Gordon Ramsay Gets Into An Argument With A Delusional Owner | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Mar 16, 2019
  • Going toe to toe with Ramsay won't end well.
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  • Claudia
    Claudia Day ago

    How can Americans critique risotto when they can't even say it right lmao

  • Taylor Doleman
    Taylor Doleman 2 days ago +1

    American Mushroom “ris-oh-toe”... it’s risotto

    • MrNorthernSol
      MrNorthernSol 59 minutes ago

      Even worse is when owners of "Italian" restaurants call "calzone" - "cal - zone".

  • imtv
    imtv 3 days ago

    I wish to see Ramsays and Dr. Phil take turns on this one!

  • imtv
    imtv 3 days ago

    I wish to see Ramsays and Dr. Phil take turns on this one!

  • TheChuckerChuck
    TheChuckerChuck 3 days ago

    The paper is edible. How great..

  • Conor Murphy
    Conor Murphy 3 days ago

    What's this craic here with the calamari in a martini glass 😂😂

  • Dragon Strike1501
    Dragon Strike1501 4 days ago

    Honestly I don’t get how people can wait for 30 minutes. Today, I went to a restaurant, the waitress showed me to a table and then no one took my order for over 10 minutes although 4-5 waiters went by my table. I left.

  • Pilkie101
    Pilkie101 6 days ago

    I'm miffed

  • singalexsong
    singalexsong 7 days ago

    Did that lady just say “presentate”?

  • Daniel Puljic
    Daniel Puljic 7 days ago

    “Mike tries to PRESENTATE the food real nice” HAHAHA

  • Gaz Bee
    Gaz Bee 8 days ago +1

    Why can't americans say risotto properly

  • H Josh
    H Josh 9 days ago

    I give the owner propz for taking the your a fake comment and walking away and speaking calmly afterwards instead of blowin up on ramsey. because Gordon Ramsey can sometimes get carried away too. Most of his yelling is sensible there's method to the madness but calling the owner a fugazi was a bit out of left field, it was a low blow.

  • Black Suit
    Black Suit 10 days ago

    1:25 Fucking “presentate” the food? Dumbass moron idiot.

  • Scott francis
    Scott francis 11 days ago

    How Gordon just doesn't pick up the phone and get these shit holes closed is beyond me

  • Scott francis
    Scott francis 11 days ago

    This owners a fuckin retard

  • Snek
    Snek 12 days ago

    "How was it? Please tell me" lmfao Gordon you're hilarious.

  • Opa-Opa
    Opa-Opa 12 days ago

    You never ask how the food is/was especially in the middle of dining and yes even after dining. A good waiter/waitress knows by just looking at the plates how good the food was ;) And if a service person actually tries items from the menu himself he probably doesn't have to bother another person how the food is anyway...

    Oh and fondling that paper on a plate with a kitchen knive's blade facing to the guest is another pro move, geez... 2:08

    If I had a restaurant and Gorden comes in I would listen to every very single word he would have say to me. I even managed to make a beef filet perfectly the first time in my life just watching/explaining him and cooking that on his YT channel. Thank you Gordon, you cheeky fukka ;)

  • EzandRach .Campos
    EzandRach .Campos 12 days ago

    Preach Gordon , Preach !

  • ZeKe GaMeS
    ZeKe GaMeS 13 days ago

    Ramsay on a frenzy rampage

  • Bradders -
    Bradders - 13 days ago

    American restaurants seem so shitty you dont get issues like this in UK

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 13 days ago

    Good food shouldn't be rushed. But bad food is irredeemable.

  • d.ronzo17
    d.ronzo17 14 days ago

    They made Chef Mike into an actual human damn

  • Eddie9881
    Eddie9881 14 days ago

    Ramsey is way too harsh, which is the point of the show

  • Matias Laurila
    Matias Laurila 14 days ago

    Fucking degenerate

  • Sam MAI
    Sam MAI 14 days ago

    Now that's a real Chef Mike!

  • Dev Das
    Dev Das 14 days ago +18

    That poor chef. I can feel his pain. Working alone for so many people in the restuarant. Really a pathetic ownere there

  • MegaGenius YT
    MegaGenius YT 15 days ago

    Best drama series ever.

  • AnAmericanMan
    AnAmericanMan 16 days ago

    That HIDEOUS dated decor alone would have me turn around and walk out. No thanks.

