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  • Becca Davis justbeyou143

    #jaclynhill when life gives you lemons make lemonade. Know your worth and who are we to judge after taking a look in our own mirror at our selves. I think u are stunning beautiful and we all need to crawl before we walk and mistakes will be made, but people do need to lay off . Some people cant deal with so much pressure, it is like the world is against you. I will pray for you and I am a make up artist cosmetologist and just feel really bad for all the attacks you are getting. I will talk with you In private and not for the whole world but you do need to have someone to GENUINELY have your back , poor or rich, good and bad times that's when you know who ypur real friends are. I can imagine how much you are heart broken. PLEASE shoot me Damon my IG @beautyfightingagainstcancer or @MAKEUPARTISTMOM24 DM ME or ill email you. You do still have lots love especially when truth hits them girl. Hold your beautiful sexy ads head high. Don't back down and don't let them get best of you, hell I will be right by yourside..god bless you and I will always be a friend and followed you foryears.. we all have screwed up who cares, TANA Montague was bad remember tension? Come on #jaclynhill #jaclynhillcosmetics don't let them take a good woman down.. you got this and I will be there if you need a friend d or come and get away for a while take a break.. god bless you I know you will #risefromtheashesjaclynhill💚💚💚💚💚💄💄💄💯💯💯❗❗❗❗

  • Michelle Palacios
    Michelle Palacios 4 days ago

    Finally purchased first two brush sets. ABSOLUTELY love them! Great quality, feel great in hand and blend beautifully. Thank you Jaclyn 😘

  • Charley Pigott
    Charley Pigott 13 days ago

    I just wanted to say this to Jaclyn Hill. I hope that you can see this. Try not to get too down about the hiccups in your lipsticks. I personally Love watching your videos. You’re doing what you live and there have been a few problems that you face head on and didn’t hide from. I’m sure your whole line is great. There will always be naysayers. Be proud of yourself for what you’ve already accomplished and are still going to accomplish. I will personally purchase everything I can of yours as soon as I’m able. I just wants to tell you to keep your her up. I have mad respect for you axing your problem hear on and standing behind your products. You’re doing everything in your power to fix it. You’re beautiful. Stay positive.

  • Luv Aleece
    Luv Aleece 17 days ago

    These feel so cheap

  • Victoria’s makeup box
    Victoria’s makeup box 18 days ago +3

    I might get the master collection on my bday June 13🤪😂😂😂❤️
    Edit : it hasn’t came yet it might come today but tomorrow I’m going on a plane so can’t get em till like the 24th 😢

  • Sheryl Rodriguez
    Sheryl Rodriguez 19 days ago

    My daughter just purchased my brushes!!! I so love these!

  • Makeup Deva
    Makeup Deva 22 days ago

    I didn’t think I needed this brush set until I saw this video! 😂 Her selling power is amazing! ❤️

  • Candelina Starr
    Candelina Starr 26 days ago

    I bought the master brush collection yesterday and I am so proud of you

  • Becca Martin
    Becca Martin Month ago +1

    Looks like her own brand of lipsticks packaging????

  • Kathryn Totushek
    Kathryn Totushek Month ago


  • sarah david
    sarah david Month ago

    I wish the sparkly bags came with the set

  • primebeautie
    primebeautie Month ago

    I finally picked up the face brush set😍

  • Evangelina Richter
    Evangelina Richter Month ago

    My boyfriend saw that i was watching reviews of your brushes and getting in and out of the Morphe website and he turned to me and said: "Put whever you want in the cart and concider them your birthday presents. But your only allowed to open the package on your birthday and i have to be there" I AM SO EXCITED TO OPEN THE PACKAGE ON THE 31ST OF MAY 2019! I picked the master brush collection. And omgomgomgomg your so funny. I love your videos!

  • Claire Lynas
    Claire Lynas Month ago

    Yesss! I love this collection, i love nude lipsticks, you can never have wnough nudes lol well done and congrats Jaclyn! Do you ship to the UK?

  • Dee Sandoval
    Dee Sandoval Month ago

    Legit she admits all her brushes are "exact copies of morphe's existing brushes" 😒

  • Chandelle Ross
    Chandelle Ross Month ago

    Your hair is D Bomb girl❤🙌

  • Lisa Black
    Lisa Black Month ago

    I love your brush and your eyeshadow palettes I need to go out and get a new one of you frist palettes I use the last one up

  • A random human being on the internet

    Is this the eye master collection good for beginners?

