Can 1000 MPH Fidget Spinner Shatter Galaxy S8 Infinity Display?

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  • GizmoSlip
    GizmoSlip  5 месяцев назад +1597

    Hey everyone! Thanks for watching! Don't take this video seriously. It's just a fun experiment. Also, I haven't deleted any comments saying that the fiver spinner is only going 31 MPH. Comments like that are just trying to smear my name. In fact I responded to a guy named Grant who did calculations based on the slow motion, and I thanked him for trying to calculated it, but that we ramp up the slow motion a ton, so you can't do calculations based on it. You would need the original clip to know the true value. But either way, it doesn't matter. This video is just all about having fun, and if you enjoyed it. That's all that mattered. Thanks everyone! You rock!

    • Gabe Mills
      Gabe Mills Месяц назад

      GizmoSlip love your shirt dude

    • Brave Crumb :3
      Brave Crumb :3 Месяц назад

      Samuel's Mashups 2 RIGHT

    • Samuel's Mashups 2
      Samuel's Mashups 2 Месяц назад +1

      It went 8 MPH.
      MPH = RPH * Circumference in Miles
      RPH = 88,518 rotations in one hour
      Circumference = 2 * (pi) * radius
      Radius = 1 inch => 0,0000157828
      88,518 * 0,0000157828 = 8 MPH

    • Chibi Terasu
      Chibi Terasu Месяц назад +1

      Oh man, the YT community is unforgiving 😂
      Look at all these comments tearing into the guy like a pack of starved wolves attacking a sheep.

      Well, i cant say he didn't have it comming with that sh!tty content and sh!ttier attitude ...

      Hope you learned something from it, at least.

    • Keen Cloud
      Keen Cloud Месяц назад +2

      Your wasting the phone

  • Randy Rodriguez
    Randy Rodriguez 4 часа назад

    More dislikes than likes

  • Gem Javier
    Gem Javier 19 часов назад

    aight, first of all the phone wasn't even close to moving in your first attempt. second, you fucking hit the phone with your goddamn clamps.

  • Sheldon Mueller
    Sheldon Mueller День назад

    use an air compressor

  • Natalie Grayson
    Natalie Grayson День назад

    Watch "basic"'s video on "why I can't stand the fidget spinner trend"and at the end she does the math and tells you how fast it actually goes.

  • Mirza Nasir
    Mirza Nasir 2 дня назад

    You should try
    Can 2 galaxy s8 phones protect iphone se from 100 ft drop

  • lewis johnson
    lewis johnson 2 дня назад

    so how do we know its spinning at 1000mph? its impossible

  • LPS Cami ʕ•w•ʔTM
    LPS Cami ʕ•w•ʔTM 3 дня назад

    Why the dislikes!?

  • supermarioman
    supermarioman 3 дня назад

    it was epic

  • Cody Extine
    Cody Extine 3 дня назад

    The lamest thing I've ever seen

  • Ranga Kid
    Ranga Kid 3 дня назад

    click bait

    • Ranga Kid
      Ranga Kid 3 дня назад

      no 1600kmph spinner . reported griefing

  • Mohamed Gamal
    Mohamed Gamal 4 дня назад

    I am very poor to have like this phone one day ..and you just demaged it ,just like that....
    Oooh I wish I got a phone like this just to keep saving it from just air and dust

  • Jack Wallach
    Jack Wallach 5 дней назад


  • Matthew Texter
    Matthew Texter 5 дней назад

    Are you Nick Swardson?

  • Ranbir Verma
    Ranbir Verma 6 дней назад

    Can you tell me what this air blower is called does it need to be refilled it works unlimited

  • Ranbir Verma
    Ranbir Verma 6 дней назад

    Can you tell me what this air blower is called does it need to be refilled it works unlimited

  • Lia Stoney
    Lia Stoney 7 дней назад

    wait did anyone else get the spinning ball but instead of a ball its a fidget spinner

  • Destroying Show
    Destroying Show 8 дней назад

    Why so many dislikes?

  • Skye Scott
    Skye Scott 8 дней назад

    2:11 R.I.P. headphone users

  • Walid Khodabuccus
    Walid Khodabuccus 8 дней назад

    He like to broke phone

  • Random Eman
    Random Eman 9 дней назад

    That is not 1000 Mph thats like 30 mph also im not trying to smear your name im telling the truth because you clickbaited also it would have broken the sound narrier if it did go that fast and it would break your erdrums and everyone elses in a wide radiaus

  • Rish354
    Rish354 11 дней назад

    Gizmo is such a nice guy

  • Neha Sudan
    Neha Sudan 11 дней назад

    video dumb asl😂😂😂 what a goof

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  • EvorClickLP - Clash Royale
    EvorClickLP - Clash Royale 14 дней назад

    the loading screen is a fidget spinner? WTF

  • Ahmeed Kandil
    Ahmeed Kandil 16 дней назад

    يا خرا شنو هذا

  • Christian Ingmar Kjølsvik
    Christian Ingmar Kjølsvik 16 дней назад

    3:22 "Lines on the *LCD* "
    I'm triggered.

