Maroon 5 - "Animals" PARODY

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All voices by Bart Baker – https://www.youtube.com/user/BartBaKer

"Animals" Parody Starring

Adam Levine - Bart Baker – https://www.youtube.com/user/BartBaKer

Behati Prinsloo – Gsnaps - https://www.youtube.com/user/GingerMusicPage

Maroon 5 Bandmate - Sam Macaroni - https://www.youtube.com/user/SamMacaroni

Maroon 5 Bandmate – JorDance - http://youtube.com/jordance4u
Maroon 5 Bandmate - L.E. Doug Staiman
Maroon 5 Bandmate - Anthony Rutowicz
Maroon 5 Bandmate - Josiah Black

"Animals" Parody Created and Directed by - Bart Baker - http://www.youtube.com/user/BartBaKer

"Animals" Parody Director - Layne Pavoggi - http://www.laynepavoggi.com/

"Animals" Parody Writer – Eli Braden - http://www.elibraden.com/

"Animals" Parody Writer/Editor - Bart Baker - http://www.youtube.com/user/BartBaKer

"Animals" Parody Director of Photography/Cam Ops – Jon Na

"Animals" Parody Executive Producer - Ricky Mammone

"Animals" Parody Producer - Ben Loescher

"Animals" Parody Associate Producer - Aron Reuben Korney - http://www.aronreubenkorney.com

"Animals" Parody Gaffer – Alvin Octoman

"Animals" Parody Gaffer – Arthur Hong

"Animals" Parody Endslate Audio Technician – Matt Colbert

"Animals" Parody Endslate Director of Photography – Ben Loescher

"Animals" Parody Endslate Shooter – Jay Houn

"Animals" Parody Key Makeup - Brittany White - https://www.youtube.com/user/MakeupRumors

"Animals" Parody Costume Designer - Amanda Hosler - http://www.amandahosler.com/

"Animals" Parody Art Department - Chris Devlin

"Animals" Parody Art Department/Props - Remington Brimmer

"Animals" Parody Art Department/Set Decorator – Marshall King

"Animals" Parody Art Department/Set Decorator – Greg Padget

"Animals" Parody Track created by – Jose "Choco" Reynoso - http://www.discogs.com/artist/383061-Jose-Choco-Reynoso

"Animals" Parody Grip – Jay Houn

"Animals" Parody Production Assistant – Doug Culp - http://bit.ly/1wvmA4e

"Animals" Parody Production Assistant – Claudia Duran

"Animals" Parody Production Assistant – Natasha Zarate - https://www.linkedin.com/pub/natasha-zarate/36/6a2/b6a

Просмотров: 22982574
Длительность: 4:6
Комментарии: 14986

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Автор Benjix Bishop ( назад)
Is it just me of do all of his parodies start good and end bad?

Автор Kalwen Chan ( назад)
lol sick pedo you said

Автор Isabella Royse ( назад)
why dose Adam look like pewdiepie or it's just me

Автор Dana Griggs ( назад)
Bart Baker DO YMCAbBy Village People when they Say Yung Man do Fatman PLEASE

Автор Ethan Hayward ( назад)
1:00 R.I.P Window.

Автор Cutie pie ( назад)
the only funny here is the comments😂

Автор Греннин ( назад)
Do you also think so?

Автор Греннин ( назад)
This song is better than the original!!!

Автор Pardøn ( назад)
"My beard is gross."😂😂

Автор Golfíneo_ ( назад)
that thumb is sans?

Автор Blazer 7 ( назад)
I tbh thought that that maroon 5 was only one person lke wtf

Автор Levs ( назад)
Am I the only one who has a strong urge to tickle those armpits?

yes I'm weird asf

Автор Alonah OBrien ( назад)
whatever y'all are dum

Автор Jennifer Marier ( назад)

Автор Zangetsu S ( назад)
1:01 I lost my shit😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Nguyen Tam ( назад)

Автор Gio_ Epi_ ( назад)

Автор OutRiderGaming -PS4 gaming and More ( назад)
"I can stand in rain in a hoodie"
Too bad I go out only with underwear

Автор Mr.DABBER 2.0 ( назад)
am i the only one who finds barts voice AWSOME

Автор COSTANtheCOSTY ( назад)
Best Parody on YouTube

Автор Veriot Gaming ( назад)
mắc ỉa

Автор enty 303 ( назад)
I don't laugh

Автор Grace Medemar ( назад)

Автор zybereqwilfish ( назад)
lol my voice sounds like a cry...of a dog whos going to die jajjjajajaj

Автор Jessica Salazar ( назад)
I got scared the first time I watched it and vomit on my bed

Автор Abbey Lavigne ( назад)

Автор cool girl ( назад)
he is really looking like Adam. 😂😂

Автор darthon the lucario ( назад)
He looks like heisenberg

Автор Zayerbayer ( назад)
Well. this song ruined animals for me. just great.