  • Nothinbutdafrontrow

    I just ordered the Master collection & I can't wait to get it next week!

  • Selina Sanchez
    Selina Sanchez Month ago

    Just uploaded my first video! Please watch and subscribe for more!

  • Rachel St. Andre
    Rachel St. Andre 2 months ago

    Your makeup is always on point. Always! All I see is a GODDESS. 💖

  • Elaina Zimmerman
    Elaina Zimmerman 2 months ago +1

    Is it just me or is her eye makeup a bit too dark in this video and she put on too much highlighter

  • Christine Corsi
    Christine Corsi 2 months ago

    Dear Miss Hill
    I have been dying to try your palettes and brushes they look so amazing. I have been in the hospital for for the past few months with a very bad infection and your videos have been what has been getting me through. I only have a small collection of makeup right now but would love to get yours someday. Love the colors and they just seem to brighten up everything. I have not left the hospital for a while now but I have physical therapy I love to put my makeup on just to feel pretty. Well your amazing and such an inspiration to all women. Would love to meet you someday but just to try your pallets would be a dream. Since I have been in the hospital so long I have not worked so I am not able to get your awesome pallets yet but as soon as I do I want them. Your awesome never change 💋💋Christine

  • aid _XD
    aid _XD 2 months ago

    The brush is nice and gorgeous but I don't have the money to buy it 😕😞😟

  • Dani Giesler
    Dani Giesler 2 months ago

    Jaclyn😭😭😭😭 please tell me these aren’t limited edition!!🙏🏼

  • Alejandro David Dumas
    Alejandro David Dumas 2 months ago

    I want something thick in my hand lmfao 😛😉😍😂 #horny

  • Lara Rostek
    Lara Rostek 2 months ago

    I just go the master collection and I’m in love truly

  • Brittany Renee
    Brittany Renee 2 months ago

    Just bought the eye collection!! Loving them so far 😍😍😍👌🏼

  • Rita Mitchell
    Rita Mitchell 2 months ago

    Jaclyn: I agree with your comment regarding criticism but perhaps you should take some of your own advice. Choose your words wisely. I have watched your videos for over 2 years now and have purchased many products that you use or you may suggest, but I don't recall you being so OUTSPOKEN on some of your (thrown in) choice words. I admire & appreciate your talent, skill and knowledge regarding makeup artistry but it would be nice if you could eliminate some of your thoughts that you express on camera. Nevertheless, it is your life & I imagine you could tell me not to watch your channel; however, I have learned a lot from you and really want to continue watching your tutorials. Thank you for allowing me to view your channel. God Bless you.

  • Michelle Pelagio
    Michelle Pelagio 2 months ago

    So no Discount Codes?

  • MJ Evans
    MJ Evans 2 months ago

    Dammmm girl I went yesterday buy your collection brushes I didn’t use yet I will film the video for that and also I went buy one of your palette because I like all your video

  • Heatherlicious 82
    Heatherlicious 82 3 months ago

    I own the first it except one brush sheds and I have other cheaper brushes that do not do that unless I just got a bad brush it is only one of them so far.

  • Stephanie Nichole
    Stephanie Nichole 3 months ago

    So my Ulta near me only had the two smaller packs. I feel like she needs to make the “brushes that aren’t in the face and eye but are in the master collection” for people who already bought the two smaller but want the whole set. :(

  • Teddy Lewis
    Teddy Lewis 3 months ago

    I really like your make-up in this video!! :-)

  • Bobby Luna
    Bobby Luna 3 months ago

    I love ❤️ love your brushes my eyeshadow game is amazing .im dying to buy the face set

  • Xochitl Gonzalez
    Xochitl Gonzalez 3 months ago

    I literally want the brushes but I can’t decided between her brushes or getting James’ brushes😭

  • Hanna Banana
    Hanna Banana 3 months ago

    Whoa I’m seeing a LOT OF HATE bro I’m sorry Jaclyn ily and I’ve been watching you for years and ik you didn’t just slap ur name on sum you didn’t design and I can totally see ur passion for this brush set thingymajigy❤️

