How Asteroid Mining Will Save Earth

  • Published on Jun 27, 2018
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    The days of oil may be numbered, but there’s another natural resource that’s never been touched, Asteroids.
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    The richest person in modern history, was John Davison Rockefeller, His net worth was three times greater than that of our richest tech billionaires, inflation adjusted. And the source of that fortune? Timely exploitation of a vast, then-untapped natural resource: oil. Well, the days of oil may be numbered, but there’s another natural resource that’s never been touched, is effectively inexhaustible, and has a dollar value large enough to disrupt entire economies. That resource? Asteroids, and the precious materials they contain. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson predicts that the world’s first trillionaire will be an asteroid miner. The Rockefellers of the 21st century may be less like the internet and tech moguls of the 20th century and more like the old-school oil barons of the 19th century.
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Comments • 1 875

  • E Pasko
    E Pasko 7 days ago

    I can see making some Gas to get your ass and your pay dirt back home, but really, actually making stuff up there? anybody watch a smelting and foundry, casting, Extrusion Video Lately? blast furnace in Space? WOW, However, Only Aluminum, is looking Real good to me
    with the ARC furnace and Damn sure the whole OP would love a vacuum if not already required at least for degassing phase, feel free to chime in anyone, 3d printing mining equipment in space? Do it here on planet first and I will sign up for the mission. Great Topic!!

  • Keith Wong
    Keith Wong 8 days ago

    I came here from the time travelling video

  • cherubin7th
    cherubin7th 14 days ago +1

    Then the top 0.01% will own 99.99999% of all wealth.

  • bob mar
    bob mar 18 days ago

    The start up cost will be trillions not billions. Space is a money pit.

  • vine a decirles que jueguen isaac

    We can make meteorite armor and a space gun

  • Ivan T. Tungsten
    Ivan T. Tungsten 26 days ago

    Now we're talking, save earth's rare atmosphere by mining and refining in sparse and on the moon.

  • Russboii
    Russboii 26 days ago

    Going vegan will save the earth

  • Game Master Toolbox
    Game Master Toolbox 28 days ago

    Will carbon dioxide have to transported to the asteroid, or can it be produced using the asteroid material?

  • Aj Dembroski
    Aj Dembroski Month ago

    Tycho and the Navoo

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson Month ago +1

    *EROS 433!!*

    • Michael Johnson
      Michael Johnson Month ago +1

      But by giving THE EARTH MORE MASS you potentially shift Earths Orbit... don't KNOW if Eros 433 has enough mass but if you MINE ENOUGH SPACE ROCKS AND BRING THEM TO EARTH..... = THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT...

  • Lord DingleBat
    Lord DingleBat Month ago

    I believe Planetary Resources was recently acquired by ConsenSys Space? Not sure what this means for the future of asteroid mining.

  • Michael John Little

    I would suggest that mining the sea floor would provide a greater return on investment than mining asteroid, despite this topic being more sexy.

  • Tibor Koos
    Tibor Koos Month ago

    I love the show but I do't buy this argument at all. If 0.1% of M-type asteroids is platinum or other valuable metals then 1000 ton of asteroid material would have to be transported back to Earth to get 1 ton of these metals. Using the cheapest transport today (Falcon heavy) that would cost (one way from low orbit) $1 billion. 1 ton platinum is $40 million and rhodium is 65million and as you mentioned there would be at least some price drop caused by increased supply - clearly not cost effective. This is especially true considering that the transport cost per ton would actually be much higher due to distance and speed of even nearby asteroids, increased cost at scale and the cost of loading the material into transport vehicles. Even if NASA's goal of reducing low orbit transport cost by several fold (hundreds of dollars per kg by 2025 or under $100 by 2040) will be achieved, there's no money to be made. As for automated mining, extraction/ enrichment operations, reaching the asteroid belt etc. this is pure fantasy. Most importantly this is because with the same effort recycling here on Earth could be developed and implemented much sooner and at a lower cost.

    • Connor Schultz
      Connor Schultz Day ago

      I believe you missunderstand, you wouldn't bring back the whole asteroid, that would be better discribed as asteroid farming or herding something along those lines, a mining operation would actually be extracting the valuable materials and leaving behind the left over rocks that aren't vauble.

  • Willow Nightsong
    Willow Nightsong Month ago

    Moving an asteroid into lunar orbit sounds dangerous, imagine if someone hits the wrong button... My gut feeling tells me it won't happen this century maybe a test and some exploration. If we have peace and stability we could have fully fledged companies mining asteriods in the mid 22nd century.

