As Seen On TV Outdoor Products TESTED!

  • Published on Sep 27, 2018
  • Are these "As Seen On TV" products worth your money? We TESTED outdoor and gardening products that claim to make your recreation more comfortable and your groundskeeping more efficient.
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    • Amazing Pocket Chair:
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    • Garden Genie Gloves:
    • Honey Badger Gloves (better quality):
    • Pouch Couch:
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  • Household Hacker
    Household Hacker  Year ago +403

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    • Chemical X
      Chemical X Month ago

      FIFER PARK??

    • Andrew Nanez
      Andrew Nanez Month ago

      I love his hat and shirt in the first product

    • frank garcia
      frank garcia Month ago


    • frank garcia
      frank garcia Month ago

      Mmm, the witch wonders sure is a great handy dandy tool.😂

    • Derpy pigs
      Derpy pigs 2 months ago

      I loved the walking dead reference " just look at the flowers Lizzie

  • B Raw
    B Raw Day ago

    Think that Pouch Couch would accommodate someone who is 6'3"?

  • Richard Vang
    Richard Vang 13 days ago +10


  • pattrix squidword
    pattrix squidword 14 days ago +3


  • Seth Henderson
    Seth Henderson 16 days ago

    Goooo Bills

  • johnny quest
    johnny quest 24 days ago +8

    3:23.... That's fucked up😂

    • Joss Productions
      Joss Productions 23 days ago

      @Phlooph watch walking dead season 4 and you'll know

    • Phlooph
      Phlooph 23 days ago

      johnny quest how?. I’m dumb.

  • 李聪
    李聪 25 days ago +6

    Hello everyone, I am a manufacturer of outdoor products from China. Interested friends can discuss in detail. We only do wholesale, one is also the wholesale price.

  • Blobby Boi
    Blobby Boi 28 days ago +36

    3:52 damn that guy pulled a lil sneaky on us

  • The Cat Weirdo
    The Cat Weirdo 28 days ago +17


  • Franklin Chambers
    Franklin Chambers 29 days ago +5

    This is so dumb after watching this video for 1 minute I’ve already seen every object in this video rendering it not interesting anymore

    • MSG
      MSG 26 days ago +6

      It’s supposed to be a review so you know if it’s worth buying. It’s not supposed to be a surprise. *smh*

    • Scoob Master
      Scoob Master 26 days ago +3

      Then why watch it? Dumb hater.

    • BloxyVids
      BloxyVids 28 days ago +3

      Franklin Chambers why are you hating? “This is so dumb” if u hate this video, why do u watch it? U will just make yt drama

  • Radim Čech
    Radim Čech Month ago +6

    these are ads wtf

  • li huang
    li huang Month ago +6

    Of course the pouch couch will easily unflate when you run and jump

  • Andy
    Andy Month ago +6

    20mins of a robot cleaning or 5 mins of hard intense manual labor hmmmmm 🧐

  • Minecrafterkid
    Minecrafterkid Month ago +13

    rip witch fingers

  • Zara B
    Zara B Month ago


  • Zara B
    Zara B Month ago +1


  • Mega Dong
    Mega Dong Month ago +26

    T H E F O R B I D D E N P O C K E T P U S S Y

    • NibbaDogey
      NibbaDogey Month ago +1

      I don't see any cat.

    • uwu
      uwu Month ago

      lol tf fuck’s this comment section

    • uwu
      uwu Month ago

      Preston Marlowe uwo

    • Preston Marlowe
      Preston Marlowe Month ago

      uwu uwu

    • uwu
      uwu Month ago +1

      Preston Marlowe owo

  • Parth Arora
    Parth Arora Month ago +11

    pouch couch looks know what I mean

    • ZehnErdFerkel 68
      ZehnErdFerkel 68 Month ago

      @Invisible dont call me pussy

    • Invisible
      Invisible Month ago


    • Just Hope
      Just Hope Month ago

      uwu lmao 😂

    • uwu
      uwu Month ago

      @ZehnErdFerkel 68 look it up if you want

    • uwu
      uwu Month ago

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Moderately Pissed Off
    Moderately Pissed Off Month ago +6

    Fast forwarding the blow up process and not giving the height of the "model" seems a bit disingenuous. Just curious if the channel gets any commission for products in which viewers click the link and purchase.

  • Pinto Bean
    Pinto Bean Month ago +10

    If you rub an onion on the grill bars before putting down the food it really helps with food sticking to it. It wont completely stop food from sticking unless you keep applying it over and over when food is ready to be taken off then rub more onion to the bars again. It helps a lot.

  • Depressed Player
    Depressed Player Month ago +3

    Its comfortable because you did exercise

  • The Shelby Show
    The Shelby Show Month ago +4

    I think I’ll just stick to my hand by them self. I am a wild animal.

  • Luka Petrovic
    Luka Petrovic Month ago +18

    That couch looks like a vagina

  • That Lonely meatball
    That Lonely meatball Month ago +19

    2:46 im freddy kreuger bitch

  • Endangered YT
    Endangered YT Month ago +7

    Ok RUclip can you buzz off now I watched it
    Recommendations am I right?

