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  • Kelis Betters
    Kelis Betters 6 часов назад +1

    Pls do part two

  • Fleur de rooi
    Fleur de rooi 6 часов назад

    I thought this was a real video but this is also staged.....

  • Halissa Dill
    Halissa Dill 6 часов назад

    my favorite person is Cyrus and Marcus

  • RIc3bowl22 Smith
    RIc3bowl22 Smith 6 часов назад

    Do part 2 pls

  • Akeelah Elsammak
    Akeelah Elsammak 6 часов назад

    You should do chocolate vs real and put them under a bowl and she who get the chocolate and who gets the real one.

  • Alysa Valentine
    Alysa Valentine 6 часов назад

    You guys are amazing and awesome and cute

  • Kevyn Torres
    Kevyn Torres 6 часов назад

    Pls do part 2

  • Kasaun Rouse
    Kasaun Rouse 6 часов назад

    I love your video

  • Dwana James
    Dwana James 6 часов назад +1

    This is so funny 😂 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Anonta Lamore
    Anonta Lamore 6 часов назад

    Hope u don't have to go to the dentist like me., cause I broke my tooth by eating ice( I freeze the water from a bottle and ate the whole thing )

  • Tyrome Williams
    Tyrome Williams 6 часов назад +1

    Part 2 plz and a part 3 plz

  • husky wolf sniper
    husky wolf sniper 6 часов назад

    part two? pleas!!!

  • Rainbow Steve
    Rainbow Steve 6 часов назад

    Can you guys do the real food vs chocolate food

  • Fleur de rooi
    Fleur de rooi 6 часов назад

    Lucas and marcus don't say much on the dobre brothers channel

  • Merry Hernandez
    Merry Hernandez 6 часов назад +1

    you should put a real dolor and a chocolet

  • Carmen Cisneros
    Carmen Cisneros 6 часов назад

    yeah dobre brothers do part 2

  • Ruth naomy Lopez
    Ruth naomy Lopez 6 часов назад

    Yes to more videos of is it choclate ir is it real

  • Leidina Lopez
    Leidina Lopez 6 часов назад

    I like so much your videos please do more videos chocolate and real please do it more this time get more crazy things

  • Emily Hailey
    Emily Hailey 6 часов назад

    I love u guys 💜💜💜#Dobrebrooooosssss

  • Samir Samsodien
    Samir Samsodien 6 часов назад

    Do part 2

  • Aifery Sanches
    Aifery Sanches 6 часов назад

    can you please do more peace dobre army

  • Aifery Sanches
    Aifery Sanches 6 часов назад

    can you please do more peace dobre army

  • Melinda Buitenman
    Melinda Buitenman 6 часов назад

    i love you your videos

  • Esparza Family
    Esparza Family 6 часов назад +1

    pls do part two

  • Sheila Lovato
    Sheila Lovato 6 часов назад

    yes do more of these videos pls and done

  • Rhyian Reena
    Rhyian Reena 6 часов назад


  • Shaun Chipchase
    Shaun Chipchase 6 часов назад

    Love your videos but fyi teeth can't bleed

  • lola lol
    lola lol 6 часов назад

    yeah please do a part too!❤

  • Halissa Dill
    Halissa Dill 6 часов назад

    and I'm only 6 years old and I have a boyfriend my name is Halissa

  • Adara Chowdhury
    Adara Chowdhury 6 часов назад

    This is the fakest thing I ever saw

  • Emma Arnold
    Emma Arnold 6 часов назад

    How’s your teeth

  • Anai Lemus
    Anai Lemus 6 часов назад

    Make part two plz

  • Halissa Dill
    Halissa Dill 6 часов назад

    tell Darius and Marcas to get a girlfrind

  • cerys scoular
    cerys scoular 6 часов назад


  • Emily Weston
    Emily Weston 6 часов назад

    Plz do it again

  • Aifery Sanches
    Aifery Sanches 6 часов назад

    i like marcus

    ADEBARE ALIMIyuyi 6 часов назад

    chocolate yummy

  • Julia De Guzman
    Julia De Guzman 6 часов назад


  • Jasmin D'Rozario
    Jasmin D'Rozario 6 часов назад

    Can I have a shout out please

  • Myriame Ndombele
    Myriame Ndombele 6 часов назад +1

    Wow this is going to be good

  • Jasmin Arreola
    Jasmin Arreola 6 часов назад

    plz do a part 2

  • Brandy Jones
    Brandy Jones 6 часов назад

    You should do real food vs gummy food 🍭🍔

    KING GAMING1989 6 часов назад

    Do more

    KING GAMING1989 6 часов назад

    That’s chocolate

  • Lets do this Araujo Family
    Lets do this Araujo Family 6 часов назад

    do it

  • Monique Way
    Monique Way 6 часов назад

    Can I get it

  • Cat Nana
    Cat Nana 6 часов назад

    Yes get more 😄😄

  • Sami Sosa
    Sami Sosa 7 часов назад

    Do another one

  • Michael A McGee
    Michael A McGee 7 часов назад

    I need thier numbers

  • Gloria Torres
    Gloria Torres 7 часов назад


  • Maylee Porter
    Maylee Porter 7 часов назад

    Pls do part two I'm such a big fan I really want a shoutout pls I've subbed liked and turned on post notifications

