Iowa State Fair & Vegas Pig Farm: VICE News Tonight on HBO Full Episode

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • This is August 9, 2019, full episode of VICE News Tonight on HBO.
    2:06 - Every four years the Iowa State Fair is invaded by whoever is running for president. VICE News' Liz Landers travels to Des Moines to meet a state politician and learn the history of the Iowa State Fair.
    7:10 - Protestors are blocking access to the summit of Hawaii’s tallest mountain, Mauna Kea - dead set on stopping construction of what will be the world’s most powerful telescope.
    10:20 - The EPA awarded a string of Las Vegas casinos for "winning on reducing food waste." But can Sin City ever really be sustainable? VICE News' Val Kipnis visits a pig farm in Vegas to see.
    16:28 - Lydia Night from The Regrettes stopped by to break down their song, "I Dare You."
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Comments • 121

  • Ailer Aguilar
    Ailer Aguilar 20 days ago

    F u c k e r z dont make the telescope. Chill

  • bouyant
    bouyant 26 days ago


  • TheUsername217
    TheUsername217 Month ago +4

    So we can't have one of the most advanced telescope in the world because some people think that the a sky god lives there? lol wtf

  • Ethos Data Informatics

    May the Hawaiian Kingdom come again. The Hawaiian Kingdom is not a tribe, it is a Royalist Government rooted in international sovereignty as annotated by the UN-Human Rights council 2018 and the Permanent court of Arbitrations case 1999-01, 2001. And Sandford Dole and Barak Obama was born in the Hawaiian Kingdom not the United States, that's a fact.

  • David Holcer
    David Holcer Month ago

    "that's very meta" = that's sorta cannibalistic 12:14

  • Dope
    Dope Month ago +7

    saw lots of yanggang!

  • katya nolan
    katya nolan Month ago +2

    I can't see that butter cow without thinking of the really weird ted cruz interview

  • dlog lk
    dlog lk Month ago

    TRUMP 2020

  • RetroAlchemy
    RetroAlchemy Month ago +1

    Too bad we can't just add hight to retired oil rig platforms and turn them into observatories in the middle of the ocean, where there's no light pollution.

  • Bill Fauber
    Bill Fauber Month ago

    I once thought VICE was going to do some real investigations into the lies we are being told by our Government. The Mainstream Media is as Corrupted as the politicians in Washington, many had hoped VICE would be different. 21 Trillion dollars unaccounted for at the defense department, "No Coverage", almost 10,000 patents being hidden from the public at the patent office, "No Coverage", Anti-Aging and Cancer cures announced in the 1980's and again last year (what happened between 1980 and 2019) "No Coverage". NASA lies about structures on the Moon and Mars, "No Coverage". Over 20 papers released over the last 6 months which are basically saying Dark matter and Dark energy models are dead (Billions spent with nothing found), "No Coverage". Why because they don't want to upset academia. In every case these issues aren't covered because the media is controlled by the CIA or Corporations which want to keep the people working longer for less pay, paying taxes then die without any avenue for escape or the ability to see a brighter future. It's no wonder people do drugs, comment suicide with hatred and sickness on the rise. We're all fed up with the status quo of lies, propaganda and hidden truth.

  • SlickLemons The Bad Gamer

    Psssst vice... Why do you silence people in your comment section by deleting their comments? I thought news outlets were all about talking and not quieting opinions...

  • Liping Lin
    Liping Lin Month ago +1

    You forgot to mention the dude who was beaten up in HK because he was simplying a journalist from mainland China. Talk about freespeech...

    • SlickLemons The Bad Gamer
      SlickLemons The Bad Gamer Month ago

      Vice and free speech are not things that are ever in the same sentence... Vice silences comments all the time. It shows how they truly are when reporting things...

  • Jobert Viloria
    Jobert Viloria Month ago +7

    banning violent video games will definitely reduce shooting. -sarcasm

  • No formality just truth

    Prisoners are force feed garbage food while pigs eat like emperors

  • Bolton
    Bolton Month ago

    Bernie2020 baby

  • Koat Zingo
    Koat Zingo Month ago +3


  • Mister Indica
    Mister Indica Month ago

    She kept the dildo

  • xYouthAttackx
    xYouthAttackx Month ago

    please don't nominate Joe Biden. we already have a senile old fool in the white house!

  • Alec Bromero
    Alec Bromero Month ago +18

    yang gang 2020

  • Kiker88
    Kiker88 Month ago +6

    I just want all the nominees to go on Joe Rogan.

  • Chris Jay
    Chris Jay Month ago +2

    "I feel bad about myself right now guys, but here I am". That is the exact problem, not sustainable businesses.

