"Every Laptop Sucks"

  • Published on Apr 17, 2019
  • Watch out for these common problems when it comes to thin and light laptops like the XPS 13 and the Razer Blade Stealth
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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  5 months ago +1896

    For people that have an xps 13 (or know people with one), did that unit have coil whine?

    • Scott Partridge
      Scott Partridge 7 hours ago


    • Josh M
      Josh M 3 days ago

      I've had both the XPS 15 9560 and 9570. The 9560 had awful coil whine and I had to return it, the 9570 had some coil whine but not as bad.

    • Alex Cook
      Alex Cook 11 days ago

      I've got the XPS 13 (2015) - no coil whine. But the speakers have a habit of suddenly screwing up with a nasty 'static' sounding noise over the top of whatever it is I'm trying to listen to.

    • Dark Gale
      Dark Gale 23 days ago

      Boney Ralph not that portable

    • The Death Star
      The Death Star Month ago

      My matebook has coil whine at startup

  • Brenton Edwards
    Brenton Edwards 12 hours ago

    Apple’s quality control and consistency out of the box is horrendous. Loose hinges, all sorts of issues with keyboards, dodgy screens, dented and scratched chassis, damaged cables, differences in surface finish, the list goes on.

  • Ahmad Safar
    Ahmad Safar 19 hours ago

    I see you have a lot laptop piled up on your desk I need to buy one for reasonable price I was wondering if you sell me one?

  • Yoan Ignatov
    Yoan Ignatov Day ago

    I have similar Dell, coil whine is tolerable, the miserable touch pad with the poor software drivers is not. I'm almost up for putting it on sale just because of the bad touch pad. Windows precision drivers don't help, if you come from thinkpad model with large touchpad and MacBook Pro, like me.

  • Stefan Timbur
    Stefan Timbur Day ago

    thank god msi ins't here

  • Pratik Adhikary
    Pratik Adhikary Day ago

    JUST A NOTE BUT I GUESS MANY WILL AGREE:*HP SUCKS* do not buy their products. My samsung laptop of 20k INR bought around 2012, after upgrading to 4 GB ram, still works fine with some lagging. My HP notebook series laptop that i bought, had bleeding backlights since the beginning, two hard drive failures, dead pixels within 1 and half years, 3 fans dead, all replaced within one year of use...like wth. Finally now i am using it like a CPU, connected to a monitor, external keyboard and mouse cause the specs are still good. Replacing the screen costs 18k INR from a service centre. The glue holding the screen has melted the the plastic holding the hinge has snapped so i can no longer use the screen. ALL within around 3 years of usage. And of course lets not delve into the hours of troubleshooting blue screen errors.

    Finally got tired of this and bought a macbook air 2017 model. Smooth as butter, no issues whatsoever.

  • jdgregson
    jdgregson 2 days ago

    Another reason to buy from the manufacturer is more configuration options.

  • calvin kwan
    calvin kwan 3 days ago

    If you can afford $1000 why get a HuaweiBook instead of a MacBook

    • Bannanaphone_32
      Bannanaphone_32 2 days ago

      @calvin kwan actually not huawei fan boy just got respect a good product when it arises regardless of company. And the matebook is a good laptop

    • calvin kwan
      calvin kwan 2 days ago

      Huawei fanboi spotted. GL abt yr privacy

    • Bannanaphone_32
      Bannanaphone_32 2 days ago

      @calvin kwan I would still rather have the matebook because its has a lot of pros hardware wise. And bootcamp is stupid why u want a mac running windows when u could just buy a native windows machine

    • calvin kwan
      calvin kwan 2 days ago

      Thereas much more alternative if you want windows, bootcamp works too BTW

    • Bannanaphone_32
      Bannanaphone_32 2 days ago

      because the matebook is better if u want windows

  • Monica Policina
    Monica Policina 3 days ago +1

    No msi? Like the prestige series haha

  • Enobwaj
    Enobwaj 4 days ago

    Got an x360 Envy. Left speaker was messed right out of the box, playing only about 80% of the max volume. Speakers voluming popping up and down. Got an exchange for the same laptop. No issues yet.
    Crazy how you really can end up with a lemon if you're unlucky enough.

