Trump says meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong-un will happen - BBC News

  • Published on Nov 7, 2018
  • US President Donald Trump says meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong-un will happen "sometime early next year"
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  • lorilemonade
    lorilemonade 4 months ago

    Trump is such a traitor & disgrace to America-- sooo eager to meet with the leader who had Otto Warmbier murdered. He's made a fool out of us to the world. Putin, Un, and MBS are laughing their AAA'sOOOO!!

  • Prudish Mouse
    Prudish Mouse 5 months ago

    MAGA ! “We are in no rush” 35 Years later NK has hundreds of nukes. “I should of rushed Kim”

  • Maiulz -
    Maiulz - 5 months ago

    Wait so there's going to be a second summit?

  • Doggo pug
    Doggo pug 5 months ago this is worth your time watching

  • I Want Kim Jong-Un To Kill Me

    Leave Kimmy alone you brute!

  • lissa leggs
    lissa leggs 5 months ago

    Building a wall around Berlin to imprison the population has to be one of the low points of civilization.

  • Wolfgang Łyffenwaffer
    Wolfgang Łyffenwaffer 6 months ago

    What an idiot: He thinks that blowing smoke up Kim’s ass will convince him to give up his nukes.

  • Payer
    Payer 6 months ago

    Let's not forget the POOR and hungry people still living there! but I guess it's their country there rules

  • Andy Kim
    Andy Kim 6 months ago

    Trump will never start a war or bomb to Pyeong-yang. Because Russia and China are behind the North Korea, and Moon (Communist, South Korea President) is supporting their back too!!
    It is the most biggest irony that South Korea is one of U.S ally, but they are supporting North Korea.
    Look how they disobey the rule (South Korea dont care about U.S sanctions,)
    1. Rail way construction support
    2. Destroy their own GP in DMZ (WTF)
    3. Monetary support
    4. Brainwashed teens and 20s by North Korean spy (called 전교조 extreme left-wing teacher's union)
    5. Attacking South Korea Big company CEOs
    (filing law suits, tax investigation, sending them to North Korea as a hostage)

    • Jixijenga
      Jixijenga 5 months ago

      Russia and China simply do not give a single fuck about North Korea at this point, we are _well_ beyond that. South Korea is doing their part in this as we are doing ours, the carrot has been extended and if necessary we, the United States of America, will apply the stick.
      I'm of the opinion that Kim Jong-un used this opportunity to protect himself against a coup, presumably from the Chinese-backed puppets in his government. Now they _have_ to play ball, which is probably why China's backing off from this situation. Russia is, as usual, playing no part in this process other than idle commentary about major events.

  • Donnie Eickmeyer
    Donnie Eickmeyer 6 months ago

    First president to make any positive progress with North Korea

  • Luke productions
    Luke productions 6 months ago

    They both make a great couple

  • SchmidtheShit
    SchmidtheShit 6 months ago +1


  • SuperUbermensch
    SuperUbermensch 6 months ago

    It's hard to tell if he's talking out his ass or if it's just shit coming out his mouth.

    CHRIS B 6 months ago +1

    President Trump is INCREDIBLE!

  • SD Double
    SD Double 6 months ago

    Mr. Trump and American government. Please take secondary boycott to korea government, company, bank which is something to do with the coal of north korea immediately. most of the Korean people don't recognize Mr.moon as president of korea.He is just secretary for kim jeong eun of north korea

  • TheMorning
    TheMorning 6 months ago

    American can find solution for North Korean

  • ImNot Straight
    ImNot Straight 6 months ago

    Im scared of Kim jong-un cause he's gonna nuke the usa

    • ImNot Straight
      ImNot Straight 5 months ago

      +Jixijenga ok

    • Jixijenga
      Jixijenga 5 months ago

      I'm not a part of your family so I don't know what your family would do.
      I don't know you, I don't know your aunt, mother, or anyone else in your life. You will have to talk to them.

    • ImNot Straight
      ImNot Straight 5 months ago

      +Jixijenga so that means she is still my aunt or are they going to adopt me and my sister

    • Jixijenga
      Jixijenga 5 months ago

      I would imagine so, yes.

    • ImNot Straight
      ImNot Straight 5 months ago

      +Jixijenga so then me and my sister will live with my uncle and Aunts

  • Mariana Maldonado
    Mariana Maldonado 6 months ago

    takes a shot every time he says no rush

  • Bobthebuilder200
    Bobthebuilder200 6 months ago

    You're awful
    How dare you
    He's not worth to visit
    I hate you

  • Brandon Rogers
    Brandon Rogers 6 months ago +4

    He is smart about saying there is no rush, so North Korea thinks good about them. That they are not trying to denuke them instantly, but in a more fair way. And gaining trust with each other. They both talk good about each other after they met.......

