How to 100% Theft-Proof Your Car! | WheelHouse

  • Published on May 6, 2019
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    Nobody wants their car stolen. Luckily, there are ways to make sure it doesn’t happen to you! Join Nolan as he shows you how to make your car less appealing to thieves, and how to stop them from taking your ride!
    Hosted by Nolan Sykes
    Edited by Alex I. Rodriguez
    Animation by Alex I. Rodriguez
    Written by Joe Weber
    Directed by Zach Redpath
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Comments • 2 989

  • Donut Media
    Donut Media  8 months ago +776

    Has your car ever been stolen? I wanna hear about it!

    • chi chi
      chi chi 6 days ago

      Asian and black people in London like to steal cars.

    • C9 Viper
      C9 Viper 12 days ago

      I’m 12 but my forza got stolen ;(

    • Slop Sec
      Slop Sec 18 days ago

      My Toyota truck got stolen twice in the early and mid 90s. Got it back the first time but it was never the same. Didn't get it back the second time and I was fine with that, plus got a decent pay off from my insurance. USAA.

    • Random Kid
      Random Kid 18 days ago

      my bike as a kid got stolen

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy 18 days ago

      Yes. My dads 2015 Toyota rav4 was stolen right from our driveway. The best thing was that our neighbour saw it happen and didn’t do anything.

  • toneman335
    toneman335 46 minutes ago +1

    Isn't the go around with a steering wheel lock is that the thief cuts through the steering wheel with a battery powered device and just removes the steering wheel lock?

  • Sameshen Moodley
    Sameshen Moodley 4 hours ago

    I'm from SA and I've never seen the flamethrower for sale or heard of anyone using it

  • JuanseJz
    JuanseJz 7 hours ago

    airlift? haha also stops your car from getting clamped and towed away haha

  • preeminent_J
    preeminent_J 11 hours ago

    Wanna steal a 1999 accord juss get sum scissors and boom your taking off

    TAY LORD 21 hour ago

    get a really unreliable car thatll break down if they try to drive it

  • phat boys
    phat boys Day ago

    quick release steering wheel cant drive off in someones car without the steering wheel

  • Conor Martin
    Conor Martin Day ago

    Truck was stolen and lowjack found it within 5 min of it being turned on!!! Was next in line to get stripped at a chop shop!! Worth every penny especially after you have to use it!!

  • r.i.peperoniii iroh

    My anti theft thing is 10/10 I have my gun upside down behind the gas paddles if someone wants to gas he/she will get shot in the ass
    No one touches my Suzuki swift !!!!

  • SVU Cars
    SVU Cars 2 days ago

    Damn I have an F150 lmao but it’s a 92

  • Eric Williamson
    Eric Williamson 3 days ago

    or you could have a 20+ year old car that looks like junk

  • A P
    A P 3 days ago

    the club can be beaten in 15 seconds with a hand saw. just cut into the steering wheel and move the club through the gap.

  • Raw and Uncensored
    Raw and Uncensored 3 days ago

    This is Nintendo. We will be sending you a cease and desist for displaying a Pokemon's likeness.

    Just kidding, I'm actually a Pikachu.

  • Steven Ratmansky
    Steven Ratmansky 4 days ago

    one time I drove to new york, left my car for two nights in one spot. went to leave, car wasn't where I parked it. "well it was probably towed" go on new york website, put in my license plate number to see if it was towed, "no record of car in police system" huh. I call the cops and proceed to spend the entire day from morning to around 5 pm dealing with cops, friends and family just for a tow yard to call and say my car was towed but they didn't put it in the system. I fucking hate new york and won't ever drive back

  • MDDeGrande1994
    MDDeGrande1994 4 days ago

    You do realize that some thieves might watch/stumble upon this video, right?

  • Frayda Lundholm
    Frayda Lundholm 5 days ago

    0:32 um not sure about that bud, i like cars:)

  • ZombieSteve
    ZombieSteve 5 days ago

    Why not get a detachable steering wheel

  • Mr. Collins
    Mr. Collins 5 days ago

    For the kill switch use it for the fuel pump. Bam.

  • easy nine
    easy nine 5 days ago

    Yeah no
    Three words for ya
    Hidden Car tracking
    Good try

  • Jason Moore
    Jason Moore 6 days ago

    Forgot one the removable steering wheel

  • Alejandro Coria
    Alejandro Coria 6 days ago

    That happened to me 2 years ago I had a 99 Honda civic went to my soccer game and when my game was over and was walking back to my car it was no longer there... I didn't get home till like 1 am and I was in a different city ... it was the worst feeling ever and heartbreaking what people would do to others but 2 days later I found my car they messed up the inside but the outside was still in good shape now on my new i just purchased last year I installed a GPS within the car so if someone shakes or tries to open the door handle it sends me a quick notification on my phone

  • Apoapsis Periapsis
    Apoapsis Periapsis 7 days ago

    The iraq way

    Add bomb
    If see no car nearby
    Make boomer go boom

  • Gannon Olson
    Gannon Olson 7 days ago

    Tip: Drive a carbureted vehicle. Your average theif won't know how to start it. The kids at the tire shop don't either, so I suggest you take control of that situation before they ruin your starter.