  • Jesus McBeth
    Jesus McBeth Month ago

    6:05 where's that jif of a golden mine from? Game.?

  • Jesus McBeth
    Jesus McBeth Month ago

    Secret organization eh? Illuminatty much?

  • Jesus McBeth
    Jesus McBeth Month ago

    Make earth an asteroid

  • Hearsheyboi *
    Hearsheyboi * Month ago

    Yes do over min gold & make it worthless. Papa needs a new golden toilet seat.

  • Stephen Torres
    Stephen Torres Month ago

    Thanks for the nod to "The Expanse"

  • Sawty
    Sawty Month ago +1

    This seemed like an odd capitalist pitch for mining operations in the name of profit for billionaire scum. Let's have NASA acquire them instead so we control the industry. That's the only way to go about exploring space, as a species, together.

  • michael cordio
    michael cordio Month ago

    Let's start drilling...

  • andrew roden
    andrew roden Month ago

    interesting job,in the astroid belt strapping on little rockets to big rocks to get them into our orbit,easy!! lol

  • meesalikeu
    meesalikeu Month ago

    he usually doesn’t nigel too much, but this time he al loo min ee ummd and i keked.

  • Read Marx
    Read Marx Month ago +1

    The minimum wage must match the cost of living if we want to prosper. Once capitalism reaches the vacuum of space we must invest back into the working people

  • Joe Peluchette
    Joe Peluchette Month ago

    I'll go work there

  • necromancer
    necromancer Month ago

    Why don't mine Mars's moons?

  • timelike01
    timelike01 Month ago

    Now that you bring it up:

  • Nigel Griffiths
    Nigel Griffiths 2 months ago

    You think bringing an asteroid back to the moon would be a good place to harvest all its material from it. Is that why NASA wants to go to the moon again. Having a base on the moon would make these things more possible lunch in space crafts and the moon is far cheaper than from Earth and with the likes of the Starship with Elon Musk SpaceX could become possible I wonder if he was planning to harvest asteroids. Well this is great stuff the future is endless I'm just a humble farmer I'm fine sis really fascinating great stuff love the video

  • Bharat Nagalia
    Bharat Nagalia 2 months ago

    Thats why I stick to BTC XD

  • Fırat Turk
    Fırat Turk 2 months ago

    Pffft. Hogwash. Everybody knows you mine asteroids by shooting mining lasers to their soft spots and then using the tractor beam to bring the goods into your cargo hold... I hear alien artifacts are on high demand on the black market btw...

  • cowthedestroyer
    cowthedestroyer 2 months ago +1

    Just bring the asteroids to earth lmao.

  • Bug Man
    Bug Man 3 months ago

    You can not eat Money.

  • jz
    jz 3 months ago

    Let's hope that the first asteroid mining "disaster" isn't a rogue asteroid that somehow got away from the retrieval crew and is now on its way to crashing into Earth. Nah, that could never happen, could it?

  • Queen Wavy
    Queen Wavy 3 months ago

    Saving the earth? Are they kidding or what. The number one pollution of all time is going into to space. NASA a government based organization. Stop killing us slowly.

  • Michael Exman
    Michael Exman 3 months ago

    i wonder if you could use chemical cracking agents on asteroids???

  • Luc Fauvarque
    Luc Fauvarque 3 months ago

    Personally, I am considering the idea that we've got it all wrong with asteroid mining. The rocket equation suggests that it will always be cheaper to just dig deeper (or underwater) rather than mining asteroid belts. However, space colonies will find that cheaper than going down on Earth or Mars to mine.
    To summarize, underground and underwater mines, plus mining operations on the Moon, are the way forward for Earth itself.
    While space colonies would naturally resort to asteroid mining, again due to the inevitable rocket equation.

  • kuryamtl
    kuryamtl 3 months ago

    I loved the use of the Navoo from the Expanse show at 6:15

  • Nug U
    Nug U 3 months ago

    That sounds risky to put an astroid in orbid around the moon, if you messed up it could easily struck the earth

  • Ernie Dunbar
    Ernie Dunbar 3 months ago

    "Much of the precious metal deposits in the Earth's crust came from asteroid impacts".
    That's an interesting claim. How do we know that? It might make for an interesting video!

