Your Husband Is Cheating On Us: D'atra and Lia Have Quite the Saga (Season 1, Episode 1) | Bravo

  • Published on Mar 30, 2018
  • These two actresses share a history you have to hear to believe.
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    "Your Husband Is Cheating On Us" follows mega-producer JD Lawrence and his top-tier theater company through all the five-star action and juicy drama that comes with launching a new stage production. For generations, the urban theater experience has been a thriving component of African American entertainment in the United States. "Your Husband Is Cheating On Us" will shine a light on this powerful world revealing the show behind the show. From love affairs to long standing rivalries and up-and-comers trying to take down established theater royalty, there is no room for mistakes, and everything that happens behind the curtain is revealed.
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    Your Husband Is Cheating On Us: D'atra and Lia Have Quite the Saga (Season 1, Episode 1) | Bravo
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Comments • 142

  • puremusicluveer
    puremusicluveer Month ago

    That tv comment was corny

  • baba ken
    baba ken 5 months ago

    D'atra funny af

  • Deuce Davis
    Deuce Davis 10 months ago

    Did D’Atra just admit to cheating with a married man?

  • Aries 31
    Aries 31 10 months ago

    She’s right men lie

  • Joshua McDowell
    Joshua McDowell 10 months ago

    Sounds like they both got played.

  • Mrs McMiller
    Mrs McMiller Year ago +1

    somebody definitely needs to give D'Atra her own show..... that personality and baaaby she can sang!

  • R Carter
    R Carter Year ago +1

    "I mean if thats for real then , then
    thats wassup😂😂💀"

  • Eloisa Ing
    Eloisa Ing Year ago +3

    So he told you she was a jump off and you believed it kmsl stfu

  • Ziggy Montrell
    Ziggy Montrell Year ago +1

    I love datra from Tyler perry plays

  • Lady Creole
    Lady Creole Year ago +2

    D'Atra has a powerful voice and sang 1 of my favorite of all time songs in a Tyler Perry play.
    Yes I know she has somewhat of a diva personality but after 30 some odd years in the game you got to give her that much. I would love to hear her do a full gospel CD .
    If there was an issue from a long time ago with that other woman and their children's father that should be set aside and everyone should maintain professionalism while working out this play. GenuFine should not run but stay and deal with it or get a hotel so he don't have to hear it and work his magic. I really think that the two daughters need to step back and let their father run things properly. They are in a learning process and they are going up against older folks and showing no respect and that alone has made me turn the station. Get the point⬅

  • MrsConnie 2You
    MrsConnie 2You Year ago

    Lawd, she is REALLY chomping on that piece of food, lol

    BLACK RIDER Year ago +2


  • cash miller
    cash miller Year ago

    Two dummies

  • Eton Butler
    Eton Butler Year ago

    🗣 Ya don't 💩 where you eat...literally 😏

  • TwelveGates
    TwelveGates Year ago +10

    These producers and folks love to use them some D'Atra but they don't like paying what she's worth. Yes, she will fill seats up in a theater because she is talented and in case you didn't know can SANGGGG! Personally I think the woman got 2 sets of lungs. Lol

    • Michael adell
      Michael adell 8 months ago

      Me too I love her!!!!!!

    • Mrs McMiller
      Mrs McMiller Year ago +1

      TwelveCastles he fooling himself if he thinks we didn't come for D'Atra baby! Ppl do wanna hear her sing or even humming 😂

  • NikkiHurdTheGreat
    NikkiHurdTheGreat Year ago +10

    I LOVE this show!!!!!! D'atra needs her own show!

    • Mrs McMiller
      Mrs McMiller Year ago

      NikkiHurdTheGreat she definitely needs her own show

  • AfekasiFab
    AfekasiFab Year ago +3

    Was da'tra on divorce court singing gospel for her anger management?

