• Published on Oct 8, 2019

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  • Kaitlyn Kennedy
    Kaitlyn Kennedy 7 minutes ago

    we need a Shane signal

  • Maggie baby
    Maggie baby Hour ago

    I call BULLSHIT. Just identify as a pig. People would understand that more than u calling yourself a man for attention.

  • Norbie Hernandez
    Norbie Hernandez Hour ago

    Omg sweetie I would to just be Gay with you. Your just thinking and asking questions. The hate they throw is just their own insecurities, if they cant educate you with love then it's no wonder they speak and act the way they do. People don't have to come out, they can just live. People who come out the closet as one thing (Gay/Lesbian) are like Heterosexuals just closing themselves off to a particular group. It's important to educate yourself no matter what you do, and to do that you would have had to raise a couple of sensitive subjects. I can definitely see you weren't going at this in a negative way. I think your Okay dude. ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  • Zakk Taylor
    Zakk Taylor Hour ago

    Hey I get being confused, it's really confusing and not at all clear cut. I would just say that you should continue to explore and learn and that would help

  • Serious Bismuth
    Serious Bismuth 2 hours ago

    *END* your channel.....
    Quick, before you change your mind and any *more* people start believing your *BULLshit.* 👍

  • Ryell Gear
    Ryell Gear 2 hours ago

    She thinks she's trans just because she doesn't believe she is feminine and is attracted to gay men. Not all lesbians are feminine either but they don't feel the need to transition in to men. Her preference for gay men is just an attraction. No gay man would fuck her because gay men don't like pussy, they're gay for a reason. So she better get to transitioning quick, she's missing out on the gay dick buffett. She's also the most feminine female I have seen on YT. More than Tana. She has gotten breast augmentation like 3 times. She had a brazilian butt lift. All to look more feminine. She had a lot of fat removed to look more feminine. She also loves the color pink. She's also a barbie fanatic. She is the definition of feminine. Getting your nails done, shopping excessively. Those are all her favorite things . The friggin pink g wagon with custom pink interior and leather. She needs to go back in the "crazy house" to get reevaluated. She's having an identity crisis. All that she named that makes her think she's trans is just a masculine female. I know lots of females that work on airplanes, can handle heavy machinery, and love to hunt. They wouldn't transition just because they think they're more masculine. Some women love to do things that are typically manly. Which is fine. She should go take a welding class if she wants to feel manly. Many women enjoy the power feeling of getting to operate heavy machinery and go to a gun range. Also, showing your tits isn't a thing any trans person would do. Trans people hate to show their breasts because of the gender dysphoria. Typically, they will cover up any trace of their parts. Even if they don't transition.

  • Brianna Sauvé
    Brianna Sauvé 3 hours ago

    She is going to apologize and then she will make another video to start drama just to keep her views up.

  • Slowpoke Sloth
    Slowpoke Sloth 3 hours ago +1



  • A. L
    A. L 4 hours ago

    Y’all saying Shane should make a series on her. Uh, no. She needs to actually get off the internet, keep seeing her therapist and work on herself.

  • mayacny
    mayacny 4 hours ago

    these comments are ruthless.

  • spacefacecadet
    spacefacecadet 5 hours ago

    Uhh until Trisha comes out with a "psych naw" video about this, I find it HIGHLY irresponsible to gatekeep someone's potential transness based on ignorant wording or even bad behavior. I don't know a lot about this person, but you guys sound like a bunch of truscum complaining about the concept of "choosing a different gender every day". Maybe I'm naive and this is a stunt, I don't know, but I'm inclined to give the benefit of the doubt.

  • Kate Elizabeth
    Kate Elizabeth 5 hours ago

    We used to all just think that Trisha was just a joke. She is now crazy

  • esther anderson
    esther anderson 6 hours ago

    we been seein this evry otha week gettin play out 2mill views must be doin somthin write

  • Kayla Kate
    Kayla Kate 6 hours ago

    Trisha, you need to say these things to your therapist and keep it off the internet, it’s all really personal and you gotta deal with it with professionals, not with the media that won’t take anything serious

  • Thomas Bevan
    Thomas Bevan 6 hours ago

    I actually realllllly feel for him There is a reason for all the attention seeking and trolling in the past! He is very confused with being in the entertainment industry and confirming to to a Hollywood image... but feeling a certain way! It’s not cool and it’s not fun to bully ANYONE! Bullying is wrong and I’m sure you all hate bullies! Guess what! You are ALL bullies! Jumping on the back on the next RUclip scandal! Ffs! Stop watching Trisha if you don’t like his content! Fuck off and leave this space of RUclip for the people who do like Trisha! Xxxx

  • Your Father
    Your Father 6 hours ago

    Why are we minimising her experience? Why are we attacking someone who's tryin to articulate themselves? As a Transman - this isn't easy... it isn't clear all the time.. fuck. Yeah she said some fucked stuff, but wow guys.