  • Colossal Squid FM
    Colossal Squid FM 17 дней назад

    i have reached the epitome of white trash youtube.

  • Nicolas Benvenitz
    Nicolas Benvenitz 19 дней назад

    Do a drop test with a Samsung Galaxy tab E

  • Nicolas Benvenitz
    Nicolas Benvenitz 19 дней назад

    Do a drop test with a Samsung Galaxy tab E

  • MoolsAndGoanimate6000
    MoolsAndGoanimate6000 19 дней назад

    I'm surprised that this video got a lot of dislikes more than likes

  • Witold Cichy:-D
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  • Pennywise Dancing Clown
    Pennywise Dancing Clown 21 день назад

    What are you guys even saying it didnt even go 1mph

  • Tristan Herrera
    Tristan Herrera 22 дня назад

    Why does this have so many dislikes!!???

  • alaberga wexd
    alaberga wexd 22 дня назад

    es obvio que el cel se va romper no me creo que exista gente tan idiota en el mundo :v

  • Lonely Asteroid
    Lonely Asteroid 22 дня назад

    What has my life come too...?

  • Indrawan Sapto Adi
    Indrawan Sapto Adi 22 дня назад

    kids in africa can sell that S8 for Eternity Food

  • Oliver FORD
    Oliver FORD 22 дня назад

    I hate it when people do this when others can't afford it. But still nice vid

  • Kennedy Kicker
    Kennedy Kicker 22 дня назад

    He try's to sound smart but he's just FAKEEEEEE

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    snap shot the blue 2 23 дня назад

    lol more dislikes than likes

  • Lukas Overton-O'Hara
    Lukas Overton-O'Hara 23 дня назад

    That was not going 1000 mph CLICKBAIT

  • Lukas Overton-O'Hara
    Lukas Overton-O'Hara 23 дня назад

    That's not even an air compressor it's a dust remover 😂 well yeah I used the same thing but

  • Mamta Misra
    Mamta Misra 23 дня назад

    You killed the whole lot new expensive phone u could have given it to me

  • Raynard GamerYT
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  • Greg McLasky
    Greg McLasky 24 дня назад

    maybe 1,000rpm?

  • Guzman Pro 09
    Guzman Pro 09 24 дня назад

    Why would you sacrifice a phone for a video

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  • Logan Allred vlogs
    Logan Allred vlogs 26 дней назад

    Use an air compressor dumb ass

  • teddy madden
    teddy madden 26 дней назад

    who is watching without shoes or socks

  • Massimo Giulietti
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  • Caeden Nystrom
    Caeden Nystrom 26 дней назад

    thats a wast of phones

  • physcio raja
    physcio raja 26 дней назад

    omg wtf u u know u destroy s8 how much you r rich fool next video you eat shit

  • umarfarooq20052005 20052005
    umarfarooq20052005 20052005 26 дней назад

    Which camera

  • Lilyroseunicorn P.R
    Lilyroseunicorn P.R 27 дней назад

    That's why I don't have a Samsung

  • Bappy Dewan
    Bappy Dewan 27 дней назад

    Its broke bcz of the weight of that thing you hold the spinner with

  • Jumper Quad
    Jumper Quad 28 дней назад

    Was that a figdet spinner from the drop test

  • Ajakz Terner
    Ajakz Terner 29 дней назад

    it's like a saw but smashy not cutty

  • Chillax Gaming
    Chillax Gaming 29 дней назад

    *sees the spinner speed up* **makes a face like he's insane and makes a drunk sound** this is why i love you

  • Nate Sobley
    Nate Sobley 29 дней назад

    You are the person that actually broke it

  • endrit.nezir endrit.nezir
    endrit.nezir endrit.nezir 29 дней назад +1

    The samsung galaxy s8 olso scratched because you puch it whth fidget spinner...

  • MrSBR24 swr
    MrSBR24 swr 29 дней назад

    Quit lying. If the fidget spinner was really moving at 1,000 mph, the handle would have been destroyed.

  • Артём бруякин
    Артём бруякин Месяц назад

    Ничего себе ты будешь разбивать телефо?

  • Olivia Passerini
    Olivia Passerini Месяц назад

    1000 miles per hour? Um, no. I am not a high schooler yet, nor have I ever taken a physics class, but common sense alone disproves your statement.

  • Nino P
    Nino P Месяц назад +2

    Fuck off idiot !