  • Derrick McClure
    Derrick McClure 4 months ago

    First the Asteroids, then the moon, then mars

  • Zombiekidd1
    Zombiekidd1 4 months ago

    My boy out here wearing a Minecraft T-Shirt

  • Michael Elbert
    Michael Elbert 4 months ago

    Wrong the real money is in mining the miners.

  • 13ynny 94
    13ynny 94 4 months ago

    🌎 EARTH WILL B SAVED whn th INVADERZ ceaze 2 EXIZT on THIZ PLAN3T...n how did theze ORKZ get RICH??? Thru RAPE ROBBERY THEFT n MURDER...

  • Chewy ToeNails
    Chewy ToeNails 5 months ago

    It's debatable that Rockefeller was the richest ever... Carnegie was. (but why that has ANYTHING to do with science and mining asteroids...) Something like this should not be motivated by money!

  • Richard Charbonneau
    Richard Charbonneau 5 months ago

    They would have to be careful not to tank the value of these materials is an understatement. 1 metallic asteroid could crash the worlds precious metals markets, as a sudden flood of these would make them, well not precious anymore.

  • Rodney Carpluk
    Rodney Carpluk 5 months ago

    SO this is nothing like they are making it seem like...

  • Rodney Carpluk
    Rodney Carpluk 5 months ago

    And that snot even taking into account, the cost of making mining devices, adn equipment...and the cost of transporting that to the asteroid, and if its half a decade to travel to, then it will be around a decade to transport back to with current plans, profits dnt seem like they are feasible at all...

  • Rodney Carpluk
    Rodney Carpluk 5 months ago

    There would have to be either 900,000 ships to transport that material, or a single ship used 900,000 separate occasions...or a secret death star like ship that China has been hiding, that is has the payload area of 900,000 of those ships...but its safe to say that isnt the case...( and china would get the trillions of dollars if that was the case)...

  • Rodney Carpluk
    Rodney Carpluk 5 months ago

    That seems like a good situation, but its not with current plans...the most powerful ship planned has capacity to carry around 100 a 100 tons out of 90 million tons...thats not even close to a trillion dollars thats able to be held in the most power ship ever planned...

  • Rodney Carpluk
    Rodney Carpluk 5 months ago

    A basic example is, is estimated to be trillions of dollars of platinum in this asteroid...but for those trillions of dollars there is 90 million tons of platinum...

  • Rodney Carpluk
    Rodney Carpluk 5 months ago

    Then the payload areas for planned ships...they do not seem like they have enough area to bring back enough material to have profits...even in the case of there being "estimated to be trillions of dollars of platnium" in some aeteroids...thats in the core of the asteroid, and the asteroid is much larger than the ships...

  • Rodney Carpluk
    Rodney Carpluk 5 months ago

    First, faster travel will have to be made, or getting to the " mining site" and back to earth will take too long...Mine the moons of Jupiter and saturn, it will take over a yr to get there, over a yr to get back...

  • Rodney Carpluk
    Rodney Carpluk 5 months ago

    There is misconceptions of this topic...that make it seem like its something its not...

  • Grok Effer
    Grok Effer 5 months ago

    Although the rare earth elements and precious metals would be the main prize from mining asteroids, simple silicates in the regolith could be turned into something similar to glass-crystal-quartz that would be capable of holding atmosphere, with light passing through. We could be farming in space, and generating oxygen.

  • Ace
    Ace 5 months ago

    What about the moon? It's covered in craters made by large asteroid impacts, so it could be absolutely covered in valuable elements. Unlike asteroids, it moves relatively slowly in a predictable path at a relatively close distance, AND we've already sent humans there and brought back literal tons of rocks from the surface, PLUS NASA is planing to set up a small science station there in 2024. I say the lunar surface would be the PERFECT place to start a space age "boom town" as it were.

  • Душан Радин
    Душан Радин 5 months ago

    Planetary Resourcers sunked.

  • Abhinav 12
    Abhinav 12 5 months ago

    in a small town of India,they found this was really hard to's just a week ago...
    Govt took it over from the locals who were farmers.
    It made a loud sound when it fall...does anyone know about it!!....
    Are their any more of them?

  • Sam Tay
    Sam Tay 6 months ago

    We don't necessarily have to go to them. They could actually (and have been) come to us.

  • Justmyopinionlol
    Justmyopinionlol 6 months ago +1

    why do I keep hearing "ReZorce"?

  • Deepankar Rawat
    Deepankar Rawat 6 months ago

    Can yu made a video on thickness of asteroids belts and how would awe escape them if we want to travel beyond .