DarksydePhil | Down the Rabbit Hole

  • Published on Jun 5, 2017
  • After an early RUclipr finds unexpected fame and turns his hobby into a career, his poor decisions and his fanbase slowly dismantle him.
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    A couple of notes:
    First of all, Phil doesn't live in a Condo anymore, it appears he purchased a two-story home in Seattle.
    Second, a few of his friends approached Machinima looking to get him partnered; they didn't seek him out.
    Third, he deleted the videos which lost him his viewership, not just setting them to private.
    Fourth, people alleging to be a part of Laveria Media approached the Sons of Kojima and stated that when they learned of Phillip's reputation, they ordered Pultavi to pull out of the contract.
    Fifth, the first D in "DDos" stands for Distributed, not Dedicated, as I had stated.
    I left out a lot of incriminating notes about Phillip's history for the sake of brevity.

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  • D C
    D C 5 hours ago

    Yep I'm toxic.

  • HomelessMan InJapan
    HomelessMan InJapan 5 hours ago

    Project 7 is a hack site lol.

  • Kricket
    Kricket 15 hours ago

    How do you have so many videos with millions of views but only 500ksubs?

  • mooganify
    mooganify 19 hours ago

    Thats two partners you lost, your paRTNER DIED ACK ACK ACK

  • dtown902
    dtown902 Day ago +3

    Who wears a shirt with their own face on it? That’s next level narcissism.

  • Hunter Vapes
    Hunter Vapes Day ago

    Screw. You. That Axe bodyscrubber thing was the best loofah tool, OF ALL TIME. If you didn't have one, I can understand, but it really was worth a video highlight

  • I am a Unicorn
    I am a Unicorn 2 days ago

    Off topic and years too late but damn. Fuck the competitive fighting game community. I understand "this tournament has a bad copy of the game" but "I will gatekeep the ones who will go from getting a chance because I hate the game AND them" is just straight up toxic. Phil is toxic dont get me wrong but he "won" on that version of the game fair and square. I'm glad that one asshole had to cancel his gatekeeping campaign.

  • nvsbl2
    nvsbl2 2 days ago

    Ridiculous game players. Go DO something real with your life that accomplishes something!

  • Serious Sam
    Serious Sam 3 days ago

    I'm sure his fapping incident was staged

  • Noname
    Noname 3 days ago +1

    DSPs' career in one sentence:

    That's a big yikes from me chief.

  • Arco Games
    Arco Games 3 days ago

    "i have so many rations but HOW DO I USE THEM?!"

  • Mr Nobody
    Mr Nobody 4 days ago

    18:22 bottom left Barack Obama? Lol

  • CziA Goyim
    CziA Goyim 4 days ago

    10:02 LOL!!! I really like his taste of joke. Too bad he didn't make the joke PROPERLY

  • Greyfox 99
    Greyfox 99 4 days ago

    How this guy is still alive and kicking in 2019 is beyond me. I give this sad pathetic loser another 5 years at most before he goes broke and has to leave RUclip.

  • Big Mike
    Big Mike 4 days ago

    Has Phil failed No Nut November on stream yet?

  • Hermann Fegelein
    Hermann Fegelein 4 days ago +1

    The dude needs a life fr

  • FeedEgg
    FeedEgg 4 days ago

    ahh akira music *cries*

  • ArmyOfOne
    ArmyOfOne 4 days ago

    PHIL! You make me angry, Phil!

  • spookybuk
    spookybuk 5 days ago

    If the guy was handsome, he would be justin bieber. It sucks to be a chubby unattractive dude.

  • Anomalocaria
    Anomalocaria 5 days ago

    i literally only recognized this dude as the motherfucker that jerked off on stream lol

  • The Talented Philosopher

    And then, he was the only gamer that still makes money thru it all.

  • MrRugbyloosehead
    MrRugbyloosehead 6 days ago +1

    So basically the guy is a loser! and is a toxic person, who needs to be kicked ff the internet!

  • J Dog
    J Dog 6 days ago

    This guy is not worthy of the name *"Darkseid"*

    MR BURGERS 6 days ago

    Such a horrible fat waster.

  • Maximumbeans
    Maximumbeans 8 days ago

    26:23 - he looks like a clone of Ricky Gervais experiencing mild anaphylactic shock.

  • The Wumbologist
    The Wumbologist 8 days ago

    14:20 They said a broken clock can be correct once a day, but damn is this broken-ass clock really got the time

  • Cobeoe
    Cobeoe 8 days ago

    Have you ever talked about a guy called William stamper

  • BasedBaller
    BasedBaller 8 days ago

    I watched him awhile back, like his first couple years. I saw the decline early and gtfo...

  • Damions LiftedLife
    Damions LiftedLife 9 days ago

    Moral to the story don't let money motivate you when it's not promised to be permanent just have fun and if money comes then enjoy it but don't let it be the reason you create content of any kind

  • Ron Rich
    Ron Rich 9 days ago

    19:45 Remember when Twitch is a game stream platform.

  • dientyy
    dientyy 9 days ago

    22:59 g a m e r s h i t.

