thor and loki being thor and loki for 4 minutes straight

  • Published on Sep 9, 2018
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Superintendent NM

    dude they're kinda actin' like thor and loki

  • Charlotte Noordeloos
    Charlotte Noordeloos 9 hours ago

    The fact that this video is 4:20 minutes long makes it even more perfect

  • The Silver Eevee
    The Silver Eevee 11 hours ago

    which movie is it from that they're just walking through the city?

  • Kathryn Randall
    Kathryn Randall 17 hours ago

    *Do I look to be in a gaming mood?*
    Loki: well actually I was going to ask If you wanted to play some Minecraft but...

  • john david
    john david 17 hours ago

    U sure I can do this all day

  • carolinechen
    carolinechen 22 hours ago

    Lol that part where Thor literally snatches him out of the plane is #relatable

  • squishy 1
    squishy 1 23 hours ago

    i wanted to see "get help"

  • Gudiya singh
    Gudiya singh Day ago


  • Thor The Strongest Avenger

    He actually knows how to turn like paper

  • Vincelle1516 Pasion

    They really look cute as siblings

  • Yuvraj Bhadoriya

    Did anyone else notice that this video is 4:20 minutes long?

  • Aids
    Aids Day ago

    *b r o t h e r*

  • Yeetmeat_
    Yeetmeat_ 2 days ago

    Look at the length of this video

  • nieks. prophet
    nieks. prophet 2 days ago

    Loki looks so good in the black suit

  • Zahria Spencer
    Zahria Spencer 2 days ago +1

    "I'm listening"

  • Emily W
    Emily W 2 days ago +2

    I love how Loki cracks the sarcastic "I'm listening...." comment when nobody but him is around to hear it. He said it solely to amuse himself lol

  • XXxPoison VibesxXX
    XXxPoison VibesxXX 2 days ago

    1:41 they had to put it in all caps😂😂

  • shrek's remaining braincell


  • C.C.
    C.C. 3 days ago

    downed just cuz the fact you cant even check your audio levels, GG on the clipping.

  • BoDuke2 the original

    4 minutes 20 seconds to be exact

  • Lizzie Finnce
    Lizzie Finnce 3 days ago

    Cap:"what's the matter, scared of a little lightning?"
    Loki, panicking:"I'm not *overly fond* of what follows."

  • auzziegamerfan
    auzziegamerfan 3 days ago

    Their banter will be missed.

  • Short Shots
    Short Shots 3 days ago

    I accidentally read the title as Thor and Loki being straight for 4 minutes.

  • Yana michaelis
    Yana michaelis 3 days ago

    2:16 the one time he’s happy to see his brother

  • Arcticstar Of SnowClan

    "All right, bUh ByE!"

  • Arcticstar Of SnowClan
    Arcticstar Of SnowClan 4 days ago +1

    Is it just me, or...

    Is Thor throwing things at Loki my favorite part of the movie?

  • Arcticstar Of SnowClan
    Arcticstar Of SnowClan 4 days ago +1

    "He's my brother."

    "He killed 80 people in 2 days."

    "He's adopted."

  • _Under Trash_
    _Under Trash_ 4 days ago

    _he’s adopted._

  • Shalimar Cha
    Shalimar Cha 4 days ago

    oh shit?!

  • Esteban Umaña
    Esteban Umaña 4 days ago

    Not 4 minuts but 4:20, I saw that

  • Nightingale666
    Nightingale666 4 days ago

    Me and my brothers interacting

  • The Unfortunate Cat
    The Unfortunate Cat 4 days ago

    Thor: Are you crazy?!
    Loki: Possibly!

  • •Gacha C•
    •Gacha C• 4 days ago

    Loki is the off brand version of Draco Malfoy 😂

  • Xena Lowther
    Xena Lowther 5 days ago

    No doubt they are brothers! XD They act exactly like siblings. 😂😂😂

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna 5 days ago

    man, loki really changed after that 30 minute fall

  • Steeellleeeyyy
    Steeellleeeyyy 5 days ago

    *Loki* Attacc mode
    *Dr. Strange* aight, your a head out.

  • prits whatever
    prits whatever 5 days ago

    i love when loki shh shh thor HAHAHAHAHA

  • Gacha Chicken
    Gacha Chicken 5 days ago

    Siblings must be *FUCKING SIBLINGS*

  • Holy Stingray
    Holy Stingray 5 days ago


  • Uncoiled Tunic
    Uncoiled Tunic 5 days ago

    I love the part where Thor says *”BROTHER”*

  • Pravvus
    Pravvus 5 days ago

    This is a good video and all.. But why is some of the footage interpolated.

  • Shark Tooth
    Shark Tooth 5 days ago

    What’s that movie at 0:30

  • Inaaya Hussain
    Inaaya Hussain 6 days ago

    he's adopted

    😂😂😂😂 me 24/7

  • elle brugge
    elle brugge 6 days ago

    Where is the "we are not doing get help"?

  • FROG dela POND
    FROG dela POND 6 days ago

    Why has Loki never strategically used his mimicry in the film? Could’ve gotten away with a lot of things.

  • The Barn Squad
    The Barn Squad 6 days ago

    The best part of this video is that it finishes at 4:20

  • Shreya Raman
    Shreya Raman 6 days ago

    What movie is this from?

  • taylorkaitlynfn
    taylorkaitlynfn 7 days ago

    *im listening*

  • Jai McNeill Portlock

    It'll hurt no less when i kill you in this form...

  • Sunshine Wong
    Sunshine Wong 7 days ago


  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher 7 days ago

    ᴏʜ sʜɪᴛ

  • Rogelio Madriaga
    Rogelio Madriaga 7 days ago

    Why Isn’t Antoine Talking About The Video 4:20 Long?

  • Pastel Cats studios
    Pastel Cats studios 7 days ago

    Lets just take a moment and say nice because the video is 4 minutes and 20 seconds long

  • Kylar Irons
    Kylar Irons 7 days ago

    My last two brain cells

  • uwu owo
    uwu owo 7 days ago

    This video ends on 4:20
    I think Loki low key approves

  • uh oh stinky
    uh oh stinky 8 days ago

    loki is a constant mood

  • Dakuu75
    Dakuu75 8 days ago

    I love the banter between these two when shit is nice'n light hearted.

  • Rei Suzuya
    Rei Suzuya 8 days ago +12

    *"Loki this is madness!"*
    "Is it..?"
    "IS IT?!"
    *um sorta yeah*

  • Brian Dizano
    Brian Dizano 8 days ago

    3:17 homeless with big boss 😂

  • Chip O Legend
    Chip O Legend 8 days ago +1

    They are the perfect siblings
    Excluding the killing, the powers, the immortality, the thrown, they actually have the best relationship same with me and my older brother