  • jmstovall3604
    jmstovall3604 7 часов назад

    i always wanted to spend the day with u

  • luis Munoz
    luis Munoz 7 часов назад

    Do candy and acorde sabinne Muñoz😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

  • alex reyes
    alex reyes 7 часов назад

    hi l love you

  • LeiLani and Scott Mitchell
    LeiLani and Scott Mitchell 7 часов назад

    Part 2 plzzzz

  • Tirado
    Tirado 7 часов назад

    Do chocolate trophies and real trophies

  • Ruby Eling
    Ruby Eling 7 часов назад

    My phone is broken so I can’t see your Videos

  • akua Addison
    akua Addison 7 часов назад +1

    Ciu is cazy

    MADALYN LOMBARDO 7 часов назад

    notifications on and i subcribed i love you guys and may i please have a shot out

  • Nunoy Buceta
    Nunoy Buceta 7 часов назад


  • captain caboo5e kenna and jen cox
    captain caboo5e kenna and jen cox 7 часов назад

    do gummy Vs real food

  • Savannah Gann
    Savannah Gann 7 часов назад

    Do a part two this is soooo cool

  • Kyle Barnes
    Kyle Barnes 7 часов назад


  • Devonte Elamo
    Devonte Elamo 7 часов назад

    I Think u should do more of theese vids and more prankd #dobre-squad

  • Karson The beast
    Karson The beast 7 часов назад

    Do it again

  • Dalalis
    Dalalis 7 часов назад

    Do a part 2 pls.You are the best youtubers ever.

  • Rylee Smith
    Rylee Smith 7 часов назад

    Yes do a part two please

  • Shahzad Rana
    Shahzad Rana 7 часов назад

    Part 2. Comment from Ammar.

  • Ximena Patino
    Ximena Patino 7 часов назад

    I think you guys should do it about toys

  • Martin Walker
    Martin Walker 7 часов назад


  • Pebbless Freeman
    Pebbless Freeman 7 часов назад

    Do a part two please

  • Queen Jada
    Queen Jada 7 часов назад +1


  • Kiara Valles
    Kiara Valles 7 часов назад


  • Reem Alhussainy
    Reem Alhussainy 7 часов назад

    Am eating chocolate right now 😂

  • shellisa duberry
    shellisa duberry 7 часов назад

    yes yes yes

  • Karson The beast
    Karson The beast 7 часов назад

    What happend to your hair CYRUS

  • sierra janderchick
    sierra janderchick 7 часов назад

    Do part 2 please

  • it's Edwin castellanos
    it's Edwin castellanos 7 часов назад

    Why you all wearing black?

  • Bella's barbie world
    Bella's barbie world 7 часов назад

    Try a chocolate Lucas

  • Jerry Ramirez
    Jerry Ramirez 7 часов назад

    Do it blind folded

  • Alisha Ball
    Alisha Ball 7 часов назад

    Reply to me tell who is your favourite dobre brother

  • Ziad Amir
    Ziad Amir 7 часов назад

    Aren't you guys going on tour

  • Juliet Ibarra
    Juliet Ibarra 7 часов назад

    dyrus your

  • Serdar Akgun
    Serdar Akgun 7 часов назад

    annem babam ve ben seviyorum

  • Serdar Akgun
    Serdar Akgun 7 часов назад

    Aşkım seni seviyorum

  • Malik Dixon
    Malik Dixon 7 часов назад

    Let's goooooooooooo

  • Jayden Pfannenstiel
    Jayden Pfannenstiel 7 часов назад

    Gummy food vs real food

  • blvsolis
    blvsolis 7 часов назад


  • Miguel Martinez
    Miguel Martinez 7 часов назад

    please do a part two

  • Madison Lim
    Madison Lim 7 часов назад

    You guys should try the eat it or wear it challenge ! :)

  • Lucas and Marcus
    Lucas and Marcus 7 часов назад

    Plzz make a part 2 i love this it is also funny

    JENNY LAZO GUAMAN 7 часов назад

    Part 2 pls

  • Uruk Sabah
    Uruk Sabah 7 часов назад


  • Gabriel Serna
    Gabriel Serna 7 часов назад

    Do it with candy paint or real paint

  • Keneisha Dennis
    Keneisha Dennis 7 часов назад

    My friend in school said she likes Darius

  • Tre'vion Rivers
    Tre'vion Rivers 7 часов назад


  • The_Queen_Jazmin 567
    The_Queen_Jazmin 567 7 часов назад

    PLEASE DO PART 2, 3 , 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

  • muhammed gani
    muhammed gani 7 часов назад

    it is cool do a nother chocolate video

  • Night Girl
    Night Girl 7 часов назад

    Do more

  • Night Girl
    Night Girl 7 часов назад

    Why Marcus is not talking