  • LittleBlondeVlogger
    LittleBlondeVlogger 9 days ago

    Ah Tobuscus Terarria how i love you

    BINARYGOD 10 days ago +1

    "I only got 4th because nearly everyone better than me didn't show up" Wow, much skill, much reason for inflated self worth. Wonder what he was/is compensating for? (no, I don't mean his dick, because I sure hope it's not that simple and pathetic)

  • xxCrazyIzzyxx
    xxCrazyIzzyxx 11 days ago

    Not for nothing but these competitive fighting game people just seem like twats. Not limiting that to DSP. They all just sound like elitist fuckwits.

  • scwt89
    scwt89 11 days ago

    You should do a part 2 on this about the Sons of Kojima and some of the other "detractors". That's a whole separate rabbit hole on its own.

  • isaiah mrman
    isaiah mrman 12 days ago

    1 + x = x

  • DeltaHardcore
    DeltaHardcore 13 days ago

    DSP: The last pigroach

  • Rodriguez gaming 619
    Rodriguez gaming 619 13 days ago +1


  • nalrya
    nalrya 13 days ago

    The soundbit of TotalBiscuit made me sad.

  • vevven ennevvev
    vevven ennevvev 14 days ago +1

    It's so hilarious to watch this kind of neurotic faggot completely lose their mind in public lol

  • Vanthos Anasthasia
    Vanthos Anasthasia 14 days ago +2

    Seriously why didn't he just go and get a regular fucking job? He could have worked at a McD's or gas station and then tried streaming during his off-time and been way better off.

    • Vanthos Anasthasia
      Vanthos Anasthasia 7 days ago

      @Jake Brito lol too true. Unfortunately I've never shared living space with a responsible gamer. Except for my girlfriend. But living long-term with a couple of gamers made us swear off roommates for many years. Holy hell are many gamers delusional.

    • Jake Brito
      Jake Brito 7 days ago

      it's because he's lazy

  • Dianova
    Dianova 15 days ago +4

    Well its 2019 and so far he had a tax scam fundraiser which he used the money to fly to Connecticut to get married. Then had a fan give him $1100 in secret and was still begging for money and pretending like the $1100 never existed fans and trolls found out about it from his stream-labs leader board causing him to fly into a rage and disabling it. Then he scammed $2,000 out of his fans saying he will give them positive reveal. The reveal was he has a cat... Just this week he claimed if he did not make $1800 in a week he was going to lose his house and his life would be over and after a week of non stop begging he actually squeezed it out of his fans like drawing blood from a stone. This video really needs a part 2 at this point :) this is just all the weird shit he did in 2019

    • Bearded Wonder Youngblood
      Bearded Wonder Youngblood 13 days ago +2

      The day after the 1800 was met he had a new 500$ goal and shit on anyone questioning why.

  • Keyboard Corrector
    Keyboard Corrector 15 days ago

    Dasboschitt sent me.

  • Nerfed Nosferatu
    Nerfed Nosferatu 16 days ago

    Dsp with his 2 mortgages

  • Snyper Gaming
    Snyper Gaming 16 days ago

    It's interesting how every time PandaLee was on video and touched by him, she seemed uncomfortable or disgusted.

  • TheValorousDong
    TheValorousDong 17 days ago

    What was that 8-bit music at 6:32?

  • Hymen Buster Daddy
    Hymen Buster Daddy 17 days ago

    Jesus. I've never heard someone eat a hash brown like it was a sucker before. Gross.

  • Irish Psycho
    Irish Psycho 18 days ago

    Here's a wild idea....get a job outside of social media.

  • Starla
    Starla 18 days ago

    I really don't trust this guy

  • Shit Owl
    Shit Owl 18 days ago +6

    also is it just me or everytime you go to his livestream he's literally almost always taking a break or just isn't there

  • Lol Smarks
    Lol Smarks 18 days ago +4

    I've always wanted to kick his ass and the fact he smacks when he eats cements it.

  • PooDot StinkPants
    PooDot StinkPants 19 days ago +2

    Guess Phil has a dark side.

  • GasFromMyAnus I0I
    GasFromMyAnus I0I 19 days ago

    imagine if he had made those jokes about whites.. no one would care.. no one has both the highest tier victim card AND the most power politically, monetarily and in media that jews.

  • worms
    worms 19 days ago +1

    not to beat a dead horse, but his playthrough of MGS2 made me absolutely furious. so frustrating.

  • Okay! Yeah, Kolbe!
    Okay! Yeah, Kolbe! 20 days ago

    imagine seeing someone talk shit about you in a youtube video

  • Taylor Davison
    Taylor Davison 20 days ago

    It's called a distributed denial of service.

  • asdasdas asdasd
    asdasdas asdasd 20 days ago

    Ddos doesnt mean " dedicated denial of service". It means "distributed denial of service"

  • How To Defeat ISIS 101

    Honestly as much as I do dislike DSP's content I do hope the best for him, it sucks being in a shitty financial situation and caring for a whole other person

    • Fisherman Taib
      Fisherman Taib 19 days ago +2

      I find it shady when it has always been a routine. This week it's this, then the week after that it's this thing. And this has been going on for many years.

  • BlueLightningSky
    BlueLightningSky 21 day ago

    I remember watching an Uncharted 2 beta gameplay of his and I am genuinely surprised that he managed to live this long.

  • Juan Naym
    Juan Naym 21 day ago

    He's the type of guy parents point at to show their children what might happen to them if they don't live right