  • Amadeus
    Amadeus 4 days ago

    there's a reason why you have an smarhtphone, cause laptops suck

  • Malkhut
    Malkhut 5 days ago

    My high school got one of th3 new ThinkPads for our autocad class, so powerful and light with touchscreen. I would bought it over my gaming laptop that actually has a gpu if It was the same price (because fuck games)

  • Winston Situ
    Winston Situ 5 days ago

    I agree, Macbook has the best consistency but Windows is definitely better

  • yan lvjun
    yan lvjun 9 days ago

    i watch not because I’m interested in laptops,but that your voice is so soothing

  • d.ronzo17
    d.ronzo17 9 days ago

    when dave refers to the macbook, all i can think about is gordon ramsay in hell's kitchen saying
    "We're all about consistency, so are you consistently shit?!"

  • d.ronzo17
    d.ronzo17 9 days ago

    i have a problem with all of these laptops, im too poor to own one

  • Caleb Buchta
    Caleb Buchta 10 days ago

    It’s just popular to hate on Apple. You don’t hear as much hate on Dell or Razor even if they have the same or worse issues.

  • Azugon
    Azugon 10 days ago

    my old toshiba decided that it lived long enough, so I need a new laptop ... while browsing the stores I found myself liking one particular notebook from HP. Thankfully I was broke and I still am broke. While I am saving money to buy me a new good gaming notebook I learned a lot by doing my research. The HP Notebook is out of stock now ... poor people that purchased that HP notebook.
    Thanks to Dave and Jarrod I will buy me a well functioning new notebook that I will be more than happy with!
    PS: I can't believe how much of scam notebooks can be :(

  • Kden
    Kden 10 days ago

    I had coil whine on my latitude e5450, I just switched off "power saving" setting on bios and it stopped right away. Coil whine is usually caused by low voltage.

  • Oliver Dartnell Machin

    No, absolutely not. I've been a Mac man for most of my creative life but this one is over priced rubbish. They're letting them selves and their customers down, and have been for a long time. I've switched.

  • Aditya Lakshmipathy
    Aditya Lakshmipathy 10 days ago

    do you have a best 15 inch laptop video ?

  • Matt Hoffman
    Matt Hoffman 10 days ago

    So um... which laptop to get for photo/video editing under 2k cdn? lol

  • mg23
    mg23 11 days ago

    coming from xps 15 and different windows laptops gaming and ultrabook, I've never been satisfied as much with my macbook pro. The build, screen, trackpad, and the operating system, is 99.99% close to perfection for me. Gaming is just not for a laptop, it scks even with gaming specs and this is out from my criteria.

  • Zackary Katsel
    Zackary Katsel 11 days ago

    F*ck you Dave. Use laptop Y.

  • Abraham Mekonnen
    Abraham Mekonnen 12 days ago

    I just have to: f u Dave laptop x sucks you should buy laptop z.

  • WhyteLis21
    WhyteLis21 13 days ago

    Basically all laptops sucks no matter what brand! There are no perfect laptops. Just like life. You either deal with it or switch to another brand. But your just switching for another problem. 😁

  • SyCo Bryce
    SyCo Bryce 14 days ago

    Lmao my school has the same lenovo thinkpad

  • ArticFoxPT Mapper
    ArticFoxPT Mapper 15 days ago

    My laptop is a small awful and useless pice of metal that only has 29 GB of storage in total (About 15 GB belong to system so I can't even clean it up) I can't even play Minecraft in it anymore.

    NO NAME 16 days ago

    so the laptop z is the best laptop that i should buy it ....

