Fixing My Girlfriend's Car

  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
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  • Mixmast3rgav
    Mixmast3rgav 3 hours ago

    What kind of cowboy boots are those? Lol

  • Ry Sherman
    Ry Sherman 10 hours ago

    Everyone buy Kenny’s merch so he can buy a pump jack

  • Luke Fausett
    Luke Fausett Day ago

    Try coffee dip on with caffeine

  • Anthony Campbell

    whats your Playstation name??

  • Me sawyer 5186fish
    Me sawyer 5186fish 2 days ago +1

    1:03 I’m just going to keep this for when I’m bored

  • Michelle Parrott
    Michelle Parrott 3 days ago

    Uneducated piece of sh!+

  • tbertram88
    tbertram88 5 days ago

    Much love from Australia

    Love the content

  • Full Sail Student game design

    ya shirt says KY..u in KY??

  • Brandon Braden
    Brandon Braden 5 days ago

    I accidentally swallowed some southern blend during this video

  • Logan Dunne
    Logan Dunne 8 days ago

    Where’s the damn stove Kenny

  • Diana Bayless
    Diana Bayless 9 days ago

    Check the Cadillac converter

  • Adam Coates
    Adam Coates 10 days ago

    Every video pls

  • justin young
    justin young 10 days ago

    don't by a ford thats what you get when you buy a ford jk lol

  • Matthew Brown
    Matthew Brown 13 days ago

    If anyone finds out where he lives we all know how to break in

  • Suthern Savage
    Suthern Savage 14 days ago

    Y u sO meAn tU yo geRfraNd

  • Suthern Savage
    Suthern Savage 14 days ago

    Kenny is startin to creep a bit

  • Darkmist Gaming
    Darkmist Gaming 15 days ago

    The part whenever you started yelling at the deaf cat and said meow meow

  • Kolby Adams
    Kolby Adams 15 days ago

    Thats not a car thats a FORD FOCUS ..... im just fucking with you bitch lol

  • matthew cajones
    matthew cajones 17 days ago

    i hit the dislike button on accident but im too damn lazy to fix it

  • Kelsey Hanor
    Kelsey Hanor 18 days ago

    Do more videos with meow meow 🐱

  • Maxim Dore
    Maxim Dore 18 days ago +1

    Judging from the first minute of this video, your GF must be deaf.

  • hunter cochcroft
    hunter cochcroft 19 days ago

    Kenny! What kinda boots you rockin?

  • Robert Gould
    Robert Gould 20 days ago

    Can u do a video of u playing gta

  • It be lit Vlog channel

    What size lift and tires are on you truck

  • Optic Fall out
    Optic Fall out 23 days ago

    I been in the hills eating dip

  • Sam Winglewich
    Sam Winglewich 24 days ago

    Kenny: *Southern Accent Rage Noises*
    next time use a oil filter that isn't a Fram, they have a nasty habit of internally collapsing and bootyfuckin your engine big time lol

    • Mud Mower Regulators
      Mud Mower Regulators 19 days ago

      He also put 5 quarts of oil in the lil hyundai engine that only requires 4 qts .....

  • VipKro GD
    VipKro GD 24 days ago


  • FR SportsTV
    FR SportsTV 24 days ago

    How do you not have more subs bro, UR FREAKING AWEOME “YE YE”🇺🇸

  • Kyle Kelley
    Kyle Kelley 24 days ago

    3:32 when your brain just lags tf out

  • Mary Miles
    Mary Miles 24 days ago

    You are funny

  • jaquan hardy
    jaquan hardy 24 days ago

    You can catch fish right now doesnt have to be warm.

