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  • Hey guys! This video explains how I travelled all around Asia for 10,000 USD. I saw 10 countries over 7 months and it was the best time of my life.
    The Ultimate Thailand Video Guide is now here:
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    The video is broken down by:
    1. My Story
    3. HOW TO PLAN
    PS. The SE Asia Cost list didn't upload properly for some reasons. So here they are for Mobile viewers who did not see my annotations.
    unlimited cellphone data plan 5-12 usd
    hostel accomadations 3-8 usd
    local meal (rice chicken) 1-4 usd
    western food 5-15 usd
    beer! 1-2 usd
    beer at bar 3-7 usd
    shirt 2-7 usd
    elephant print pants 5-7 usd
    local flight one way 30-75 usd
    bus 10-20 usd
    sleeper bus/train 28-35 usd
    20 minute cab (always ask for meter!) 4-5 usd
    stereotypical rice picking hat 3-4 usd
    water bottle .5-1 usd
    coffee .75-1 usd
    ticket into temple 5 usd
    Budget Spreadsheet:
    If you guys have any questions just comment below and if you found the video helpful make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe!

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  • linn h
    linn h 7 месяцев назад

    Tysm for these tips!

  • Anne Waine
    Anne Waine 11 месяцев назад

    IV always wondered how travel vloggers can afford to travel to different places every week! Lol and how they can travel without working.. and just haven't been able to get answers untill seeing this. Id love to travel but IV got 3 cats to worry about so maybe won't go away for 7 months :p. Good video,even though I'm 2yrs late watching it :p

  • hikexplore
    hikexplore Год назад

    What's the song called in the intro?
    Also great advice!

  • D C
    D C Год назад

    Learn how to buy cheaper airline ticket:

  • Jim Cooney
    Jim Cooney Год назад

    The people are anti-American so I say to you boycott this channel

  • KeplerTweNty P
    KeplerTweNty P Год назад

    im 16 and ive been saving lol

  • Away with Agata K
    Away with Agata K Год назад

    Bali is not a country;)

  • GP-AC Travels
    GP-AC Travels Год назад

    Coool content! x
    We've just uploaded some new travel logs too! Feel free to check them out whenever! :)

  • Aston Vlogs
    Aston Vlogs Год назад

    Do you have to speak their language


    Your 1000 dollar can go long way in south asian country

  • E Bouquet
    E Bouquet Год назад +1

    What is the first song ah 00 min ? Tks

  • Moon
    Moon Год назад

    Great video, thank you :). Can't wait to do this . . .

  • Sarah M
    Sarah M Год назад

    just discovered this channel! definitely subbed from NZ :)

  • ConnollyCove
    ConnollyCove Год назад

    Good tips...Nice one. :)

  • Chris
    Chris Год назад +8

    Wait, your parents paid for your ticket that's the most expensive part. Anyways, nice tips.

  • John B
    John B Год назад is a good website to find cheap flights anywhere. Mainly Asia. it's a Chinese website but this is the English version. Also has a phone app from Google Play. it can search hotels using your gps around your location.

  • Zach Dempsey
    Zach Dempsey Год назад

    I clicked on the link, but the spread sheet wasn't showing

    GEORGE Год назад

    how did you get from country to country? and did you book the transport there or in Canada?

  • Lost LeBlanc
    Lost LeBlanc  Год назад

    The Ultimate Thailand Video Guide is now here:
    Get a FREE guide to Bangkok and much more!

  • Onyx Nine
    Onyx Nine 2 года назад

    Whats the name of the song during the opening?

  • Melek Catalina
    Melek Catalina 2 года назад

    This video is really really helpful. I watch almost everyday videos like this but this one is very helpful and it has a lot of information. I'm really happy that I found your channel:)

  • Jessica Seal
    Jessica Seal 2 года назад

    Hey quick question about the template (it's super helpful by the way). How can I change the parts in USD to show in GBP?

  • Saphy
    Saphy 2 года назад

    Hey the music lyrics were a bit distracting :( I wanted to hear what you were saying~ great video otherwise thanks!

  • genevieve gallano
    genevieve gallano 2 года назад

    my favorite travel blogger :)

  • Mikael Hansson
    Mikael Hansson 2 года назад

    You bloody Canadians coming to Australia to steal our jobs ;)
    I love your videos and thank you very much for showing us that this dream that you are living is in reach for the rest of us :)
    I like successful people like you that motivates and inspire us to also try our wings and be successful :)
    P.S. you can come anytime and take our jobs :)

  • Super Mario
    Super Mario 2 года назад

    though some captions shown quickly. missed most. i just rewind. 😀

  • Super Mario
    Super Mario 2 года назад

    thanks for this. 😊

  • Raider Jake
    Raider Jake 2 года назад +4

    "money Jim owes me" haha i could retire on the money my friend Jim owes me...... Probably same Jim too LOL

  • Nahandy Emilie
    Nahandy Emilie 2 года назад

    Thank for the video, but please what's the name of that song playing please?

