How to 100% Theft-Proof Your Car! | WheelHouse

  • Published on May 6, 2019
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    Nobody wants their car stolen. Luckily, there are ways to make sure it doesn’t happen to you! Join Nolan as he shows you how to make your car less appealing to thieves, and how to stop them from taking your ride!
    Hosted by Nolan Sykes
    Edited by Alex I. Rodriguez
    Animation by Alex I. Rodriguez
    Written by Joe Weber
    Directed by Zach Redpath
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Comments • 2 310

  • Donut Media
    Donut Media  2 months ago +529

    Has your car ever been stolen? I wanna hear about it!

    • Josh Boyette
      Josh Boyette 3 days ago

      Almost, is was 11PM and raining, i had an 89 honda crx si. There was 2 guys broke my door locks broke my ignition cylinder, started my car, i had a loud exahaust so i heard it start

    • DRIFT_Denys200810
      DRIFT_Denys200810 3 days ago

      People try to steal my car with a anime girl on it on gta 5 that i payed 1.2m gta dollars or my 14.99€ :( 2 weeks of grinding but they cant steal it because they are always sent in the passenger seat of my car

    • Not Telling
      Not Telling 5 days ago

      My son had his 5th Gen Camaro stolen during Derby Week in Louisville, KY. It was black with exterior mods and a stick shift (only 6 cylinders, but it looked and sounded nice). He stayed in a shady part of town, went to bed one night, heard some noise in the middle of the night but thought it was a garbage truck or something, and woke up to an empty car spot. The local news reported many cars stolen that week with the main suspect being a tow truck style thief. Hook up your car, pull it away.
      He told me that he parks with his rear out, so I suspect that the thieves saw this and threw the rear up on the truck and pulled it away since it's a rear-wheel drive. Who knows, though.

    • Hyze Francis
      Hyze Francis 6 days ago

      What was the Mazda that was used in the beginning o the video?

    • Kathy Forshee
      Kathy Forshee 7 days ago

      Rig a speed bomb when your not using it

  • SuperCookieGaming
    SuperCookieGaming 2 hours ago +1

    the ignition kill switch is good but instead put in on the starter. Mostly likely the car is an auto so they can’t bump start it. plus the starter is hidden away most of the time so crawling under the car is not worth the score.

  • Gergely Gulyás
    Gergely Gulyás 3 hours ago

    Imagine if you would press the flamethrower instead of the gas pedal at a red light 💀

  • GeM Dionisio
    GeM Dionisio 9 hours ago

    Are there companies that sell sterring wheel release? Like what Nascar, Formula One or WEC racecars use? Saw something like that on an episode of Mr. Bean

  • Martin Lacker
    Martin Lacker Day ago

    You forgot about the lock hat locks your brake to the floor

  • Overbaked Potatoes

    if you have a properly working alternator you're battery should be able to be disconnected and the car should still run.

  • Night Owl
    Night Owl Day ago

    Drive a Manual Car 🤔

  • ZeroPhonix
    ZeroPhonix 2 days ago

    5:38 disabling the clutch isnt a %100 effective way of stopping someone from driving it. Although most cars need you to press the clutch to start, most older cars dont. and if the thief can hotwire the car, its as simple as starting the engine in first and floating the gears.

  • Alexander Ki
    Alexander Ki 2 days ago

    No girl has ever said hey cool car. Supercar owners -yea sure

  • Why Mei
    Why Mei 2 days ago


  • Brando de awesome
    Brando de awesome 2 days ago

    Wheel house? I thought this was donut media?

    KO GOAT 2 days ago

    Having a manual transmission is good for anti theft

  • Hewhoislikegod0
    Hewhoislikegod0 3 days ago

    If u hit the club with a hammer on the key area it will open. Dont park your car in NJ. We can figure out how to take it.