  • Lucy Hurford
    Lucy Hurford 6 hours ago

    Ps: Reminder : Every time Trisha makes one of these ... like the opiates vid and it back fires 🔥 we then get a “ this is real ... I’m sorry vid🤔🤔🤔

  • Lucy Hurford
    Lucy Hurford 6 hours ago +1

    The problem here is this “person” has come out as Gay, black and now allegedly trans , No one can tell you How you feel or Who you are but if you want to be taken seriously you Don’t make different claims every other week and expect people to believe everything. Trans people go through hell for their identity Trisha just doesn’t think before she speaks . Admiration doesn’t = Transgenderism . This is a identity crisis not a gender crisis look at her sex toy vids???!!! Does that seem like a trans man hiding her/his gender ??!!!!!!😒😒

  • BigFat RedMoon
    BigFat RedMoon 6 hours ago

    Grow up

  • Cathryne Farr
    Cathryne Farr 8 hours ago

    How on earth could you think that you wouldn’t offend people by basically using our identities as buzz words to get views and subs? You do this all the time. The fact that you don’t know the legitimate terms of these things you’re describing is proof enough that you haven’t done any research on lgbtq+ issues and problems. You are making a mockery of the genuine problems that lgbtq+ people experience.

  • Kyro Ki
    Kyro Ki 8 hours ago +1

    she needs help

  • Gyro Xaver
    Gyro Xaver 8 hours ago

    Who's this and what did she do? All i did was type "apology" into youtube.

  • Shelka Moore
    Shelka Moore 8 hours ago +1

    So... shes sitting there in her bra with her tits hanging out crying about how she hates her boobs and is a man. Hmm... makes me scratch my head. She is using this for money, it's obvious! wow... just... wow....

  • amelia DeClercq
    amelia DeClercq 9 hours ago +1

    No hate, I support Trisha in whatever tf she wants to be, but feeling masculine doesn't make you transgender

  • Elliot Crane
    Elliot Crane 9 hours ago


  • Elliot Crane
    Elliot Crane 9 hours ago

    Wow I can't wait for Shane's next series

  • carter
    carter 9 hours ago

    YOU OBVIOUSLY DONT GET IT?!? you dumb fucking bitch

  • carter
    carter 9 hours ago

    you don’t even know what you’re apologizing for.

  • carter
    carter 9 hours ago


  • carter
    carter 9 hours ago


  • carter
    carter 9 hours ago

    dr phil please fucking help this DUMB BITCH

  • carter
    carter 9 hours ago

    you need to seek help

  • Irelynd Kincaid
    Irelynd Kincaid 9 hours ago

    For everyone saying that everyone is welcome in the LGBTQ+ community, you guys really aren’t showing that right now. Why isn’t she aloud to identify with whatever she wants? This is how she feels she isn’t saying how it is for other people this how she sees it. You guys are being so hard on her when she is trying to figure it out on her own too and she was brave enough to say something at all. If she feels like male on the inside why can’t she call herself a male? Idk I just don’t know why she is getting so much crap for just wanting to feel comfortable with herself. She said she doesn’t like labels so imagine how hard it is for her to explain this without that.

  • Jordan Bolin
    Jordan Bolin 10 hours ago

    If you listen closely, in the distance you can hear the faint echoes of “WHAT WE DO HERE IS GO BACKBACKBACKBACK”

  • Mallory Yahne
    Mallory Yahne 10 hours ago

    You do you, fuck the haters. Most people hate bc they don’t understand. Work on you, and ignore everyone else.

  • Miguel Flores
    Miguel Flores 10 hours ago +1


  • Sergio Alcantara
    Sergio Alcantara 10 hours ago +1

    “I hate my breasts.”
    Literally has on Patreon that she wants $10,000 for a bigger boob job. 😂
    This girl is literally mentally ill. Hope SHE gets help.

  • Chloe Digiovanni
    Chloe Digiovanni 10 hours ago

    I’m a trans woman and I understand being lost and confuses but guys let’s stop attacking her please. It’s breaking my heart!! Some of it may not make sense but it’s a journey

  • ally w
    ally w 11 hours ago

    If you need help finding a mental hospital you can just look them up cause girl you need to go to one

  • Haley Gossett
    Haley Gossett 11 hours ago

    I feel like this video explains it SO much better than the first one. I especially like that you were talking about the hatred of your v*gina instead of talking about penis envy.. And talking about becoming super girly to overcompensate and try to make sure yourself feel more like a girl. Those 2 specific points really stood out to me.
    Obviously, I dont know if Trish is being honest or not because I'm not them, so I can never know for sure (nobody can except them)
    But many people go to gender therapy just to figure out who they are. She said it's been 5-6 months. That really isnt that long. What I took from it is that Trisha has felt like a boy all their life and has been very confused.
    As I mentioned, they said they tried to be more girly to see if that would help them feel more like a girl. That part really stood out to me. Because that is very common amongst the trans community. The overcompensation of trying to act super like your birth sex.
    My girlfriend is a trans woman and she used to do that. She was so in denial about being a woman, despite having always felt like a woman. So she became overly masculine and acted super boyish in high school (before I met her) so that she could try and feel more like a boy. But it didnt work. Cause she's a woman.
    Therapy helped her come to terms with being a woman. Therapy helped her decide to go to Planned Parenthood and start hormones. I just met her a few months before she started hormones, but I have heard all the stories. Now, it's been over 2 years since she started hormones. She JUST got her name legally changed last week. Her family is JUST starting to consistently call her by her name.
    Things take time and I think Trisha's therapy is the first step of a very long journey for them to figure out who they are.
    And sorry that ended up being so long lmao - I ramble sometimes