    • kariptis
      kariptis 6 months ago +1

      Everyone should read the Singapore Agreement themselves.
      Denuclearization is only the third point.
      The first two points are about peace and trust.
      If the US insists on rapid denuclearization without trust, they break the agreement.
      Moreover, it is about the denuclearization of the peninsula and not only that of North Korea

    ONE WORLD GONE WRONG 6 months ago +1

    Weldone Trump

  • Emily Jang
    Emily Jang 6 months ago


    THAAD BATTERY EXTRA RANGE 6 months ago +1

    God bless you

  • pablo9364
    pablo9364 6 months ago

    God bless the president.

  • William Conner
    William Conner 6 months ago

    Weres pence?

  • JK JK
    JK JK 6 months ago +4

    New trump hotel in north korea

    • JK JK
      JK JK 6 months ago

      N its gud to hav north openning up.

    • JK JK
      JK JK 6 months ago

      +Link Knight hey nvr say nvr. Policies changes.

    • Link Knight
      Link Knight 6 months ago

      Do you understand how communism works? It takes a couple years of even TRYING before you get a visa to enter north korea....

  • MyEyesBled
    MyEyesBled 6 months ago +1

    Maybe he wants his baby?

  • lissa leggs
    lissa leggs 6 months ago

    On to impeachment...

    • Jixijenga
      Jixijenga 5 months ago

      You might want to do a little quick reading on how that process works.

  • Marie Apple
    Marie Apple 6 months ago

    Wouldn't it be funny if Kim cancels any and all upcoming meetings with Trump because he considers him a loser!

  • smurfarooney2003
    smurfarooney2003 6 months ago

    He looks 😴 tired

  • Catherine Raas
    Catherine Raas 6 months ago +6

    Jong needs to die.

    • ImNot Straight
      ImNot Straight 5 months ago


    • Payer
      Payer 6 months ago

      North Korea is still the same on how their people live

    • kariptis
      kariptis 6 months ago +1

      Very courageous comment. Wish other people death.
      Are you sure you should not die yourself?

  • Josh Leoner
    Josh Leoner 6 months ago +5

    "Sometime next year start of next year" trump lol wtf you know about senpai? Yeah we might die either on his bomb or.. Disease that comes with it... Damn F F F

    • Catherine Raas
      Catherine Raas 6 months ago +2

      Who doesn't know about him it's like you first he like I don't know what you mean and 4min later wait.. Hold on a sec NANI

    • Josh Leoner
      Josh Leoner 6 months ago +1

      No one ask me senpai who I'm not stupid enough to talk about it in RUclip so shush just do not thanks.

  • Josh Leoner
    Josh Leoner 6 months ago +12

    Jong needs to go... And I mean it

    • Nobblk Praetorian
      Nobblk Praetorian 6 months ago +1

      If he goes now someone else will just replace him.

    • Gabe Newell
      Gabe Newell 6 months ago

      Josh Leoner for not bowing to American imperialism like Libya and Iraq did yea no

    • Hetero Sapiens
      Hetero Sapiens 6 months ago

      Catherine Raas What....... are you saying.........

    • Eddard Einstein
      Eddard Einstein 6 months ago

      Agreed!! The democrat says Trump is too soft. Then how about world war 3. There is like a lot of pussies in america right now. We need to man them up!

    • Catherine Raas
      Catherine Raas 6 months ago +1

      Senpai should go and shin him hehe... Though won't matter bc after he is done nothing will be left but his own damn bullet on his own head after all dies first ugh.. Senpai so comfy goddess

  • Don Vendetta
    Don Vendetta 6 months ago +2

    Trump kill him. Kill Kim come on Kill the fat hoe.

    • Don Vendetta
      Don Vendetta 6 months ago +1

      No one comment about senpai k just like my comment Hai Hai lol.

  • Mill Burray
    Mill Burray 6 months ago

    His new best friend

  • Veracity North
    Veracity North 6 months ago +11

    If Trump is not arrested first for corruption. Trump lives in a TV reality and is a complete con man.

    • Andrew878D
      Andrew878D 6 months ago +3

      +Veracity North uh okay

    • Veracity North
      Veracity North 6 months ago +1

      +Andrew878D - Now that's funny. I'm not here to tell you how corrupt Trump besides you would still not believe me. Please get off your ass and look it up and do what is right for America.