  • Stargamer
    Stargamer 3 days ago

    I will Put every security stuff in my car thanks

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 days ago

    Just wanna point out. If a thief really wants to steal your ride he'll find a way to do it. Be it breaking in your garage/home or dragging it away on a tow hitch. Also for the elitist drivers out there thinking Manual helps. Dont let that fool you into thinking your car is even slightly safe. It only helps if it's someone that panick easy an ditched the ride first start up unless someone comes out theyll keep trying. Eventually theyll just dump the clutch on first gear at high revs.
    Lost my s2k about 4 years ago. Was blue pearl, 2007, stock, around 70-90k miles. cops found it on a side dirt path secluded behind trees near the highway about 40 miles from my parkway. Car was stripped down to some of the frame (they cut the front half an rear chassis off. Doors,trunk,rims,tires,brakes, driveshaft,dash, carpet mats even. Just about everything was stripped. Only reason I was able to identify the car was the license plates an vin # on the inside of chassis near driver door.

  • Xbox Gamer
    Xbox Gamer 3 days ago

    Hey get a quick release that's the best way. Trust me I know I've had my civic stolen (always been recovered) 4 times before I got a quick release then not again

    Btw im saying remove the steering wheel when u go

  • Logan Moore
    Logan Moore 3 days ago +1

    Why am I watching this it’s 4:21 am and I don’t own a car

  • Alexander Curtis
    Alexander Curtis 3 days ago

    Step 1: Buy a 5 speed Geo Metro
    Step 2: Steal your own wheels

  • somaan azam
    somaan azam 3 days ago +11

    Just buy a Prius. No one will bother stealing that car

  • Spencer Knutsen
    Spencer Knutsen 3 days ago

    step 1. own a manual

    BUSH'S BAKED BEANS 3 days ago +1

    Have a 2007 honda odyssey

  • Adrian Rodriguez
    Adrian Rodriguez 3 days ago +2

    My 93 Honda accord got stolen 2 times in the same month

  • Victor Mandala
    Victor Mandala 4 days ago

    Cheap wheel locks are easy to break and pick.

  • Dhanuka Samin
    Dhanuka Samin 4 days ago

    My car got stolen by Nolan

  • Vlady Martinez
    Vlady Martinez 4 days ago

    Loool they dont care about my car they break windows and take all the things i have inside😂😂 headlights. Taillights, even the steering wheel once

  • Evan Bozogan
    Evan Bozogan 4 days ago

    Manual transmission is pretty effective, any time I take my car in for service I like to try and see how long it takes them to start it and drive it into their service department, 9/10 times they stall it immediately

  • Ckid Photography
    Ckid Photography 4 days ago

    To theft proof your car.. buy a manual in the USA 😂😂😂

  • Boywonderr71
    Boywonderr71 4 days ago

    Sick earring bro!

  • Kaleb Gaming
    Kaleb Gaming 4 days ago

    Or drive a 5 speed

  • Hector Hernandez
    Hector Hernandez 4 days ago

    When he said honda civic....that hot different

  • Luca Gabri
    Luca Gabri 5 days ago

    Me:turns on flamethrower

  • matthew baisley
    matthew baisley 5 days ago

    I live in south Africa

  • Balaxane
    Balaxane 5 days ago

    Wanna make sure your car never gets stolen in North America? Get a manual car.

  • Mdfk
    Mdfk 5 days ago

    Mi pobre honda

  • Jullian Donohue
    Jullian Donohue 5 days ago +3

    One question why would someone steal a Chevy? They are the ugliest thing to ever exist like come

  • Messi King
    Messi King 5 days ago

    love for all

  • Dips_4_Days
    Dips_4_Days 5 days ago

    That’s was a fugly ass Silverado 😂 dropped trucks are literally pointless

  • Darksideconroy
    Darksideconroy 5 days ago

    Poor guy: Imma steal this dodge durango
    -Five mins later-
    Cop looking over a scene of a car that inside a abandon building: The Devil durango striked again its owner truly should change that break system.

  • Wiston Clair June
    Wiston Clair June 5 days ago

    Should have put the years of models that are most stolen

  • Cj Adolff
    Cj Adolff 5 days ago

    Or just disconnect your battery and save money


    real car guys always takes engine with him when he park his baby

  • MrAnqeLTR _ RBLX
    MrAnqeLTR _ RBLX 5 days ago +1

    Just put a "STEAL THIS CAR IF YOURE GAY" sticker and you'll be 100% fine.