  • Elijah Stach
    Elijah Stach Month ago +2

    Hey how recent is this

  • yaz100 0
    yaz100 0 Month ago +8

    Gotem 👌🏻👇🏻

    • Ok now this is Epic
      Ok now this is Epic Month ago

      I like ur comment that I can’t comment on cause of how recent it is

  • naryhtep
    naryhtep Month ago +4

    *pops* me nooooooooooo

  • Kittithut Kotechompoo
    Kittithut Kotechompoo Month ago +6

    Take a “load” off wherever you go

  • /Dumbass/ 78
    /Dumbass/ 78 Month ago +4

    I would smash the pouch couch

    • Anna Beyer
      Anna Beyer Month ago +1

      Elijah Stach I think they mean they would crush it, like when they sit on it it would flatten or deflate. Not sure but I hope they didn’t mean the other thing.

    • Elijah Stach
      Elijah Stach Month ago


  • Addicted_ Void
    Addicted_ Void Month ago +19

    The pouch couch looks like a pussy

    • Akechi [Potions274]
      Akechi [Potions274] 29 days ago

      That's straightforward.
      Other people are more like
      "The pouch couch looks like a, well, you know..."

    • Ar0_ DamU
      Ar0_ DamU Month ago


    • Luna 4
      Luna 4 Month ago

      So do you

    • _*Yuma Yastic*_
      _*Yuma Yastic*_ Month ago +1

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I’m crying this is too funny😂😭😭😭😂😂😭😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Cuddlecreeper Yeet
      Cuddlecreeper Yeet Month ago +1

      Addicted_ Void I was just thinking that dude

  • Ljuba Zivkovic
    Ljuba Zivkovic Month ago +10

    Ok yt i watched it...

  • Wendy Maskell
    Wendy Maskell Month ago +6

    I respect that hat

  • Dragon Master
    Dragon Master Month ago +6

    Just when he kicked the garden chair, I'm dying.

  • TruthHurts
    TruthHurts Month ago +2

    Not a true part of the Bills Mafia if you haven’t fallen asleep in the bathtub at least a dozen times!

  • Sludgie Budgie
    Sludgie Budgie Month ago +16

    Bruh imagine buying a house and when you dig up a spot there’s just 10 fucking witch fingers

  • III Lan
    III Lan Month ago +8

    Or just take your bed with you..

  • zayden the legendary gamer

    The pouch couch looks weird

  • GodVon Plays
    GodVon Plays Month ago +5

    I don't use super glue i use Flex glue :)

  • Nosttromo
    Nosttromo Month ago +10

    2:15 dropping some mad bars there

  • German Krautsaft
    German Krautsaft Month ago +13

    Couch pag looks like a pussy

  • honorbound12
    honorbound12 Month ago +1

    Just use a garden trowel.
    An then you have to clean the robot, use a bag+oven cleaner = looks like new

  • Andrew Nanez
    Andrew Nanez Month ago +5

    GO BILLS!!!!

  • Oeufhead
    Oeufhead Month ago +3

    The dude who did the pouch couch looks like the guy from h3h3

  • Crispy Doggo
    Crispy Doggo Month ago +9

    Anybody Watching in 2019

  • Lin
    Lin Month ago +15

    3:51 who saw a 👌?

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin Month ago +20

    So, for the pouch couch, your basically sleeping on a vagina

  • some guy
    some guy Month ago +1

    Why are most these products our of stock it's only been a year lol

  • Aidan Cuppett
    Aidan Cuppett Month ago +9

    4:10 why not u just use a shovel

    • Black Hawk
      Black Hawk Month ago

      People r getting lazzier every day my dude

  • Anders Burden
    Anders Burden Month ago +2

    Couch pouch should be renamed the crap pouch. There were so many returned they were in the bargain bin for $4.99.

  • Johnny Vargas
    Johnny Vargas Month ago +5

    Someone in 100+ years is gonna find witch fingers underground and be very confused

  • aries
    aries Month ago +10

    At 3:52, I think I saw something at the bottom right corner... can anyone tell me what it is? 🤔

    • RipVanTacitusCornwallWinkle III
      RipVanTacitusCornwallWinkle III 29 days ago

      @aries wait what?

    • aries
      aries Month ago +3

      Carl Johnson those who say others are gay are often gay themselves ☺️😂
      Also, thx. I’m a girl and I’m gay. I do like boys 😋🤫

    • Turk Ball
      Turk Ball Month ago +1

      Carl Johnson I’m not

    • Carl Johnson
      Carl Johnson Month ago +1

      You are gay

    • Turk Ball
      Turk Ball Month ago +3


  • frank garcia
    frank garcia Month ago +2


  • Sootlife6.0
    Sootlife6.0 Month ago +2

    I just use a pressure washer to clean the grill much faster lol

  • Mihai-Florentin Olareanu

    I'v seen pouch couch AT a beach în romania

  • DatBoiRetro
    DatBoiRetro Month ago +9

    Next video “how i lost my virginity to a pouch couch”

  • Britt Snapsters
    Britt Snapsters 2 months ago +7

    That pocket chair exists since the first world war! My father had one. Very uncomfortable! DON'T!

  • Nhan Andy
    Nhan Andy 2 months ago +3

    2:03 what if you have a hole in it

  • Sanitation
    Sanitation 2 months ago +7

    is that guy with the pouch couch like 5'1"

  • Tristin Tristin
    Tristin Tristin 2 months ago +5

    somebody is going to move into your house and find the witch fingers underground.