Damian Lillard Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

  • Published on Dec 2, 2019
  • Damian Lillard goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Index in Portland, Oregon, and talks about his signature Adidas sneakers, wanting to collaborate with Kanye West on footwear, and his rap career.

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  • Complex
    Complex  Month ago +174

    Check out Joe La Puma and his co-hosts, Brendan Dunne and Matt Welty from Full Size Run, on Complex's brand new podcast, The Complex Sneakers Podcast: podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-complex-sneakers-podcast/id1487701689

    • Troy Parker Jr
      Troy Parker Jr 5 days ago

      "Get that chip for us" Yeah that ever gonns happen LOL

    • c smithh21
      c smithh21 Month ago

      v2k Dribble Godv joe mama

    • H H
      H H Month ago

      This is Bogus he bought all Adidas and we know those are write offs.

    • Playboi Carti
      Playboi Carti Month ago +1

      Brendan should be fired in complex. He is just rude and looking like a pedophile..

  • Tre Napier
    Tre Napier 10 hours ago

    Adidas reimbursed him right after...

  • alie kabba
    alie kabba Day ago +4

    Got this recommended after Dame dropped 61 on the Warriors

  • Carter Gibson
    Carter Gibson Day ago +3

    What a respectable guy. He’s my favorite player and I own dame fives. Great shoes. Great player. Great musician.

  • George Ferrer
    George Ferrer Day ago

    I'm pretty sure he was influnced by Jordan growing up but since he's with Adidas, we will just ignore that.. :D

  • Davide Sarcinelli
    Davide Sarcinelli 2 days ago

    DZ green Adidas actual price is 110$

  • mac kendall
    mac kendall 2 days ago

    He bought all Adidas...His loyalty comes from that OAKLAND BLOOD only a chosen few carry in there DNA.Soon as he got his Adidas endorsement he gave away all his Jordans,other brand of shoes....Gotta love DAME DOLLA....Town Bizzness

  • THANOS 731
    THANOS 731 3 days ago

    Dame has no choice but to buy adidas because of his contract...but we all know he would rather have retro j’s

  • Mike Richardson
    Mike Richardson 3 days ago

    7:44 " I'm living a great Life"- line had that Chinamen alil annoyed and then he fired back with the: "Win a championship for us" 😭😂

  • Huan Cawle
    Huan Cawle 3 days ago

    Pj Tucker goes sneakers shopping

  • Nolan Drake
    Nolan Drake 4 days ago

    Dolla Dame throwing punches now?

  • Troy Parker Jr
    Troy Parker Jr 5 days ago +1

    "Get that chip for us" Yeah that ever gonns happen LOL

    MrLOWBOTTOMS 7 days ago +1

    The final price ain’t bad cus they’re adidas. Lol

  • tigerbiterhater
    tigerbiterhater 9 days ago

    True. Went to Adidas HQ when I was in Oregon. Prices are better than paying at retail stores. Plus no tax.

  • Naufal Azzam
    Naufal Azzam 9 days ago

    Please, invite Stephen Curry

  • Muhammad Motala
    Muhammad Motala 11 days ago

    my guy to fire

  • Bluebutter10k
    Bluebutter10k 16 days ago

    i subbed

  • Willly Te
    Willly Te 16 days ago

    you guys better have PJ Tucker on the show, he is the real sneaker head of the league

  • Eddy Rocha
    Eddy Rocha 18 days ago

    Are the dame 5 cream shoes for sale from the okc match?

  • Matthew Jung
    Matthew Jung 20 days ago +2

    “NBA’s best rapper” you know that hit London hard

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats 20 days ago

    you can tell he loooves being called the best rapper in the league

  • Reacts._. _
    Reacts._. _ 20 days ago

    10 seed

  • Mikey T
    Mikey T 22 days ago

    So much more to ask this man smh trash interview

  • George H
    George H 25 days ago +14

    Damian Lillard: "I'm gonna pretend like I don't wanna get some Jordans and Nike's. I'll also go ahead and pretend like I don't get these for free."

    • George H
      George H 9 days ago +1

      @Panta You are out of your damn mind if you think Adidas "can't" send him shoes that came out before his contract. What do you think is gonna happen, the sneaker police rappel from the ceiling and arrest everyone? The whole video was made for show, that's the "reason"...cause it's good publicity for adidas.