  • Shawn_Wolf_2727
    Shawn_Wolf_2727 6 days ago

    kill switch + wheel lock + tire boot + manual transmission = best option

    • BowlingGlaceon
      BowlingGlaceon 5 days ago

      Some guy in Detroit will still manage to steal it

  • sparrow
    sparrow 6 days ago

    How do u make sure tow trucks blow up when they try to tow your car because there dicks

  • BossGamer2017 / / 1000T

    Ahhhh DOUG SCORE

  • Trevor Harrington
    Trevor Harrington 6 days ago

    Steering wheel locks are the easiest thing to pick. All you do is put a knife in the spring mechanism

  • AdotLOM
    AdotLOM 6 days ago

    There's also... having a garage?
    Probably low for value though. And not really an option for a large chunk of the population.

  • Eli G
    Eli G 6 days ago +1

    Love the shirt of Paul Waalker

  • Hayden Tuttle
    Hayden Tuttle 7 days ago

    Just stick your ecu in your pocket

  • UnionPacific1337
    UnionPacific1337 7 days ago

    YOu forgot every tip, I give all of the tips combined a 1000/10 for effectivness, and a 4 on cheapness

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay 7 days ago

    Is all of the above an option?

  • CoC Master
    CoC Master 7 days ago

    Don't forget about taking off the wheels...

  • TTXD Gaming
    TTXD Gaming 7 days ago

    my 97 jeep grand cherokee doesn’t allow the car to drive if alarm goes off, it’ll start but then shut right back off

  • charles miro
    charles miro 7 days ago

    Team #ms3 !

  • 973Romeo
    973Romeo 8 days ago

    2:47-3:22 = Cheap Steering Wheel Locks (like "The Club") are Garbage! There are videos where see ex-cons disabling or removing those "Locks" from Steering Wheels.
    5:38-5:40 = The Autolock is far superior, because it latches onto either the Clutch-Lever or Brake-Lever

  • seattlescape
    seattlescape 8 days ago

    So many people saying a manual transmission will be a good antitheft.
    My mom's manual Subaru got stolen and they didn't have to break a window or the ignition. Much like older Hondas, 90s Subarus use interchangeable keys. So someone walked up, unlocked it, started the car, and drove away despite that whole mistaken belief that thieves don't understand how to use a clutch pedal.
    The car was recovered after about a week in *almost* the same condition, minus a stereo. The thief took the time to unscrew the dash to remove it, even, so it's someone who is probably no stranger to taking Subarus considering they're one of the most common cars on the road and you're not going to stand out when you're driving one, stolen or otherwise.
    A friend used to have a Honda CRX, manual transmission. It was stolen and recovered twice. The first time they took the stereo and the second time there was no stereo to take but they stole the car anyway. I feel like the Japanese must never have been concerned with grand theft auto back then because the cars are just so easy to take!

  • OptimalGamer
    OptimalGamer 8 days ago

    Came here to check what to expect when I steal my first car.

  • Zorux
    Zorux 8 days ago

    How tf did your car randomly warp out of reality 9 ft from you

  • Gabriel Nascimento
    Gabriel Nascimento 8 days ago

    In the US: manual transmission
    Effectiveness: almost 10

  • Aciimov
    Aciimov 8 days ago

    put rust sticker, make a dent, change the rims to the ugliest one, just make your car looks gay and stupid

  • Michael Arevalo
    Michael Arevalo 8 days ago

    Easy. Buy a stick shift car

  • thisjustanother
    thisjustanother 8 days ago

    3:30 naruto run?

  • KHarvick Fan1
    KHarvick Fan1 8 days ago

    Getting em all

  • Angry seagull
    Angry seagull 9 days ago

    Just drive a manual

  • Dashy 12 live
    Dashy 12 live 10 days ago

    Shit i gotta silverado....welp im bying a parking boot

  • iTz Drop
    iTz Drop 10 days ago

    Or if u don't want ur pride and joy to be stolen take out your ecu 😉

  • Lee Cline
    Lee Cline 10 days ago

    Sadly the flamethrower wasn't all that effective. In South Africa it just increased the number of people shot in carjackings as thugs shot people upon approach so they couldn't use the flamethrower if they had one.

