• Published on Apr 5, 2019
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  • Quang Tran
    Quang Tran  9 months ago +284

    I'm Sorry for shaving!!!!!!!! It just got too itchy!! MAKE IT UP TO US A COOK __________________________________ NOW!!!! and you will be forgiven!!

    • Devlan Melancon
      Devlan Melancon 4 months ago

      New Orleans style creole/cajun dishes....we eat seafood gumbo, red beans and rice, boiled crawfish, shrimp and crabs, boiled turkey necks, shrimp etouffee, hot sausage po boys and roast beef po poys. Those are just some of the staples....enjoy!

    • Aaron Reid
      Aaron Reid 6 months ago

      Sumo feast

    • hyperguy65
      hyperguy65 9 months ago

      Quang Tran I pefered you without it

    • christoven chi
      christoven chi 9 months ago

      That's not how u broke peanuts Quang XD haha

    • Kitty Darling
      Kitty Darling 9 months ago

      Try to make these things called "Tornado's"! They are sold in American truck stops like "LOVE'S". El Monterey makes them, but the truck stops have ones with breakfast sausage in a french toast blanket. Others include jalapeno and cheddar, buffalo chicken, sausage egg and cheese. Anyways, they're fried snacks. TMI here, just google to see what they are. Flippin yum to the yum town!

  • D V
    D V 5 days ago

    The way he eats I am surprised he has all 10 fingers

  • Erick Vazquez
    Erick Vazquez 7 days ago

    I wanna deck him so hard when he says super pumped for this

  • Jrlucky_82
    Jrlucky_82 7 days ago

    I hate the way you bro

  • xxgaminglordxx x
    xxgaminglordxx x 7 days ago

    why are you chewing with your mouth open :(

  • Chris Aranda
    Chris Aranda 23 days ago

    i wanna punch him every time he eats lol

  • The Mandalorian
    The Mandalorian 23 days ago

    Five guys taste like shit, fries are way too salty and the burger taste so regular. It’s probably where I live but from my perspective it taste like shit.

  • Lazar Lafitte
    Lazar Lafitte 24 days ago

    Eat with ur mouth close

  • Dennis Kelley
    Dennis Kelley Month ago

    Learn to fuckin chew

  • Humble
    Humble Month ago

    Do you have to smack your lips for everything this nigga would smack his lips with fucking water

  • MatrX_ Riot
    MatrX_ Riot Month ago +1

    Talagong 🤣🤣🤣

    Filipino’s: Tagalog is the right one quang

  • John MoyaSODMG
    John MoyaSODMG Month ago

    Your smacking is mad annoying

  • Leonardo Esteban
    Leonardo Esteban Month ago

    His laugh hhhheheheheheheheh

  • Arun James
    Arun James Month ago

    those burgers looking good

  • Sajith Marasinghe
    Sajith Marasinghe Month ago

    What does quick time mean? First time viewer****

  • Zeke Reyes
    Zeke Reyes Month ago

    Once again please mouth close

  • Hectic
    Hectic Month ago +1

    About to eat a peanut...
    “Super pumped for this!” 🤦‍♂️

  • skinny black
    skinny black Month ago


  • Hector Gavidia
    Hector Gavidia Month ago

    Why does he always chows nothing

  • Mike, TheAnimated
    Mike, TheAnimated Month ago

    Is the word "underrated?"

  • Mike, TheAnimated
    Mike, TheAnimated Month ago

    If not local, they could import their meat from another country, or even another part of Canada.

  • Hillary Lies
    Hillary Lies 2 months ago

    Oh my hell, you are so freakin annoying

  • yeaa_jose
    yeaa_jose 2 months ago

    can u stop smacking your lips

  • FaZe Ace
    FaZe Ace 2 months ago

    5:30 6$ for hotdogs they robbing people

  • Cody Trevorrow
    Cody Trevorrow 2 months ago

    I think this guy makes good videos but the the noise of him eating , the sound of the chewing is just fucking awful, it like a pig man 🤣🤣 enough to put me of watching the eating vids anyway

  • iDayDreamsX
    iDayDreamsX 2 months ago

    Missing this kind of videos

  • J
    J 2 months ago +2

    This dude is such a weirdo lol

  • I3umblebee X
    I3umblebee X 2 months ago

    hahahahaha tagalow
    its tagalog my friend :D

  • paulix villanueva
    paulix villanueva 2 months ago

    its tagalog sir

  • avery s
    avery s 2 months ago +2

    Can’t believe you took out a loan for this video, love the dedication!!

