As Seen On TV Outdoor Products TESTED!

  • Published on Sep 27, 2018
  • Are these "As Seen On TV" products worth your money? We TESTED outdoor and gardening products that claim to make your recreation more comfortable and your groundskeeping more efficient.
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    • Amazing Pocket Chair:
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    • Garden Genie Gloves:
    • Honey Badger Gloves (better quality):
    • Pouch Couch:
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  • Household Hacker
    Household Hacker  8 months ago +364

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    • Home Organizers:
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    • Evan Short
      Evan Short 2 months ago

      Bro you suck at grilling

    • hola, yo no hablo espanol
      hola, yo no hablo espanol 2 months ago

      Keep in mind things dealing with human loads have to advertise for safety/legal purposes 1/2 of their percived load limit, so test that next time

    • Howard Wong
      Howard Wong 4 months ago

      If you are reading this, do you have a link for that auto adjust table you used at 9:20?

  • max 1212cool
    max 1212cool 7 hours ago

    Okay what time 8:21

  • Nathan Matthew Dupuy

    I love the how they said "we cooked a tomato to uneatable levels!"

  • Kruel Knight
    Kruel Knight Day ago

    Dr. Sues 100

  • Puppyeetz Skitz
    Puppyeetz Skitz Day ago

    I guess u could say the witchy wonder dug it’s own grave😏😏😏😏

  • L Light
    L Light 4 days ago +1

    How do they know my name

  • Aiden Thompson
    Aiden Thompson 4 days ago +1

    That's not glue bro

  • Jay22
    Jay22 5 days ago +1

    Look at the flowers Lizzy, lol

  • connelly6375
    connelly6375 5 days ago

    holy shit you must be so fucking stupid to buy the grill bot, if you are borderline retarded and want to eat metal, that thing is for you

  • lol
    lol 5 days ago

    My wifi sucks like srs

  • Auderitepenguin
    Auderitepenguin 5 days ago

    those claw gloves were kinda a nice visual asmr

  • mr.turtle
    mr.turtle 6 days ago +3

    3:52 . "Lip smack" crap

  • Shnickelfritz
    Shnickelfritz 6 days ago +2

    who berries plastic fingers

  • PatrickDreher Tilaka
    PatrickDreher Tilaka 6 days ago +2

    This is all based on comfort ^^ how about something REAL outdoor? ;D

  • Jc Music
    Jc Music 7 days ago +2

    Why don't you come and cook at my place

  • Judd Greene
    Judd Greene 8 days ago +4

    When I saw the pouch couch my first thought which was strange was.
    "Is this a jack off toy for giants?"

    • Cole M
      Cole M 2 days ago

      I just thought it looked like a huge cameltoe.

    • Black Dragon662
      Black Dragon662 7 days ago +1

      That was one of the weirdest things I've ever read

  • JCBs Sailing Into the Sunset

    The grill not

  • Mister Jaroslav
    Mister Jaroslav 9 days ago +4

    Crap again. Just curious, how to clean the cleaning robot :D

  • Miguel kbra2
    Miguel kbra2 9 days ago +3

    1:50 is that h3h3?

    • Miguel kbra2
      Miguel kbra2 9 days ago +1

      @Swiss-Army Knight search it on ytube its a old man who bullies kids half his age and ytube can't do anything cuz he has one of the owners kids trapped😸

    • Swiss-Army Knight
      Swiss-Army Knight 9 days ago +1

      h3h3? What's that?

  • Gresh Grein
    Gresh Grein 10 days ago

    I actually have the red chair

  • Wolfdoge
    Wolfdoge 11 days ago

    The honey badger gloves are made for Slavs not Americans

  • Bobbie25RB
    Bobbie25RB 11 days ago +2

    Pocket chair lmao girls have no pockets!!!

  • KittenQueen 123
    KittenQueen 123 11 days ago

    I know the pouchcouch as an airchair and its $110

  • qjuantum
    qjuantum 12 days ago

    has anyone tried the pouch couch? is it comfortable?

