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G-Eazy goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Flight Club in L.A. and talks about shopping at Goodwill as a kid as well as how smoking weed influenced his sneaker choices.

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Автор Young J ( назад)
the Retro
Jordan ones is my favorite

Автор Jaik Star ( назад)
G-Eazy lowkey sounds like Big Sean at times.

Автор Mango ( назад)
wtf these dunk lows go for a thousand? hell nah

Автор john ( назад)
Ya that's right I want three thousand dollars in shoes! Oh wait...what?.....people dieing of starvation all around the world? what....some kid only needs 500$ for his next cancer treatment? Fuck all dat shit bruh u got shoes with a hienaken logo and only a G note!

Автор Donvthvnt99 ( назад)
Them frags tho

Автор JAX CIPHER ( назад)
I like all of the coments and I gave every coments a like

Автор FlickBlick Gamez ( назад)
Not poor mans Eminem 4, realistic mans Eminem 5. The poor man one is the royalty

Автор Jesus Pascual ( назад)
can you guys get logic sneaker shopping

Автор Name HD ( назад)
Jesus the fucking tax is like $300

Автор born in Houston tx ( назад)
dude g look like a truck driver and Joe looks like that awkward dad trying to keep up with the trends

Автор D-flow power ( назад)
G easy looks like Aron rogers

Автор King Willy ( назад)
G he's got Fragment 1s!

Автор Malle ( назад)
We are here with G EAZY! G easy: ze

Автор Landon1738 Vlogs ( назад)
Who else saw the guy in the window at 1:32

Автор B34STIFIED ( назад)
'Hella' fucking g eazy

Автор Saadiq Alls ( назад)
I thought he was Kevin love for minute now😂😂

Автор Ryan Matt Schroeder ( назад)
Joe look shady af

Автор Jared Byrd ( назад)
all these people pay fucking rape lmao

Автор Calum Jeacle ( назад)
No roshes?

Автор jeffrey.shoddy ( назад)
sneaker shopping with stephen hawking

Автор Rich KID ( назад)
im just waiting for some one who would spent over 10k $ on j's
but until now they all wack ☺
they scared to spend some money

Автор WKHCN ( назад)
whatttttttt that dude thinks 15s are ugly (not g-eazy) well the're better than 2s

Автор Aubrey Graham ( назад)
These beats are fire. Anyone have their names?

Автор Garrett Craig ( назад)
I like how all these other rappers are pulling out bands of hundreds and g eazy hands him credit card from him trifold😂

Автор Adam Trigueros ( назад)
is it me or does geazy look like Paul walker with his beard?

Автор Echo Blank ( назад)
I really want a pair of retros the only Jordans I have Are Jordan SOM, Jordan SC3 Venoms, and Jordan Eclipses and im trying to sell the last two 😂😂

Автор jenny vate ( назад)
G-eazy seems like such a chill, goofy person, but he was just picking those J's off the shelf like nothing. Like "$5,000? Cool" bruh

Автор Lover Of Life ( назад)
COM Plex you need to get Anthony Anderson On Here

Автор Kevin Bastien ( назад)
Lol "you're like the nardwaur of sneakers"

Автор Mllr hr ( назад)
what a strange name for a indian

Автор Ruturaj Makwana ( назад)
What's the name of that beat/song at 2:00 ?

Автор kaustubh kaushik ( назад)
think I saw gigi Hadid on his t shirt

Автор Riemer Jager ( назад)
Can someone tell me the name of the neon-green Nike's at 6:53, second layer from the bottom, right side of the bag G is holding? Would help me a lot 🙏

Автор Brusk Erce ( назад)
Never seen Black Cat 4's mentioned on the show before but I respect G for bringing them up, wish I could get a pair so bad, love them.

Автор Terrence Shingoose ( назад)
This nigga always talking about the bay

Автор Jacob Klar ( назад)
They shoul play the persons song in the intro

Автор Wonder Woman ( назад)
"I smoked a lot.....back then." 😂😂

Автор Alec Medina ( назад)
yo get logic to go shoe shopping

Автор Adis Mulic ( назад)
G Eazy-"The two yeezys Kanye did for Nike were the best" btw he said that at like 5:41

Автор Crizalogy THA ONE ( назад)
6:34 dead af

Автор Alvaro Ramos ( назад)
lol he's trying to act like a gangster so white not trying to be racist

Автор MrEPIK75 ( назад)
I always forget how SB Dunks can reach 1k in certain colorways

Автор Jayden Gonzalez ( назад)
G eazy my man he love the same shoes I like Jordan 8s were my first shoes

Автор Cj Acepcion ( назад)
does anyone notice he looks like Paul Walker side view? or its just me

Автор Shaun Dartum ( назад)
You should make a show on go90

Автор Jack Montgomery ( назад)
This mans spent 1000 on dunks

Автор Billy Mays ( назад)
5:01 tho I gotta agree those are some ugly ass jordans

Автор SeanTom Tcg ( назад)
Dude spent more than uzi

Автор Liam Bachmann ( назад)
You shouldn't be proud of smoking a lot....