    DARK DRAGONITE 16 days ago

    Macbooks do have great Trackpads...

  • orbitalsatellite
    orbitalsatellite 17 days ago +3

    Wasn't planning on sharing this on more than one of your posts, but since you brought it up, here's my story. People deserve to know how rotten customer service can be direct from the manufacturer. And Dave, I think your comment about "companies hating you for saying so" is cowardly.

    SO! I bought a XPS 9560 early 2018, but it had video software glitches which Dell couldn't fix remotely (Pro Support), multiple times. They offered a replacement but that would've meant no laptop for Uni which was not an option. So, I had to make a second purchase. The second one finally arrived and it was USED, with a DIRTY palmrest, USED CORD, and a BENT SCREEN (it bowed in the middle). Someone had clearly used and abused it and I couldn't believe that Dell would send me something like this as a whole separate purchase. Of course, they denied that they send used laptops and then I had to prove they did, so I sent photos, etc, and waited for THEIR decision. By now I'm over five grand out of pocket and still using the first faulty laptop. They offer a replacement for the second purchase and guess what, it has the same software glitches as the first and again (!!) a bowed screen. AGAIN, I had to prove it with pics and multiple emails. I was so disgusted! In the end I got a full refund but the whole process was pathetic. I spoke to so many people until I was offered a refund.
    CUT TO: Last December. A few months had passed and the bad taste had worn off a bit. So, I decided to buy a XPS 9570 and give those blowhards another chance (because I love the look and feel of the XPS - if only they could send me one that worked!). Well, all was fine until three months later when the speakers malfunctioned (I was getting a tinny/ broken type sound). Several remote sessions later, I had new issues, malfunctioning fingerprint sensor, video software glitches AGAIN (this time a pale brown pixelated split screen effect as opposed to the random red and green pixels the previous time), and some other problems. After many more remote sessions than last year, they refused to offer a replacement, citing the next one would "probably have a problem". LOL! In other words, they were blaming me for the issues their laptops had. The previous incident had already been stressing me out which made Uni all the more stressful and yet again the same thing was happening. They were convinced the speaker failure was software related but every attempt to fix it (by them) was a BIG FAIL. It took months until they offered a refund but NO REPLACEMENT, which is probably for the best! By this stage I had spoken to at least thirty people and had to wait weeks for them to offer a fair outcome, which was an unnecessary fight on my behalf since they were refusing to take responsibility. Oh, by the way, they offered to replace the speakers in house, with refurbished speakers. YEAH, that's what I paid thousands for. This whole saga has been affecting my studies because as any of you know, who are doing a major degree, studies are stressful enough. It's amazing I have a H2 average but I've had to take leave because of all the stress.
    If I counted every email and phone call, I would say there were between one and two hundred interactions all up. Also, I was called by an individual who said she would be my last port of call. But nope, I spoke to at least ten people after her. What a joke.
    Dell's customer service is truly a disgrace (apart from the kind reps I spoke to, who did try to help), but the unseen higher employees calling the shots really make me want to PUKE!

    Every word I've stated is 100% TRUTH. Ignore anyone who tries to challenge what I've said since they are either lucky recipients of working units or Dell employees. I won't be responding to anyone, I just wanted to let people know what I've experienced, so if you're looking for an argument, go fish. It's such a shame because I actually still only prefer the XPS. The look and feel of it is so great. But my experiences have been shockingly awful.

  • noodle
    noodle 18 days ago

    Hey dave.can you review the Lenovo x1 extreme when you have the chance. Thanks.

