Korean Hoddeok

This ish is flippin delish.

Wait, did I just drop a fat rhyme by accident? Ayo: MC Aegyo-Illa: drop a fat beat!


That's me trying to spell out a fat beat. Doesn't look as good in writing as it sounds in front of a mic.

Anyhow, we eat Hoddeok, which is like a Korean fried donut stuffed with delicious stuff. We try two kinds of hoddeok: one filled with something sweet, which I think is a brown sugar pumpkin seed combination, and another is filled with some japchae, which is a korean potato noodle and SO DAMNED YUMMY. URGH! MAKES ME WANNA YELL! URRGGHHH! Read our blog post for more stories about this stuff.

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Автор samreen qureshi ( назад)
Hey Simon and Martina! Because of this video I managed to make the sweet heoddeok twice and the savory one once. IT WAS DELISIOUSSSS

Автор Heidi Hudgins ( назад)
I know I liked ALL your videos before under many emails/googles/gmail usernames... but youtube says I haven't. I believe you youtubers are having serious issues with YT now! It unsubscribed me to some people (not you, thank god), changed the noti status to off, etc.


Автор WanderingTravelr ( назад)
I have been wanting to try Hoddeok ever since you guys first put this video out and I finally got to try it 1 week ago when I went to visit Seoul!!

Автор iMoco13 ( назад)

Автор Kira C ( назад)

Автор Suzette1122 ( назад)
I literally ate hoddeok almost every day when I was in Korea, it was soooo good

Автор Inspirit 98 ( назад)
i've watched this video too many times
very big part of the reason i want to go to korea is to eat hoddeok ngl

Автор Sara Bear ( назад)
Re-Watching these 😏 still loving it

Автор Lily O ( назад)
Japchae is one of my favorite foods of all time so that looks HEAVENLY. these grapes I'm eating are so sad and pathetic in comparison...

Автор Beauty Xpression ( назад)
Hahahaha I love you guys!!! You spread happiness and laughter ❤️😂😂😂

Автор Jordan Jordan ( назад)
Finally a vegetarian thing I can eat 😄😄😄

Автор PONILAND ( назад)
Mmmm! I just made cheese hoddeok!

Автор Jessica Arizona ( назад)
I've watched this so many times....I WANT!

Автор Mai Yin ( назад)
Simon annoys me.

Автор EMILY LIANG ( назад)
Martina is such a bad wife

Автор suesoosu ( назад)
Oh mai, do they still sell these on May? :0

Автор Yourmom ( назад)
Martina, I'm pretty sure the glass noodles in Asia are actually made with mung bean starch and not potato.

Автор malibu64 ( назад)
lmao they always fight over food!

Автор Asiangirl 1029 ( назад)
I felt bad for simon.........for ONE SECOND

Автор Beckie Jane ( назад)
...did I only just get yet another Eddie Murphy reference again..? 00:24 to be precise...

shnanmwannan... HUAYYYH!! zEBEDEHHH .. HUAHHH

Автор Cindy Torres ( назад)
I keep laughing at that part where Simon can't talk

Автор Ash Nyte ( назад)
i love Martina's sweatshirt/coat thing! anyone know where to get it???

Автор Rebecca Jang ( назад)
how come they can say "ddeok" correctly in this video but they always pronounce it like "duck" in all the other videos???? I dont get it.

Автор elizabeth ongoloka ( назад)
poor Simon lol

Автор Basic Jass ( назад)
is it just me or is simon always trying to eat martinas food ?

Автор Emma Brown ( назад)
looks so good

Автор Gabriella Kolo ( назад)
make a tutorial on how to make this it looks so freaking goodddd❤💦

Автор Marj Salayon ( назад)
@ 1:04 the guy walking who is wearing black at the top looks like suga. ( does my sentence make any sence? lol dc)

Автор Dahee ( назад)
I really don't understand why Simon and Martina always act like they've been starved for days and always fight each other for food. can't they just buy more?!??!

Автор flowerpetal dreamer26 (956 лет назад)
i made this and it was amazing

Автор imogenbegins ( назад)
Funniest fapfap ever.... LOSE.