  • Hanna Banana
    Hanna Banana 3 months ago

    It’s perfect for someone starting out w makeup, but is it perfect for someone that’s McBroke(me)? Hell no💀

    No hate btw ily and it’s Jaclyn mf HILL I was not expecting anything cheap, I love her;)

  • Jasmine Iglesias
    Jasmine Iglesias 3 months ago

    Youre so inspirational JH 💯❤️ #Ily

  • Nalani Yulee
    Nalani Yulee 3 months ago

    Can you make a video where you show how to use them

  • isha afzal
    isha afzal 3 months ago

    Now I did order ur master collection brushes

  • isha afzal
    isha afzal 3 months ago

    Too good

  • isha afzal
    isha afzal 3 months ago

    I really like ur eyeshadow palette

  • Karely Chavez
    Karely Chavez 3 months ago

    Can I just say this
    Down there 👇 👇👇👇👇 is nothing but a bunch of fucken haters gtfoh if you ain’t feeling her or her products HEY salty 🧂🧂🧂🧂 much sit on this 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽 and rotate on it 🙋🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️

  • Jessica Butler
    Jessica Butler 3 months ago

    I just ordered the vault and the big brush set... i am soooo excited!!!

  • Deja Tucker
    Deja Tucker 3 months ago

    My mom just got this set and she LOVES IT 💜🔥 but she’s wondering on how to clean them🤔🤔🤔

  • Simran Kaur
    Simran Kaur 3 months ago

    I have literally re watched this video like a million times imagining myself using the brushes because its not like i will ever be able to buy them

  • Michelle Tracey
    Michelle Tracey 3 months ago

    Just bought the full master collection and your palette 😂 I’m excited to get them and try everything out. Hoping that they live up to all the hype! Xo

  • ahgaseNCTzen
    ahgaseNCTzen 4 months ago

    Ok but I actually really love the brushes I got the full collection and they’re lovely and very high quality! I don’t regret it at all

  • Taylor Anderson
    Taylor Anderson 4 months ago

    I’m kinda late but, I’m literally goin to go buy these now!❤️❤️❤️

  • Julie Nguyen
    Julie Nguyen 4 months ago

    I bought the eyeshadow collection. This can’t be washed or cleaned, the brushes hairs doesn’t keep its shape and so much hair falls out. They don’t blend as well and it makes My eyeshadow palette patchy.

  • Dania Theresa Cava
    Dania Theresa Cava 4 months ago

    its so sad how much hate comments this video has. i just got my set today and im so in love with how soft they are 🤩 best investment ever 🙏🏼 and girl your makeup looks bomb, it makes your eyes pop! im so proud of you and keep doing what you're doing! 💗

  • Kumiho Beauty
    Kumiho Beauty 4 months ago

    it's going to look really good for my room aesthetic going to be purchasing this today I am super excited.

  • Evelina
    Evelina 4 months ago

    9:31 😂

  • Sienna’s Fabulous Life
    Sienna’s Fabulous Life 4 months ago +1

    omg jaclyn i want your brush sooo bad!! just got one of your palettes and i’m getting your brush sets soon! super excited!!💓💓💓

  • Chloe Ortiz
    Chloe Ortiz 4 months ago +1

    I don’t understand why she is getting so much hate down here. She is working her butt off, so the fact that you haters are trying to bring her down, it’s probably not going to work because she has wayyy more important things to do then deal with these haters that haven’t even tried her product. I just bought her palette and brushes today, and I’m in love!

  • Sinthya Mahjabeen
    Sinthya Mahjabeen 4 months ago

    Jaclyn hill Please,do a tutorial of using this master collection brushes and mini jaclyn hill eyeshadow palette😃😉😉😘😍😐🙏

  • Christannie Hawkins-Barthelemy

    I purchased my eye master set from Ulta Beauty and the JH30’s tip is NOT LIGHT/white. This brush’s hairs are brown with BLACK TIPS 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 💭

  • Samia Uddin
    Samia Uddin 4 months ago

    When you wanna be boujee (as Jaclyn) but you’re broke af... 😑😭🙋🏻‍♀️

  • Chante White
    Chante White 4 months ago

    I have the eye master collection but can’t seem to get my hands on the face brushes 😒

