Trailer 🎥 | Kim Possible | Disney Channel Original Movie

  • Опубликовано: 7 дек 2018
  • Find out what the sitch is, premiering in the U.S. on February 15, 2019!!
    Everyday teen hero Kim Possible (Sadie Stanley) and her best friend Ron Stoppable (Sean Giambrone) embark on their freshman year of high school, all while saving the world from evil villains. While Kim and Ron have always been one step ahead of their opponents, navigating the social hierarchy of high school is more challenging than the action-heroes ever imagined. With Drakken (Todd Stashwick) and Shego (Taylor Ortega) lurking in the wings, Kim must rely on her family and friends on Team Possible-Ron, tech-genius Wade (Issac Ryan Brown), new friend Athena (Ciara Wilson), and Rufus, a Naked mole-rat-to stop these super villains!
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  • naturalforme
    naturalforme 15 минут назад

    Oh my god how horrible! I truly feel bad for kids growing up. They’re subjected to this nonsense. Disney Channel is definitely not what it use to be. Just a bunch of recycling. Nothing is original anymore 😤😩 I guess I’ll just have to stick with the reruns.

  • Jonezx2020
    Jonezx2020 2 часа назад

    I’d plow that, hard.

  • Aniya I
    Aniya I 2 часа назад

    Who else came here from the new Dora movie??

  • Jeffry Willis
    Jeffry Willis 2 часа назад

    i feel like that spark he's referring to has already been stolen. or just plain missing

  • Paul Tito Rebollo
    Paul Tito Rebollo 3 часа назад

    this exist?! I just saw in one of the comments in the new dora live action trailer lol

    Edit: I was happier not knowing :'(

  • Jasc Random
    Jasc Random 4 часа назад

    Delete this and give the actors proper martial arts training at least.

  • LumiK0
    LumiK0 6 часов назад +1


  • Filipe Goncalves
    Filipe Goncalves 6 часов назад

    just dropped by to say cancel this cos after watching the Dora trailer ummm.....

  • LucasTheUltimate
    LucasTheUltimate 8 часов назад


  • Wills_ _Fandoms
    Wills_ _Fandoms 8 часов назад

    Dora live action looks better than this

  • Youtube Minute
    Youtube Minute 8 часов назад

    I only just heard of this.
    Thanks Dora trailer comments.

    • Iceaiden
      Iceaiden 5 часов назад

      I just came from that XD

  • The Ultimate Super-Boy
    The Ultimate Super-Boy 8 часов назад +1

    Awesome Trailer,Disney!😎👍I Love Kim Possible!😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Matteo C
    Matteo C 9 часов назад +2

    This is why Trump won and will win again.

  • JISOOS Christ is my savior & I'm her gay disciple

    Came here after Dora the explorer movie trailer, and well this movie is trash compared to Dora's

  • Minty
    Minty 9 часов назад +1

    Ouch. They messed up.

  • pita girl
    pita girl 9 часов назад +1

    I am actually watching this.

    BARAN THE MANIAC 9 часов назад

    Is disney purposley trying to ruin their company or something

  • The Horse Stable Channel
    The Horse Stable Channel 10 часов назад


  • ღDrippy Skyeeღ
    ღDrippy Skyeeღ 12 часов назад

    the only thing i like about this movie is the theme song (; KIM POSSIBLEEEE

  • Li off line
    Li off line 13 часов назад

    alladin - looks normal now, maybe.

  • Omnitrix8
    Omnitrix8 13 часов назад

    This is 'Uwe Boll level'

  • lurkzie
    lurkzie 14 часов назад +3

    Nobody :
    Disney channel : kicks childhood in the stomach

  • Green Aki
    Green Aki 16 часов назад

    Where is my Kim Possible??? I don't see her on this film! So sad after watched this film, she's talent than her on this film! I mean Actress is very nice to me but Producers make this film wrong way!

  • Beats By Cruz
    Beats By Cruz 17 часов назад

    This is terrible

  • Dzuru San
    Dzuru San 17 часов назад

    Is it possible that Dora the explorer's trailer is better than this? Yes, probably better.

  • Jeff Rey
    Jeff Rey 17 часов назад +1

    Garbage.. just a bunch of preteen girls moaning a weird cry just to save the world.. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎X1000

  • Kenneth Gold
    Kenneth Gold 18 часов назад

    I just up Dora will be more better than this

  • ReiSpirit
    ReiSpirit 20 часов назад

    Drakken isn't blue. I don't know why... but this bothers me.