  • MaksimTechShow
    MaksimTechShow 10 days ago

    *a manual*

  • mincraft0990
    mincraft0990 11 days ago

    Fast fix : Buy a manual🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Elias Boyle
    Elias Boyle 11 days ago

    This will be the day someone steals your car with a magnet and a helicopter like in gta

  • xCr8ivex
    xCr8ivex 11 days ago

    1:49 what does this have to do with dady doug

  • Fedora5
    Fedora5 11 days ago

    D.o.u.g. super helpful

  • Meme man
    Meme man 11 days ago

    Drive a stick.

  • Austin Hogstead
    Austin Hogstead 11 days ago

    By far the most stolen vehicle in Alberta, Canada has to be the 6.0 Litre Ford.

  • Bill Bobert
    Bill Bobert 11 days ago +1

    Tip 1, don't live in Venezuela

  • タンアントン
    タンアントン 11 days ago +3

    Pfft, killswitch? The AE86 just needs to have a stock engine. The carjacker would pull a takumi and blow the engine!

  • Oval Productions
    Oval Productions 11 days ago

    Instead of a frickin flamethrower get a gun

  • airforceguy1965/roblox airforce

    0:54 how much horsepower thise have

  • Jamie Coetzee
    Jamie Coetzee 12 days ago

    Ek is van suid-afrika

  • i`s`h`m`a`e`l
    i`s`h`m`a`e`l 12 days ago

    just dont live in the city

  • Monnie Garland
    Monnie Garland 12 days ago

    I have a small car which is my pride and bought a steering wheel lock....great score....glad I got it now...👍😁👌

  • Ethan Stam
    Ethan Stam 12 days ago

    Now... How to theft-proof my HotWheels.

  • Imagine Wagons
    Imagine Wagons 12 days ago

    How to stop car theft in 2019.
    As mentioned

  • Petcu Radu
    Petcu Radu 12 days ago

    at 6:50 its a toyota ae86?

  • l l 13 days ago

    What the different of mitsubishi lancer ex and lancer evo x

  • Josh
    Josh 13 days ago

    ahhhh, manual cars one of the best anti theft system in all over the world

  • Thomas Lee
    Thomas Lee 13 days ago

    at 3:04 he was anime runing

  • NallePu83
    NallePu83 14 days ago

    Just put a sticker on the car. I`m from Froland Norway!

  • EpicSplosion
    EpicSplosion 14 days ago


  • Mobile Terminaluser
    Mobile Terminaluser 14 days ago +1

    Best anti theft is owning a standard/manual car. Here in the U.S. if it's too hard,makes you break a tear drop of sweat or makes them huff puff tap out like a 1min man 2 pump chump & standard they won't even bother.
    Wrong. The steering wheel locks can be cut & the damn bar can be slid out with a yank. The boot can be taken off. The clutch lock is a dam stupid joke. You obviously have never been involved in gta. If we want to steal your car we will get it. Just like installing the keyed wheel lug nuts 15mm,16,mm,17mm is the norm. What a joke. Impact drill with a smaller socket/bolt extractor will get that s**t right off.

  • stilover surya
    stilover surya 14 days ago

    Manual transmission is the best way

  • 5k subs whit no videos challenge

    The dislikes is from car theivs

  • Michael Reale
    Michael Reale 15 days ago

    If the car is driving away how does cutting the battery stop it? Its driving on alternator power...

  • LouSharkGuy
    LouSharkGuy 16 days ago

    number 1 buy a manual

  • I K
    I K 16 days ago

    My theft proof is driving a 30 years old beater.

  • cat
    cat 16 days ago +1

    I want to put everyone of those pieces of shit in a Brazen Bull.

  • takoda powers
    takoda powers 16 days ago

    Tell your 8 on effectiveness for your boot to my saws-all

  • Cody wuff
    Cody wuff 16 days ago

    "How to 100% theft proof your car"
    Own a masda 3 lol

  • JLo
    JLo 16 days ago

    Absolutely useless video. Steering wheel locks went out in the 80’s dickhead. Just about any anti-theft device can be defeated by a flatbed tow truck.

    FCDB PCH 16 days ago

    Buy a manual transmission in USA and don't be worry! That's it...