Shaquille O'Neal believes the Earth is flat

  • Опубликовано: 19 мар 2017
  • Just like Kyrie Irving, Wilson Chandler and Draymond Green.
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  • Danny Meeks
    Danny Meeks Месяц назад

    The earth can't be flat. It's physically impossible. Our entire existence is a three dimensional existence. If something's flat, it's not 2-dimensional. it's just a relatively thinner three dimensional object like a rock you skip over water. From my understanding, the flat-earther society or whomever it was that started this whole theory in this time only did so in an exercise to prove something they knew was unprovable, like a challenge to see how far they could get. I remember a news report where the guys representing the society or whatever actually stated that this was their purpose.

  • Custard
    Custard 2 месяца назад


  • Custard
    Custard 2 месяца назад

    is he fucking serious

  • Ryan Ludwig
    Ryan Ludwig 2 месяца назад

    He came out and said that he was joking, sounds pretty serious to me

  • MadHatterx
    MadHatterx 2 месяца назад

    shaq "you mean to tell me china is under us?"
    dude "yes"
    shall "no it's not the world is flat"
    dude "if you dug straight through your back yard you can get there"
    shaq "no you can't the world is flat"
    dude "the world isn't flat! we've seen the earth?"
    shaq "no we haven't seen anything"

  • Bloodydane
    Bloodydane 3 месяца назад

    It's a joke folks -_-

  • No Name
    No Name 3 месяца назад +1

    Idiots. Conflating misinformation with all information is false information is to throw the baby out with the bathwater. The only thing flat is is Shaq's brain cause its deflated.

  • Mike Glynn
    Mike Glynn 5 месяцев назад

    Its not flat.

  • jigsawzoubir
    jigsawzoubir 5 месяцев назад

    So if Earth is a sphere is MUST have a radius of like two miles (so that we can "feel" it) ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheIrbe
    TheIrbe 5 месяцев назад

    Thanks Shaq, this will help us get more members around the globe

  • Weird Fantasy
    Weird Fantasy 6 месяцев назад

    Petition to send Shaq to space.

  • President Z Dogg
    President Z Dogg 7 месяцев назад

    Stupid Mother Fuckers getting paid billions of dollars to play sports and scholars living on Mac N Cheese. Evolution at it's best. There you go Darwin!

  • Leo Nardo
    Leo Nardo 7 месяцев назад

    Well some time I think that this person is right ... I guess Scientists are making us a fool ... and in more 100 years I guess the truth will reveal ...

  • Jack Stander
    Jack Stander 8 месяцев назад

    Where is the original JRE podcast? I cannot seem to find it :/

  • Preston Vaughan
    Preston Vaughan 8 месяцев назад

    The Earth is a Square, and if you think hes joking you are experiencing Cognitive dissonance.

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan 8 месяцев назад

    lucky they could play dumb

  • JKwanFit
    JKwanFit 9 месяцев назад

    Holy fuck I didn't know he was so retarded

  • Cyber Cynical
    Cyber Cynical 9 месяцев назад


  • MyName IsJeff
    MyName IsJeff 10 месяцев назад +1

    top 10 anime smartest people

  • Shulem Moskowitz
    Shulem Moskowitz 10 месяцев назад

    I think he is joking

  • B Mz
    B Mz 10 месяцев назад

    The reason for the increase in the number of people realizing that the earth is flat, is because there in no evidence that it is a sphere. The masses certainly haven't suddenly lost their minds, but something triggered them to thinking for themselves instead of accepting what they have been fed throughout their lives, mathematical equations, assumptions and pseudo-science.
    Someone can tell you about history that Cristopher Columbus circumnavigated the earth, and that would be proof that the earth is a globe, but someone else would tell you that does not prove that the earth is a globe because what Cristopher did was equivalent to going around in a circle.
    There is always at least one possible way to explain why something happens in a specific way. And if you can't find that explanation it doesn't mean what the first person proposed is true, especially when there is no evidence of it's absolute truth, beyond any reasonable doubt, without which it will remain a hypothesis or theory.
    We have been taught that the earth is a sphere and it rotates that's how we get our day and night, however one could argue that perhaps the sun is not as far away as you have been taught it is and that it circles right above the plane of earth lighting a specific area on at a time while the rest of the earth is dark. Who is to say what actually takes occurrence when they
    don't have proof.
    One can argue ships disappear on sea at the horizon due to the curvature of the earth, another person can use a pair of binoculars or a camera and zoom where the ship disappeared to bring it back to sight, proving that ships don't disappear at the horizon due to curvature of the earth but rather due to perspective, your eye simply can't see that far.
    Earth is all there is, the world we live in, and evidence shows that it's lying on a plane, I realized this truth when I failed to prove that it is spherical.