    • Cody Evans
      Cody Evans Day ago

      Its comfortable until it deflates 10 minutes after you inflated it

      OH YEAH YEAH 8 days ago


    • Jordan Samuels
      Jordan Samuels 10 days ago +1

      qjuantum it is comfortable! you can sink into it though. Definitely recommend

  • The Crimson Shadow
    The Crimson Shadow 12 days ago +2

    I love the Walking Dead flower reference. I totally did not expect that.

  • The Sinodoc Man
    The Sinodoc Man 13 days ago +2

    3:07 is that a nightmare on elm street reference I hear?

  • Chin Hua
    Chin Hua 13 days ago

    The first one my friend used that at a BBQ

  • Crazycraigy
    Crazycraigy 13 days ago +1

    who wants to dig like a mole, use a garden insult to good inventions that never get the go ahead...

  • Simen Gleditsch
    Simen Gleditsch 13 days ago +3

    Are we not gonna talk that The «pouch Couch» looking like a Pus... no no okay

  • Emilia Krocz
    Emilia Krocz 13 days ago +1

    You spent so much time one

    item stop it makes me strelssed its probably it because you dont have lots of items

    • Emilia Krocz
      Emilia Krocz Day ago

      Only one who is toxic is you and please shhhh

    • Banana Man
      Banana Man Day ago

      @Emilia Krocz what song? And the reason I have a dead banana because your *toxicity* killed me

    • Emilia Krocz
      Emilia Krocz 2 days ago

      @Banana Man this is a song /stop chatting orrrrrrrrr I'm gonna explode I took over you ha SHHHH

    • Emilia Krocz
      Emilia Krocz 2 days ago

      Whatever I can say what I want if you keep on hating I'm actually going to explode why do you have a dead banana because I took over you 😊

    • Banana Man
      Banana Man 4 days ago

      @Emilia Krocz first read a book it might help with that english of yours

  • Jaisungaming25036 Idk you

    Forgot black panther

  • Gjana Larson
    Gjana Larson 14 days ago +3

    These all look useless and seem like they take more effort.
    Kinda like 5 minute crafts as As Seen on TV Products

    • Banana Man
      Banana Man 5 days ago

      Because people asked them to review these and some of these that are bad they give it away so they don't waste money

    • Emilia Krocz
      Emilia Krocz 13 days ago +1

      Your so right

  • Owen B
    Owen B 14 days ago +4

    “Without at doubt vouch that this pouch couch is no slouch”
    You should quit RUclip and be a rapper

  • isaiah gutierrez
    isaiah gutierrez 14 days ago +1

    Look at the flowers Izzie

  • Derrick McAdoo
    Derrick McAdoo 16 days ago +5

    Does couch pouch have a clitoris ?

  • Jesus Rodriguez
    Jesus Rodriguez 16 days ago +2

    Look at the flowers Lizzie god damn I forgot about that now I’m crying 😢😢

  • Unique Roblox Gaming
    Unique Roblox Gaming 18 days ago +3

    Pouch couh is a bad idea near friends.

    they can easily push u off

    • Z3L 4
      Z3L 4 10 days ago

      Then don't have asshole friends

  • Joshua Papalia
    Joshua Papalia 18 days ago


  • Aidan films
    Aidan films 19 days ago +3

    9:38 award winning typing

  • ActingAnimal 88
    ActingAnimal 88 19 days ago +3

    The best nap is the tired nap

  • A.P.B !
    A.P.B ! 19 days ago +2

    The H3H3 of garbage products reviews. I mean this is the best way.

  • Mike Norris
    Mike Norris 19 days ago

    Wait do you live in buffalo NY?

  • HelariApina
    HelariApina 20 days ago +3

    That couch looks like 😺

  • abbas haider
    abbas haider 20 days ago

    Hey I have a grill come to my place

  • Bert Dahlman
    Bert Dahlman 21 day ago +3

    Is it just me or has anyone else never seen these things advertised on TV? I usually see all the as seen on tv items near the checkout line at Walmart. Never seen any of these items before.