Автор Alex Mangal ( назад)
he looks like paul walker

Автор MetaMike ( назад)
wanted those Nike Heinekens.. oh they're 1 grand ? nvm

Автор Ryan Lars ( назад)
Hella gay

Автор Anthony Reep ( назад)
"Kicks game is just rude" You right, man.

Автор The Dankster Gangster ( назад)
Sneaker shopping with qias omar!!!!

Автор manuel I ( назад)
Those OVO's in the BACKGROUND 😫😫
I'll buy em

Автор Declan Philp ( назад)
You know what I'm sayin

Автор pedro garcia ( назад)
lol G-eazy said this lightweight

get  hiisssss   cooooooooooolll   assssss

Автор Joshua Zavala ( назад)
Do shoe shopping with jcole

Автор Joshua Zavala ( назад)
Do it with Jcole

Автор Bruh.Jelly. Bruh.jelly. ( назад)
Hold up Nike sb dunk low 1000 😐😐 People just get money on top of money these days😐

Автор Rambo 301 ( назад)
white cement 4s for 375 LMAO, I'm sleep

Автор Cesar Carbajal ( назад)
wish I had that much money just to spend on sneakers

Автор Hà Nguyễn ( назад)
all the differenr rappers cash out when g eazy stay with the credit card hahaha

Автор Quinn Evans ( назад)
why is this shit presented by Mc Donald's?1? like wtf

Автор Jakobekicks ( назад)
Joe that type of dude to look like he has cheap clothes, but low key break the bank on clothes

Автор GREENMATRIX 151023387 ( назад)
Ppl knock the 15s but I like em. The real ugly Jordans are the 20 low cuts. Not the 3/4s.

Автор GREENMATRIX 151023387 ( назад)
Aqua 8s are classic

Автор Joe Galindo ( назад)
1g for the sb heinekens

Автор JRoxes ( назад)
Ended that shit with a "yee". I forreal fuck with G-Eazy lol

Автор Daconti StrYKR ( назад)
lol I get the reference on G-Eazy's shirt "let's get lost tonight, you could be Supreme Kate Moss tonight"

Автор Troy Polamalu #KingTroy#SouthernCal#TrojanLegend 43 ( назад)
what NASCAR driver is he?

Автор Mohini Rahman ( назад)
i love him.

Автор Charissa Davis ( назад)
OMGGG G-EAZYS EX JUS CAME OUT WITH A SONG DISSING HIM 😂😂😂😂 ITS TRASHHHHHHH https://soundcloud.com/itsmeceecee/gold-prod-by-mt-fujitive

Автор Kisano Ruben ( назад)
cashier: that'll be 3k
G-eazy: Cool
lmao I wish I could say cool when my sneakers cost 3k. this dude said cool like that ain't shit I could buy the whole department.

Автор George ( назад)
Someone told me the presenter hasn't altered his fucking face.

Автор Bella Reyes ( назад)
i like how average g eazy is and dresses

Автор Bella Reyes ( назад)
i n

Автор firedragon216 ( назад)
i still have my black cat 4s

Автор Miguel Gutierrez ( назад)
Logic Needa Get on here.

Автор Miguel Gutierrez ( назад)
G-Eazy is Chill Asf.

Автор 6ix ( назад)
How come they haven't done a sneaker shopping with Logic?

Автор Manoosisss ( назад)
Damn $1k for sb's

Автор Bari Prabawa ( назад)
Adidas bruhhh

Автор ninjabape vvv ( назад)
shopping whit famous dex!

Автор Sebastian Davis ( назад)
Sneaker shopping with kodak

Автор Melissa Castillo ( назад)
He really wants to be with the trend lmao in the other video with Gucci he was in sweats like Gucci 😂😂

Автор Melissa Castillo ( назад)
Lmao am I the only person that notices this dude straight copied his g easys look 😂😂😂

Автор CloseProximity ( назад)
g eazy's music is for white kids in college who smoked weed once and think they're cool.

Автор Supreme 99 ( назад)
G-eazy looks like young Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Автор DAtBoyTrash ( назад)

Автор Wendy Melendez ( назад)
g easy looks ugly driest like that

Автор LEZNED ( назад)
When the cashier says the total to G he's just like "cool"I think $50 is a lot for me already lol

Автор Phm07 ( назад)
Lol, as if Flight club would have had every shoe he liked in his size.

Автор Bass aholic ( назад)
he was wearing the same hat in that old picture they showed wtf

Автор Daniel Hernandez ( назад)
He has small feet I'm 5'7, 13 years old and am size 13

Автор ADAM SZUCS ( назад)
get bryson on this please

Автор Faze_ cuttlefish ( назад)
gerald my homie

Автор oJ.lean.J o ( назад)
put Curren$y on this joint

Автор Young Slap Beats ( назад)
dropped 3000 like it was pocket change...

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