• Published on Jul 8, 2019
  • yo.... i joined FaZe..... Thank you to each and every one of you for all your constant support!!! ❤️ Video features some fortnite 3v3 wagers w/ NRG benjyfishy and Atlantis Mitr0, hope you all enjoy! (btw sorry for bad audio we were at cooler bootcamp) FaZe Up
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  • Mongraal
    Mongraal  6 months ago +5876

    YOOO I KNOW MY INTRO/OUTRO IS OUTDATED, will be fixed for next video DONT U WORRY BOYS

    • Yoboy _Lost
      Yoboy _Lost 3 days ago

      Controller player controller

    • theEuaggelosK
      theEuaggelosK 14 days ago

      no mograal secreet foraver

    • Osggfn ._.
      Osggfn ._. 21 day ago +1

      you are my biggest Idol!!!!!!!! in my room i have a light box what says " use code Mongraal " can you please like my comment because then I am the Happys boy in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Fiona Rocca
      Fiona Rocca 2 months ago +1


    • Jalen Gholson
      Jalen Gholson 3 months ago

      Mongraal keep ur intro just with FaZe symbol

  • Leo Mckay
    Leo Mckay 4 hours ago

    0:55 free fire

  • Ignacio LopezMac
    Ignacio LopezMac 8 hours ago

    Map code please

  • Adnan4151
    Adnan4151 3 days ago

    luv u mongraal

  • Yoboy _Lost
    Yoboy _Lost 3 days ago +1

    Controller player

  • Hp100
    Hp100 3 days ago

    NA sucks lmao

  • 9 ik9
    9 ik9 3 days ago

    is pro

  • SpaSTIC Curry
    SpaSTIC Curry 3 days ago


  • Kristen Hancock
    Kristen Hancock 6 days ago

    The earth is breaking in pieces from mongraal sweating his heart out i mean like i still feel the earth shaking from him editing next thing hes probably going start using 2 keybords and 8 mouses playin with his toes

  • MKM Official
    MKM Official 13 days ago +1

    Nothing is better than FaZe

  • XploitScorpex
    XploitScorpex 14 days ago

    How? U rage at controller players lul

  • Crippling anxiety kid
    Crippling anxiety kid 14 days ago

    0:04 lmao did he just say " sup boys obviously I’m happy towns”

    • ReyFN
      ReyFN 2 days ago

      Crippling anxiety kid yeah same i didnt even understand what he said when i watched it first time

    • Crippling anxiety kid
      Crippling anxiety kid 2 days ago

      ReyFN yeah it just sound like he said happy towns

    • ReyFN
      ReyFN 2 days ago

      Crippling anxiety kid happy to announce

  • L4ZY EC4PS
    L4ZY EC4PS 14 days ago

    Mongraal : OHH MY GOD I JUST WIN 10 000$
    FaZe : you mean 2000$ ?

  • SoaR Dylan
    SoaR Dylan 14 days ago

    I am going to watch bugha

  • Bak_ura Y
    Bak_ura Y 16 days ago

    this was when mt birthday

  • Fat Kid
    Fat Kid 17 days ago

    Why is this in my recommend

  • ꧁bi ᎦᏌᏁ ꧂ 彡

    If FaZe have FaZe Up then what Ghost Clan have?

    Ghost Up

  • Łmāø
    Łmāø 19 days ago

    bro why did u join

  • Brandon switch
    Brandon switch 21 day ago


  • Brandon switch
    Brandon switch 21 day ago


    CRZ VISION X 23 days ago

    are u still in faze

  • Sven
    Sven 25 days ago

    Wtf lool xD wie seine webcam wackelt

  • epicgamer fortnite pro

    I think mongraal doesn't have to change his epic name to FaZe_mongraal I think it must be secret_mongraal

  • Reid Buchanan
    Reid Buchanan 27 days ago


  • Zapp0
    Zapp0 27 days ago

    Mongraal:I joined faze
    me: no you don't

  • A A
    A A 28 days ago

    You joined Faze shit

  • TekKzD
    TekKzD 29 days ago

    that cutout of Mongraal in the thumbnail LOL

  • Zander Raines
    Zander Raines 29 days ago

    mongraal friend be like "the fish stick is blue"
    Mongraal be like "the fish stick is green you embesue

  • Carol Raines
    Carol Raines 29 days ago

    Mongraal got hit by the trap and then killed him mongraal said when he killed him little shit

  • Carol Raines
    Carol Raines 29 days ago

    Mongraal be like where's the fish stick friend be like the fish stick is blue mongraal be like the fish stick is green you enbesue

  • Hack Diy
    Hack Diy Month ago +1

    Who is GOD MOONGRAL❤️☠️ Ninja is broke

  • Cynax GDC
    Cynax GDC Month ago +1

    It sounds cool that you join FaZe, but I feel they use anything and everything to get views, be popular, and get money. Does anyone agree with me?

  • Βansheelol
    Βansheelol Month ago

    mongraal making the whole house move

  • Jo XLegend
    Jo XLegend Month ago

    Video title: I JOINED FAZE

    Intro: Am I a joke to you

  • George K.99
    George K.99 Month ago

    I am greek and guten tag is deutsch

  • Krzysztof Szymczyk
    Krzysztof Szymczyk Month ago

    0:35 rly cheats aimbot

  • LEON
    LEON Month ago

    Faze Mongraal or Secret Mongraal???

  • pamp karl
    pamp karl Month ago

    Guy: No from Greece
    Mongraal: Oh de Greece Man!
    Guten Tag
    (Guten Tag is German)
    Mongraal thinks he can speak greece

  • Harñik-fn
    Harñik-fn Month ago

    I like a lot you

  • Misgeli
    Misgeli Month ago

    what sensivity?

  • Zukagamer
    Zukagamer Month ago

    i love you mongraal you are beast in fortnite player!!!!

  • Dirty Turtle
    Dirty Turtle Month ago


  • AnimatedMinershay
    AnimatedMinershay Month ago

    Hope you do well in FaZe can't wait to see you winning games

  • Wild Connor
    Wild Connor Month ago

    Dude who is breathing in there mic

  • Bunnツ
    Bunnツ Month ago

    the photo shop on the thumnail could be better

  • almatry. m
    almatry. m Month ago

    لا تتنفس بالمايك ياخي

  • Blitz
    Blitz Month ago

    Gimme dem €€€

  • poikuoff sss
    poikuoff sss Month ago

    нахуя ты в микрофон дышишь

  • George Bush
    George Bush Month ago

    Mongraal : I joinen FaZe?!
    * has team secret intro*

  • Paul Müller
    Paul Müller Month ago

    My Hacks turned on on stream mmh Jarvis what do you think about that?

  • Bizm0 -α-
    Bizm0 -α- Month ago

    u in faze or u still in secret fam

  • vulzE
    vulzE Month ago +1

    Mongraal: *joins FaZe*
    Intro: *uses secret logo*
    Mongraal: -_-

  • Xxxtentacion fan
    Xxxtentacion fan 2 months ago

    That picture looks funny

  • Vaxidoz
    Vaxidoz 2 months ago


  • FaZe Kacper XD
    FaZe Kacper XD 2 months ago


  • OhRight
    OhRight 2 months ago


  • Jarell Tupe
    Jarell Tupe 2 months ago

    They use to call me UUUSAIN BOLT 😂

  • Jackson Philip
    Jackson Philip 2 months ago

    fortnite first be like 0:30 mongral confest aimbot and is kicked from faze

  • Víctor Gonzalez Gallego


  • Ahmad Faker
    Ahmad Faker 2 months ago +1

    Fack you mongral