  • Maritza Davila
    Maritza Davila 4 months ago

    Girl I’ve never been one to tell anyone that they’re wearing “too much makeup “
    But you’re literally wearing TOO MUCH makeup you lookin scary

  • Denise Moreno
    Denise Moreno 5 months ago

    I have 8 of your brushes and they are SOOOOO GOOOOOD

    • Denise Moreno
      Denise Moreno 5 months ago

      It was the first 8 brushes you showed

  • Simone martins
    Simone martins 5 months ago

    Love this video, really helped pick out my set. Girl keep doing what your doing, ignore the haters they're just jealous. 😘

  • Cassie Fale
    Cassie Fale 5 months ago

    @jaclynhill I know I’m a little late to the game but, I just got your master collection for Christmas and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a brush list. Towards the end of the video you started naming brush numbers and what you typically used/created them for but, could we please get a master list?🙏🏽

  • Linnea Bahlinger
    Linnea Bahlinger 5 months ago

    Can you do a brush care video

  • Amy Chesebro
    Amy Chesebro 5 months ago

    My husband got me the face collection for Christmas. I went and bought the eye collection a few days later. I can't say enough good things about these brushes...I love them! Way to go Jaclyn!

  • Vic De Casas
    Vic De Casas 5 months ago

    Why are these more expensive than the James brush set?? Like lol okay sis. Okay.

  • Lexi Hagin
    Lexi Hagin 5 months ago

    You know , like does everyone that is negative towards @Jaclyn Hill realize that she’s actually going somewhere with her life . Y’all are actually ridiculous. Like all of the tension going on right now , y’all are basically making her feel like the biggest piece of shit for sanding up for herself . Like yes she is this inspirational, beautiful, and spontaneous person and she is that role model to everybody , but like anyone else you can only push someone so far . I love her , she is so inspirational and such a great person , and absolutely beautiful . But if t does make you sleep better at night , dragging her down for absolutely no reason , just because you believe everything that everyone on the internet says , then I feel sorry for you .

  • Holy Prism
    Holy Prism 5 months ago

    Love u Jaclyn

  • Laura Lewis
    Laura Lewis 5 months ago

    Anyone have tips on how to keep the brush holder clean? I just got my brushes but refuse to put them in the case dirty until I can figure out how to clean it. 😂

  • Monica Chavez
    Monica Chavez 5 months ago +1

    Soooooo I bought the master collection. I was SO excited when it came and used them the same day. I loved the way they applied my makeup and I literally used 22/24 brushes for my look. It came out soooooo pretty. HOWEVER, when I washed the brushes, they frayed out like crazy!!! I take very good care of everything I own and am very gentle especially when cleaning my brushes. I'm very upset because I was waiting for these brushes for a very long time and I was like a little kid on Christmas when it got here but now I'm scared to clean them because I don't want to mess them up! I've only washed them once and the little hairs are all sticking out the sides. This has never happened to me before. 😭💔

  • Britty586
    Britty586 5 months ago

    I like her but this look is not good. Tsk tsk. I bought the collection for $115 and I am afraid to use them because they are gorgeous!

  • Steph vee
    Steph vee 5 months ago

    Baaaabes !!! Just seen this video and made an order online i have no idea about make up lolll but trying to learn i ordered a couple brushes for eye shadows and face and couple eye shadow palletes i hope i can work it all out so many brushes and colors to choose from wish i could meet you in real life but im in Australia

  • Caitlin Thomson
    Caitlin Thomson 5 months ago

    I wish the brushes had what they used for on the actual brush instead of a alpha numeric name.

  • Cindy Claires
    Cindy Claires 5 months ago

    is she morphes brand baby i hurd. ?

  • Patience Downing
    Patience Downing 5 months ago

    We need makeup tutorials with detailed brush info from your master collection to follow step by step. I need to break them in and get comfortable

  • Saadet
    Saadet 5 months ago +1

    Sometimes I wonder.. When did we humans become so retarded.. people have no home, no money and are dying.. Here we make 40 different brushes for the face to apply makeup.. Ughh

  • Once upon a beauty
    Once upon a beauty 5 months ago

    love her brushes not the normal ones💜

  • Danielle Parsons
    Danielle Parsons 5 months ago

    These brushes are amazing I love them!! Buying another master set!