  • Axwell -
    Axwell - 11 hours ago +1

    Your getting this back lash cause you are full of shit and you lose yourself with the amount of bullshit you release it's even hard to support you... or believe you!!

  • Tasil Last
    Tasil Last 11 hours ago +1

    I think you can not convince us of who you are - because you actually don't know who you are - you are a mess and you profit off being a mess - so why change...

  • Chris Konstantatos
    Chris Konstantatos 11 hours ago +1

    Why the hell is this apology 18 minutes long. And where is the apology

  • Tasil Last
    Tasil Last 11 hours ago

    Wow you are not even good at acting...

  • luscious beauty
    luscious beauty 12 hours ago +1

    You are such a lost person and u need some help. Go seek some medical help because this shit that your trying to pull is fuckin nonsense. Your going straight down hill

  • Danielle Croy
    Danielle Croy 12 hours ago

    You’re a woman Trisha. You’re not transgender. At all. You’re saying all of these lies for attention and views.
    You are using the transgender community for your own personal gain. You even admitted that you cried and been dramatic in videos for views. This is the same exact situation. You using them for you own personal gain. This is a BIG F you to the lgbt community and to transgender people specifically.
    If you were truly transgender you would have really came out at the beginning or near the beginning of your career and really came clean to your following.
    These things you say about how you “felt since you were young” are just complete bull. Your crying and your statements full of lies. You don’t deserve anything you have.
    Saying you’re “attracted” to the transgender community doesn’t mean you are trans. You are not transgender Trisha Paytas. You’re an attention whore.

  • Dolfingarcia24
    Dolfingarcia24 13 hours ago

    Trish: “as a child I’ve hated my breasts”
    Also Trish *has her boobs so that the whole world can see them*

  • XxGamer GirlxX
    XxGamer GirlxX 13 hours ago +1

    I’m surprised she isn’t on her kitchen floor

  • jasmine g
    jasmine g 14 hours ago

    i cant tell if she feels vulnerable and wants to fit in or feels this way.

  • Biljana Nestorovic
    Biljana Nestorovic 15 hours ago

    did this bitch actually put ADS on this matha fucking video WOW GO FUCK YOURSELF

  • louie oliver
    louie oliver 16 hours ago +1

    Trisha, maybe you're bigender...

  • David Moss
    David Moss 16 hours ago

    fuck is this asmr

  • Lai M.
    Lai M. 16 hours ago +1

    So....are u Str8 now

  • moonchild
    moonchild 16 hours ago

    Dear Trisha, a transgender woman is a woman who was born as male, experienced gender dysphoria and may transitioned into a woman because that's how she felt, so now she is transexual because she may did the operation and changed her sex/gender.Same with transgender men. Now lets talk about the biological sex/gender and the social sex/gender. In your previous video you said that you accept your biological sex/gender which is a woman, but also you feel as a man.Only by saing that you accept your biological sex/gender, it doesn't make you a transgender woman nor a man. Also,you seem to have embraced your biological sex/gender by dressing as a woman which is your social sex/gender. When your biological sex/gender matches your social sex/gender then you are not a transgender. What I believe you want to say is that you grew up as a girl who didn't want to follow the stereotypes of how a girl should look like and how she should act and this is totally acceptable and understandable and I would never think that you wanted to hurt anyone's feelings. Though, you need to learn how to express yourself so no one can misunderstand you again. I am studying Psychology so I am trying to help you and protect you from further rude comments. I wish I kinda helped. Please take care and love yourself and remember you don't need to always explain yourself as long as you know how you feel and who you are.

  • Meg B
    Meg B 17 hours ago

    You can’t mock entire communities and then expect them to accept you with arms wide open!

  • Meg B
    Meg B 17 hours ago

    This video probably made a good amount of money.

  • rachel o'brien
    rachel o'brien 17 hours ago

    sis is just confused.. either way this is the funniest shit i've seen all week

  • Lena Grabowski
    Lena Grabowski 17 hours ago

    I think a little LGBTQIA+ education would help her. I genuenly want Trish to know that her confusion can be solved quite easly by just informing herlself.

  • jason pearce
    jason pearce 18 hours ago

    full on Whack job.

  • uselesspan - ace
    uselesspan - ace 18 hours ago

    Please do everybody and yourself a favor and go to a better therapist. This isn't meant to be offending or anything but I think it's pretty clear that you have pretty grave mental health issues. Wish you the best, but please, do something about that.