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  • Shelby Trix
    Shelby Trix Day ago

    Ok I’m literally so sad I can’t buy tickets and I’m going to Austin the day of the show😭😔

  • Minnie
    Minnie Day ago

    Damn, they put in the WORK

  • Ella
    Ella Day ago

    I really REALLY hope you do a london show❤️ I’d definitely be there!! 😋

  • jenna sanchez
    jenna sanchez Day ago

    Keith is now a 👐🏼thirty two year old ladddyyy👐🏼

  • Yellow Umbrella
    Yellow Umbrella Day ago

    You have to make a Europe Tour!! ❤❤😭

  • Josie Mushroom
    Josie Mushroom 2 days ago +1

    Im so upset I dont live in the US knowing your touring 19 places. Even if you did 1 show in London, Id travel down the country to see you guys!! Love watching your journeys x

  • Ella
    Ella 2 days ago +1

    Please come to Australia

  • dogs&drawings !
    dogs&drawings ! 3 days ago +3

    I honestly started crying when the girl started to crying about her friend coming out because of the video. The video is so perfect and so meaningful to so many people!

  • Audrey Speziale
    Audrey Speziale 3 days ago

    Guys! If you do this again PLEASE 😫🙏🙏💓come through St. Louis!!!!!!! 😘😘😘

  • Amelia Cox
    Amelia Cox 3 days ago

    am i the only one who saw the winter garden theater and died by they really wanna see beetlejuice? no? just me? ok

  • Devon
    Devon 3 days ago

    Do you guys have a PO Box? I have a hat we are selling at work that I want to send to Keith💙

  • Ky Larson
    Ky Larson 3 days ago +1

    I went to the Chicago show and ate chicken with Keith. My boyfriend high fived Keith and Eugene. Best day of my life. We both lost our voices from laughing so much!

  • Sophia E
    Sophia E 4 days ago

    Oml you say concrete jungle wet dream tomato too? That’s what me and my cousin say. Lol.

  • Blade Runner
    Blade Runner 5 days ago


  • K Purtul
    K Purtul 5 days ago


  • MrTingles
    MrTingles 5 days ago

    no wonder touring artist tend to turn to drugs to sustain the constant level of activity and performance and the cost of their entire body. don't stretch yourselves too thin, guys. all these opportunities are great of course, and i reckon none of you would want to miss out on any of them, but there's virtue in knowing your own value, when it comes to your health and sanity...

  • Jocelyn Cortes
    Jocelyn Cortes 6 days ago +2

    I remember you guys trying on women's underwear😭 and it saddens me that I can't see you guys live💔

  • Loz R
    Loz R 6 days ago +4

    I mean that coming out video was amazing ❤️
    (Like everyone is saying it’s funny to think that they started of as 4 guys in a office trying on ladies underwear 😂)

  • Ciera Howell
    Ciera Howell 6 days ago

    Keith is on the fast track to becoming a late night host. I think a try guys late night show would actually be good

  • Victoria Smith
    Victoria Smith 6 days ago +2

    I’m betting Keith was little spoon in that king sized 🛌

  • Hwi Yeo
    Hwi Yeo 6 days ago +3

    wait i'm rewatching this video and i only just realized the try guys x bon appétit collab filming now omg i'm so excited!!

  • propaganda de piu piu

    *Cries in european*

  • Louann Harbaugh
    Louann Harbaugh 7 days ago

    my daughter and friend at 6:18!!!!

  • Anjelica Verlin
    Anjelica Verlin 7 days ago

    Did u know Eugene is in an episode of Brooklyn 99

  • Lechell Serrano
    Lechell Serrano 8 days ago

    Keith appears
    Croud:ahhhhhh Keith
    Need appears
    Croud:ahhhhhhhhh need
    Zach appears
    Crowd:ahhhhhh zach
    Eugene appears
    Crowd:ahhhhhh ahhhhhh I love you ahhhhhh scream ahhhhhhh

  • KermitKiddo UwUeel
    KermitKiddo UwUeel 8 days ago

    I hope the tour will one day go around the world and end up in Australia! Nonetheless super pumped and happy for the Try Guys! Aaaaah!

  • Gsp For Life
    Gsp For Life 8 days ago +2

    Just bought the book today can’t wait to read it!🤗

  • hoi
    hoi 8 days ago

    Can we now have Europe tour dates ?

  • jason lewis
    jason lewis 8 days ago

    Try guys! Try guys! Try guys!

  • Ava O'Dwyer
    Ava O'Dwyer 8 days ago +3

    This is Absolutely

    I think we all saw this coming and I'm so proud as well!!!

  • Reyna Arawan
    Reyna Arawan 9 days ago

    Hey, I saw this taco holder and I thought of you guys. You guys should have them for taco night.

  • Letícia S
    Letícia S 9 days ago

    Awnn... I'm so happy for you guys!

  • The nerd cat person 472

    Imagine the tax write offs 🤣

  • Soup Time Now time
    Soup Time Now time 9 days ago

    Omg they’re coming to my city on the nineteenth I’m too late

  • Heather H
    Heather H 9 days ago

    You guys have such a contagious energy! Wish I could make it to one of the TX shows, but it's not in the stars this year.

