WayV 威神V '无翼而飞 (Take Off)' Dance Practice

  • Published on May 27, 2019
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    WayV 威神V '无翼而飞 (Take Off)' MV
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    WayV 威神V '无翼而飞 (Take Off)' Dance Practice ℗ LABEL V

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  • NCT_TYtrack
    NCT_TYtrack Day ago +1

    Ten is me at 0:17 when I try to get a bug off me

  • Mishkaah Lee
    Mishkaah Lee Day ago +1

    I always thought EXO's Kai was crazy tall, that's why his dancing always looks so aesthetically pleasing besides him having great rhythm, BUT THEN, Lucas started breathing...

    ANGEL 2 days ago

    Somebody please tell me, Cos im not that updated to them! I don't know much about them! I thought their NCT? Where are the others? Are they left NCT? that's why their group name is WayV?

  • Finisia Sari
    Finisia Sari 2 days ago

    Love from indonesia😘😘

  • Ren Kiwi
    Ren Kiwi 2 days ago

    1:43 YangYang, sweetie, there are children watching lol

  • Farahanim 2006
    Farahanim 2006 3 days ago

    Ten and Lucas is so handsome
    When winwin is cute baby
    Love you all!😍😍😘😘

  • Yanti Dwi
    Yanti Dwi 3 days ago

    Eventhough, at the first I fall deep in love with Lucas, but now I love them very much with all my heart, every member is my bias.. can't wait to see them in Indonesia, so please WayV, come and meet your fans here.. 😘🤗

  • BTS Biased
    BTS Biased 4 days ago +1

    ok but like i tried picking a bias...

    update: still can't pick only one

  • Pone Pone
    Pone Pone 4 days ago

    🖤2:37 🖤 really really cool 💚

  • Nurin Syukrina
    Nurin Syukrina 5 days ago +1

    this part already killed me 0:12 YANGYANGGG

  • Lauren
    Lauren 6 days ago +1

    I prefer this choreography in Moonwalk. I'm not sure if it's because in Moonwalk the camera man was little zooming every second super close or what.

  • Nurul Oh
    Nurul Oh 6 days ago +4

    Ten really remind me to lay :(((

  • 鄺霈恩
    鄺霈恩 6 days ago


  • Antonette Cabrera
    Antonette Cabrera 7 days ago

    2:40 I died! ❤️

    ERIC CHEUNG 7 days ago +2

    Traditional Chinese is good for understanding.

  • Mega Silviana
    Mega Silviana 7 days ago +4

    MAMA brought me here. OMG! They are so awesome!

  • Jaymee Renee
    Jaymee Renee 9 days ago


  • K.One
    K.One 9 days ago

    2:10 Lucas I think that's illegal

  • lala niss
    lala niss 9 days ago

    行 许西 💛❤

  • Chris Zoie
    Chris Zoie 9 days ago +1

    watever happened at 3:32... AMAZING

  • April Bernardino
    April Bernardino 10 days ago

    Xiaojun: Can I be honest? I so hate to be controlled.
    Me: Oh boy, u got me there.

  • nesa putri
    nesa putri 10 days ago +3

    Come because MAMA 2019...
    WayV performance really FANTASTIC !!!!

  • heyitskirbyyy cantil
    heyitskirbyyy cantil 10 days ago


  • Anna Laguerre
    Anna Laguerre 10 days ago +6

    I think I'm convinced that WayV is one of the best groups when it comes to dancing, alongside ATEEZ. Their dancing is so sharp, quick and full of energy wtf. Kind of obsessed.

  • I Palmore
    I Palmore 10 days ago

    why does win win never look happy

  • Karys BT
    Karys BT 10 days ago


  • Leihaothabam Lokeshori
    Leihaothabam Lokeshori 10 days ago +1

    Best song 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Mary Louise L
    Mary Louise L 11 days ago +5

    I'm so proud they were able to perform this on MAMA 2019. It was so lit!