  • Risa Klein
    Risa Klein 2 года назад

    what's the opening song?

  • Daria Rudakova
    Daria Rudakova 2 года назад

    Dude,how you saying that you're not rich is just funny. You are the lucky one and most of your savings you was able to have because of your parents. It seems that seeing poor people of all this countries didn't give you any idea of how life could be.

    • Will Just
      Will Just 2 года назад +1

      Bull. While some people really do have special circumstances or just plain rotten luck saying you can't save without rich parents is bs. My father lives on disability and my mom is dead and my one grand parent lives on wellfare but i was able to save enough money to start my journey by working hard and taking a good but hard job for a few years and budgeting well. It really is possible but takes a ton of discipline.
      Assuming you live in the first world. Third world citizens it is definitely much harder.

  • Yauri de Groot
    Yauri de Groot 2 года назад +2

    hey could you post in the description a template of the excel worksheet you have in the video thank you! Great Video!

  • Ryan Elliott
    Ryan Elliott 2 года назад

    I'm lucky I have been learning Exel in computing 😀

  • MerlindaPardillo's Life
    MerlindaPardillo's Life 2 года назад

  • Kasper James
    Kasper James 2 года назад

    great. you had some ideas I hasn't thought of. thanks!

  • Partners In Wealth
    Partners In Wealth 2 года назад

    Hey guys....thanks for this..I too just got back from Philippines....and will be going back Dec 1 to Thialand and Laos ...and Vietnam......just so you know I'm a part of a Travel Club - Partners in Wealth...that specializes in helping people raise funds for their projects or campaigns....the Travel Club is pretty big though....check out the Video's easy to register....and it's helping me travel around the world too....enjoy..!!!

  • zed 502
    zed 502 2 года назад

    good life choice bro. thanks for the info

  • Kerron Andrews
    Kerron Andrews 2 года назад

    great video man I've traveled all over the world in the Navy and travel does make you richer. buy i have a family so it's a real challege to take my family for cheap and I'm not taking my kids to some run down hotel. so what I did was join the travel industry and it changed everything even my plane tickets are at wholesale prices and it's a tax write off. I love travel so my wife and I decided to get paid for it now we're helping mellinials all over the world to have a home business that their not tied too. just having a CLIA card will sometimes land you an upgrade to first class for free , great industry.

  • Young Qing
    Young Qing 2 года назад

    Who else really liked the before ad the most lol
    She proposed!

  • Ianthe Haloftis
    Ianthe Haloftis 2 года назад +3

    I just booked my trip to Thailand for 4 weeks in June 2017. Only $650 round trip on Singapore Airlines!

  • hidayah ramli
    hidayah ramli 2 года назад

    It seems that you are interested in SEA..why don't you visit Malaysia as well?...Malaysia Truly Asia (our tourism's slogan). :-)

  • ratballs007
    ratballs007 2 года назад +5

    Bro plz. your parents paid just drop it man. nice vids tho, your girlfriend got the views, nice booty

  • Karol Lapa
    Karol Lapa 2 года назад

    Hi ! that 100,000 usd is for a couple or just for you own ?

  • Jamie Gajewski
    Jamie Gajewski 2 года назад

    I totally agree. Sell your stuff before your trip. I sold everything I own except maybe three suitcases worth. It really adds up. Great video!

  • Lucky Valera
    Lucky Valera 2 года назад

    edi wow

  • Bethany Gordon
    Bethany Gordon 2 года назад +3

    How did you carry your money. Did you take your credit card or use a travel money card?

