Holiday Treat for All - Saturday Night Live

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Horatio Sanz, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan and Tracy Morgan update the Christmas ditty. Aired 12/01/01

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Автор freeofavia ( назад)
What kind of instrument is he playing?

Автор Sam T. White ( назад)
Jimmy Fallon is so hot 💕

Автор la van ( назад)
this song or

Автор Nguyen Huu Vinh ( назад)

Автор BigMan_01 ( назад)
first three vids in this playlist are not available in Canada.......

Автор yobelkcip's thingy ( назад)
and it's february, but who gives a damn

Автор Abby loves Gymnastics ( назад)
you guys are bad singers but this is really funny

Автор Nick Pappas ( назад)
Tracey Morgan has me dying in this 😂

Автор Tomik B ( назад)
Please write lyrics. I can't translate)

Автор Nicholas Julian ( назад)
Tracy Morgan's low-key dance is the best part of this. Also, the elephant solo.

Автор Steven Jones ( назад)
Tracy is beyond amazing!

Автор Adam Banks ( назад)
This was the last time snl was good!

Автор Adam Banks ( назад)
2016 and still watching this! Never gets old! Merry Christmas everyone and happy birthday Jesus!

Автор ceegronlee ( назад)
a must watch every christmas season

Автор Sean Sherrod ( назад)
The BEST Christmas song EVER!!!

Автор ralph hayre ( назад)
ahh when SNL was funny

Автор Ryan Wall ( назад)
Whenever jimmy screws up on the keyboard, it always kills me

Автор OnlySHINeeFan Forever ( назад)
Tracy kills me!! His yeah I'm dancing but I don't give a crap! It is the best!!!!

Автор AmaraEmme ( назад)
I can see how tina fey based aaron samuels from mean girls off of jimmy fallon now...

Автор DiA X ( назад)
Can someone please tell me what he's playing? One of my friends says it's a ukulele and another says it's some sort of shamisen...

Автор Mike Wilkerson ( назад)
Tracy makes it a classic.

Автор cbelle1970 ( назад)
Tracy Morgan cracks me up😄

Автор Tingeling N ( назад)
Epic 😂😂😂😂

Автор Justin Time ( назад)
Wow,an actual number/skit that Jimmy didn't break character...imagine that?

Автор Adam Dorgant ( назад)
This was too good to watch, period!!!

Автор erik wheeldon ( назад)
Best skit Kattan has ever been in...

Автор Johnny Cribari ( назад)
This is when SNL was funny.

Автор An Di ( назад)
How old is this sketch?......... Nevermind, this NEVER gets old!

Автор Kirsten Haley ( назад)
Jimmy was so cute back then.

Автор NJA2k8 ( назад)
this song is lit

Автор Diovany Cera ( назад)
Tracy all the way! Lol!!!!

Автор BNH 16 ( назад)
I just want this playing on a loop 24/7

Автор Shahbano Malik ( назад)
Jimmy is so adorable

Автор 1988Steez ( назад)
Tracy's dance made this watchable.

Автор Adrian Medrano ( назад)
Lol this was actually pretty good

Автор Teddy Berner ( назад)
Why is this so hilarious?

Автор Julez Rulez ( назад)
SNL is so corny to me. SMH

Автор freakinsweet830 (1075 лет назад)
I swear to god tracy morgan is the best part.

Автор The T-Haines Show ( назад)

Автор #Sq _One ( назад)
Lol. Tracy's an idiot.

Автор Bert M ( назад)
still.....comic genius

Автор Ted Melendez ( назад)
sounds like Jimmy is playing effects from Street Fighter 2 lol............

Автор Megan Emelee ( назад)
jimmy fallonnnn😍

Автор Thisisjohbax ( назад)
Love it.

Автор Cyn k ( назад)
Like a previous post said my favorite part of this is always Tracy Morgan. I see it every year and I love it, then after about a week of having it stuck in my head I start to feel semi-insane! Still love it though.

Автор Jess Warren ( назад)

Автор Jaydon Warner ( назад)
omg jimmy :D

Автор KartKing4ever (1511 год назад)
Where's the original one?

Автор GrowingIsLife ( назад)
Fallon has a little Jonny Greenwood from radiohead going on

Автор Franklin Almeida ( назад)
Thats classic! Lol

Автор Felix DeVille ( назад)
Chris and Tracy are sooooo funny :-)

Автор deaderthendead041 ( назад)
classic, thanks i needed to smile today

Автор Bill Kropp ( назад)
Season's Greetings 2015

Автор Tammy Sanders ( назад)
LOL, Jimmy looks so greasy but I love this skit! i sing this song at Christmas!

Автор Chinie Chin Chen 陳小城 ( назад)
is he really playing the guitar?

Автор JoeyA ( назад)
Please, keep this tradition going, Saturday Night Live!

Автор KillSwiTch ( назад)
omfg this is awesome

Автор Alex Brown ( назад)
Tracy Morgan's dancing is priceless :) love this

Автор KiraEileen ( назад)
This is the best thing ever

Автор TheAhmedinWonderland ( назад)
so much greatness in this. The way Horatio sings lookin like he's gonna burst into laughs. There's a definite magic at work, cuz of an awesome sincerity.

Автор Poison Candyfloss ( назад)
I'm sorry but Chris is the best part of this skit every time!!

Автор PaidRussianTroll ( назад)
So there are three versions?  This one even better!

Автор Lipstickley _xoxo ( назад)
Tracy's dancing!!!

Автор barbarellagb ( назад)
this just never gets old for me. i love it ! I did like tracy's original side to side dance better than the hand burst move, but chris's head-turn dance makes me giggle the most. LOVE YOU GUYS, thanks for the post !

Автор Jin Emon (891 год назад)
that's my favorite thing about Christmas, this skit

Автор Im Gay (1466 лет назад)

Автор Savannah Green ( назад)

Автор Sasha Airesse (1580 лет назад)
*I Wish It Was Christmas Today*  ♥ SNL ♥ Horatio Sanz, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan & Tracy Morgan

Автор bennyboy3512 ( назад)
Tracy Morgan :')

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