  • JamericanDC1
    JamericanDC1 Year ago +1

    They were in a polygamous situation. Point blank period

  • scratchnandsurvivn
    scratchnandsurvivn Year ago +4

    I have loved D’atra since her Mama I wanna Sing days. I have You Make Me Wanna Give It Up on my iPod!! I am watching the show just for her. My Girl!!♥️♥️♥️

    • Sylvia Norman
      Sylvia Norman 9 months ago +1

      scratchnandsurvivn omg! I knew her from Tyler Perry, but I remember that voice from mama I want to sing. Seen it two times at the fox in Atlanta ga. Ms. D has a beautiful voice.

  • Sharon Griffin
    Sharon Griffin Year ago +3

    She rolled the damn stroller beside her...Im crying😂😂😂

  • Lloyd Norwood
    Lloyd Norwood Year ago

    Any old ratchet gag qualifies for a t v show these days. My imagination is working overtime to come up with something I can cash in on. I must be thinking too hard, though. It cannot be that hard if these simpletons are pulling it off. Help me somebody.

  • Shenice Says
    Shenice Says Year ago

    Wait I thought she was head over heels in love with Loren Harper from Divorce Court.

  • nicole Emanuel
    nicole Emanuel Year ago

    She was on divorce court

  • puddin cup
    puddin cup Year ago +1

    Hair is a messsssssss

  • W m
    W m Year ago +4

    I had him before during and after the divorce lmao

  • somethingsomethingdarkside

    i dont know who red hair is but i... love....her

  • Trista Ince
    Trista Ince Year ago

    I don't get why women fight over a dude, especially one who didn't acknowledge your child. You're bragging that you were with him before, during and after their divorce. So stupid.

  • Debra Thompson
    Debra Thompson Year ago +1

    Black females STOP IT !!!

  • Kenneth Cooper
    Kenneth Cooper Year ago +1

    I had Lia's debut album back in 1989

    • ACe Atkins
      ACe Atkins Year ago

      Kenneth Cooper T-Boz sounds just like her . now, it's obvious the producers modeled TLC's "sound" after her debut album...

    • Kenneth Cooper
      Kenneth Cooper Year ago

      ACe Atkins she should've been an R&B superstar

    • ACe Atkins
      ACe Atkins Year ago

      Kenneth Cooper so true! "more than looks" was my anthem in 5th grade! i remember falling to sleep listening to "constantly" on the quiet storm:)

    • Kenneth Cooper
      Kenneth Cooper Year ago

      ACe Atkins the whole album was lit

    • ACe Atkins
      ACe Atkins Year ago

      Kenneth Cooper wow! "tell me it's not too late" was my jam:)

  • Robin Wilson
    Robin Wilson Year ago

    Another mess show. Won’t be watching no way.🙃😒😟😟

  • September Washington
    September Washington Year ago +32

    D’Atra is such an entertaining woman and she’s hilarious, first came to know her back in ‘04 on Madea’s Family Reunion the Play and her vocal range is astounding! Very talented woman

  • Precious Williams
    Precious Williams Year ago +7

    I've always been a fan of D'atra Hicks, ever since Madea's Family Reunion🎤🎤🎤

  • Danielle Taylor
    Danielle Taylor Year ago +1

    This show about to be juicy 🤣🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Angel Johnson
    Angel Johnson Year ago +1

    I remember they lady with red hair d antre, from Tyler Perry play,
    and on divorce court

  • Denise Vasquez
    Denise Vasquez Year ago +42

    So we not gonna talk about Lia’s foundation in the confessional and the rest of her body??? Ok.

    • Joshua McDowell
      Joshua McDowell 7 months ago

      +sunny marie that wig was hit by a smooth criminal

    • Michael adell
      Michael adell 8 months ago


    • Mary Crawford
      Mary Crawford Year ago +2

      They are both a hot old azz mess!😂😂😂😂 whyyyyyyyy?????

    • sunny marie
      sunny marie Year ago +1

      nope. That Lia wig is the MAIN EVENT😄😄😄😄

  • Kay Smith
    Kay Smith Year ago +3

    Is this the same lady that was singing on that court show? 😭😭😭

  • Lavapop
    Lavapop Year ago +5

    Wait that's the name of the show for real? 😂😂😂

  • Taylor LeRon
    Taylor LeRon Year ago +2

    I LOVE D’Atra!