Автор bumpy dela pena ( назад)
my beard's gross hahahaha

Автор 8-bit galaxy gamer yt ( назад)
i was retaining from watching because bart could even make mickey rated R animals is already nasty so i thaught this was worse but its not the original more nasty

Автор Nuk3Sit3_MainClanChannel ( назад)
Is it just me or is the part where the guy say "its just were tired of this sh*t" the catchy part in the song

Автор goshiloshi ( назад)
this is my favorite song without Bart baker I would not be happy lol

Автор Sophia Rose ( назад)
Do cold by maroon 5

Автор Rania Ghneim ( назад)
You. Fucking. Ruined the song

Автор Entity 40 ( назад)
i copy the voice of him

Автор i7 Chrome ( назад)

Автор Elisa Princess ( назад)
he reminds me if the joker after he says "I can stand in a hoddie in rain"

Автор Ethan Hughes ( назад)
blood part reminds me of Carrie white's prom night

Автор robert esquivel ( назад)
I'm bloody

Автор critz gaming ( назад)
Celebrating my new channel check it out its hot

Автор Bebe Penguin ( назад)

Автор Jacqueline Starlight ( назад)
this is not funny

Автор Musically Me Garima Goel ( назад)
This is the true meaning of 'animals' 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Mario Sobredo ( назад)
best song ever

Автор Said Adilkhanov ( назад)

Автор Michael Lundblad ( назад)
can you do a parody on smoke and mirrors?

Автор Michael Lundblad ( назад)
this sounds like a song pewdiepie would write lol

Автор Dj DrDare ( назад)
His face I can't stop laughing lol 0:01😥😥😥

Автор Andrew T ( назад)
" Maroon 5? More like Moron 5"... my favorite part 😂

Автор Nandakishore Prime ( назад)
I am honestly saying the original is too funnier than this.

Автор Willie Danian Ramirez ( назад)
who's watching this 2017

Автор Foxybros Tails Doll ( назад)
Like si alguien me entiende :v

Автор việt nguyễn xuân ( назад)
can u make k pop parodies

Автор Crystal L Ice ( назад)
one time I wrote moron 5 not maroon 5

Автор Lysol Bleach ( назад)
5 members of the ban is marooned

Автор TDS GM ( назад)
so funny song!

Автор Radisav Mijailovic ( назад)

Автор Malik Campbell ( назад)
I don't know why I love the Auto tune

Автор p berry ( назад)
I don't know why why 😂😂

Автор Mobina. E ( назад)
I love this song u rewind it

Автор lazaye7732 ( назад)
"How do I my voice so high. Breaks the window every time." That will always be my favorite part.😂😂😂

Автор April Cordova ( назад)

Автор Daimond Armor ( назад)
that puppy is cute

Автор garoth the head guard ( назад)
ok you are making these ppl feel bad so stop before i sew

Автор hayley k ( назад)

Автор Michel Falk ( назад)
Why are you evil i like the glas man

Автор Daniel Fabela ( назад)
Those dogs at the end were so photoshopped

Автор clifton liter ( назад)
you stopped and rude! GROW UP YOU LOOSER

Автор robrulez4532 ( назад)
*Sees title*
*Looks at the thumbnail*
*Looks at the guy in the middle*
Says "That guy reminds me of Gordon Freeman."

Автор Mofrace Kay ( назад)

Автор Chester Mallare ( назад)
why is everyone so scared at the dumb mannequin look at 1:17 behind adam (bart) what the Frick is that!?!?!

Автор MadFang ( назад)

Автор RosaLee Tobbannie ( назад)
I have a request. Neon trees Animals. Please make a parody of it!

Автор Refat Hasan ( назад)
One minute silence for those who didn't get the 'I can stand in the rain in a hoodie..........' 😂😂😂

Автор Ambar Romero ( назад)
its true Adam does have a high voice

Автор Rick Sisco ( назад)

Автор Jayanie Weeratna ( назад)
Back when Bart was funny........

Автор Kevin Adkins ( назад)

Автор Lulu Doe ( назад)

Автор Beep Beep I Am A Sheep ( назад)
Best parody for a long time

Автор Daily Random ( назад)
No joke this guy looks like vsauce with hair 😅😅😅😅😅😂😂

Автор Joshua Gilbert ( назад)
man this makes adam lavine look like such a pervert 15 seconds in he jaking it in the middle of the street to a girl 😂😂😂😂 great video

Автор ninachkah ( назад)
"My beard's gross."
Cracked me up 😆

Автор DeeplyRetro ( назад)
This is unironically bad.

Автор Anahi Corral ( назад)
My beards gross LMAOOO

Автор opera qvèèñ ( назад)
I laught so bad when he was acting like wolf

Автор Eazy_100s ( назад)
the dogs were ski lol

Автор Alivia Nunez ( назад)
pause it at 2:18

Автор toy chica123 funtimes ( назад)
this is cool but it's kind of disgusting

Автор ĴȩŕőɱȩĶiĺĺşɎȱü ( назад)
ye moron 5

Автор TheeLawSon ( назад)
0:12 lol

Автор T ON N GAMER TV JOJO ( назад)

Автор Logos Zhu ( назад)
did anyone just notice the man in white among the meat?

Автор Anali Delgado ( назад)
I think side to side by Ariana Grande copied this song or got inspiration from this song cause they sound a little alike and I looked at the upload dates.

Автор Ashlyn Kalya ( назад)
sick gross

Автор Leo Larsen ( назад)
👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 videon

Автор Monster Hanna ( назад)
"This is Maroon 5, not Maroon 1, even though now there are 6 of us." Lol.

Автор Monster Hanna ( назад)
"How do I make my voice SO HIGH? Breaks the windows EVERY TIME." 😁

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