  • fattie345
    fattie345 21 час назад

    Disney, I can’t believe you’ve done this.

  • terrytwister
    terrytwister 21 час назад

    Disney, pls no! Some things in this world is better left untouched. Let Kim Possible's legacy end with the animated series. For example: Avatar the Last Air Bender Live action movie. If you want a new generation of Kim Possible fans, just have the episodes on a streaming service, not this bull of a movie! Thank you!

  • Miquela Nichole
    Miquela Nichole 22 часа назад

    my mom even thought this trailer was a alarm clock

  • Sana Tonu
    Sana Tonu 22 часа назад

    This trailer just literally abused the beep😭😭😭😤😤

  • Arianita ఇ
    Arianita ఇ 22 часа назад

    Even the new Dora movie looks much better than this 😭😭😭

  • big beLI
    big beLI 23 часа назад +1

    Delete this and reshoot a better film....

  • Hasnaa P.
    Hasnaa P. День назад

    Dora looks better than this smh

  • forkan zaki
    forkan zaki День назад +33

    *I actually came here after Dora the lost ancient gold city thing trailer who else???*

  • Dev
    Dev День назад

    I hope this gets cancelled

  • oshee bay
    oshee bay День назад

    More like Kim stoppable.

  • Flamed Ender
    Flamed Ender День назад

    At least its not as bad as the sharknado franchise (sharknado 1 was okay for me honestly)

  • Mishka Kim
    Mishka Kim День назад

    this has ruined my childhood.
    im seriously disgusted by this, is it too late to stop this??

  • Aaron Sanchezz
    Aaron Sanchezz День назад

    I’ve never seen something so terrible

  • Heraldo videos de supergirl
    Heraldo videos de supergirl День назад +1

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    WHITE KNIGHT День назад

    Where's Monique , senior ,junior and monkey fist ?

  • KL. Sakura
    KL. Sakura День назад

    It looks fake. . . .even the gadgets . . .You've killed Ron, Kim, Wade. . .and RUFUSSSSSSSS

  • Em & M
    Em & M День назад +1

    Live action DORA looks better than this..

  • Priscilla Tochhong
    Priscilla Tochhong День назад

    I wanna be Kim possible

  • Turtle Turtle
    Turtle Turtle День назад

    Please say sike

  • princess R
    princess R День назад +1

    I thought Dr. Drakken was blue

  • フィールディングブレイズ・

    What a mistake.

  • Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

    Nooo please not 😂

  • Macy E
    Macy E 2 дня назад +1

    We don’t want a live action one we want a season 5

    JUSTANOTHERGUY 2 дня назад

    This a joke

  • fia
    fia 3 дня назад

    oh and disney really outdid themselves by removing *literally* *all* poc from this movie, monique (black), shego (green) and Drakko (blue)

  • Ajit Pai
    Ajit Pai 3 дня назад

    What's next, Phineas and Ferb?

  • Sophiena Johnson
    Sophiena Johnson 3 дня назад

    The real kim possible: Am I a joke to you?!

  • Madeline Garcia
    Madeline Garcia 3 дня назад

    I saw a girl who did a cosplay tutorial of kim possible that looks more like kim possible thanthis
    now this is trash

  • Uncle Shrek
    Uncle Shrek 4 дня назад

    "Teen Titans Go! is by far the worst reboot i ever watched"
    Disney:Hold my Live Action Movies

  • Samkelo Ntombela
    Samkelo Ntombela 4 дня назад

    Bruh! What is this?!?!? Cause this ain’t Kim Possible.
    And why they abuse the theme song like that???
    Actually, just through the whole movie in the trash, PLEASE, I BEG, cause wow.
    Childhood ruined. Thank you Disney.
    P.S. I never leave a comment, but it would be morally wrong not to.

  • Lenie_jpn
    Lenie_jpn 4 дня назад

    Ooooh nooo please whyyyyy

  • OfficialDonut
    OfficialDonut 5 дней назад

    Please. No

  • Arkhasaur Gaming
    Arkhasaur Gaming 5 дней назад

    "who am i?"
    A remake no one asked for.

  • Shiba Tatsuya
    Shiba Tatsuya 5 дней назад

    *Bwahahahahahah !*
    That's disney's Kim Possible Live action ??

  • Rοnin
    Rοnin 5 дней назад +1

    Wheres the molerat?