  • alejandro vargas
    alejandro vargas 7 days ago

    The best car anti theft is a manual

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi 8 days ago

    Step one: buy a manual (most effective here in America)

  • seminolekilla
    seminolekilla 8 days ago

    Lol. Coincidentally, the most common cars are most commonly stolen.

  • James Clark
    James Clark 8 days ago

    I've got a 2012 Chevy Silverado..........

  • Staitz
    Staitz 9 days ago

    Lmao just don’t buy a car. You can’t get your car stolen if you don’t have a car

  • that_G_EvanP
    that_G_EvanP 9 days ago

    You should turn the wheel all the way to one side before you put on a steering wheel lock. Also, you can just saw through the wheel to disable them. We actually did this to my buddy's Cavalier in highschool because his dad put a Club on it so he couldn't drive it.

  • Aditya Oak
    Aditya Oak 9 days ago

    That dissuading offenders from usurping goods is the dougscore.

  • SC Prepper
    SC Prepper 9 days ago

    Chris fix has a good video on a cheap kill switch

  • Spencjon
    Spencjon 9 days ago

    What school is 6k???

    PRO LTU 10 days ago

    Just putt all that in one car and you safe. Well it's gonna cost you but your not gonna miss your car soon!

  • The Caveman
    The Caveman 10 days ago

    Shit I have a Nissan Altima

  • Eli Percival
    Eli Percival 10 days ago

    I have 3 on the tree and teenagers always ask why an automatic has 3 pedals talk about theft proof.

  • Chris Capoccia
    Chris Capoccia 10 days ago

    lots of steering wheel locks can be defeated quickly for crooks in the know

  • Janet Merner
    Janet Merner 11 days ago

    Drive a Dodge RAM 1500 nobody will steal it, My neighbour has one, has left the keys in it overnight, still there in the morning.

  • Dominic Schuh
    Dominic Schuh 11 days ago +1

    Thare is one more car that gets stolen alot it is a gmc seara denili

  • Clay Ferguson
    Clay Ferguson 11 days ago

    Fuel relay shutoff switch is the best

  • xLilPuddinTater
    xLilPuddinTater 11 days ago

    What college did you go to that only cost you 6k?

  • Noah rodriguez
    Noah rodriguez 11 days ago

    Nolan in the beginning! LMAOOOO “Makes me wanna punch the world in the f***ing face”

  • Azureey Kola
    Azureey Kola 11 days ago +1

    Best antitheft would be buying an Aztek

  • HereFishyFishy
    HereFishyFishy 11 days ago

    Car alarms are like barking dogs. If it's happening all the time, you don't know when it's really going down.

  • Joydeep Biswas
    Joydeep Biswas 12 days ago

    Love this video!! Great recommendations!! Also i love this guy the other one shouts too much!!

  • Blackpanda702
    Blackpanda702 12 days ago

    😢 sad to hear that the Ae86 is in one of the top stolen cars in America.

  • OoferGang
    OoferGang 13 days ago

    Someone tried to steal my car, but then they realized I don’t have a car.

  • Alex Vasquez
    Alex Vasquez 13 days ago

    What about crown vics they have universal keys 🔑

  • oscar landaverde
    oscar landaverde 13 days ago

    Did that thief run like naruto?? Lol

  • MiniBandit007
    MiniBandit007 14 days ago

    Drive a shit box manual that ain't worth stealing
    BOOM problem solved

  • Archy Grey
    Archy Grey 14 days ago

    When we had to leave our speedway cars at the track at night during a 2 day event we would remove the rotor from the dizzy. More effective than removing the fuel pump fuse as that was easily replaceable, very unlikely a thief would have a rotor on them for that model car.

  • Jordan Rivera
    Jordan Rivera 14 days ago

    Why did he run away like naruto after the starting wheel lock

  • eberbacher007
    eberbacher007 14 days ago

    Car alarms are only good when it is parked in your own driveway or garage.

    Down in the streets nobody looks after it, unless you are nearby yourself.

  • Logan Deeter
    Logan Deeter 14 days ago

    Acceleration is decent but noy great and it gets a 2 out of 10

  • KrisMcCool
    KrisMcCool 14 days ago

    Step 1 : just don’t have a car.

  • Luke Sturch
    Luke Sturch 14 days ago

    0:11 get a manual

  • Cash Ash
    Cash Ash 14 days ago

    Donut Media the type of guy....

  • Hellow
    Hellow 15 days ago +1

    Well Id replace the horn with a train horn and instead of individal beeps its continues so that is extremely loude and will gains eveyones attention. Train horns car vibrate glass and other objects so it has not only an auditory effect but a phycial effect.

  • a Loboda
    a Loboda 15 days ago +1

    Just buy a Subaru, the engine will blow before the thief can get anywhere

  • FBI
    FBI 15 days ago

    ...and then, I'm gonna give it a DOUG score.
    Nice one guys. Nice one.

    • FBI
      FBI 15 days ago

      Shit I left two different comments.

  • Garrett
    Garrett 15 days ago +1

    who in the demuro is Doug, and why is everybody talking about him in the comments??

    • FBI
      FBI 15 days ago +1

      Lmao the D.O.U.G. score that they used in this video is far from an original idea m8, and Doug DeMuro is one of the bigger names on vehicle RUclip in general. Big oof.