  • teh scoot
    teh scoot Месяц назад +1

    It's not 1,000 mph its more like 20 if it was 1,000 it would be going faster then a Boeing 777

  • Sumedh Tammisetty
    Sumedh Tammisetty Месяц назад

    Hey you coppied scrubzah

  • JAichRaucheGrasUndJetztHmh IhrKönntMirNichts

    This World is crazy o_O 🙈

  • Fadi Matti
    Fadi Matti Месяц назад

    I would never understand this generation , that phone is $750 , I know You might be rich but if breaking a phone makes You happier than helping others then I really feel sorry for You !

  • JOhnT1BG112505 LOL
    JOhnT1BG112505 LOL Месяц назад +1

    My tablet is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3! :D

  • NiceShot
    NiceShot Месяц назад

    when the buffer logo is a figet spinner....

  • Willis James
    Willis James Месяц назад

    Do you live in your trailer and just tow it everywhere? And if so how much does it cost to live that way. I think it is awesome and like to do the same if I can.

  • Piotr Darnowski
    Piotr Darnowski Месяц назад

    MMMMMMMMMM, so nice to see it crack

    PUDD1N TA1NE Месяц назад

    You're an idiot for not wearing eye protection.
    You only get two.

  • Keira Zerbe
    Keira Zerbe Месяц назад

    If you just wanna see him do it go to 2:06

  • Davon Jackson
    Davon Jackson Месяц назад

    At first you didn't put nothing on there

  • Davon Jackson
    Davon Jackson Месяц назад

    Of course it will die

  • Evgenia Murashko
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  • Exhustani
    Exhustani Месяц назад

    Has clamp things holding the spinner ...but dumb enough to forget about destroying a glass screen and not having eyes covered

  • gadgets for live
    gadgets for live Месяц назад

    This guy is so cringy

  • Sippin Tea In Yo Hood
    Sippin Tea In Yo Hood Месяц назад

    Sorry but he's wrong the spinner is only going 8 Mph if it was going 1000 Mph he would be knocked out by now from the spinner bouncing off the screen hitting his head so :]

  • kentonthelucario
    kentonthelucario Месяц назад +2

    That good phone

  • Brave Crumb :3
    Brave Crumb :3 Месяц назад

    A girl named Basic destroyed you

  • Samuel's Mashups 2
    Samuel's Mashups 2 Месяц назад

    It went 8 MPH.
    MPH = RPH * Circumference in miles
    RPH = 88,518 rotations in one hour
    Circumference = 2 * (pi) * radius
    Radius = 1 inch => 0,0000157828
    88,518 * 0,0000157828 = 8 MPH

    A fidget spinner can't break the sound of light, lmao. You're uncultured.

  • AcoustismDotcom
    AcoustismDotcom Месяц назад

    If it was going 1000 mph you would hear the sonic boom

  • flash gaming
    flash gaming Месяц назад

    U broke a s8😥😥

  • Cracked Oreo
    Cracked Oreo Месяц назад

    You realize that fidget spinner is going like 8 mph, right?

  • NotCara hjgjvvvyhjv,hj
    NotCara hjgjvvvyhjv,hj Месяц назад

    *cough cough* i'm not going to bore you with my math but, If the fidget spinner was going 1000 miles per hour it would break the sound barrier and you would be def. Also the fidget spinner is only going 8 miles per hour. I know everyone is saying the same thing, but dont believe this shit.

  • Vinyl
    Vinyl Месяц назад

    Weaponized autism

  • The Jerkinator
    The Jerkinator Месяц назад

    Have you disliked? I'm doing my part

  • Charlie Hudspeth
    Charlie Hudspeth Месяц назад

    Do not try this at home.

  • J F Gamerz
    J F Gamerz Месяц назад

    Chuck norris fidget spinner

  • Dvc Gvdrg
    Dvc Gvdrg Месяц назад

    First time seen that much dislikes against so much likes

  • Matthew Fortin
    Matthew Fortin Месяц назад

    Mom triangle I drop my iPad on the toy and now I dropped it in the house today and it got even more cracked but I can still type and play Roblox my fun game ever

  • hello there
    hello there Месяц назад

    The phone wasn't even fucking bouncing and you never hit the phone gently dafuq????

  • lizzy211 Lizzie
    lizzy211 Lizzie Месяц назад

    This isn't going 31 mph it's going 8 have u went to phisics class!😑? Do the math
    Edit:god forbid that that thing was because that sound would have make u deaf

  • Ethan Yang
    Ethan Yang Месяц назад

    The spinner is round. Good luck with shattering anything with that.

  • CheesyDee
    CheesyDee Месяц назад

    Next : Can Everyone Be Happy When GizmoSlip Jumps Off 7 Story Building? YES