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Автор hellbergpc2222 ( назад)
Kids don't try this at home

Автор Cat Says moo ( назад)
I wish i never watched this for paranormal purposes

Автор Xenon Hare ( назад)
Why ar you doing this jelly

Автор Sean Austin Franco ( назад)
Wtf jelly

Автор Lewes Allison ( назад)
$100 amazon giveaway going on now! YouTube search, 78b974ca8b

Автор itsaddison withabow ( назад)
I'm 10 lol

Автор Lucas Alonso ( назад)
what the fuck is this -_- this is nothing education lol

Автор karim jamal ( назад)

Автор Noagan Nepia ( назад)
whats up bro

Автор Junita Qureshi ( назад)
LMAO who makes these games?????!!!!!

Автор Kadenreactions ( назад)
I will stick with surgeon simulator

Автор Hunter Wright ( назад)
what the hell

Автор Ernesto G Rodriguez ( назад)
I don't have a appendix

Автор lilia bison ( назад)
your playing kid game wtf your a kid like 4 years old wtf jelly

Автор Billy Clarke ( назад)

Автор Jamie Thompson ( назад)
Bernie Mak: OH LORD

Автор Asne Eirin Jørgensen ( назад)

Автор Kristian Heinävaara ( назад)
i spank her 1050 milels for hour

Автор Harlo Watkins ( назад)
The appendix one was me but I did not get mine out

Автор Liam Arundale-Smart ( назад)

Автор Latesha Smith ( назад)
I am 10

Автор Hadhirah Adleen ( назад)
alrigt now push

Автор Greg Jackman ( назад)

Автор Gemel Hogue ( назад)
why wtf

Автор Jadden Lopez ( назад)
Omfg lol this is disgusting!

Автор GhostFaceM8 ( назад)
I agree

Автор Ross Kompanik ( назад)
I mi one

Автор Ross Kompanik ( назад)

Автор heath plautz ( назад)
Hello random person looking through the comments.And i do know not many people will see this comment at all so if you see it have a great day.

Автор cj gaming ( назад)
XD my little sis play this XD

Автор Mudkip Legend ( назад)
Whoever made these games was a pervert who was lame

Автор Us OvaHere ( назад)
why does Dora twerk in the begin??!?

Автор Slim Thick ( назад)
Is it wrong that I played games from this site when I was young 😅

Автор Job Grit ( назад)
Like op deze video als je nederlands bent

Автор Matt van hulse ( назад)
I am 8 and I play gta5online

Автор Valerie Tyler ( назад)
why are you playing this

Автор Eunice Rdgers ( назад)
you grab the scissors and cut the bed?

Автор Reggie Pritchard ( назад)

Автор Nevaeha Stacey ( назад)
i seen my sister playing this i was like nope the dora game i was taking the coputer of her and she was 4

Автор Emillie The Princess ( назад)
The doctors don't flick my arm but they do it to others they said i have "good veins"

Автор Patrick Wallace ( назад)
Jelly pin this comment if u believe I love ur channel and vids

Автор Pepper 277 ( назад)

Автор AlyKai G ( назад)

Автор Chematra CC ( назад)
holle ####!😷😷😷😷

Автор Emīls Moris ( назад)
im at 9

Автор Charisma Sato ( назад)

Автор Sayed hashemi ( назад)
I am not kid jelly

Автор Maria Leon ( назад)
I play this game

Автор Mason Martin ( назад)
I'm 8

Автор Evan Brooke ( назад)
is it just me or does he like that bootie

Автор G Baby ( назад)
these games are really crazy

Автор silverboss mossy ( назад)
my friend's name is Ella

Автор Erik and Ian Lynch ( назад)
that intro XD

Автор Coraline Boucher ( назад)
Hi Jelly

Автор Thomas Opiela ( назад)
Cześć galaretki, jeden z twoich polskich fanów. Kocham Twoje filmy. Zachowaj je.

Автор Best Bros Productions ( назад)
if the appendicitis game is realistic then fuck me i did not know that is what happnd to me when i was 8 years old

Автор Digidal Beast ( назад)
Do the pineapple pen game Jelly

Автор Ron W Widman ( назад)

Автор Benny Nano ( назад)
Why did you do this

Автор Isaiah Fermanich ( назад)

Автор Monica Nyman ( назад)
I'm 10 and know all this stuff

Автор Lucas Woodger ( назад)

Автор Lucas Woodger ( назад)

Автор Jorge Gallegos ( назад)
Lol when Dora cries when you smack her

Автор phantom master ( назад)

Автор phantom master ( назад)
why this game SANK DORAS BUTT

Автор phantom master ( назад)
weird dora games

Автор Allison Edouard ( назад)
It's amazing what. people put on Google play or Apple store for kids.

Автор Mike v. Gelderen ( назад)
I remember another version of the first game with a monkey balloon, and it would play a song if you did over 500 miles an hour, it's just a monkey balloon so it's apropriate

Автор gaming apocolipz ( назад)

Автор gaming apocolipz ( назад)

Автор Rob Mawson ( назад)
I am 8 years old

Автор John Stiggens ( назад)
Wow. 7 seconds in and I want to punch the loudmouth with the headphones...

Автор The Owen Jr ( назад)

Автор Gary Palfrey ( назад)
I'm 8

Автор Robocop ( назад)

Автор Alfie Yates ( назад)

Автор Dat Hammer ( назад)
The hell who wants to make a game like these

Автор KawaiiPanadas Animation 123 ( назад)
lol those games Jelly

Автор Gamer Braden ( назад)
lel I'm 9

Автор the ultimate demongunner ( назад)

Автор the ultimate demongunner ( назад)
this is so immapropriate for kids

Автор Octavio Villanueva ( назад)
Why jelly

Автор Cam James ( назад)

Автор eline moore ( назад)
you say anestithic like anastitic

Автор bluedragon ( назад)

Автор son goten ( назад)
Dora is so OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор lomunoty f ( назад)
i will: )

Автор lomunoty f ( назад)

Автор roblox and vminecraft and more ella ( назад)
your so hot i had a dream that you where my bestie not boyfriend or anything and you protected me 😘😭😊 have a nice day jel jel jelly see ya

Автор Gshaw Durp ( назад)

Автор Gshaw Durp ( назад)
wtf ????

Автор Bob Bob ( назад)
I'm 10😏

Автор Kevin Santos Maysonet ( назад)

Автор Kevin Santos Maysonet ( назад)

Автор Kevin Santos Maysonet ( назад)

Автор ChuckedReality ( назад)
Spank that ass

Автор kitty 1234 ( назад)
my name is ella;)!

Автор Charlie DA Host ( назад)
I'm 8

Автор Trent Sturrock ( назад)
What's your job

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