  • Jasper sú
    Jasper sú 12 days ago +1

    Minuto 1:42 ufff Ten 😳😳❤❤

  • color changing soup
    color changing soup 14 days ago +1


  • Maria Rodelaine
    Maria Rodelaine 14 days ago +1

    im here everyday bcs yangyang got me especially on 1:45 huhuhuhu how can he be so cute and hot at the same time uuuuggggghhhhh

  • Nanda Eka Yulia
    Nanda Eka Yulia 15 days ago +5

    3:04 Kun's voice resembled Suho's, and they both had the same energy...

  • barbaro267
    barbaro267 15 days ago

    "Why is natural selection of the soul greedy?" ROFL, probably because Darwinism assumes the belief that human beings don't need virtues like humility and compassion in order to live a fulfilling life.

  • 葉語童
    葉語童 15 days ago


  • smaller chilis are spicier

    it'll be december 2019 soon and i'm still in love with lucas's armpit.

  • Taehyun's lost 3 dollars jams

    2:06 😍😍😍like that part..the melody and the dance step!! Rock your world!

  • Scarlet 3 Price
    Scarlet 3 Price 18 days ago

    Whew!!! SOOO SEXY!!! 🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋

  • Camille Calusa
    Camille Calusa 18 days ago

    It's so hard to focus with this group. Like I wanna see WW because he finally has more lines to hear, but then there's the btch Ten w/ all his moves, & then Lucas being so disrespectful w/ that body.. You can't even deny the other members because they hella let you know with their own presence.

  • Mxriya
    Mxriya 19 days ago +1

    if u put the speed on 0.25 it sounds both scary and lit

  • jessica r
    jessica r 19 days ago

    2:11 help help help help HELP

  • Lee Hangyul produce 101 x fan

    i don't like kpop but i like this one :33333333333333333333333

  • Aylen Quiroga
    Aylen Quiroga 20 days ago +1

    Ten is really built like that

  • Luna
    Luna 20 days ago +2

    Lucas or Ten? Can I keep both? Wayv is way to hot 🔥 is disrespectful

  • Kosi Phillips
    Kosi Phillips 21 day ago +1

    yes who doesn't love tens dance breaks uWu

  • marga t.
    marga t. 21 day ago

    yangyang pls stop ur so good

  • Jonanana
    Jonanana 21 day ago +2

    Our boi Ten snapped real hard

  • Marina Lopez
    Marina Lopez 22 days ago +2

    They make it look so fun😭 makes me wanna be part of that but I can’t dance to save my life 😂

  • Dicte Skov
    Dicte Skov 22 days ago +1

    does it look sped up to anyone? it looks very fast, and if you put it in 0.75% speed it looks more normal

    • Dicte Skov
      Dicte Skov 22 days ago

      there movements are very quick and sharp, so it seems sped up a tiny bit

  • Crisbang*._.* Wired stuff

    comment be like: WhY 90% lEgS aNd 10% BoDy

  • Samantha Jade
    Samantha Jade 23 days ago +1

    Ten literally just ruined my entire bias list...He's at the top now 😍😍

  • อาริยา จันดา

    Love Ten love Lucas from Thailand😘😘😘

  • chrisi
    chrisi 23 days ago

    i might or might not have paused at 1:42 for scientific purposes

  • lex fz
    lex fz 23 days ago

    💓Love 💓

  • jelyypika
    jelyypika 24 days ago +1

    Why does Lucas and Winwin so attractive??😍😍 And xiaojun alsoooo i love them but i do love all the members

  • joker King Green
    joker King Green 24 days ago

    هل هذا قناة حق لوكس مخصص الصينين فقط ولا انستي الصيني

  • iklet yoon
    iklet yoon 24 days ago +4

    they remind me of EXO-M... visuals, vocals, and dance are all on point...They are all very good! Ten reminds me of Yixing's early days...

  • 陳怡潔
    陳怡潔 25 days ago +1

    Ten 真的很會跳 動作很有質感 厲害

  • 오웅
    오웅 25 days ago

    이옵하들 나도 영접하고시ㅠ다고ㅡㅡ 스엠아 한국팬미팅해줘라..

  • chom pink
    chom pink 25 days ago +1


  • chom pink
    chom pink 25 days ago +1