Автор Ashley LaRose ( назад)
Lmao, why am I just now seeing this FAP FAP?!?!? XDDD

Автор Mnemerii (490 лет назад)
gotta take the 7 bus to Koreatown tmrw and get that hoddeok in mah belly

Автор rachel quinn ( назад)
i ended up making these from scratch a few times after watching this.

Автор MsWannabeGamer Ⓥ ( назад)
This is easy af to make. You just make a kind of fluffy pizza dough, then you stuff it like a bun and drop it into a generous amount of oil. Then you press it down while it's cooking to create a sort of pancake.

Автор GirlSproket ( назад)
Making some right now. :) 만세!

Автор Meg Barns (1089 лет назад)
After watching so many fapfaps where Simon is a butt and eats all the food it is really nice to see Martina eat lmfao they should cut everything in half to make things fair hahaha

Автор Uyen Vu ( назад)
Omg. I thought I somehow had smellovision for a second cause I could smell some sort of fried food (an oily smell). Turns out, it was my clothes that smelled like the eggrolls I just had.

Автор HerpToTheDerp ( назад)
"Sometimes I touch myself." -Martina Stawski, 2013

Автор Venus Pang ( назад)
I was expecting hotdogs 😂

Автор Jeff Ward ( назад)
love you both!!!!!

Автор Sharina Yahaya ( назад)
i tasted japchae hotteok at Namdaemun. that one is the best ever. not lying. the queue is like crazyyyyyyyyyy

Автор kota3214 ( назад)
jesus Christ I'm so hungry for korean food and ive never had it before

Автор MardhiahJames ( назад)
I first taste it during this trip to nami island and it was freaking delicioussss!! I fell in love instantly like omygod and when i went back to my guesthouse in itaewon bammm i noticed that there was a hoddeok stand all this while nearby i just couldnt bother to check it out before the nami trip. Thank god i was in korea for 15 days during the winter, it was nice

Автор Fitbunny ( назад)
legit love you guys. I am korean and I feel like you know more about the food than me!

Автор Jensey Mathew ( назад)
Martina is so right when she says this is the hardest fapfap to watch....I want to eat it so0o0o0o0o badly

Автор Daniel Medina ( назад)
You guys are the bomb

Автор LovelyDumplings~ ( назад)
I kinda want to see Martina make these. Anybody agree?

Автор Athlynne ( назад)
Between Spudgy and Simon, do you ever get to eat anything on your own, Martina?

Автор Stephy Palacio ( назад)
the shape of it reminded me of mexican gorditas. now I'm hungry

Автор Jennifer Huang ( назад)
they were so cute and funny back then but now... they've lost the purity of humor. it's like they're trying to hard, especially martina. I can't stand they way she talks right now..

Автор junijuju ( назад)
I'm on diet but this is making me so hungry. I need to go and eat something. :)

Автор Revina Que ( назад)
Why didn't you just buy Simon another one? :)

Автор Foolkat101 ( назад)
my mom made this all the time but I never knew what it was called

Автор Sheila McDaniel ( назад)
yummy. love theses videos.

Автор jm oh ( назад)
NJ palisades park Shin La Bakery has very good shrub hodduk. Try it!!!!

Автор Bitchs these days ( назад)
Simon is so greedy

Автор Airadelle ( назад)
Got to try these at Hodo Kwaja in Toronto..omg <3 so good

Автор Brooklyn Ellis ( назад)
Now I'm hungry

Автор KpopIdolizer ( назад)
i'm actually it wasn't a smell'o cam cuz then I would be super jealioso

Автор نو نو ( назад)
I'm fasting......

Автор burntcaramel164 ( назад)
OMGGGGG SIMONANDMARTINA, THEY CLOSED DOWNNNNNN :( i wanted to go here, but i need the directions, so when i checked on naver map (which was updated on 2014), its closed!!! SO SADDDD

Автор MyLittle Wolves88 ( назад)
The insides of the Japchae Hoddeok looks like pancit. ^-^

Автор Geeky Baker ( назад)
I love you guys so much, but technically, Martina did not lose at Korean Pizza.  She gave Simon the big piece.  <3

Автор Diana Choi ( назад)
They sell the batter kit at the asian stores if you wanted to quickly make some at home :) my mom makes them from the kit all the time.