  • Dhagaweyne, Esq.
    Dhagaweyne, Esq. 5 дней назад

    thomas kuc could have played ron stoppable

  • Zombie Samurai 1979
    Zombie Samurai 1979 5 дней назад

    The important question is: Ron and Rufus where are they?

  • Anđela Đokić
    Anđela Đokić 5 дней назад

    Hey! Don't blame the poor actress...
    Blame Disney!!!

  • Criticism At its finest
    Criticism At its finest 5 дней назад

    No one is gonna watch this, nostalgia this bad isnt gonna makr anyone watch it...

  • Criticism At its finest
    Criticism At its finest 5 дней назад

    Wait? What? How?

  • Annaliza Fidelis
    Annaliza Fidelis 6 дней назад

    uhmmm my tea is cold

  • Abi Bachelor
    Abi Bachelor 6 дней назад

    This: “Who am I? I’m Kim Possible”
    Me: “No you’re not”

  • Madan Mohan Ghosh
    Madan Mohan Ghosh 6 дней назад

    Well I wanna die cause the original was better

  • Turtle.
    Turtle. 6 дней назад


  • Celine Tix
    Celine Tix 6 дней назад

    why the special effects look like they r from an indian movie from the 90s...i thought this was a parody i had to check if its truly the official disney channel ..r u broke u blind

  • Aicha Abdelwahed
    Aicha Abdelwahed 6 дней назад

    Yep... Orginal

  • Oh Viki__
    Oh Viki__ 6 дней назад

    Please don’t release this

  • Kira Wies
    Kira Wies 6 дней назад

    The only good thing about this trailer is that they used the same music

  • Oh Yeah Yeah I slap ur Momma
    Oh Yeah Yeah I slap ur Momma 6 дней назад

    Still better than the sonic movie

  • Fuck You
    Fuck You 6 дней назад

    If I were this actress I’d be extra scared of hitmen

  • S1baar
    S1baar 7 дней назад

    this comment section has more upvotes than the video

  • erin franklin
    erin franklin 7 дней назад +1

    watch, next they’re gonna make a low budget, live action or Finding Nemo

  • erin franklin
    erin franklin 7 дней назад

    you’ll never be able to replace the OG Kim

  • Kennedy Miller
    Kennedy Miller 7 дней назад

    They didn't ever dress her Cute!!!

  • Kathy Lain
    Kathy Lain 7 дней назад

    So a few years ago I got a distress call
    Me: a distress call? For what being a red headed ginger

  • TheDoctor660
    TheDoctor660 7 дней назад

    At least Patton Oswald is still Professor Dementor

  • Vicky Maulida
    Vicky Maulida 7 дней назад

    Hey why this movie like old effect

  • Phúc Khánh Nguyễn Phạm
    Phúc Khánh Nguyễn Phạm 8 дней назад

    I would like to see the kiss scene of her and Ron.

  • Kim Hongky
    Kim Hongky 8 дней назад +1

    My name is Kim no joke😮

    • Slap shot Studio2006
      Slap shot Studio2006 2 дня назад

      Kim Hongky wow that’s crazy what a coincidence like anyone cares since Kim a normal name for a child

  • Killerbee jr.
    Killerbee jr. 9 дней назад

    RUclip rewind 2019 lookin great from here.

  • Gacha Smurf
    Gacha Smurf 9 дней назад


  • Hammer And Sickle
    Hammer And Sickle 9 дней назад

    Drakken is not blue!!!!!

  • Víctor Fernández Peñalver
    Víctor Fernández Peñalver 9 дней назад +2

    Interesante la peli 😊

  • Lol Gaming
    Lol Gaming 9 дней назад

    So bad

  • Sarah Nunez
    Sarah Nunez 10 дней назад

    Worst kim possible movie ever

  • Alexis
    Alexis 10 дней назад


  • Jordyn Abtahi
    Jordyn Abtahi 10 дней назад

    I can’t believe she goes to a school close to me in Greenville, SC

  • Emily Cox
    Emily Cox 10 дней назад

    Kim Possible more like Kim Hopefully

  • Nannette Blair
    Nannette Blair 11 дней назад +1

    Imagine if spider man was in here and if it was the tom holland edition

  • Beatriz Castañeda
    Beatriz Castañeda 11 дней назад

    Kim😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗love you

  • Sasan Ghorab
    Sasan Ghorab 11 дней назад


  • Ivor Xian Z
    Ivor Xian Z 11 дней назад

    But where is the rat tho

    • El Mafioso F
      El Mafioso F 8 дней назад

      in the movie it's obvious, is not it?