  • thats not my name

    am here for it keep it rolling bravo

  • A.H.M S
    A.H.M S Year ago +16

    That hair is awful. Looks like a hat

  • New Dawn
    New Dawn Year ago +43

    Now I see why Tyler uses these women in his plays lol they pull their emotions from their experiences because they can relate to their characters lol

  • New Dawn
    New Dawn Year ago +1

    So this play is about them 👀

  • QueenStatus
    QueenStatus Year ago


  • rose dickerson
    rose dickerson Year ago +1

    wasn't they on Divorce Court lol

  • sunny marie
    sunny marie Year ago +8

    Lia girl? Ur wig is showing😨😨😨

  • sunny marie
    sunny marie Year ago +2

    But toni lie so what u talkin bout liability?

  • pink panther
    pink panther Year ago +8

    OMG ... I loved him. Never knew he had been with her

  • Dira501
    Dira501 Year ago +10

    What kind of hug was that?! Lol Who cares what she was, it was all his fault!!

  • Phoebe Tolbert
    Phoebe Tolbert Year ago +11

    Hold up he and the other female were in Tyler Perry plays together. Like a lot of his old ones

  • stylecollective
    stylecollective Year ago +7

    Oh Lord, it's Leandra the Tyler Perry musical theatre lady??? She is incredibly talented and can sing her FACE off, but haven't we also seen her on Divorce Court acting a fool over some man?

    • Dira501
      Dira501 Year ago

      Tavarus Artis oh, ok.

    • Tavarus Artis
      Tavarus Artis Year ago

      Dira501 i just came across this. I didn't even know D'Atra did a show like this. So i don't now.

    • Dira501
      Dira501 Year ago

      Tavarus Artis Oh ok, I hope they put this on Hulu or is this old? The title got me because I was like um black women are ok with being sister wives now lol

    • Tavarus Artis
      Tavarus Artis Year ago

      Dira501 the lady with the black one, waving the fan. Also had red hair, up in bun.

    • Tavarus Artis
      Tavarus Artis Year ago +1

      Her name is D' Atra.

  • Londa Murry
    Londa Murry Year ago +4

    I hate to say it but, I am here for it...

  • EmmaRhonda Wilson
    EmmaRhonda Wilson Year ago +53

    yessss ma'am Ms. D'atra don't play. she is always keeping it real. love her

  • Summer C
    Summer C Year ago +13

    Where the hell did she find that wig? Kim’s basement?? Can someone tell me what is the name of this show??

    • Emelda Kinzey
      Emelda Kinzey Year ago

      Tabby-Ann McFarlane it's called your husband is cheating on us

  • tmitchem81
    tmitchem81 Year ago +4

    Tony Grant and the red head woman were in the stage play of Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married. They are on the stage DVD version as well. He played the good guy that dates the "Jill Scott Character" and she plays the wife of some other friend.

    • ChanteLovesYa
      ChanteLovesYa Year ago

      tmitchem81 are you saying Cheryl was in the play that’s on video or D’Atra? I didn’t know D’Atra was in it at all before the DVD taping, I know Kelly Price was in it as well before Cheryl. Tyler always switching something up lol

    • tmitchem81
      tmitchem81 Year ago

      ChanteLovesYa She was in the play that is on Video. Like I sais she did not play the Jill Scott Character(Cheryl played that role) she played the friend

    • ChanteLovesYa
      ChanteLovesYa Year ago +3

      She wasn’t in Why Did I Get Married the play lol. That was Cheryl Pepsii Riley. She’s in all of his plays as well. D’atra was in Madea’s Family Reunion, Laugh to Keep from Crying...(plays lol)

    • sunny marie
      sunny marie Year ago

      tmitchem81 hey hero😀

  • YELLow JACKit843
    YELLow JACKit843 Year ago +1

    I remember her from Tyler Perry play

  • NUNE 242
    NUNE 242 Year ago +39

    99.9-9-9% "U do the math"😄. Shout out to Bergen County Child Support!(thy wil gt u ur $coins)

  • Renevalle Kissila
    Renevalle Kissila Year ago +122

    Is that the women who was humming on divorce court to deal with anger management?