  • 7A Christian Hai Chi Nguyen - Nymarkskolen

    Murder: Ready for dying, huh?

    Quang Tran: I'm pumped for this

  • King Cartier
    King Cartier 2 months ago

    What happened to Quan being so over dramatic over how good the food is?

  • King Cartier
    King Cartier 2 months ago

    What happened to Quan being so over dramatic over how good the food is?

  • Editz.
    Editz. 2 months ago

    What’s your heritage..Because you are really handsome.🙂


    He always super pumped for everthing 😂 is senpai super pumped for me tho👀❤😶👉👈👅

  • Pablo Heredia
    Pablo Heredia 3 months ago

    Whats your mame ?
    Quang tran- super pump for .this

  • Tammy Ruiz
    Tammy Ruiz 3 months ago

    I like watching you, but whyyyyy do you smack soooooo much, do you really eat like this or do you do this for RUclip? It’s just not necessary

  • KakaCarrotCake
    KakaCarrotCake 3 months ago

    Vanilla-coffee or chocolate-coffee best shake ever

  • Best Anime Quote's
    Best Anime Quote's 3 months ago

    I literally thought that he is going to eat burgers of 5 guys.
    But then I found that it was the brand named 5 guys.

  • charlie webb
    charlie webb 3 months ago +1

    When he said ‘local’ I thought he was saying ‘loko’ and I was getting so confused LOL

  • Chris Russo
    Chris Russo 3 months ago

    Dude looked like penny wise the clown when he bit that burger lol

  • Johnthony Baltonado
    Johnthony Baltonado 3 months ago

    its TAGALOG, not TALAGONG.

    SELF LOVE, LOVE SELF 3 months ago

    I'll be super pumped if you quit saying "i'm super pumped for this" before every bite....:)

    SELF LOVE, LOVE SELF 3 months ago

    lots of stoner moments.

  • Jonathon Korkidas
    Jonathon Korkidas 3 months ago

    i swear you broke your jaw, anyway love the vids

  • Rain Rosario
    Rain Rosario 4 months ago

    Smacking lips I'm super pumped for this smashing lips and take a huge f****** bite

  • Rain Rosario
    Rain Rosario 4 months ago

    I never had hot dogs or French fries

  • Glenn Miller
    Glenn Miller 4 months ago

    I think the word you might be looking for is underrated?

  • Jaquan Huckaby
    Jaquan Huckaby 4 months ago +3

    This guy smacks too much even on peanuts like jeez

  • iisingsoe
    iisingsoe 4 months ago


  • neo217041
    neo217041 4 months ago

    When hes done using the bathroom it's going to looked like five guys in a toilet after a meal that big.

    GDZILLV 4 months ago

    I’m guessing you were trying to say “underrated” lol

  • Azmikecarrasco
    Azmikecarrasco 4 months ago +11

    Prison Warden: strap him in the electric chair
    QT: nice ( chewing air ) super pumped for this

  • mohamed islam
    mohamed islam 4 months ago

    I think you meant "under-rated"

  • Abraham Sáenz
    Abraham Sáenz 4 months ago

    This guy breaths: I'm super pumped for this

  • Statik Jesus_956
    Statik Jesus_956 4 months ago +1

    He eats like he hasnt ate in a week

  • Statik Jesus_956
    Statik Jesus_956 4 months ago

    Why does he eat like he is in a rush

  • Karen Sahara
    Karen Sahara 4 months ago

    Hows your Cholesterol?
    I love your videos can’t wait for you to come home to Canada yo cook for all of us fans!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Vhinz Cruz
    Vhinz Cruz 4 months ago

    Its TAGALOG quang 👍

  • Strixicall
    Strixicall 4 months ago

    I didn't eat anything today I'm so hungry