  • Mike Chen
    Mike Chen 10 месяцев назад

    He was joking

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 10 месяцев назад

    Drink me

  • Mr. C
    Mr. C 11 месяцев назад

    He was on Jimmy Kimmel and explained that he was joking...get real...

  • geogeo222
    geogeo222 11 месяцев назад +1

    Hahah I can't believe anyone heard this and thought he was serious. Some people just don't have any sense of humor

  • Jacob Hill
    Jacob Hill 11 месяцев назад

    He said it was a joke on Jimmy Kimmel

  • Nothingtoshow.
    Nothingtoshow. 11 месяцев назад


  • Never Believe Government
    Never Believe Government 11 месяцев назад

    yall dnt know shit, period. flat or round, people on earth are retarded

  • Stig Ice-Mane
    Stig Ice-Mane 11 месяцев назад

    You have to be thick in the head to believe the earth is round. It's funny how people are so willingly idiotic.

  • Hellenic Epirus
    Hellenic Epirus Год назад

    Day per day is believing it more people.The fake medias convince so easily the stupid masses!!! Like that the NBAers and their national team's players are natural born and not super doped!!!

  • lowkeytwitch
    lowkeytwitch Год назад

    Is he trolling?

  • jon warr
    jon warr Год назад

    This is why aliens don't talk to us.

  • uknownada
    uknownada Год назад

    And they say Shaq is a terrible actor.

  • Younus Bendame
    Younus Bendame Год назад +1

    He's joking stupid

  • Josh Gray
    Josh Gray Год назад

    Does anybody know the name of the song that plays in the background?

  • T
    T Год назад +1

    the earth clearly identifies as a cube

  • RDM131 3
    RDM131 3 Год назад

    Illuminate Comfirmed

  • fastfootedone
    fastfootedone Год назад

    heh, I ain't gonna argue with Shaq....I'm goin with "B": The Earth is Flat! ;-)

  • Shrey Pandya
    Shrey Pandya Год назад +3

    The Earth is actually in the shape of a meme

  • kahitano60
    kahitano60 Год назад


  • Eric Fartman
    Eric Fartman Год назад

    People are mad in the comment section because Shaq refuses to be a NASA-Shill! Thank you for exposing what I've always already known, Shaq!

  • KevlarKev
    KevlarKev Год назад +2

    Do these flat earth believers believe the moon is flat too?

  • Robert Weiland
    Robert Weiland Год назад

    Can anyone please tell me HOW THE FUCK DOES AN AIRPLANE LAND ON A BALL THAT SPINS AT 1038 MPH ? First off, all runways would have to run from east to west, they don't. Don't even get me started with HOW DOES THE NAVY LASER PAINT A TARGET FROM 50 MILES AWAY. THE TARGET WOULD BE 1,666.6666.... FEET BELOW THE HORIZON. Use common sense people. The NASSHOLES OF NASA put some bogeyed freak with crazy hair on T.V. and has him spew some shit they know you could never understand and you believe them. IT IS EASIER TO DECEIVE SOMEONE THAN TO CONVINCE THEM THEY HAVE BEEN DECEIVED!!!!!

  • Hipster Dinosaur
    Hipster Dinosaur Год назад

    I trusted you Shaq

  • Jon C.
    Jon C. Год назад

    So if the Earth is flat, where does it end? Because if your argument to that is that it keeps going without making a circle shape, please make a point to go back to 5th grade.