    • Ray Tru
      Ray Tru 21 day ago

      Bert Dahlman same

  • Martinski Egtgeheim
    Martinski Egtgeheim 22 days ago +5

    Pouch couch looks like a giant vagina

  • Lemonlime Gaming
    Lemonlime Gaming 23 days ago +9

    3:52 look on the right

  • Erick Valle
    Erick Valle 23 days ago +2

    pouch couch is way worse that Kylie Jenner's lips

  • ObliviousNInjaYT
    ObliviousNInjaYT 24 days ago +4

    250 degrees farenheit minus 50

    200 degrees thats why they call me mr farenheitt!

  • sam samsonov
    sam samsonov 26 days ago +4

    2:59 lol so true

  • TekkyTPvP
    TekkyTPvP 26 days ago

    yoo that portable squatty potty....bouta cop...

  • Sword Slasher
    Sword Slasher 26 days ago +2

    3:52 Gottem

  • Vicente's Channel
    Vicente's Channel 27 days ago +1

    Now I’m gonna watch people cook on a grill

  • Woodstock Man
    Woodstock Man 27 days ago +5

    i got fired as a dishwasher for using the pouch couch at work

    TROOT 27 days ago


  • goblinondrums
    goblinondrums 28 days ago +1

    OMG white supremacist sign alert!!!! 3:52

  • Yokoso Chan ツ
    Yokoso Chan ツ 28 days ago +4

    I would replace the BBQ cleaner with rubber bristles and put down my panties on the long timer

  • Cassie Preece
    Cassie Preece 29 days ago +4

    my mom is a DSW and at the house she works at everyone who lives there is in a wheelchair so they use the couch pouch to relax sometimes. instead of running around the living room to fill in they use a fan to fill it and it works in seconds

  • TKBD Chesseyman
    TKBD Chesseyman 29 days ago +2

    How much garage sales do u have

  • TKBD Chesseyman
    TKBD Chesseyman 29 days ago +1

    I do that with dorito

  • Hakki Mert Mollaoglu
    Hakki Mert Mollaoglu 29 days ago +1

    At 3:51 he did the hole (Finger) game

  • Steve Baker
    Steve Baker 29 days ago +1

    thats not glue on those gloves

  • Halbchatten Mörker

    the last one...


  • jacob speer
    jacob speer Month ago +1

    Upvote based solely on the Bills fan.

  • Lucas Dunn
    Lucas Dunn Month ago +4

    I want to grab the pocket chair and just walk into my class with it because my teacher is one of those people who only allows the big chairs.

  • Joe Lojacono
    Joe Lojacono Month ago +1

    If he’s from Buffalo he’s gotta is Salens Hotdogs

  • Tetra Digm
    Tetra Digm Month ago +5

    what kind of nazi cleans their grill? there should be at least an inch of cakes on grease and meat before you even consider it to BE a grill.

  • csknives2140
    csknives2140 Month ago +4

    that grillbot is the stupidest thing anyone could ever spend their money on. it takes 15 seconds to hand clean a grill...

  • Tala Dizzle
    Tala Dizzle Month ago +8

    Ayyy, Buffalo Bills fan, don't see many of them around anymore

  • Neko Nep Nep
    Neko Nep Nep Month ago +5

    3:51 omg so funny everyone click to see funny clip 😹😹😹😂😂😂😂🤣 im dead

    • hyena
      hyena Month ago +1

      Neko Nep Nep kys

  • Jack My Dmax
    Jack My Dmax Month ago +5

    Go bills !

  • SMuggi NOLA
    SMuggi NOLA Month ago +3

    No lie, running around while drunk trying to fill the pouch couch up was almost as fun as laying in it

  • PrincessAnnie
    PrincessAnnie Month ago +4

    4:29 how has nobody noticed the Harry Potter spells

    THE xTRUExACE Month ago +4

    Scared me, my nickname is lizzy

  • Gavin Ahumada
    Gavin Ahumada Month ago +8

    3:52! Gotcha!!!