  • chnguye2
    chnguye2 2 года назад

    about moving back to your parents was "a sacrifice [you] willing to make"...found this really funny

  • Martin Herald
    Martin Herald 2 года назад +26

    I personally don't find this very useful. It seems to be more about budgeting. This is actually useful for almost anything. However for traveling, how to best obtain your visa's and the best ways to get through border checkpoints and so forth is far more useful. Also I'm currently living in Cambodia, The advice to avoid the bad weather and travel in high season is wrong. I hardly notice the difference in weather between high and low seasons in this area: But I can guarantee you, everything is cheaper and easier to get in low season. Your air fairs, accommodation, availability of hotels and tours, the list goes on. If you go from Thailand to Phnom pehn, fly in if you want to stay any longer than 2 months and get a business visa. If you get the wrong visa (can't get them on a land border) you are stuffed. When going from Cambodia to Viet Nam get your visa in Phnom Pehn. Your tuk tuk driver at your hotel for a small fee will do it all for you. You can get one here for 3months and they may charge you for a 3mth one in Viet Nam but they will only give you a visa for 1 month. The point is: it is easier to get your Viet Nam visa in Cambodia than it is in Viet Nam. Details are important: If you come to Cambodia and want to go to Sihanoukville, Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. Fly into Phnom Pehn, get a bus to Sihanoukville, a bus to Siem Reap and then fly out of Siem Reap. This saves you bus fares and a day wasted on the road. Everyone I know books both the arrival and return flight out of Phnom Pehn. This is stupid, the same rules apply anywhere else, you don't need to drive right back across ground you have already covered. It takes homework, but in the Siem Reap case, it has more international flights per year than Phnom Pehn, prices and destinations are similar.
    I just wish that a video about travel, was more about travel and less about budgeting.
    I have a couple of exceptions on the price guides to (I've been to all the same places). But the prices mentioned do give you an idea and if you know what you are doing it is very cheap in Asia. Hired motor cycles can save you money and really opens up some areas for you. BUT... If you have very little experience riding motorcycles or moto's as they are known: Asia is NOT, the place to learn. Even if like me you have been riding them for well over a decade, it still takes some getting used to how Asian traffic works and how dangerous these roads are.
    If a bicycle can do the job consider one. Also buy your own bike lock for anything rented (costs about $3 here). The people that steal them are often the people who rent them to you. Also, gearing on manual scooters is back to front in Asia.
    Pay an extra dollar and hire an automatic (you don't want to shift your sports bike back home the wrong way going fast around a bend).

  • The life of Alex
    The life of Alex 2 года назад

    Was going to ask for this video, but I found it first!

  • Willow Pontino
    Willow Pontino 2 года назад

    22 yrs old? OMG.

  • Dean R Auditore
    Dean R Auditore 2 года назад

    hey leblanc! thanks :)

  • Amanda Round the Globe
    Amanda Round the Globe 2 года назад

    this video is so awesome. I am always telling people that they can travel too! I saved up to travel and people usually assume that I'm rich or my parents pay for this. Not true! I sold all my stuff and saved money just like most other travellers :)

  • Captain Heinie
    Captain Heinie 2 года назад

    Excellent video and the information was priceless. Thank you for your time.

  • aryan thakur
    aryan thakur 2 года назад

    are you serious only 10000 usd fuck?

  • Bryan Agoncillo
    Bryan Agoncillo 2 года назад

    Since the Philippines is a place you often love to stop buy, why don't you consider talking to a few close RUclipr friends of yours to setup a small KIOSK type business there which would help generate additional income for the both of you. Next time you are in the area, you should observer the small KIOSKs around the mall (food) and see about getting setup with one... Anyway, just an idea...

  • Gemma Goes Global
    Gemma Goes Global 2 года назад +1

    Yes! These are the questions I always get asked. Anyone can travel if they make it a priority. Love your videos :)

  • Sam's somewhere
    Sam's somewhere 2 года назад

    I didn't have time to save a ton of money before travelling, I wanted to leave ASAP. So I got a working holiday visa for Australia and I'll work for a few months, save a bit of money, and go on a trip. I plan on doing the same thing in New Zealand later this year and then working in Thailand next year as well!

  • hlub ibtxhis
    hlub ibtxhis 2 года назад +1

    Christian - your background music is too loud and annoying.. it makes it hard to hear what you are saying.

  • CNVideos
    CNVideos 2 года назад +17

    The music has singing in it, and you're playing it over your spoken monologue. It makes it hard to listen to.

  • tara liston
    tara liston 2 года назад

    thanks for the tips man, really helpful.heading over with my misses and lad early feb 2017 to Thailand. wanted to ask, did you buy your dive/snorkel mask overseas or in Canada ? just wondering if i should take mine, (wich I've had since jesus played fullback for Jerusalem) or get a new one over there ? cheers, ps Laura is smokin 😊

  • corn dog
    corn dog 2 года назад

    honestly why do u never seem to smile??

  • kyfkufkufc
    kyfkufkufc 2 года назад

    I wish my family would help me out a bit. I come from a poor family that takes my money all the time so saving is very hard.