  • Hanxi Guo
    Hanxi Guo 19 days ago

    I have a Lenovo Flex 14. My issue is worse than any laptop he said had problems. Whenever i carry my laptop around, it makes a scary cracking sound. Each time I turn it on, it's just fine. This happens so much now I don't even know what is happening :/

  • Kyle Dupont
    Kyle Dupont 20 days ago

    I have a laptop coming today from Walmart asus GL531GU believe it or not it was the best deal 1660ti laptop I could find after watching many videos and countless hours of searching price. I would love to see a review from you Dave

  • sodothehivesonhisleg
    sodothehivesonhisleg 22 days ago

    There seems to be a real big quality control issue with most laptops atm that reviewers are perhaps missing due to receiving cherry picked review units from manufacturers that aren't representative of what's actually on the market

    • sodothehivesonhisleg
      sodothehivesonhisleg 22 days ago

      Lenovo seems to be particularly bad with this. X1 review units read like very different machines to what are actually available

  • Vladimir Vladi
    Vladimir Vladi 23 days ago

    No love for msi ? :))

  • Niraj kumar
    Niraj kumar 24 days ago +1

    can you donate some of these?? please..
    god will bless you.

  • Nate River
    Nate River 25 days ago

    Fuck you dave

  • Eric Farmer
    Eric Farmer 25 days ago

    Coil whine destroys DNA.

  • אחלה גבר
    אחלה גבר 25 days ago

    No this one sucks

  • Felix
    Felix 26 days ago

    is coil whine the new gluten?

  • Lucky Prince
    Lucky Prince 27 days ago

    I hope you may send me 1 spare laptop you have 🤣dell xps

  • Logan Littlejohn
    Logan Littlejohn 27 days ago

    Laptops all ways suck why can’t I get a perfect laptop

  • M. S.
    M. S. 29 days ago +1

    I've had a Dell 17 inch ... purchased from Costco ..... for about a year now. I love it !

  • Rolando Quezada
    Rolando Quezada 29 days ago

    Suscribing just for this video. My type of reviewer.

  • filiciaous
    filiciaous 29 days ago +2

    Everyone else : Best laptop in 2019
    Dave: Every laptop sucks

  • AR120gaming
    AR120gaming Month ago +3

    Well i'm glad that i bought a hp laptop.

  • Likhit Reddy
    Likhit Reddy Month ago

    you proved me poor :(

  • Chen Liu
    Chen Liu Month ago


  • Badr Zh
    Badr Zh Month ago

    Anyone you don't need? I really want one of them.

  • Shadow V.
    Shadow V. Month ago

    But dave we have to admit that all laptops are good and all except apples laptops cause they are way to overpriced for the specs they offer and thus they all suck

  • kb be
    kb be Month ago +2

    all Lenovo yoga 2 pro will stop working after 1-4 years

  • kb be
    kb be Month ago

    especially Lenovo

  • Vaibhav Gupta
    Vaibhav Gupta Month ago

    Still getting the mpb

  • An Eric
    An Eric Month ago +1

    How come you didn't talk about the razer blade 15 while you're using it as a daily drive?

  • dosduros
    dosduros Month ago

    Well... not every laptop sucks, but no laptop is perfect (if we have to factor price into it).
    In the past I bought a MSI GT780DXR because it was the only laptop with gaming hardware that had good thermals and a decent screen.

    But it was heavy and bulky.
    Today I want a small lightweight laptop with something like a 1060 or a 2060 (with at least 6 CPU cores), that does not thermal throttle, has good enough temps to keep the laptop on my lap, does not cost a fortune, has a 120+ Hz screen, preferably OLED and has good battery....

    My expectations have more than trippled, no wonder I am dissapoint. :D

  • Xavier Maldonado
    Xavier Maldonado Month ago

    Hi, I have an xps 15 9550. My laptop is over heating when I close it, it’s suppose goes to sleep. I have updated and downgraded bios, seems to be a temporary solution. The issue comes and goes. Any help or advice. Thank you.

  • Serj Star
    Serj Star Month ago

    your eyelids are so red

  • Jeremy P
    Jeremy P Month ago

    "bunk keyboard"

  • smile T
    smile T Month ago

    xps 13 core i7 is getting get hot easy boiling hot not the normal hot