes 😢