Автор Valentina (436 лет назад)
not a garage sell hahahahaa

Автор Dil-Dominé Leonares ( назад)
I honestly have fallen in love with your channel. I move to Manila from LA in February and I'm really tempted to move up to South Korea... UGH! I love you both thanks for keeping me entertained and hungry. :)

Автор Xiao Zhang ( назад)
we have these kinds of pancakes in China as well!!

Автор PINKTAIL ( назад)
I went there!

Автор sweetmyst ( назад)
Sees guy @ 1:03 ... dies.. sees hoddeok being opened dies the 2nd time around.. 😱

Автор Alfredo der Analtorpedo ( назад)
Whats the name of tge sexy eating song ?

Автор Jacklin Carter ( назад)
I can't decide if these videos are helping me loose weight by watching people eat food, or just making my tastebuds/tummy sad because I am nowhere near food that delicious..... D:
But it does mean that I'm gonna look up recipes and attempt to make stuff myself, which possibly might end in horrible failure, or glorious accomplishment that I'll make forever XD

Автор Edge_of_madnexx ( назад)
also heodduk is made with rice flour i believe. i think thats why its so fluffy

Автор Edge_of_madnexx ( назад)
just as an fyi "ggul" means honey in korean im not sure if you knew that or not. so inside is supposed to be a honey like mixture

Автор AllOverGrim ( назад)
uuuuuugggggg i want hoddeok now but i live so far away from the korean market now...... they make it like year round cuz its cold in seattle

Автор Sarah Raymond ( назад)
Hoddeok is available all year round in Toronto ^.^

Автор novarainnoval ( назад)
+Eat Your Kimchi that black coat martina! I. Need. One. (#+_+)

Автор Brandi Gutierrez ( назад)
You should try an Indian taco. Not Indians from India native America's from America food.

Автор Mona P ( назад)
Reminds me of when Luhan had his first dessert hoddeok on exo showtime.

Автор hiiiimymelody ( назад)
Simon's haggle process is adorable! Haha, come on Martina, how can you not give in?! The only thing he didn't do was ask for it in Spudgy voice!

Автор Ern Era ( назад)
When I was a kid in Korea, we had something very similar to those, just a pancake filled with brown sugar and chopped peanuts. I still make them in the winter time.

Автор FEED YOUR FUNNY ( назад)
Hy just had to say I heard your food porn song in an actual porn hehe. I did it for science :)

Автор Timothy Kwoh ( назад)
Try hoddeok with spinach and fetta cheese filling. That is the best.

Автор Russell Grier ( назад)
step 1 put it in ya mouth LMAOOO XD 3:14

Автор OnceUponTheseDays ( назад)
Oh my god this stuff is amazing. Like seriously, Korea has some awesome street food but hotteok takes the cake.

Автор taetae's fingers ( назад)
i am so hungry and the last time i ate haddock was last year gosh ugh

Автор Nonono ok ( назад)
Imitation is the best form of flattery. Deep down you know I'm right.

Автор Yaz C ( назад)
I nearly dribbled on my laptop.

Автор Yang P ( назад)
Try to make it by myself...

Автор kitty love234 ( назад)

Автор jeromes pady ( назад)
when ever you guys do fapfaps, legit simon steals or shoves food in his mouth HAHAHHA. i wonder how martina feels about it HAHAHA <3

Автор Lovely walker ( назад)
NUHHH!!!! Im starving 

Автор bad hair .day ( назад)
those glasses though. What's up with them glasses?

Автор George Will ( назад)
When my mouth is open and i drool all over! OML 

Автор Krisatris ( назад)
I miss old Simon and Martina /sigh

Автор DarkGlacies ( назад)
Had 5 of the sweet ones today, reward for a really hard workout ;)

Автор Yaska Sahara ( назад)
so are these vegetarian?

Автор Nyla Walker ( назад)
I miss clean shaved Simon:((

Автор Elizabeth Griffith ( назад)
So you have finally done it. You have forced me to create something unholy in my kitchen... Behold the Hamburger Hoddeok!

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