    • Andrew878D
      Andrew878D 6 months ago

      How is Trump corrupt? Not trying to argue or anything I would of never thought he'd be corrupt.

    • Manny Is gay
      Manny Is gay 6 months ago +3

      Veracity North I’m opened minded please tell me, Or are you just baiting me into insulting you and being “racist” towards you to prove you’re point that republicans are bad? Nice try

    • Veracity North
      Veracity North 6 months ago +1

      +The W.F.C. - Get off your ass and look into it. No matter what information I provide you with, you will not believe it. You are a blind Trump lover.

    KEVIN HESKETH 6 months ago

    The British head of state once had tea and crumpets with Syrian President Assad.The future unelected head of state has met the Saudi royal family many times.Rather sickening especially meeting the Saudi Royal family as its all about selling arms.

  • quiflington
    quiflington 6 months ago +1

    Trump has more juice than anybody else on the planet. He is both a man's man and a lady's man. He can bang the absolute hottest chicks in the world one minute and then snap his fingers and turn the entire Middle East into a parking lot in the next minute. That's some serious juice.

  • Rahim Ali
    Rahim Ali 6 months ago

    Republicans meet Communist

  • Let’s grow
    Let’s grow 6 months ago

    I can't believe this moron wanted a Nobel Peace price for a doing absolutely nothing with Korea

    • Andrew
      Andrew 6 months ago

      Garden Life he’s done more in the last day than you’ll get done in your pathetic little life- let that sink in.

    • Link Knight
      Link Knight 6 months ago +3

      Obama told him that the only option he could see was war with north korea. And when trump learns about korean culture and how to go about things and MAKES DEALS to get dead soldiers back, stop missile launches and nuclear tests, and work towards disassembly of the nukes, you say he's done nothing. Well at least he hasn't gotten everyone nuked like Obama would have.

  • Nadi Nadi
    Nadi Nadi 6 months ago +1

    Did someone give him Xanax?

  • Dylan Evans
    Dylan Evans 6 months ago

    1:29 We’re in no rushhhh

  • R ay
    R ay 6 months ago

    Kim jong un-will happen

  • R ay
    R ay 6 months ago

    China ! China! China!😂😂😂

  • The Crusader
    The Crusader 6 months ago +1

    God is Donald Trump

  • Shrimpy
    Shrimpy 6 months ago +22

    President Trump deserves the Nobel Peace prize. Many have received it for far less.

    • Awesomeepic38 Is amazing
      Awesomeepic38 Is amazing 4 months ago

      Shrimpy Gaming wdym
      Like what are you trying to say

    • Shrimpy
      Shrimpy 4 months ago

      +Awesomeepic38 Is amazing lol " racist sexist homophobic" - what do those stupid buzzwords even mean any more? I guess "Drumpf is literally Hitler" and "Orange man bad" too right? Change the record.

    • Awesomeepic38 Is amazing
      Awesomeepic38 Is amazing 4 months ago

      Yes let’s give the peace prize to the racist sexist homophobic orange pig monster man thing

    • Uncle Diggie
      Uncle Diggie 5 months ago

      +lissa leggs sounds like your have ugly legs

  • Bugster987
    Bugster987 6 months ago +1

    But is he in a rush???

  • Maria Wright
    Maria Wright 6 months ago +6

    He needs to focus more and think about what he wants to put across so that it's effective. Surely he has someone that can give him good advice about communicating more clearly. He could give a shorter and more precise answer to the questions this would save time and prevent him from waffling.

    JOKER FACE 6 months ago +30

    MAGA . Morons Are Governing America

    • I Want Kim Jong-Un To Kill Me
      I Want Kim Jong-Un To Kill Me 5 months ago

      Making America Go Amok.

    • Wfc
      Wfc 6 months ago +4


    • The W.F.C.
      The W.F.C. 6 months ago +6

      And getting shit done. (Y)

    • Brandon Rogers
      Brandon Rogers 6 months ago +1

      DEMS. Destroy Economy Money Stealers. Obama care prices so cheap wow man lol. But now with reps and dems is better because the stock market likes it.

    • Faygo
      Faygo 6 months ago +3

      +Link Knight amen brother

  • Face Off
    Face Off 6 months ago +19

    Make America great again Impeach Donald J Trump and Mike Pence

    • King Naga
      King Naga 6 months ago +1

      I am willing to at least give Pence a shot.

