• Published on Oct 25, 2019
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Comments • 1 924

  • SykePicz
    SykePicz Hour ago +1

    can I join FaZe

  • Itz_Lomac
    Itz_Lomac 19 hours ago +1

    LOL Banned ok no rip

  • Bg_ headshot
    Bg_ headshot Day ago

    I miss you 😥🎮 the best controller player ever🎮💚

  • Rio Raw
    Rio Raw 2 days ago

    Your mint

  • Sh4d0_E
    Sh4d0_E 2 days ago

    17:59 Blaze just gets MELTED

  • Griffin Honrado
    Griffin Honrado 3 days ago

    Wait is he banned or not

  • Katherine Janda
    Katherine Janda 3 days ago

    Why is it always FaZe Mr. Blaze who gets pick axed?

  • iSoccerBoiOnYT _
    iSoccerBoiOnYT _ 3 days ago +1

    14:02 he failed No Nut November

  • ål,kijgn bxcbjvfbh
    ål,kijgn bxcbjvfbh 4 days ago


  • bossman 789
    bossman 789 4 days ago

    Who is here after the perm ban personally I think it was really cruel (I'm not trying to beg for likes)

  • Dark_ Jcwedlow
    Dark_ Jcwedlow 5 days ago

    Sway vs jarvis🔥🔥🔥

  • ZKhaled Plays
    ZKhaled Plays 5 days ago


  • dosbros90
    dosbros90 6 days ago

    bro every comment on this vid is "WHoS HeRe AfTER dA BAn"

  • OldSolder To go
    OldSolder To go 6 days ago

    Anione thinks this is a unfair fight

  • Nader Amir
    Nader Amir 7 days ago

    Rip jarvis

  • toxic jw
    toxic jw 7 days ago


  • Akif Hakimi
    Akif Hakimi 7 days ago

    Can I join faze clan

  • Akif Hakimi
    Akif Hakimi 7 days ago

    Hey jarvis

  • n setaro
    n setaro 7 days ago


  • Jayden
    Jayden 8 days ago

    Apex is better than Kay

  • eric mercado
    eric mercado 8 days ago

    Aim bot

  • Kimberly Renee
    Kimberly Renee 8 days ago

    Rip Faze Jarvis

  • Nathanjel Sun
    Nathanjel Sun 10 days ago

    Just a very intelligent software

  • Sugar Daddy69
    Sugar Daddy69 10 days ago

    The disrespect for blaziken 😂

  • Gon Vuik
    Gon Vuik 10 days ago

    А почему монграал с ними почти не когда не играет? И он вообще с ними в одном буткемпе?

  • Elias Velasquez
    Elias Velasquez 11 days ago

    Why team on high sky:(

  • luis on osu
    luis on osu 11 days ago +2

    The last Fortnite video in this channel 😩

  • Luis Angel
    Luis Angel 11 days ago +1

    They are the future of fortnite

  • The Gary
    The Gary 11 days ago

    Faze high sky is TRASH

  • bnt3zz
    bnt3zz 12 days ago

    Am i the only one that doesnt know who craft is

  • Jeanine Sand
    Jeanine Sand 12 days ago

    play fortnite

  • FaZe Mental
    FaZe Mental 13 days ago


  • Prem Dhital
    Prem Dhital 13 days ago +1

    11:25 tho.... he said “Sway is in my box, Sway is in my box!!” THE VOICE CRACK

  • luca8600 luca8600
    luca8600 luca8600 13 days ago

    Enyone relize highskys voice? Puberty

  • Nick Pribula
    Nick Pribula 14 days ago

    Who is here in November and Jarvis is permanent banned

  • Dripz Playz
    Dripz Playz 14 days ago

    Hi Jarvis it me from the future you get banned for life your an idiot

  • JCsaucy :D
    JCsaucy :D 15 days ago

    What’s the code for this map?

  • MG_ SlayZ
    MG_ SlayZ 15 days ago

    Teams were way unfair in the beginning of the video!

  • Alexandro Zerquera
    Alexandro Zerquera 15 days ago

    I thougt you got banned

  • /Malik Deer
    /Malik Deer 15 days ago

    what zone wars is this

  • Clips
    Clips 16 days ago +1

    Bro this was his last time to play zone wars fortnite on his Channel

  • Joseph Apiag
    Joseph Apiag 16 days ago

    It’s just because Jarvis shoots highsky down everytime

  • Graham Mitchell
    Graham Mitchell 16 days ago


  • *DaZxle *
    *DaZxle * 16 days ago

    I watch this every day to remember how insane jarvis is

  • Noogie 21
    Noogie 21 16 days ago +1

    Number 15. The last thing you want is getting yourself banned for aimbot but it turns out that may be what you get

  • JaySlay 1010
    JaySlay 1010 17 days ago

    There’s a girl in faze?... ohhhhh it’s that squeaker who shouldn’t be there

  • Dope Youtuber
    Dope Youtuber 17 days ago

    Can’t Jarvis just buy a new pc and change his email and password then sign in again but he will have no skins but that doesn’t matter

    • Hs_Sewers
      Hs_Sewers 15 days ago

      If he starts another account I really won't be the same but he can make a nother account and grind arena and get to champion a play his scrims

  • rinal rinesh ram
    rinal rinesh ram 17 days ago

    can i join faze

  • Ese Wey
    Ese Wey 17 days ago


  • SD
    SD 17 days ago

    I watched the highsky zone wars video and he won all the rounds... but you won all the rounds, I am questioning this

  • HEX Spyderz
    HEX Spyderz 17 days ago

    This was Jarvis last fortnite video

  • XoCharChar
    XoCharChar 17 days ago

    This is the video where he uses aimbot

  • Ryan Veras
    Ryan Veras 17 days ago

    I still don’t know how faze Kay is faze

  • Eduarda dos Santos silva Santos


  • têH
    têH 18 days ago

    F 4 jarvis

  • Supreme Bobga V2
    Supreme Bobga V2 18 days ago

    Little did he know this was his last game of fortnite on youtube

  • bailey predl
    bailey predl 19 days ago

    I thought Jarvis was banned in season 10

  • Esteban Chaparro
    Esteban Chaparro 19 days ago

    Muy mal, haciendo trampa para ganar

  • Mr Nintendo Switch
    Mr Nintendo Switch 20 days ago

    u got banned cos of hacking just stop u sado

  • Larpa- Sieni
    Larpa- Sieni 20 days ago

    Faze clan Owner-----------/ Hey im co sorry faze clan jarvis is banned in fortnite he is kicked in faze Is faze 12 day latet