  • No Name
    No Name 24 days ago

    Every time I watch your vids I almost piss myself

  • Breanna Biggs
    Breanna Biggs 26 days ago

    The cat is funny

  • Cole Carlson
    Cole Carlson 26 days ago


  • YeehawTV
    YeehawTV 26 days ago

    Forgot there's an oil leak probaly shouldn't do that 1 sec later skrrrt

  • Logan HenryYT1765
    Logan HenryYT1765 26 days ago

    I like bastard

  • J E S U S
    J E S U S 26 days ago

    How old is his girlfriend

  • Country63
    Country63 26 days ago

    U have to say it every video

  • SteroidsR4Championss
    SteroidsR4Championss 26 days ago

    changing oil isnt "fixing" 🤦‍♀️

  • Mike Caldaroni
    Mike Caldaroni 26 days ago

    It was a fun truck while it lasted though

  • Mike Caldaroni
    Mike Caldaroni 26 days ago

    Trust me I had the same problem with my ranger so I went and bought myself a 98 Chevy Cheyenne and my ranger ended up blowing up

  • Mike Caldaroni
    Mike Caldaroni 26 days ago

    The only way to fix a ford is to buy a Chevy

  • daniel bean
    daniel bean 27 days ago

    You would play soccer

  • Charles Barker
    Charles Barker 27 days ago

    Can you add me back on snap zaherron3

  • Riley Kornkven
    Riley Kornkven 27 days ago +1

    You should get a four wheeler and do mudding videos with your buddy and his can-am

  • Gabe Harris 2017
    Gabe Harris 2017 27 days ago

    Do u live in ky

  • Ybo Pasko
    Ybo Pasko 27 days ago

    Love this dude

  • Gavin Prodell
    Gavin Prodell 27 days ago

    Kenny get a Ram

  • Garrett Keys
    Garrett Keys 27 days ago

    Really wish you'd upload more tbh

  • JJ Watt
    JJ Watt 27 days ago +5

    He hip
    He dip and
    most importantly, he fix the whip

    • Suthern Savage
      Suthern Savage 14 days ago +1

      +JJ Watt 😂

    • JJ Watt
      JJ Watt 14 days ago +1

      +Suthern Savage
      he hip
      He dip
      But most importantly he sip ( tropiKEENA)

    • Suthern Savage
      Suthern Savage 14 days ago +1

      He hip
      He dip
      But most importantly he fix da bits whip

  • Daddy Steel
    Daddy Steel 27 days ago

    What’s up Kenny ? No vlogs? Herd outlaw was coming to town

  • James Owen
    James Owen 27 days ago +1

    You should put some royal purple oil in your truck

  • Blayne Pringle
    Blayne Pringle 27 days ago

    He grabbed her ass to lift her in the truck

  • Landon Craig
    Landon Craig 27 days ago

    no it is not bud upchurch is

  • rylie hirsch
    rylie hirsch 28 days ago

    Kenny if you like this I’ll do a full can of Copenhagen snuff on RUclip and I’ll send you the link and if it gets 200 likes I’ll do a full can of Siberia and post it

  • Nathan  Broege
    Nathan Broege 28 days ago

    Post more

  • outlaw phantom
    outlaw phantom 28 days ago +1

    I don't like Ford's but his is pretty cool

  • Kreamier Basketball
    Kreamier Basketball 28 days ago

    Lets go kendog

  • oilers hockeyfan1
    oilers hockeyfan1 28 days ago

    Upload more

  • Ryan Principi
    Ryan Principi 28 days ago

    You should be a volunteer firefighter

  • John Fender
    John Fender 28 days ago

    You alaways post the best stuff and funny as s**t and I love your content nhbf keep going I know im supporting💪

  • Jarod Bradley
    Jarod Bradley 28 days ago

    This is amazing content 👉👌🤘🏻

  • CFDipper
    CFDipper 28 days ago

    Kenny cmon bro pack one with me y’all is like ur yee haw thing I even started saying sometimes

  • Nathan Thomforde
    Nathan Thomforde 28 days ago

    Why are you smooching all up on ur cousin😳😳😂

  • The Conservative Kid
    The Conservative Kid 28 days ago

    Team Kenny

  • Landen Weisman
    Landen Weisman 28 days ago

    Hahaha how was working was it Low

  • Buck Slayer 39
    Buck Slayer 39 28 days ago +1

    I don't like the hoodie but I love the John Deere hat

  • Fletcher Page
    Fletcher Page 28 days ago

    Kenny your a god🐐

  • shore vapor
    shore vapor 28 days ago

    Boy her Dad is gonna whip your ass. If not he ain't a good Daddy

  • Nate Thomas
    Nate Thomas 28 days ago

    how old is lexi?