    • The Crusader
      The Crusader 6 months ago +5

      That's not how the world works you pathetic little lefty thought slave 😂

  • Dog alpha
    Dog alpha 6 months ago +4

    North korea is a friend of america

    • Brandon Rogers
      Brandon Rogers 6 months ago

      +James Hassel Fat kim likes TRUMP. I'm pretty sure. He never talked shit about America again after they met and spoke one on one.

    • Brandon Rogers
      Brandon Rogers 6 months ago

      Yes because of TRUMP. Fat kim likes him.

    • BarbwireBlast
      BarbwireBlast 6 months ago +4

      +James Hassel Imma keep it real with you Chief, you dumb as hell and used the wrong version of "you're."

    • James Hassel
      James Hassel 6 months ago +6

      Your a stupid ass

  • zee zoo
    zee zoo 6 months ago +27

    It's like he's narrating a book

  • King Naga
    King Naga 6 months ago +1

    Sure. Let’s see if the “suck his dick” strategy you perfected on Putin works.

  • HMQ
    HMQ 6 months ago +1

    Nice guitar work 👍 🎸

  • AWResistance
    AWResistance 6 months ago +36

    I guess he's in no rush.

    • P E D D Y
      P E D D Y 5 months ago

      Since ancient times, Koreans have the culture of resentment for 1000 years, Korea president said so in public in 2013. For 73 years in the government they acknowledged, the Koreans gave the lowest education to teach hatred to innocent young children. For Japan For U.S. Both equally about low degree. Some leftist students who took part in the riots seem to get government staff? Koreans have taught that ancestral hatred must be fulfilled in the days of the present grandchild. It is hidden in the surface but their true intentions hate the Chinese who dominated a long time from 1393 to 1895.
      In developmental psychology, the mind is refracted when you continue to feel hatred during the growing phase of self-determination. It is almost impossible to grow up in an environment of hatred and become respectable adults with common sense. Recently Korea education began to claim that the assassin was the country's hero.

    • Brandon Rogers
      Brandon Rogers 6 months ago +1

      Better. Kim will feel more confortable with Trump that way.

  • Finlay
    Finlay 6 months ago +70

    Only president to make any progression with North Korea

    • P E D D Y
      P E D D Y 4 months ago

      A false liberal country emerged. The Koreans have made the terrible TARGET LOCK ON incident. A question that likened the fact that happened. If the neighbor's civil servants who lives house next door enters within the confines of your home EEZ garden and went to see it, they turned the gun to your head many times. Why? and asked them, but they remain silent, and do not even apologize. The image was left on the surveillance camera, and even though there was data in the direction of the muzzle, the koreans began to say that it did not make any such action at all. The act of breaking the relationship of the Allies, which the South Korea causes one after another. We can't trust them at all.

    • youtube watcher
      youtube watcher 5 months ago

      +Welcome to The Void yeah but they deserve it at this point

    • lissa leggs
      lissa leggs 5 months ago

      +Luigi Vincenzo

    • lissa leggs
      lissa leggs 5 months ago

      Only POTUS to kiss Putin's ass.
      Korea... LMAO. Are you a fool?
      China pointed a new ICBM garrison at US you moron.
      The moron in chief won't do anything.

  • Moo Moo
    Moo Moo 6 months ago +7

    Rude journalist

  • Edupe PA
    Edupe PA 6 months ago +10

    So silly president. A shame for the position.

    • Exodus 820
      Exodus 820 5 months ago

      I think your grammar is smarter.

    • Artstotzka Ministry of Propaganda
      Artstotzka Ministry of Propaganda 5 months ago

      Why silly? I don't support the devil crats or re pub-lick-ans. But as a Communist, your shitty Democrats are no better than Trump. All of them follow the rich imperialist Zionist.

  • abdulai talent
    abdulai talent 6 months ago +2

    RIP Sir 😭😭🙏🤔

  • Jaxson Silvers
    Jaxson Silvers 6 months ago +8

    For the 2% of people who see this, I just wanna say good luck to you in the future!!
    THANK YOU 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • Andrew
      Andrew 6 months ago +1

      Jaxson Silvers fuck off.

    • Tancred de Hauteville
      Tancred de Hauteville 6 months ago

      Moo Moo don’t attack him or do you want me to crusade you

    • Pichkalu Pappita
      Pichkalu Pappita 6 months ago +1


    • Moo Moo
      Moo Moo 6 months ago +2

      Please don’t sound so desperate. If you have good content the subs will come on their own. Learn how to play the game.