  • Chszuchurz
    Chszuchurz Год назад +1

    Brawo Shaq! :-)
    Ziemia jest płaska (Earth is FLAT) i jestem tego pewien na 100% !

  • Mel Janesko
    Mel Janesko Год назад

    why would you think is round? there's not even one picture showing the earth. before Christopher Colombus everyone knew it was flat.

  • potaterjim
    potaterjim Год назад

    I love how the only thing stopping flat earthism from being accepted is the entire scientific method

  • Alex Stones
    Alex Stones Год назад

    he's actually said he was joking recently

  • rrradodddupa
    rrradodddupa Год назад

    Ok, he is not that stupid, he is obviously joking... and even laughing about that while he is talking.

  • Vanity Yee
    Vanity Yee Год назад +1

    All the governments work together, they know the earth is flat. The UN's emblem is the Flat earth's map just to be funny then? lol, It says it in the bible the earth is fixed and immovable. Yah separated the waters from the waters with a firmament (vault), in which the Sun, moon and stars were placed IN, not out. You've "seen" "outter space" with "satellites" right, that's why you believe everything these "scientists" tell you? Oh no, its because you've been to antartica and explored yourself right? I haven't, because I hate the cold and would never torture myself with the possibility of getting stuck there but most important because believe in what our creator has specifically explained to us but you're so focused on what MEN (no smarter or more capable than you and me) has told you. The devil goes through whatever ends to control your minds and he uses, governments, teachers, churches and scientists that believe the lie to do so. Yah gave us all free will to find out the truth. The devil puts everything backwards to decieve you. In the bible it says the world is fixed and immovable which means the sun and the moon moves, not earth. There are waters above above the firmament, rain makes way more since than evaported ocean water lol (the hydrologic cycle is completely a theory like most science btw). Not to impune on scientific research that is truly meant to help not deceive. All I do know, is Yah IS very real and his truth is being hidden, if you want clarity and possession of your own mind, you must seek him first then you will begin to uncover truth. Btw most of these so called "Christan leaders" are part of the big lie as well, so the "God" and "truth" you think you know is nothing but rubbish. Peace, Love and Truth to you all. "Whatsoever true, Whatsoever be pure,.... whatsoever be of good report, think on these things and Yah will be with you" Phillipians 4:8-9.

    • Vanity Yee
      Vanity Yee Год назад

      Go away Google Ok well in that case let's then throw out scientists and astronauts. Let's just use our own minds with experiments you and I can test with complete common sense and no scientific theories. Let's say you have a bundt pan (Look up an image of it if you don't know) and imagine the raised part in the middle is a bit larger to represent land and the outter rim to represent antartica. Then place a large strainer above it to represent the dome covering the earth. If you put water into the bundt pan it will remain just like the ocean and come up to the land but will not exceed the surface of the land;however it can still be pretty deep. If you pour water onto the strainer it will replicate the effects of rain. Now place a small light under the strainer but above the pan and have it travel around the bundt pan in a circular motion, one side of the pan will be illuminated while the other side will not. These are just a few experiments you can do not requiring math or theories given to you by anyone but yourself. Does it not make complete sense? Now take a large beach ball, place pieces of whatever you want to it to represent land. Does it stick? No. Pour water on it. Does it stick? No. Now spin it as fast as you can? Does it not make your experiment even more counterproductive? Now place a gigantic light on it all the way on the other side of a large room, will it not illuminate most of the ball? Yes. Will you be able to see any such clouds behind it (sense clouds are supposed to only be on earth)? No, you'd only be able to see rays of like not the sun's full shape with clouds behind it. Again, only a few of many you can test. So if you drop complicated theories made to confuse you and use your own mind, you will then find the earth being a sphere and universe with planets and what have you, is nothing more than a creation just like the theories of men.

    • Go away Google
      Go away Google Год назад

      Vanity Yee I appreciate the kind words, but let me rephrase my question. Let's say for the sake of argument that I don't believe in gods, or devils, and that the words of the Bible mean as much to me as the words of any other faith. Why then, should I think the earth is flat?