  • 30noir
    30noir 16 days ago


  • Boris Wilcox
    Boris Wilcox 16 days ago

    This endless cycle of Gordon Ramsey videos is going to be my undoing

  • David Blott
    David Blott 17 days ago

    Felt so sorry for that chef

  • Alexus Dreemurr Leonis

    That chef is like the acoustic version of Joe

  • Ayman Yousif 2018
    Ayman Yousif 2018 18 days ago +1


  • Jasmine Beilby
    Jasmine Beilby 18 days ago

    Presentate is a new one on me!

  • Asif Reyazuddin
    Asif Reyazuddin 18 days ago

    The paper bag must’ve tasted better than the food inside

  • Abdul Mumin
    Abdul Mumin 19 days ago

    I never walk away from nothing ever not you lol

  • generic name
    generic name 19 days ago

    Dumbass - what? d-did i stutter?
    well yes

  • Ahmad Fanari
    Ahmad Fanari 20 days ago

    I love Gordon’s subtle comebacks or roasts

  • Hannah
    Hannah 21 day ago +2

    The couple complaining about the risotto seemed like it was so staged

  • Syndel Barreto
    Syndel Barreto 21 day ago

    Gordon got insulted so many times and still got the guy to understand that he was wrong without being too agressive , I guess this has turned Ramsay into a therapist just due the experience lol

  • Josh Simpson
    Josh Simpson 22 days ago

    Fucking love him me😂😂💯

    DOVAHKIIN GAMER 22 days ago

    He's says he never runs away from anything but shits himself in front of Gordon Ramsey and stars 2 take off like a pussy

  • Harold
    Harold 22 days ago

    The irony is Gordon's London restaurant cooked from frozen.

  • Terry Gollow
    Terry Gollow 23 days ago

    So here is the original chef Mike.

  • Spilled Ketchup - Main

    5:11 Gordon is so pissed his accent changes 😂

  • Gucci Steak
    Gucci Steak 24 days ago

    6:28 oof

  • Glanced
    Glanced 24 days ago

    Man pulled the "did I stutter"

  • Glanced
    Glanced 24 days ago

    "I'm on the phone listening to how fully booked I am "💀💀💀

  • Glanced
    Glanced 24 days ago

    "you probably pay 10 people" must be touch being a millionaire

  • MrZargon28
    MrZargon28 25 days ago

    Why is it that in every restaurant that fails there is only 1 or 2 cooks? And you wonder why you're failing??

  • Azrull Amany
    Azrull Amany 25 days ago +1

    Lets settle this with shokugeki😎(anime lovers would now this)

  • Iona Robertson
    Iona Robertson 26 days ago

    Ego battle

  • eelcogg
    eelcogg 26 days ago

    Looks like they're still in business www.theoldestonemill.com/

  • OfficiallyCJ
    OfficiallyCJ 26 days ago

    Didn't know Lin Manuel Miranda cooked before Broadway

  • Johnny Boy
    Johnny Boy 27 days ago

    6:29 ROFL

  • Kajubi
    Kajubi 27 days ago

    7:10 "what?" is so perfect lul

  • Rusty Shackelford
    Rusty Shackelford 27 days ago

    Nooooo...a stubborn italian man? Get the fuck out of here.

  • Ninja Penguin
    Ninja Penguin 28 days ago +19

    3:27-3:40 Tremendous acting. Truly 10/10

    • youbrokein
      youbrokein 8 days ago

      @Fixtures contacting few restaurants. they mentioned nothing was rotting or anyone hating the food until ramsay shows up. once ramsay and his team show up suddenly the fake customers say the food is bad and ramsay plants a dead mouse by the door then the idiot picks it up to show the staff lmao. ask the restaurants for camera surveillance if u dont believe me.

    • Niftyjojoo
      Niftyjojoo 9 days ago

      @youbrokein what proof

    • Fixtures
      Fixtures 9 days ago

      @youbrokein proof?

    • youbrokein
      youbrokein 10 days ago

      coz ramsay is a fraud. he plants stuff at restaurants on purpose and books the place with fake customers

    • Pat Cam
      Pat Cam 27 days ago +1

      I just thought same thing and come across your comment 🤔😂

  • DareWolf
    DareWolf Month ago

    *_P R E S E N T A T E_*

  • dtz1000
    dtz1000 Month ago

    Gordon would make a good psychologist.