  • 22 animal
    22 animal Month ago +5

    all this last part is a trash

  • Rose Ban
    Rose Ban Month ago +1

    There is just no way that Hawaii could ever become independent. I don’t even know what that would hypothetically look or be like.

    • FakeAudition
      FakeAudition Month ago

      why cant they become independent? they were independent before they were overthrown?

  • Antarctica
    Antarctica Month ago

    I am just curious on why the Hawaiian flag has an Union Jack on it ?

    • Clergyman -
      Clergyman - Month ago

      @Grant Filbeck No, it was never a British colony. They really wanted to be but they never were, it was just put there out of admiration.

    • Grant Filbeck
      Grant Filbeck Month ago +1

      Antarctica it was the British who first colonized it

  • john smith
    john smith Month ago +3

    Goldman Sach’s in Malaysia... sounds like 08 all over again.

    • xYouthAttackx
      xYouthAttackx Month ago

      yep. get ready for job losses and skyrocket prices!

  • And-yS
    And-yS Month ago +14

    Banning fps video games will definitely reduce gun violence instead of stop selling gun...
    Very American logic

    • Josh
      Josh Month ago

      @And-yS America's gun problem isn't bad at all you just read a lot of liberal bullshit news

    • And-yS
      And-yS Month ago

      @Gunner Gomez lol dude chill out, my point is blaming video game, not gun ban. I don’t believe gun ban would do anything, cuz they wouldn’t be able to enforce it to criminals and mentally unstable people. As someone in the esport industry I can tell you how many times people think I’m poisoning kids with video game. The truth is video game is just a form of entertainment, it’s not like kids don’t like game before games are on computer, and I don’t see poking each other with sticks are less violent then shooting fictional enemy on a screen.
      PS: u gotta admit, America’s gun problem is pretty bad when it’s suppose to be the leader of the free world

    • Gunner Gomez
      Gunner Gomez Month ago

      And-yS you have no real life experiences. Just like I assumed and pretty much by your statement guessed. I can go on and on with many reasons why you can keep moving and never avoid complete danger. But I’m not here to change your mind. Just don’t be stupid and ask for gun bans when you’re a fuckin clown. You can be minding your business to the fullest extent and be the best person on earth. And still get mugged or robbed anywhere on earth. Man I feel bad for the women who have to be lead by weak men like you.

    • And-yS
      And-yS Month ago

      @Gunner Gomez idk man, if I need to carry a gun with me to go outside my house, I’d consider living somewhere else. And yes, I am under 24, so?

    • Gunner Gomez
      Gunner Gomez Month ago

      And-yS you’re an idiot. If you are under 24 you shouldn’t have a say. You have yet to live in the real work.

  • J C
    J C Month ago +2

    I voted for trump but I’m tired of racist comments from conservatives channel but few from liberals.....Joe got my vote!....

  • Michael Mills
    Michael Mills Month ago +1

    Iowa is the second worse state in the union, just one behind Ohio!! Ohio is just a big ass mud puddle, and everyone that lives there broke down in the middle of their trip to California 1850s or too lazy to continue to track and I would also say that about Iowa! I think about Iowa though is this just a big dirty ass secondary mud puddle! It takes a good bit of time to drive through at this boring is all hell! Being a trucker I could never find proper places to get diesel fuel from my rig, and when you pull into those little towns you’re bouncing off phone poles and park cars galore! I specifically choose my loads to avoid Ohio and Iowa!!! The number three worst state in the union you guessed it Indiana! Indiana takes about six hours the drive-through if not seven! It’s dirty, flat, Stupid, filled with cops, and filled with black criminals! No thank you! I do hate MUD PUDDLES! As well as criminals! Black & white ones! I live in a cool spot where there ARE NO people! Just the way I like it

    • Lord Scion
      Lord Scion Month ago

      You know what? Now I'm not as sad that truck drivers will lose their jobs to automation. Thanks.

    • And-yS
      And-yS Month ago

      @ then you should live in northern Canada, 6 months of intern there and I swear there is no one on the street once last 4pm

  • Chris Tarzan Hayward
    Chris Tarzan Hayward Month ago +1

    #endspecism #carnismisdestroyingtheplanet #roseslaw

  • Travis M
    Travis M Month ago +2

    Dang video games made Hitler so violent.

    • Travis M
      Travis M Month ago +1

      @orc nomad lols niiice buddy. I like it.

    • orc nomad
      orc nomad Month ago +1

      I heard he was a big fan of Mein Kraft.

  • DeJulius Caesar
    DeJulius Caesar Month ago +3

    Piece about Hawaii was interesting. I wonder if Hawaii will be able to survive as an independent nation anymore. They haven't been independent or self-sufficient for quite some time now.