    • Vanity Yee
      Vanity Yee Год назад

      Go away Google Im not a Christian either, religion is just another way to keep us bound and in the Devil's mind control. Many of those Christian leaders work for his good as well (Not all). I however; do believe in Yah and his word. Unfortunately a lot of his word was changed from its original context and used in a manner it shouldn't be. I have a deep spiritual connection with Yah, Yahoshua and the Eternal/holy spirit. They guide me to truth and if you seek them, they'll guide you too. I will say a prayer for you with hopes that you'll receive it, peace to you on your journey.

    • Go away Google
      Go away Google Год назад

      Vanity Yee so what if I'm not a Christian then. Why should I believe the earth is flat in that case?

  • Adam Khoury
    Adam Khoury Год назад

    If the Earth was round and you shot a bullet it would hit you in the back of the head. That means the Earth is flat because the bullet flies off the edge.

  • Sal Sel
    Sal Sel Год назад

    because they tell u Earth is round so its gonna take airplane 21 hours to get to australia instead going straight and make it in 2 hours

  • Sal Sel
    Sal Sel Год назад

    its flat definitely. picture this example that i will give you. when you order a airline ticket lets say from usa to australia they charge you probably around 480 or even 600 dollars why? the airline ticket should be like 200 max thats it. but the airplane gonna go around taking 21 hours to get to Australia instead going straight and making it in about 2 hours from usa. you got? i am not stupid.

    • Sal Sel
      Sal Sel Год назад

      Go away Google the plane ticket you buy says that. they never print ticket to go straight. only around. more money .

    • Go away Google
      Go away Google Год назад

      Sal Sel what do you mean "going around"? How do you know the plane is going around and not taking the shortest path?

    • Sal Sel
      Sal Sel Год назад

      Go away Google have you measured it thats 9000 miles , or government wrote it down and told you its 9000 miles? no matter how many miles u will make it faster going straight . why go around? they charge you more for airline ticket. its business

    • Go away Google
      Go away Google Год назад

      Sal Sel so you think that Australia isn't actually 9,000 miles away, but is actually closer?

  • MnNemz
    MnNemz Год назад

    should be flaq

  • Shakil Ahmed
    Shakil Ahmed Год назад

    That's called true believer hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • ExtremeNP47
    ExtremeNP47 Год назад

    The earth isn't flat, it's thicc.

  • Gian. Yes
    Gian. Yes Год назад

    I feel like shaq's voice gets lower by the year

  • ur mum
    ur mum Год назад

    people who know nothing about physics should stay out of the topic until they can bring up some valid facts with sources to disprove. im gonna take the words of the scientists since im not the expert and trust that they know what theyre talking about when they say the earth is a globe.

  • Razvan Cristea
    Razvan Cristea Год назад

    Big idiot!

  • KlohsCalls
    KlohsCalls Год назад

    Shaq has a PHD. He's gotta be trolling, I refuse to believe that he's this dense.

  • ahmad majdoub
    ahmad majdoub Год назад

    the biggest evidence that the earth is flat is :
    that the people who still believing in Globe earth always ask "where's the edge?"
    yes we are the elite and smarter than those brain washed still asking where's the edge and talking about gravity

    • Go away Google
      Go away Google Год назад

      ahmad majdoub perhaps "stupid question" is incorrect, it's more the way flat earthers deny answers to their questions which is stupid. They tend to ask questions as if the question itself is evidence that the earth is not a globe, when all the question shows is that they don't know how the globe works. And when provided an answer to their question, they assume that the answer is false.
      For example, flat earthers often ask: "if the earth is spinning, how come we can't feel it?"
      The answer is: because you are moving with the earth as it spins, and so from your perspective you won't feel that movement. Like when riding in a moving vehicle.
      Many flat earthers juts blindly deny the answer and say it doesn't make sense.
      The same thing happens with the majority of questions flat earthers ask as well. My point is that asking a question isn't proof that te earth is round or flat, just proof that the person asking the question is ignorant.