    • Panta
      Panta 21 day ago

      George Hristakopoulos smh, they cant send him shoes that came out before his adidas contract, there is a reason why he is buying it smartass

  • Colton Dude
    Colton Dude 25 days ago +1

    Is it me or does this guy just talk over and over , and they talk for half the video and dont buy shoes

  • Water Louis
    Water Louis 25 days ago

    Like if dame is better than lil pump

  • nick d
    nick d 28 days ago

    Dame seem like the type of person that doesn't overspend or waste money on material things like everybody else

  • Flipzy YT
    Flipzy YT 28 days ago

    Russel Wilson goes sneaker shopping

  • MuDdAtHiR HoSsEnBaCcUs

    Lionel messi goes sneaker shopping


    why didnt he just pull up at adidas and ask for the sneakers

  • Mingyuan Jing
    Mingyuan Jing Month ago

    dame one of the most humble players out there cuh

  • Jeremiah Person
    Jeremiah Person Month ago +9

    Lebron James goes sneaker shopping with complex

  • Arturo Cabral
    Arturo Cabral Month ago

    I would create my own shoes with Nike with Naruto, fairy tail.

  • J Young
    J Young Month ago

    Cant watch sneaker shopping the same way after they done set up my guy Marques Brownlee for a highway robbery

  • WAR COW New
    WAR COW New Month ago +3

    Buys nike”

  • J Rodriguez
    J Rodriguez Month ago

    Shocked he didnt select track

  • Vince Calumba
    Vince Calumba Month ago

    Patrick Mahomes?? Derrick Rose??

  • Chirard Gupta Se
    Chirard Gupta Se Month ago

    this dude took my friends basketball hoop. my friend moved into damian lillards old house. then damians assistant comes and asks for the hoop almost a year later smh, homeboy millionaire and wont buy a $500 hoop

    • Hussy
      Hussy Month ago

      Evidence please. I don't buy it

  • Justin
    Justin Month ago

    Imagine not buying Nike or Jordan

  • Justin
    Justin Month ago

    Can we get Giannis or Lebron

  • joseph bvr
    joseph bvr Month ago

    Overpriced crap

  • joseph bvr
    joseph bvr Month ago

    Adidas owns this slave he can't wear the Jordans I got

    • Montique Rollison
      Montique Rollison Month ago

      joseph bvr but he can buy 8 more pairs than the one you have 🤣 stop hating man

  • joseph bvr
    joseph bvr Month ago

    Best baller I've ever seen, dude is phenomenal

  • Michael Gutierrez
    Michael Gutierrez Month ago


  • Patrick Phan
    Patrick Phan Month ago

    damian lillard dame dolla!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gaming Sb_xvl
    Gaming Sb_xvl Month ago

    Carmelo Anthony next plezz

  • Mo Haji Ali
    Mo Haji Ali Month ago +1

    He got all of them shoes for free cos he's signed with Adidas 😭 but I guess the bad side of being signed with a brand is that he can't wear Jordans and Nike trainers or clothing.

  • Habeev07
    Habeev07 Month ago


  • thomas white TV
    thomas white TV Month ago

    Tha dame 6s ain’t no joke tho

  • Hasibur Rahman
    Hasibur Rahman Month ago

    I’m surprised they still didn’t get LeBron to go sneaker shopping

    SEVENX Month ago


  • Lyrick DV
    Lyrick DV Month ago

    Is it weird that I got a damian Lillard ad before this video

  • Adan Guapo
    Adan Guapo Month ago

    Lil durk

  • Tramique Sutherland
    Tramique Sutherland Month ago +6

    Complex out here trying to make Dame lose his shoe deal

  • Mr Flasche
    Mr Flasche Month ago +6

    It would be a dream if travis scott would come buy som sneakers

  • Soul Power
    Soul Power Month ago

    So this why blazers been losing, lillard out here buying shoes and shit.

  • CB
    CB Month ago

    He's too cool for school lmao

  • Richer p Sickert.
    Richer p Sickert. Month ago

    Imagine a music collab between victor oladipo and Dame dolla....that shit would be done as fuck.

  • Musa Ireno
    Musa Ireno Month ago

    thank god there is finally an adidas person in shoe shopping

  • Isaac Ruiz
    Isaac Ruiz Month ago +5

    Cashier: “That’ll be $3000+”
    Dame: “oh that ain’t bad”

    Me at McDonalds: “what can I buy with $5 dollars”