Taliban remains major threat in Afghanistan

  • Published on Aug 24, 2018
  • The Taliban remains a major threat in Afghanistan a year after the Trump administration implemented new strategy there. There have been multiple deadly attacks there in the last month. Cipher Brief expert and former CIA station chief Kevin Hulbert joins CBSN's "Red & Blue" to discuss the situation.

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  • Red Greek Revolution

    Get out of Afghanistan! The Afghan people should decide themselves their form of government.

  • Red Greek Revolution

    In other news sea water remains salty.

  • Mr Yusuf
    Mr Yusuf Year ago +2

    The taliban are needed 2 fight assad and putin taliban are more smart

  • PB1 PB
    PB1 PB Year ago

    what stupid way - they spend $50bn a yr. with half of the amount they probably can buy everyone in that country & neighbors.

  • Neutral 69
    Neutral 69 Year ago +2

    Trump doesn’t know government stuff only financial money stuff, that’s y the economy is doing better compared to other areas of government.

  • Duffman15000
    Duffman15000 Year ago +1

    Sounds like you're the bad guy

  • Tony Davis
    Tony Davis Year ago +1

    Sounds Fake

    • saleem
      saleem Year ago

      Tony Davis watch fox news.....

  • Bunsen Burner
    Bunsen Burner Year ago

    it's called isis retards