Tucker Carlson Defends Assange. Huh?

  • Published on Apr 13, 2019
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Comments • 10 342

  • Arguitnick
    Arguitnick 14 hours ago

    Assange seems to be a lot of important people’s Achilles heal.

  • Papapoo Do
    Papapoo Do 16 hours ago

    You should tune in more often because Tucker actually does a pretty good job consistently and is refreshingly honest and challenging on most nights....I think, Jimmy, that you need to admit that you're a new fan of his....I know it's painful...But i was watching you....and you were genuinely impressed by his honesty, integrity and intelligence....as we all were.

  • Bad Karma
    Bad Karma 18 hours ago

    You should get Tucker on your show, I have seen him in a couple interviews with real people. He is a pretty open guy and not quite the right wing nut he is portrayed as.

  • James McMann
    James McMann Day ago

    I'm surprised so many didn't realize that Jimmy talking smack about Tucker's brain power, etc., is just a set up for Jimmy's main thesis which is: even dumb ol' Tucker can figure this shit out, so most of the political media, right and left, must be bought and sold. (Jimmy also calls himself stupid for the same reason.) And there's a second (minor) unspoken inference: Jimmy is suggesting his point isn't debatable. It's so obvious that you must believe it and join his point of view.

  • Armystrong 14g
    Armystrong 14g Day ago

    Guess that just makes you a FUCK FACE!!🤣🤣🤣

  • Wade Matthews
    Wade Matthews Day ago

    No one's stupid, 30,000 a day to push a narrative is why...paycheck over truth

  • D. Johnson
    D. Johnson 2 days ago

    He's not doing it to make the Dems look bad, he's doing it to point out our corrupt deep state players. It doesn't matter what their political party is, these people need to be exposed.

  • D. Johnson
    D. Johnson 2 days ago

    I love Tucker Carlson, he tells it like it is.

  • Steel Dom
    Steel Dom 2 days ago

    Tucker Carlson is no white supremacist. Thats BS and YOU KNOW IT! And AOC is a lunatic who should have never EVER been elected for ANYTHING.

  • scott nyc
    scott nyc 3 days ago

    Wow you’re way too hard on Tucker but perhaps you oughta have Tucker on your show sometime.I have no doubt that it would be a welcomed surprise.He speaks to reason and level headedness.We all can disagree/agree but he’s out there calling out a lot of the people that join the mainstream narrative.

  • Ed Reyes
    Ed Reyes 3 days ago

    It's sad how the sheeple spout media talking points , not having a clue or doing their own research. Wake up America. We are debt slaves both parties have old us out.

  • king trailblazer
    king trailblazer 3 days ago

    Yes im from England and i lov the Jimmy Dore SHOW ....lov your video with your GREAT show with ("George Galloway") from our other end of the "Pond" Talk-SPORT ...."GREAT SHOW".... lets not forget
    "James whale" .....great "TALK RADIO"

  • Tex Assholdem
    Tex Assholdem 4 days ago

    hannitys audience knows too ...FOX ISNT FAKE NEWS LIKE THE OTHERS.

  • viamilitaris011
    viamilitaris011 4 days ago

    Jimmy I like you but calling Tucker dumb and you worked with Cenk Uygur ?!?!

  • Leslie McCormick
    Leslie McCormick 4 days ago

    I like Tucker because he's fair and balanced. Free Assange 💞✌🙏

  • james riley
    james riley 4 days ago

    Go Tucker the people are listening to YOU.

  • Shane Brown
    Shane Brown 4 days ago

    Tucker Carlsons show is the only real news show on television.

  • Craig Cronin
    Craig Cronin 4 days ago

    I'm sorry Tucker Carlson isn't dumb, he's really sharp and excellent in a debate. Like the program but a poor thing to say.

  • haralambos kanellopoulos

    They allow him to say the truth because Tucker Carlson he is getting ready to run for president lol

  • kramer dorcas
    kramer dorcas 6 days ago

    Jimmy about 95% of your viewers seem to be defending tucker in the comments section here. You might want to question your idea of who tucker is

  • kramer dorcas
    kramer dorcas 7 days ago

    This is nothing new for Tucker. He is always dropping truth bombs like this. Not that his program is perfect but it is definitely the best out there

  • JR N
    JR N 7 days ago

    Maybe, just maybe you have misjudged Tucker in the past? I don't know, seems possible, especially considering you say you don't watch his show.

  • Jason Rood
    Jason Rood 7 days ago

    We saw it a long time ago Jimmy. Love your show and love Tucker.

  • Robert Dug
    Robert Dug 7 days ago

    Journalism died in the U.S. when clinton signed in the telecommunications act in 1996. It was a stepping stone to achieving the N.W.O.

  • Ineedmoney
    Ineedmoney 7 days ago

    Who would have ever thought Fox News would better inform people over all other news outlets.