    • ahmad majdoub
      ahmad majdoub Год назад

      Go away Google yes you are right
      but tell me like what?? "flat earthers stupid questions"
      i see that question is a prove because this is how brainwashed think.
      humanity believed in flat earth for thousand of years
      they wondered where is the edge..they searched for it like Magellan and other explorers till apollo 11, "the earth is globe,no edge,nothing to explore down there"

    • Go away Google
      Go away Google Год назад

      ahmad majdoub how does that prove the earth is flat exactly? All it proves is that most people don't understand the model.
      Plenty of flat earthers ask stupid questions about the globe as well, and that doesn't prove the earth is a globe does it?

  • Mike Salimi
    Mike Salimi Год назад

    Earth is FLAT... Look up Eric dubay on youtube history of Flat Earth and wake up people...!

  • nianialolo
    nianialolo Год назад

    Congratulations America you are the dumbest of the world

    • Go away Google
      Go away Google Год назад

      swmplvr oh, what places are those exactly? I'd be interested to know who's still teaching this

    • swmplvr
      swmplvr Год назад

      I am guessing you are unaware of the fact that there are many places all over the flat plane that still teach the earth is flat and not a globe. By the way, flat earthers are in every country, not just The U.S.A. where they start the globe earth indoctrination from birth.

  • Batman
    Batman Год назад +1

    A large population of people believe the earth is flat. They're not all just "retarded." We know something you don't.

    • David Adenuga
      David Adenuga Год назад

      BlagenLogin you idiot

    • BlagenLogin
      BlagenLogin Год назад

      We know that the earth is not a flying spinning ball through space.
      And It sounds crazy and it is incredibly hard to believe, but there are some strange things that don't make sense on a round earth like...
      How with videos of the sun, it can be seen moving in a "sweeping" motion. It gets bigger as it comes closer to us as if it were only right outside of our atmosphere.
      The fact that we keep on seeing the same stars every single night.
      If we were constantly spinning and changing our position in space, shouldn't we have a different night sky almost every night?
      Or how the horizon always looks flat and extends no matter how high you're up?
      Why do flight patterns for airplanes make much more sense on a flat earth map?

      Trust me, I know I sound crazy. But I'm being serious, go look at these yourself and try and prove me wrong.
      I honestly think that we're all being lied to about what the world is.

    • Go away Google
      Go away Google Год назад

      And that is?

  • Callum Blair
    Callum Blair Год назад

    He's obviously fucking joking, I mean fuck, he starts laughing. How anyone can take this seriously is beyond me.

  • Itumo
    Itumo Год назад +1

    He's clearly joking.

  • edgar santiago
    edgar santiago Год назад

    i blame youtube for this type of thinking. alex jones, and lizard people are credible. illuminatti and blah blah blah. because people see it on youtube therefore it must be true. although youtube does have some great science documentaries too. i just guess it's how you use it.

  • Mr. Scoot Scooter
    Mr. Scoot Scooter Год назад

    Shaq's opinion
    "China is under us."
    Most Americans opinion
    "China is on the other side of the lumpy star we inhabit."
    My opinion

  • Redeemed Soul
    Redeemed Soul Год назад

    psssst...hey shaq!...if the earth is flat...then wh then why are the moo moon and s sun...both round??? badabapadaba! *in my rick voice from Rick and Morty*


    The world is obviously an octagon


    This is fake obviously

  • mo mo
    mo mo Год назад

    lmao... but I have 1 simple question to ASK all peeps out there!!! hear me out and hear me good!!! I don't want your answers from nasa, school teachers, or anyone else but YOURSELF and prove to us(or me) the earth is a globe!! all I want is a simple answer "yes" or "no" to the question!!! Here is the question but remember what I said above^......
    1. HAVE YOU, YOURSELF SEEN EARTH AS A GLOBE???? if answer is yes then provide up to date evidence! if no, then you will have to go fishing(research) for the right big fish(answer).
    all I'm saying is be an opened minded person and ask questions if things are not right. if hings are ok, then you move on to the next, simple as that, but what can I say about people.

    • mo mo
      mo mo Год назад

      Go away Google .... lol good answer for the first sentence but didn't I say don't use anyone but your own evidents!!! you have failed!!!! goodbye google!! lol... so like I said don't use anyone as a refrence!! so you yourself have not seen earth as a globe, then you can't prove to me that earth is a globe.. next person??