  • Sannie Michelle
    Sannie Michelle 2 года назад

    great video!! :)

  • Kat's WanderLand
    Kat's WanderLand 2 года назад

    Thanks..You inspired me to save money and go travel especially in the Philippines.. :)

  • Marc Reyes
    Marc Reyes 2 года назад

    hi christian! i love your channel and travel vlogs, you inspire me to travel more often! i was wondering how do you make money from you vlogs, photos, videos that you post? where do you upload them? thanks!

  • Rebecca Smyth
    Rebecca Smyth 2 года назад +22

    The spread sheet is a great way to convince your parents that your ready to travel and you aren't going to get somewhere and freak out😂

  • Wendy Lu
    Wendy Lu 2 года назад

    Hi Chris, i wondering where is the place of that waterfall at the start of the video? Thanks

    • claire tanned
      claire tanned 2 года назад

      +Wendy Lu that's Kawasan Falls in Cebu, Philippines...

  • Cath&Yana Adventures
    Cath&Yana Adventures 2 года назад

    wth. I just realized that we have the same age... and yet here I am.. enjoying your vids while I haven't ever been to other countries other than Philippines and Perth and never really travel anywhere on those countries. Shamee. 😐

  • CSquared
    CSquared 2 года назад +16

    Bravo, but the flights are THEE most expensive part to traveling, especially in Asia.

    • Cora 421
      Cora 421 2 года назад

      CSquared they are usually the most expensive thing. Try getting a credit card you could earn points for a flight

    • caramelized sugar
      caramelized sugar 2 года назад


    • Forest Green
      Forest Green 2 года назад +3

      With a little extra time spent saving most people could afford their own tickets too.

    • Forest Green
      Forest Green 2 года назад

      With a little extra time spent saving most people could afford their own tickets too.

    • Cecile Zapanta
      Cecile Zapanta 2 года назад +11

      Exactly what I was thinking. "My father gave me a small loan of a million dollars.."

  • China Icons
    China Icons 2 года назад

    Awesome footage!

  • Mohammed Al-Rowaishan
    Mohammed Al-Rowaishan 2 года назад

    what kind of camera you usualy use.. in the vids

  • Gel Mir
    Gel Mir 2 года назад

    Find and be friend a trustworthy local... the know the cheapest and best way to go about in their countries... they will also provide you a life line in cases of emergencies and unexpected troubles.
    Many locals are proud of their country's best highlights and will be very eager to show case their best stuff to visitors.
    when choosing a friend, choose a person that loves to travel (or are working in tourism industry)... usually they will have many travelling companions already and will regularly set group trips which you can join... also it wont hurt to choose a person that is financially well off.

  • BlastBeatsForever
    BlastBeatsForever 2 года назад

    Multi city flights are cheaper sometimes. I paid $599 from Los Angeles to Kuala Lumpur, and from Chiang Mai back to LA. the year before i paid less than $800 from LA to Beijing/Bali to LA.I also recommend flying out on tuesdays . you'll save a few bucks, too

    • aryan thakur
      aryan thakur 2 года назад

      what is that can u explian multi city flights

  • Marcel Mair
    Marcel Mair 2 года назад

    Music is annoying and too loud!!

  • jangandiamterus! backpacker
    jangandiamterus! backpacker 2 года назад

    whats song in 0:20 ?

  • Franziska Alber
    Franziska Alber 2 года назад

    Hi, thank you for the tipps! your videos show breathtaking pics and I´m so happy to go to a trip as well and see such things.
    can´t say how much you please me with your work!! Awesome

  • BigTSteez
    BigTSteez 2 года назад

    What was the song used in the begininng?

  • Sharon Daniel
    Sharon Daniel 2 года назад

    This video just made me subscribe

  • Augustin Lafay
    Augustin Lafay 2 года назад

    good tip, just save money on everything you buy ( if you are not living with mommy and daddy to help you in the US ) and then use airb&b that's it ! tadaaaaam

  • Augustin Lafay
    Augustin Lafay 2 года назад +1

    scholarship, living in paretns house, parents paying for the airplanes tickets selling car, thank you great tips, so if you are a 16 years old in the US (because in europe no car before 18) those are great advice !

    • bustinasscoach
      bustinasscoach 2 года назад +1

      +Augustin Lafay dont fucking patronise this guy. he is honest. and you KNOW what it takes: just work, save money and after a while you can go travel. or even better start working via internet, that way you can travel AND earn money. i am doing this for last 5+ years

  • Lily Grantcharova
    Lily Grantcharova 2 года назад

    This inspired me to make a trip with my school. I've organized a school trip to Ireland, Austria and Germany for 2 weeks in July of 2016. If you or any fans happen to see this, help make our journey a reality at . Once again, thank you so much for this video. Very well done!