  • Talkindurinthemovie
    Talkindurinthemovie Year ago +3

    Yo that baby look like me as a baby

    • sunny marie
      sunny marie Year ago +1

      wanna talk about it😶😶😶😶

  • Zee zee 6
    Zee zee 6 Year ago +31

    Can someone please tell the woman with the blond wig we don’t wear wigs like that no Mo leave it were it belongs back in 2005 or give it back to Kim from RHOA 😳

      BLACK RIDER Year ago +1


    • Zee zee 6
      Zee zee 6 Year ago +1

      lilbaby245 😂😆

    • lilbaby245
      lilbaby245 Year ago

      It looks like a rabbit fur coat that sheds badly.

    • Zee zee 6
      Zee zee 6 Year ago

      Tabby-Ann McFarlane 😜

    • Summer C
      Summer C Year ago

      Zee zee 6 lmaoooo

  • Sammy Blue
    Sammy Blue Year ago +27

    Come on red head I’m here just for you lol

  • Phoenix G
    Phoenix G Year ago


  • Messy Boots
    Messy Boots Year ago +22

    D’atra yaaaasssssss!

  • Therese Nydahl
    Therese Nydahl Year ago +5


  • MiMi Butterfly
    MiMi Butterfly Year ago +19

    I would watch this for he red hair chick 😭👏🏽 she’s too funny I could have sworn I seen her in a few plays ...Who would have known this stuff be going on with the cast members 😭

    • MICKI .G
      MICKI .G 4 months ago

      D'atra Hicks - Sweet talk
      Lia - True Obsession
      These are their songs from the 80's

    • sunny marie
      sunny marie Year ago

      Baby daddy fine as hell so. ... I can see it😊😊😊

    • MiMi Butterfly
      MiMi Butterfly Year ago

      Tavarus Artis oh okay she looked familiar

    • Tavarus Artis
      Tavarus Artis Year ago +1

      MiMi Butterfly yeah that's D'Atra Hicks. She's in a few of Tyler Perry's play's

  • Time Is illmatic
    Time Is illmatic Year ago +22

    Blonde hair need to relax lmao ain’t she divorced

  • Luciana Kueker
    Luciana Kueker Year ago +144

    That one lady has a " don't be tardy for the party "Kim wig on. 😆

  • Mykee Wattz
    Mykee Wattz Year ago +14

    They just make shows about nothing ...

  • Ambition Freeman
    Ambition Freeman Year ago +64

    Y'all look silly. Be mad at the guy.

  • Elaine Anderson
    Elaine Anderson Year ago +47

    They are fighting about nothing.

  • ryan tabb
    ryan tabb Year ago +51

    If they got pregnant by a fellow thespian...then when the curtain closed their legs didn’t

  • ryan tabb
    ryan tabb Year ago +62

    D’atra....if I watch this show next month it would be for her...and maybe Ginu-he -is still kind of fine -wine

  • MsPookie
    MsPookie Year ago +106

    i like the red hair 1 shes comes w facts not light skinned fantasies, what's the name of this show?

    • Michael adell
      Michael adell 8 months ago

      I loved the show!
      Lia is her name

    • blaLaLa
      blaLaLa Year ago +4

      Yo, the one with the red hair can SAAAANG. Shes in a tyler perry play. Lol her voice is amazing.

    • Danielle Taylor
      Danielle Taylor Year ago

      MsPookie2 light skinned fantasies 🤣🤦🏾‍♀️🤣🤦🏾‍♀️🤣🤦🏾‍♀️

    • Lynette Evans
      Lynette Evans Year ago +1

      MsPookie2 yes that’s the name of the play

    • misskingstonjamcutie
      misskingstonjamcutie Year ago +7

      What does light skin have to do with this? smh your insecurities are so obvious and its pathetic.