  • Ahead Venus94
    Ahead Venus94 28 days ago

    That cat is awesome

  • Sassy Sasquatch
    Sassy Sasquatch 28 days ago

    ur girlfriend is gorgeous

  • Bama Fan
    Bama Fan 28 days ago


  • Gunner Helms
    Gunner Helms 28 days ago +1

    Legend says that if you go to the deep woods of Kentucky you can still hear the dippin twins throw cans at the wall.

  • Michael Stroope
    Michael Stroope 28 days ago

    It’s a ford

  • steven case
    steven case 28 days ago

    If I buy some merch will I be a real niva

  • Z-Bat
    Z-Bat 28 days ago

    50 people are city boy stuck

  • Caleb Stiles
    Caleb Stiles 28 days ago

    Post again lazy ass

  • Parker Lorge
    Parker Lorge 28 days ago

    How much money have you put in your truck

  • Nathan Jones
    Nathan Jones 29 days ago

    I respect the prayer before food.

  • Free ps4 accounts For real

    Dip a full can of copenhagen wintergreen

  • Reese Gaster
    Reese Gaster 29 days ago

    Awesome Vid😂🤙

  • Nuudelz347
    Nuudelz347 29 days ago

    listen to old town road in your truck in the next video

  • Greyson Hamilton
    Greyson Hamilton 29 days ago +1

    I laughed my balls of @ 11:06 when tha basterd was high on meth ur something. Great vidja keep em up

  • Tactical DAVE
    Tactical DAVE 29 days ago +1

    *cought cought* New to the channel and it really good and all but Chevys are better than Fords man

  • dylan burnett
    dylan burnett 29 days ago

    Ur on fb lhh funny as shit. Like ur vidjas kerp up the good work bub

  • Jameson Nadgwick
    Jameson Nadgwick 29 days ago +1

    Seems like there’s always 40 or somethen people that dislike the videos

  • Windex
    Windex 29 days ago

    Kenny that video you were watching at 1:54 is someone I used to go to school with. Everyone at my schools knows about CountryBoy TV

  • max compton
    max compton 29 days ago +1

    Puts upper body under car when the only thing holding it up is scissor jack, crazy ass mofo LMFAO

  • Curtis Powers
    Curtis Powers 29 days ago

    Where a carhartt shirt in the next video

  • bignector YT
    bignector YT 29 days ago

    the bastard on bathsalts

  • Donte' Proffitt
    Donte' Proffitt 29 days ago

    Head gasket and intake gasket 👍

  • andon air
    andon air 29 days ago

    😂him rev tapping his truck was hilarious

  • Sawyer Monte
    Sawyer Monte 29 days ago

    Love the ending

  • Hello There
    Hello There 29 days ago

    Crazy how Lexi has been dating kenny since he was doofy and skinny 😂

  • Michelle Parrott
    Michelle Parrott 29 days ago

    People that tend to always say ‘’ no homo’’ well you know the rest, they are in denial or just living in Trumpville, in Kenny’s case both!

  • Garrett Muse
    Garrett Muse 29 days ago


  • Smokey Burnout2500hd
    Smokey Burnout2500hd 29 days ago

    20 buck for some ramps to drive up on bud

  • Gary DuBois
    Gary DuBois 29 days ago

    Im 27 years old with mild autism - aspergers and add and i like and enjoy being single =)

  • Brandon K.
    Brandon K. 29 days ago

    She in high school haha