  • Mr. Brightside
    Mr. Brightside Month ago +2

    That Walking Dead reference was good

    • Ozzy Young
      Ozzy Young Month ago

      Look at the pretty flowers 🔫

  • Tyler Furrison Tech
    Tyler Furrison Tech Month ago +2

    Ill just use the pocket chair as a footstool, because thats what it basically is

  • Sidney Kemper
    Sidney Kemper Month ago +1

    *fast* not fun

  • Cody Hancey
    Cody Hancey Month ago +5

    3:25 is a walking dead reference 🧟‍♂️

  • Elgan Bruner
    Elgan Bruner Month ago +3

    If I ever win the lottery, I'm going to give every homeless person a pouch couch. Seriously, you'll see it on the news when/if I ever win.

    • andhisband
      andhisband Month ago +1

      A pouch couch and a space blanket--what more could a guy want?

  • Winn 336
    Winn 336 Month ago +5

    3:25 walking dead reference 😭😭😭

  • o tejas o
    o tejas o Month ago +5

    more crap , one reason why our resources are being used up so fast

  • Mr FennecFox
    Mr FennecFox Month ago +5

    P O O C H C O O C H ! ! ! !

  • fgh yyhh
    fgh yyhh Month ago +3

    the couch looks like something else....╭(°A°`)╮

  • LaylaOneShot Oof
    LaylaOneShot Oof Month ago +8

    8:35 girls everywhere laugh

    • SPRKLFace
      SPRKLFace Month ago +1

      I can't even fit my whole hand in my pocket

  • Mimi XXL
    Mimi XXL Month ago +7

    Like for the Walking dead reference!! Lmao

  • gsweater
    gsweater Month ago +2

    You should review lawn mowers. Bet your neighbors love you. Aside from that dig at your laziness, nice vid.

  • rocharox
    rocharox Month ago +2

    I like the dog!

  • Raf Hendriks
    Raf Hendriks Month ago +4

    Look at the flowers lizzy
    Pretty sad moment😅

  • Dion Phagoof
    Dion Phagoof Month ago +8

    I swear that Pocket Chair is based off something the Army had in the 80s...

  • Sam Hunt
    Sam Hunt Month ago +3

    i had a grill and we were cooking with it. we went inside and came back out to see the legs melting.

  • Jarrod G
    Jarrod G Month ago

    It’s a giant flesh light 😂

  • My Mom
    My Mom Month ago +3


  • rtyable
    rtyable Month ago +2

    I got two of the pocket chairs. Got one for $5 at Ross, then found another for the same price at another visit to Ross. Works well for me. I use it for waiting in line at sporting giveaways

  • Tobias
    Tobias Month ago +3

    Well...the pocket chair is out for me, I've used similar things and crushed 'em...I weigh in at 320 lbs.... apparently these thing aren't made for large muscular guys.

    • Eric Mulligan
      Eric Mulligan 29 days ago +1

      NPC #18650 I was 425 when I was 22 years old. I worked harz

    • Eric Mulligan
      Eric Mulligan 29 days ago +1

      NPC #18650 I’m happy and my health is great. Yeah I have some fat. Sure. But I’m not
      Pouring over myself whatsoever

    • NPC #18650
      NPC #18650 29 days ago

      @Eric Mulligan unless you're on cycle, that's fat.

    • Eric Mulligan
      Eric Mulligan Month ago

      Loran 28 I’m 6’8 315 lb and I am not fat. I’m big.... but no tits or rolls. Chill. Some people are built differently

    • Loran 28
      Loran 28 Month ago +1

      320pounds? Ur fat af

  • Rishi Suresh
    Rishi Suresh Month ago +9

    ...they're turned downward at the end just like my experience with cryptocurrency hahahaha

  • sakura hoor
    sakura hoor Month ago +1

    Pocked chair 😂😂😂😭😭😭

  • Beth the introvert
    Beth the introvert Month ago +2

    "Look at the flowers Lizzie"

    W-why did you do that to me?
    I was fine before this
    W-what did you?

  • XXXNightwolves Delta
    XXXNightwolves Delta Month ago +4

    I want that desk

    • andhisband
      andhisband Month ago

      Thousand dollar desk, $5 chair.

  • Lin Hongxiang
    Lin Hongxiang Month ago +8

    Why are there so many recent comments

    3:52 a I saw that