    • Go away Google
      Go away Google Год назад

      Nope, I haven't. But going into space isn't the only way to see if the earth is spherical, Aristotle was able to figure it out and prove it thousands of years before we could do that, and I have yet to see any flat earthers address his millenia-old arguments

  • EliteKillers
    EliteKillers Год назад

    This man has a doctorate? Rly? Damn, i guess im gona be nuclear phisysicst cya, first thing to, gotta learn propper grammar

  • iPure ™
    iPure ™ Год назад

    People have been in space before. You can clearly see (from the videos) that it is a sphere. Now enough with that shit

  • Arian Ka
    Arian Ka Год назад

    Y'all call Shaq fool when he say earth is flat but when Elon Musk says that life is a simulation in a PC y'all become philosophers. Just send him to orbit, end of the discussion.

  • Alessandro Felipe
    Alessandro Felipe Год назад +1

    That's why the niggas don't need to have a lot of attention :V

  • Zechariah Williams
    Zechariah Williams Год назад

    Condemnation before investigation is the height of ignorance. Go over to Eric Dubay's channel and educate yourself on the theory and then decide. Where's the edge, what is gravity, why the lie, what about satellites, gps etc.. you have questions? Eric Dubay has answers. I've already seen these questions posted in the comments section below. The answers will surprise you.

    • David Adenuga
      David Adenuga Год назад

      Zechariah Williams all of his claims are easily debunk-able

  • sdsd33
    sdsd33 Год назад

    Strap a fuckin gopro or any chinese knock off and shoot it in the air with a baloon. As simple as that. Morons thinking the earth is flat : It would literally cost you less than 100$ to prove to everyone that your theory is right.

    • swmplvr
      swmplvr Год назад

      are you that lazy, you can't even research one small thing like fish eye lens and correctors ?? No wonder you still think you are flying around on a ball upside down @ over half a million miles an hour.

    • sdsd33
      sdsd33 Год назад

      Are you really that dumb? Do it yourself bro, no fish eye lens. Let's have a laugh

    • swmplvr
      swmplvr Год назад

      you would be correct, but only if the camera is using a fish eye lens. There are many videos online of people who have used go pro/other, with fish eye lens cameras. By using a fish eye lens corrector you can take the effect away leaving nice and flat horizon.
      Try again?

  • Darkvine
    Darkvine Год назад

    This is why aliens won't talk to us >.

  • Jani Johnny
    Jani Johnny Год назад

    earth is a triangle, HALO?! illuminati and all-a that good shizzle :)

  • IAmRoyalty777
    IAmRoyalty777 Год назад

  • shivnz
    shivnz Год назад +1

    flat.. round.. ugh youre all so binary. the earth can be whatever it wants to be, STOP LABELING HER.. i mean him.. it... god dammit :(

  • Christian Colossus
    Christian Colossus Год назад +1

    How did he get his HS diploma? If LSU gave him one it just shows the value of their diplomas...smh

  • Christian Colossus
    Christian Colossus Год назад +1

    I wonder if he thinks the moon is made of cheese too?

  • GOD Dem
    GOD Dem Год назад

    Damn , i'm french and THAT video is rly scraring me i mean if Sport super stars can be manpulate by videos from non scentic sources on RUclip whath children would have for them...

    • swmplvr
      swmplvr Год назад

      lol you are French, what doesn't scare you people? =P
      cheers =)

  • FreezyPenguin
    FreezyPenguin Год назад

    The sun goes up at different time all over the world how does that make sense with a flat earth? how do two things with the same height cast a different looking shadow if they are far enough apart O.O The moon being made out of cheese makes more sense