  • Adam Cornejo
    Adam Cornejo 3 года назад

    I was wondering if you can help me out.. I'm planning a trip to Philippines then to Vietnam Laos Cambodia Thailand Malaysia Singapore Bali from there fly to Chile Argentina Brazil Peru Venezuela Columbia Panama Costa Rica Nicaragua and then from there back home to California.. staying in hostels and catching bus most of the time.. and not spending that much money.. how much do you think i might need?

    • Adam Cornejo
      Adam Cornejo 2 года назад

      +Kini Tan. thank you so much

    • Kini Tan
      Kini Tan 2 года назад

      +Adam Cornejo he said $10k for 10 SEA countries. . I guess you need $20k for latin america.. $30k!! haha

  • Demitri Palumbo
    Demitri Palumbo 3 года назад

    could you possibly post a video of the prices in the Philippines?

  • Hlee Vue
    Hlee Vue 3 года назад

    Did you have to get your international license to be able to rent a scooter?

    • Gaitri Mahabir
      Gaitri Mahabir 2 года назад

      Kini Tan you need one for most countries now including some in the caribbean

    • Hlee Vue
      Hlee Vue 2 года назад

      +Kini Tan I didn't know of it, until my friend recently got one for her trip to asia.

    • Kini Tan
      Kini Tan 2 года назад

      +Hlee Vue is there a thing called international license?

  • XtremeEnigma xXx
    XtremeEnigma xXx 3 года назад

    THANKYOU for the inspiration! How is the music in the beginning called?

  • IdunaLovesApples
    IdunaLovesApples 3 года назад

    Hey there :)
    I was just wondering how much domestic flights in the Philippines cost (on average) because 50-100 USD sounds quite cheap to me.
    Does it vary on high/low season?
    I would LOVE to visit the Philippines, especially uninhabitated and lonely islands, but I'm on a budget and need to calculate carefully.

  • Sam Wills
    Sam Wills 3 года назад

    great video defiantly come in handy :)

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    acajudi100 3 года назад

    Charles Schwab has the no transaction ATM. Must be opened in the USA.

  • Reeewaj
    Reeewaj 3 года назад

    Amazing tips brother. Not long into the video, I realized I was just doing the same things as you are saying here and I am actually heading to Asia myself in couple weeks. Coincidence, I stumbled here. Btw one quick question, do you use Final Cut Pro to edit your clips? I am just curious!

  • Sondema Tarr
    Sondema Tarr 3 года назад

    I have been binge watching your vlogs for the past couple of days! Im graduating from med school next May, and I want to go to SE Asia for a month before I start residency. Your vlogs are absolutely amazing, and Ive gotten so many ideas from them. Thank you so much!

  • While I'm Young blog
    While I'm Young blog 3 года назад

    I get asked how I can afford to travel ALL the time. People don't seem to realise that it's all about prioritising adventure above all else! Also - rude much? I'd never ask anyone how they can afford to do whatever it is they spend their money on. Great tips, just subscribed :)

  • Leah Rivera
    Leah Rivera 3 года назад

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  • Musical Muse
    Musical Muse 3 года назад +7

    ehehe. I made a last minute decision to go to the Philippines for a month in 2 weeks :)....I'll be visiting family and having adventures. Then in June, I will be making my way to Vietnam. I decided not to go to school this semester. I have time to finish college and "figure things out." But family and adventures like this don't come easy. I find that the longer I put off traveling, the harder it got. It became clear that there would be no convenient time to go on an adventure, so that's why I made the decision I did. :) I can't wait.

    • Vadim Soin
      Vadim Soin Год назад

      Musical Muse how did things go? Did you end up traveling the world?

    • keven zeni
      keven zeni 2 года назад +1

      Hope things are doing well

  • Andreas Boesen
    Andreas Boesen 3 года назад

    Hey Christian i was wondering, did you bring your laptop with you on your trip?
    If yes, how did you manage to keep it safe? (sorry for the weird question) :-)

    • Kini Tan
      Kini Tan 2 года назад

      +Andreas Boesen yes. he upload his vids real time. watch his vlogs

  • Jom Pacete
    Jom Pacete 3 года назад

    you've missed the underground river in puerto prinsesa. you will be amaze when you see it. i gurantee you that. btw, nice video.

  • Reema18 Nodner
    Reema18 Nodner 3 года назад

    Thanks Christian for the to travel soon...