    • Alexis Jankowski
      Alexis Jankowski Month ago

      DeJulius Caesar But if the become a Native Nation, they can claim rights to revenue sources. Being a Native Nation doesn’t necessarily mean an independent country. It’s like the Navajo Nation. They could lose out on Federal funding in some areas, but they would have a claim (and better chance) to retake that mountain as protected by US laws.

    • The Real Ando
      The Real Ando Month ago

      DeJulius Caesar yup Hawaii hasn’t been independent since they were invaded by the USA.

    • DeJulius Caesar
      DeJulius Caesar Month ago

      @Alexis Jankowski I don't think they will. It's degrading quite honestly, and if I was Hawaiian myself, I'd oppose it. I can see why so many are upset regarding their current situation. After all, they were literally robbed of their land, identity and country.

    • Alexis Jankowski
      Alexis Jankowski Month ago

      DeJulius Caesar They can always organize as a Native Nation and gain a level of sovereignty.

    M.D.W GAMING Month ago +3

    1:13 to 1:120 violence is not from video games. Is from racist parents, and people with mental health....

    • M.D.W GAMING
      M.D.W GAMING Month ago

      Gang violence? Where did I mention gangs violence? I'm talking about this kids having racist parents, and mental health..... maybe I'm wrong about the racist parents. But for sure mental health.

    • snake sollid
      snake sollid Month ago +1

      Not to mention white supremacy, kkk try run America it's there own rodeo, and some encouraging them.

    • Alexis Jankowski
      Alexis Jankowski Month ago

      M.D.W GAMING How does the gang violence fit in with your analysis? Are they committing racist gang violence or are all gang members mentality ill? Should gang members be institutionalized?

  • Smokin Gun
    Smokin Gun Month ago +4

    that whole area for the pigs looks disgusting ...

    • Evwon
      Evwon Month ago

      My family had 2 pigs once. There is a reason calling someone a swine or pig describes someone who is very messy. Also in many religions, pigs meat is considered inpure. Pigs are just like that and it is fairly normal for them to wallow in their own shit. They love it. Regarding the plastics, yea idk about that.

    • snake sollid
      snake sollid Month ago

      Smokin Gun George Orwell animal farm 🤔.

    • AMB
      AMB Month ago

      @And-yS sorry, I didn't mean it like that.

    • And-yS
      And-yS Month ago +4

      @Aishwarya pig has higher IQ than a lot of mammals, so don’t disrespect pig.

    • AMB
      AMB Month ago

      They are pigs. what did you expect?

  • john dillinger
    john dillinger Month ago +4

    How anybody can take Yang or any other Democrat candidate seriously is beyond me.
    These idiots must want Trump to win.

    • Dope
      Dope Month ago

      Yang is the best on the ticket, read his policys, if you have a brain you should agree.

  • EmpireFall
    EmpireFall Month ago +2

    goddamn, pigs are the spawn of Satan, those things will eat just about anything!

    • EmpireFall
      EmpireFall Month ago

      like US Americans

    • EmpireFall
      EmpireFall Month ago

      @Bajocontinuo Continuo you must mean presunto

    • J C
      J C Month ago

      I bet you’re muslims crappy

  • Relevance
    Relevance Month ago +4

    Finally taking action? Hahahah

  • Mark N.
    Mark N. Month ago +3

    “I feel bad about myself right now guys...but here we are.” Said every white person ever.

  • Lynn Kelley
    Lynn Kelley Month ago +21

    Walmart; what a farce. Typical corporate greed and stupidity. Why would they put their customers at such risk?

    • And-yS
      And-yS Month ago

      Anonymous Person I’m sorry, I meant to say the possibility of getting your organs shattered and large internal bleeding which eventually leads to shock...

    • Anonymous Person
      Anonymous Person Month ago

      @And-yS with that logic, so are you.

    • And-yS
      And-yS Month ago

      @Anonymous Person other than possible sudden death, not much

    • Anonymous Person
      Anonymous Person Month ago

      What risk is Walmart putting their customers under?

    • snake sollid
      snake sollid Month ago

      Lynn Kelley corporate...

  • Dreamstate
    Dreamstate Month ago +16

    LOL WTF, no video games on display, but guns on display OK! Yeah, that will curb the violent people for sure. Problem solved. Americans are funny.

    • Axel Pintor
      Axel Pintor Month ago +1

      People should walk in with violent video game scenes on tshirts, or posters and stick them all over the store

  • yos
    yos Month ago +3

    Vice has turned into the DNC establishment propagandist.