  • Chummy Wiggler
    Chummy Wiggler 7 days ago

    Speak truth like Jimmy, Tucker, & Arrange! Let's wake the hell didn't up, America?!

  • bgrahamwagner
    bgrahamwagner 8 days ago

    Tucker has the protection of the President...that’s the only reason that he’s permitted to tell the truth.

  • Charlie Love
    Charlie Love 8 days ago

    He also nailed the fake Syrian has attack and likes Tulsi

  • John Slay
    John Slay 8 days ago

    Jimmy likes Tucker Carlson. He just doesn’t know t yet

  • Venessa Delapaz
    Venessa Delapaz 9 days ago

    Tucker is way more informed than anyone in MSM

  • JCPatten
    JCPatten 9 days ago

    Great! reading the comments I see I don't have to bother defending Tucker. Nice 👍🏻

  • Shringo TV
    Shringo TV 10 days ago

    Invite tucker on your show

  • Erick cox
    Erick cox 10 days ago

    Tucker is usually the only one who is telling the truth... good show jimmy

  • EdgewiseSJ
    EdgewiseSJ 10 days ago

    Tucker Carlson started as the token right wing guy on a left wing media outlet. He filled that roll as they wanted him to, making a half-hearted resistance to democratic/left wing talking points and wearing a ridiculous suit/tie combo that made it impossible to take him seriously. Or at least that's what I thought since I didn't take him seriously enough to really listen to him. I don't know if he's really been allowed the freedom to speak his mind or if someone is just telling him what to say. Maybe he was a smart guy all along, just biding his time until now. Maybe he's just good at doing what he's told, I can't tell.

  • Lenny Lunden
    Lenny Lunden 10 days ago

    They let him tell the truth because he is calling out the Democrats 😉

  • Jeanne Jackson
    Jeanne Jackson 10 days ago

    well hat orff to him then Jimmy?

  • Midnight Rambler
    Midnight Rambler 10 days ago

    carlson isnt dumb

  • Sand Wrenn
    Sand Wrenn 10 days ago

    Thanks for this Jimmy

  • Kevin Orde
    Kevin Orde 10 days ago +3

    Progressives are to busy calling conservatives dumb and racists to notice we get things correct also.

  • Lucas Curtner
    Lucas Curtner 10 days ago

    Waffles are delicious and make you feel better. Have a lovely day everyone.

  • Earl Anderson
    Earl Anderson 10 days ago +7

    Julian Assange -- Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

  • ryan border
    ryan border 10 days ago +2

    Jimmy-I listen to Tucker a lot and I'm always surprised at what a sane voice he is and and is on the right side of the debate many times

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 11 days ago +4

    Tucker Carlson during a heated debate, referring to Democrats and Republicans: "I don't trust ANY OF THEM!"
    This is the American journalist people love to hate. Think about that, nitwits...

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 11 days ago +1

    You can't cuck the Tuck, motherfuckers. God bless America! 🇺🇸

  • Yarraman Steel
    Yarraman Steel 11 days ago

    You dont need to call Tucker an idiot to appease your viewers, you just need to scroll the comments to see that you share the same viewers.

  • Amit Sharma
    Amit Sharma 11 days ago

    Carlson is very intelligent, people who hate him spread misinformation about him as they themselves are dumb and ignorant.

  • Blue
    Blue 11 days ago

    Blumenthal will one day have to stand before his maker with that lie. Right before the express elevator drops with him in it.

  • Erik Baldwin
    Erik Baldwin 11 days ago

    You are so right, you don’t need to be smart to speak truth

  • Adam Crawley
    Adam Crawley 11 days ago

    Tucker doesnt deserve the shit he gets.
    He actually gets shit right ALOT!
    People just assume because hes a conservative on FOX.
    Very arrogant to assume just because of those reasons.
    Preconceived notions on anyone is foolish period.

  • Ратмир Курманов

    You said that Tucker Carlson is dumb and guys like Chris Hase are smarter than him. Huh. Maybe I should get another english-russian dictionary because this isn't make any sense to me.

  • dm gib
    dm gib 11 days ago

    Senator Blumenthal is a lying POS, and a bully. By the end of his 20 years as Attorney General in CT, he was used to just saying whatever he wanted to the press. They were so terrified of him that they wouldn't dare call him out for lying. He was the one responsible for the ridiculous lawsuit against the ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference), accusing them of conspiring to dismantle the Big East Conference, even though College athletic conferences across the country were all in the process of realigning. All his bonehead lawsuit did was ensure that the ACC would reject UConn's application to join the conference when they were deciding which 3 schools they would accept. It's a widely accepted fact that UConn would have been a shoe-in had it not been for his lawsuit. Instead, UConn ended up in the newly created, and subpar American Athletic conference. That's why he thinks he can just lie about Julian Assange working for the Russians. Of course the press doesn't call him out for it, as usual.