  • carolina gil
    carolina gil 9 days ago

    Yes, but if you live in mother friking Spain but still want to see you what are you supposed to do?

  • Nichole Schroeder
    Nichole Schroeder 9 days ago +9

    Here to see how Zach’s hair turned out instead of waiting for his Part 2 hair video

  • Emma Fall
    Emma Fall 9 days ago

    Please in a couple years do an international tour. I’m so jealous. Btw I’m from England

  • Long Live Bun Bo
    Long Live Bun Bo 10 days ago

    Eugene in black liner :(((( he looks tired tho, get some rest Eugene~~

  • Olivia Eats Ramen
    Olivia Eats Ramen 10 days ago

    I got my tickets!

  • Derrick McAdoo
    Derrick McAdoo 10 days ago

    No Delivery ? wft

  • Kim Huebner
    Kim Huebner 10 days ago

    Can I just say how fucking amazing their show was! They killed it!!! ❤️

  • Michela Cambareri
    Michela Cambareri 10 days ago

    I really hope you'll do a dvd for us poor non US fans who can't come to the live tour :(

  • Pamela Garcia
    Pamela Garcia 10 days ago

    Why not in Tj I what to see you guys

  • Annie Taylor
    Annie Taylor 11 days ago

    Ugh I hate that I’m on the biggest scouting trip of my life so I can’t go I want a video version on Amazon or somethingggg

  • Nicole Peaslee
    Nicole Peaslee 11 days ago +87

    The Try Guys are the complete opposite of toxic masculinity and it warms my heart so much.

  • IP0907
    IP0907 11 days ago +1

    Damn no one wants to come to Canada for tour...... wait what was this video again

  • fawningfangirl
    fawningfangirl 11 days ago +1

    Laurdiy and Superwoman attending the first show made me so happy on the inside and idk y

  • ImpaledBerry
    ImpaledBerry 11 days ago

    buzzfeed when the try guys has a tour : well FU

  • Silly Willy
    Silly Willy 11 days ago


  • Sarah villar
    Sarah villar 12 days ago

    There’s no show in Louisiana 🙁🙁

  • Chasidy C
    Chasidy C 12 days ago

    I'm so sad I didnt get to go! I'm in Ohio but I'm from Texas! Woo Eugene! But we were dealing with the memorial day tornados here in Ohio. But I'm so happy for you guys! Y'all have come alllll this way! I'm so happy to see y'all working your way up! I will finally have the chance financially to get y'alls book and merch!

  • Barely Adulting
    Barely Adulting 12 days ago

    Come to Toronto!!!!

  • Fred schoenmaker
    Fred schoenmaker 12 days ago

    Do you have a one

  • Anna Bean
    Anna Bean 12 days ago

    UK next tho yeah boys? Xxx don't forget our little place across the pond 😊🇬🇧 xxxx

  • Katarzyna Gawecki
    Katarzyna Gawecki 12 days ago

    Any ideas for how international people can see your show? Are you planning on doing a recording? Would loooove to see it, but it's just impossible to come out right now :(

  • What Larri Loves
    What Larri Loves 12 days ago

    How old is eugene?

  • Gripit L
    Gripit L 12 days ago

    Eugene will be the first to leave the Try Guys. It will be a huge scandal.

  • Nicole C
    Nicole C 12 days ago

    I hope you guys do a show in Puerto Rico!!!!

  • Hillary Tory
    Hillary Tory 12 days ago


  • TaeTaej
    TaeTaej 13 days ago +1


  • ohugsoandxkissesx
    ohugsoandxkissesx 13 days ago

    i wish you guys were coming closer to Hampton Roads...i can't make it up to DC in the middle of the week..if i was home in LA on leave i would 😔 but alas the call to serve
    but i love you guys so much! i have been watching you for a few years now and i am always looking forward to your videos..your content is funny, entertaining, real, and i'm so happy for you that you have these amazing opportunities to meet your fans 💕

  • minitigris uwu
    minitigris uwu 13 days ago +37

    wow eugene really powered up the gay after that coming out video

  • Gillian Treyler
    Gillian Treyler 13 days ago +1

    Wth the girl at 7:26 might just be the most beautiful creature I've ever seen...after Eugene of course

  • Mel Palos
    Mel Palos 13 days ago +1

    😭😭😭😭😭 all the feels

  • ladilia *
    ladilia * 13 days ago


  • Chloe Lynch
    Chloe Lynch 13 days ago

    How about a uk tour? 🇬🇧

  • Student, Ben Caspi
    Student, Ben Caspi 13 days ago

    Wait who was singing the highest harmony for the show’s finale Eugene or Zach?

  • Sam Samson
    Sam Samson 13 days ago

    *EUGENE ---- Please react to the new NETFLIX SHE-RA cartoon.*

  • iiitalia iii
    iiitalia iii 14 days ago +2

    Is it just me or does Keith kinda look like Waldo?😅