    • Vin Soriano
      Vin Soriano Month ago

      Jozeph Latino Reyes Saul alinsky division tactics are not issues

    • Jozeph Latino Reyes
      Jozeph Latino Reyes Month ago +1

      yos - why because they’re not afraid to talk about the issues that you conservaTwats are afraid to talk about?

    • European Citizen
      European Citizen Month ago +1

      Why because they covered the state fair

    THE FRIENDSHIP ZONE Month ago +41

    Andrew Yang 2020 !

    • Nice A
      Nice A 28 days ago

      you need more time to effectively stop China's IP thievery streaks and so far only Trump is the one who's showing results. So, NOPE

    • Lord Negress
      Lord Negress Month ago +1

      MAGA 2020!

    • Piccolo's Grunts
      Piccolo's Grunts Month ago +10

      *Y A N G G A N G*

    • Calm Ford
      Calm Ford Month ago +13


  • B-Rad Jeezy from Malibu

    Just stopped in to give vice a thumbs down... Outty

  • Marvin Williams
    Marvin Williams Month ago +4

    Factual info. Iowa is 90% white. They are just scared of colors. Let's move along nothing to see here

    • Josh
      Josh Month ago

      @Sean Kula ummmm 8th most educated state comparing to states with more black people? The states with the most blacks are the dumbest poorest states in the country. Your statement looks terrible

    • Marvin Williams
      Marvin Williams Month ago

      @Sean Kula they have a extremely small population of people 3.8 million to be exact. There's no trying on factual information. Their income is below the national average and has been below for the longest time. That's facutal information as well. Have they seen a rise in income since 2016, yes but it's like a couple percent and it's still below the national average. So do you want the title of having the 8th smartest schools and get paid less or get paid more and compromise on school?

    • Sean Kula
      Sean Kula Month ago

      Nice try, Iowa is 8th most educated state in the US. It's homogeneous yes, but they take in any race.

  • Luka Elco
    Luka Elco Month ago +1

    thid is amrica

  • Blue Rose
    Blue Rose Month ago

    Castro has strange dark eyes like his soul.

    • Jozeph Latino Reyes
      Jozeph Latino Reyes Month ago +1

      Blue Rose - Castro for president 2020!!🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Lynn Kelley
      Lynn Kelley Month ago +1

      Castro is awesome. And his soul is plenty light. Why would you say such a thing?

  • The man in The box Is you

    People are full of shit is what i learned

  • Dino Nucci
    Dino Nucci Month ago +4

    I just don't care about any of it anymore

    • Lynn Kelley
      Lynn Kelley Month ago

      Sometimes it gets to be too much. Take a break! Hope you vote, though.

  • Cristian Lopez
    Cristian Lopez Month ago +7

    😂 videos games makes people Violent what a load 💩

    • snake sollid
      snake sollid Month ago +1

      Cristian Lopez some one should had shout said "COOL STORY BRO" 🤣

  • Kyle Patterson
    Kyle Patterson Month ago +4

    Dems you dont STAND A CHANCE 2020

    • Alexis Jankowski
      Alexis Jankowski Month ago +3

      Kyle Patterson I don’t really care who wins, but judging by the jars on 3:36, there is quite a bit of support for the sitting President at this event.

    • Nathan Brame
      Nathan Brame Month ago +3

      trick question
      nobody stands a chance

    • Jozeph Latino Reyes
      Jozeph Latino Reyes Month ago +1

      Kyle Patterson - you ConservaCunts will be crying like babies after the elections 😭😥😢

    • Lynn Kelley
      Lynn Kelley Month ago +2

      Troll much, Boris?

    • Marvin Williams
      Marvin Williams Month ago +4


  • Alex
    Alex Month ago +5

    Walmart thought taking down violent video game ads would help???!!! How would that help!!! If anything ban guns in the store it’s so obvious!! I’m not saying ban the sale of guns but carrying your guns inside is absolutely unnecessary.

  • craig lee
    craig lee Month ago +9


  • Spekter -X-
    Spekter -X- Month ago +12

    You guys went to the Iowa State Fair and didn't interview Slipknot, UNSUBBING!

    • SlickLemons The Bad Gamer
      SlickLemons The Bad Gamer Month ago

      I'd rather pee on an electrical fence, than listen to an interview with a washed up band that hasnt been relevant in 2 decades

    • psiklops71
      psiklops71 Month ago

      we are not their kind that's why

  • المخلص فقط JESUS


  • Bernout Sandals
    Bernout Sandals Month ago +10

    Vice and Delusional Candidates
    A match made in Heaven

  • Koolee
    Koolee Month ago +9

    Vegas is such a pig pen