  • G Griffins
    G Griffins Год назад +1

    If you really want to know, here's a couple of things you can test out for yourselves: 1. If you drive 67 miles north or south, the stars and the path of the sun will shift by one degree. If you drive roughly 670 miles straight north or south, the stars and sun will shift 10 degrees.... 2. If you fly to the north part of Alaska on June 21st, the North Star will be almost overheard and the sun won't set. The sun will actually go around you close to the horizon and it will be Summer. On June 22nd, you can fly to Brazil and stand near the mouth of the Amazon River, and the North Star will be on the horizon, and the sun will be rising and setting like a normal day. Then on June 23rd, after you go to the beach and grab a hot dog, you can fly to the tip of South America and the North Star will be 57 degrees BELOW the horizon, totally out of sight, and the sun will maybe rise for about 8 hours... and it will be Winter! ...You will also see cool constellations you probably have never seen before. The earth is a very big ball and it is roundish. Try it, every 67 miles is 1 degree. And btw if you times 67 miles by 360 degrees, you roughly get the earth's circumference. Sorry to say, but Flat Earthers are either lying or misinformed.

  • Renegade Rebel
    Renegade Rebel Год назад

    Right on Shaq!! You have it going on.

  • Lee Lanzini
    Lee Lanzini Год назад +1

    I thought it was a triangle😂😂😂 The illuminati shape🙃🙃🙃 #EarthAintFlat

  • DG ReverVie
    DG ReverVie Год назад

    The absurdity of the globe is believing water's surface takes the shape
    of what is underneath. Even if oceans were forced to stick to the ball
    earth because of "gravity", the water would still remain level, not
    curved! The globe is a lie! WATER ALWAYS FINDS ITS LEVEL!!! Research it,
    I know it takes some time to get over the indoctrination and fancy CGI
    of space.

    • Go away Google
      Go away Google Год назад

      Rever Vie water certainly doesn't find its level in a graduated cylinder. Or in an overflowing wine glass.

    • DG ReverVie
      DG ReverVie Год назад

      Sail to the north or south and you strike ice.sail to the east and west
      and you do not find it, because no one can sail due east or west, there
      is one magnetic pole right in the center of flat earth, sailing east or
      west the deflection of a needle of the compass is such that a vessel
      will merely sail in a circle about this center pole. Look at the logo
      of the United Nations it is a picture of flat earth, and Antartica is
      not a continent but a wall of ice that circles around the earth.
      Research, this and find out for yourself. It is the mark of an educated
      mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it! Think
      outside the box...errr..globe I mean!
      Don't think bar magnet, Ring magnets of the kind found in loudspeakers have a central North
      pole with the opposite “South” pole actually being all points along the
      outer circumference.

  • Arne Van Hofstraeten
    Arne Van Hofstraeten Год назад +1

    I lost all respect for shaq

  • Mike C
    Mike C Год назад +1

    The earth is flat in the Bizarro world!

  • South Pole Exploration
    South Pole Exploration Год назад

    We can argue about who is right or wrong for the rest of our lives but the only way to truly know the answer is to go down to the South Pole and check it out ourselves. It's up to us!

  • reealitychick
    reealitychick Год назад

    BADOS-- you are so correct--- people long ago certainly did know the earth was NOT flat--and here is BIG PROOF ==Job 26---vs 7--- Job said that God is so great-- he hangs the earth on nothing>>> HOW???? did Job know that-- look it up -- it ha been

    there in the bible for centuries>>>>>

  • BlagenLogin
    BlagenLogin Год назад

    You guys know they're only making fun of flat earthers so nobody will believe them, right?
    If you guys actually do some research and look into why people think the earth is flat, you might change your mind about the earth being a globe.
    For a couple basic things, why is it that the stars haven't changed in the thousands of years we've been observing them?
    If we're spinning and orbiting the sun, constantly moving. We should have a different night sky every night.
    Not only that, if you go really high up, you'll notice that the horizon looks flat and is always expanding.
    They say that the earth is just so big that we can't tell that the curvature is there with our eyes, but the problem is that if you keep on going up, a curvature never forms!
    The videos and pictures that show a curve is just because of the lens of the camera.
    I know this is crazy. But trust me, have an open mind and look into this. You'll be in for one heck of a suprise

  • Net Zee
    Net Zee Год назад

    if the earth is flat, explain the existence of day and night, and different timezones around the world

  • Jack Joshi-Powell
    Jack Joshi-Powell Год назад +1

    there really is no hope for us...