    FAMOUSSNAPS 5 months ago

    Can you post more videos of you with your bestfriend , vlog , room tour my favorite video is of you with your bestfriend because it shows your goofy side. Love the video of the Halloween one because we get to see how’s your life like ( thanks for the house decor ideas lol) and I love the video of you shopping for drug store products because it’s like a “ vlog” and I love seeing how your life is and you being yourself... please post more your the only RUclipr I watch.

  • Brianne Musich
    Brianne Musich 5 months ago

    Ok so obsessed over these brushes. So proud! I even created an area just for these brushes on my vanity. JACLYN please talk about how you clean your brushes. So nervous to clean mine. I’m over protective.

  • Kara Christian
    Kara Christian 5 months ago

    Any of these negative comments talking bout these brushes bejng the same as other brushes and that Jaclyn is just trying to make more money... "Bitch!! They're different!!!" For one i dont see any of you trolls making your own makeup line and brush line with an amazing company so shut ur mouths.. and any product of Jaclyns i have tried is Amaze-Balls so if you just sad that she da bomb and u not well get over it... Jaclyn u keep doing you.. I love you and ur videos and girl i love a nice thick handle in my hand too ;) .. love love love!!! Can't wait till im able to get the whole brush set for myself!!!

  • missalexx1982
    missalexx1982 5 months ago

    I've been using the eye brush collection for a couple of months now and they really are as awesome as she presents them to be. I basically don't use any of my other brushes anymore!

  • Chlowena Tutorials
    Chlowena Tutorials 5 months ago

    I was reluctant to spend this much on makeup brushes BUT in the end I couldn't resist! I've been looking for reliable and great quality brushes for so long, after seeing and reading so many great reviews I finally ordered them and cannot be more excited! You still get the discount even if the brushes are already on sale. Thank you in advance for these! (Ordered the complete set)

  • Tasha Mahan
    Tasha Mahan 5 months ago

    I just wanna start off by saying I absolutely LOVE you Jaclyn, you inspire me every single day of my life, you are so beautiful. So many of these comments are so mean my goodness give a girl a break. Anyways I can't wait to get this brush set I'm currently saving up. Can't wait!! Great job girl!!

  • jessevids_
    jessevids_ 5 months ago

    watch the unboxing

  • Laila Lane
    Laila Lane 5 months ago

    What is her highlighter thooo its so pretty and blinding!!

  • Ryan Alyssa
    Ryan Alyssa 5 months ago

    Do you know if morphe will restock your master collection? I would love it but it’s out of stock :(

  • Space Potatoez
    Space Potatoez 5 months ago

    I personally think they are a little pricy but I live for how happy and giddy you are about your collection it makes me so HAPPY OMG

  • Maicie Rayner
    Maicie Rayner 5 months ago

    Whats with all the hate?

  • Alya7xx X
    Alya7xx X 5 months ago


  • Victoria Smith
    Victoria Smith 5 months ago

    It’s as simple as this, if you don’t like her or what she’s doing. Unfollow. Girl is trying to be successful and in this world it should be women lifting other women up. Not bashing them. I just bought your brushes and I think you’re doing amazing. Keep it up chick. #muchlove

  • Kim Gutierrez
    Kim Gutierrez 6 months ago

    I always watch this but cant even afford ur brush 😭 here in the phil it cost $200 😭😭😭

  • Janelle Marie
    Janelle Marie 6 months ago


  • Ashley Veal
    Ashley Veal 6 months ago

    Got your whole brush set for christmas. So far i love them and now I'm watching again to see exactly how you suggest using them. I now own every single collab you have done. Your pallets are my fave!

    K BRITTANY TV 6 months ago

    Just got the collection and love it!!

  • Scott Drew
    Scott Drew 6 months ago

    wow the amount of plastic is real..

  • Kira Havird
    Kira Havird 6 months ago

    Just gonna put this out there. For the largest case that carries all the brushes and when Jaclyn said to just put some tape on it ( to make sure it stays close). I think it should have been made to have a magnetic closure on it. Just seems to be a little tacky to tape it...but oh well.

  • Rocio Stiner
    Rocio Stiner 6 months ago

    I just got your pallet and I used it ps it’s AWESOME 😎

  • Katie Arthur
    Katie Arthur 6 months ago

    I just got these for Christmas had to watch the video again to figure out what is what 😂 can’t wait to start using them!