  • Tooth Fairy
    Tooth Fairy 12 days ago

    You ask "how it is", Jimmy? "It is", because the stuff Tucker said about him at the start then has more credibility to a public that is not as stupid or scared as we are being groomed to be.
    It's the same with Tulsi's comments about Assad. Is he really a brutal dictator, does that really mean he gassed his own people at the start of all this, or was that manufactured by controlling parties to kick the war excuse off too? Compromise IS not the goal when it comes to speaking the truth.

  • ricardo orozco
    ricardo orozco 12 days ago +1

    these jag offs. You and Carlson are the places I've been getting my news from, aside from other select youtube channels. I've also noticed carlson has been telling the truth since trump got into office. Amazing.

  • Terry Gray
    Terry Gray 12 days ago +4

    Tucker is about the ONLY mainstream "journalist" that gives Tulsi a fair shot in interviews & treats her with genuine respect

  • Gist Erme
    Gist Erme 12 days ago

    Truth tellers get rewards that liars don't. IMO that's why Donald Trump is President and Mrs. Clinton is not. She has no clue about how that works.

  • Gist Erme
    Gist Erme 12 days ago

    Awesome show, Jimmy. Keep up the good work! When the flak gets heavy, you know you're getting close to the target.

  • Gabriel Sandoval
    Gabriel Sandoval 12 days ago

    I don’t understand Jimmy being irked that Fox News viewers know more of the truth on this issue.
    Shouldn’t the overall goal be to inform the public of the truth IRRESPECTIVE OF POLITICAL AFFILIATION??
    Seems to me that Jimmy wants only progressives to be well informed.

  • Godzilla Destroys Cities
    Godzilla Destroys Cities 12 days ago +1

    Jimmy Dore is the only liberal I'm subscribed to. I've been talking about propaganda in the news for years and everyone pretends it doesn't happen.

  • Rachelle Tanzil
    Rachelle Tanzil 12 days ago

    Im defending assange

  • Vincent Van Der Werf
    Vincent Van Der Werf 12 days ago

    It doesn't help you're cause to preface the segment with the whole tucker is dumb bit,he actually has a lot of free range to explore issues which is fair play to fox

  • Andrew Gittings
    Andrew Gittings 12 days ago

    That was a good broadcast

  • Charles A Townsend
    Charles A Townsend 13 days ago

    Tuckers report is solid too...

  • Charles A Townsend
    Charles A Townsend 13 days ago

    What about justice to every congressman that has waisted their last two years in congress.

  • Charles A Townsend
    Charles A Townsend 13 days ago

    Whats going on here? The lack of birth control comes to mind.

  • Charles A Townsend
    Charles A Townsend 13 days ago

    Debbie Washermann Schultz should have been fired.

  • Charles A Townsend
    Charles A Townsend 13 days ago +1

    Fox doesn't restrict their contractors or interviewers quite like CNN, NBC, MsNBC, CBS, etc. does.
    But that doesn't mean another contractor or interviewer or another story isn't going to get it wrong.

  • hey hey
    hey hey 13 days ago

    FOX Does not sensor their shows

  • post boredom
    post boredom 13 days ago +1

    Look how far you’ve come! From leaving tyt, to getting red pilled by Tucker Carlson. You’d also be surprised to know he’s anti war.. there’s a lot you could learn from him tbh.

  • post boredom
    post boredom 13 days ago

    What should matter more in a reporter than telling the truth?

  • sheLovesG
    sheLovesG 13 days ago +1

    Tucker Carlson is not dumb, far from it. He has a better grasp on reality than most of his peers.

  • Buffalohump
    Buffalohump 13 days ago

    Tucker Carlson calls it like he sees it...I respect the hell out of him and his work...You are WAY off base with your assessment of him...I am also a big Assange supporter and I am glad that Tucker made the right call in his assessment of the entire situation.

  • Dj House
    Dj House 13 days ago

    Jimmy, no offense but Fox News viewers have known the truth for years. The question is not why does Fox News tell the truth, the question is why does CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, NEW YORK TIMES, and other left wing media... LIE? I already know the answer, the left wants collectivists slavery and the right wants individual freedom. The left has to lie about their agenda

  • Marco Saraiva
    Marco Saraiva 13 days ago

    You hit the nail! They want hurt the Democrats for sure! From the Fox news zero credit!! None!

  • Marco Saraiva
    Marco Saraiva 13 days ago

    In politics they not forget or forgive both sides! in my country is the same thing ! Believe me .

  • Marco Saraiva
    Marco Saraiva 13 days ago

    Here is the motive! Is because Obama administration now is the time to release all the true!! They have a time line for propaganda is only saying now because 2020 is around the corner Guys!!