My Time at "Camp Operetta"

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
  • What can I say other than that was one heck of a time
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    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May your Raoole be safe and his foot fully attached forever
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  • Jaiden Animations
    Jaiden Animations  3 months ago +5644

    Quick sidenote, the art credited as @amanda2k01 at the end was used by a handmade art tool by @SangledHere. If you like the art style of the drawing you should definitely check her stuff out :)

    • Myah Myu
      Myah Myu 15 hours ago

      Im pretty sure that sangled has a RUclip too :))))

    • Gacha Unicorn Cat UwU
      Gacha Unicorn Cat UwU 16 hours ago

      Dat Sakura Girl Jaiden doesn't like being #1 because of the attention 😂😅

    • Audrey Perkins
      Audrey Perkins Day ago +1


  • Wei-Shin Song
    Wei-Shin Song 8 hours ago

    3:42 "Best Selling Fanfiction"
    I'll take your whole shelf.

  • Crazy Derpface
    Crazy Derpface 9 hours ago

    You mean The Jungle Drum

  • Galaxy
    Galaxy 10 hours ago

    "No one raises one hand unless they want to go to the bathroom"

  • Diamond slayer
    Diamond slayer 10 hours ago

    Jaiden: ok time to be family friendly
    Also jaiden: make him say the f word

  • Me And The Boys
    Me And The Boys 11 hours ago


  • Papi Suniza
    Papi Suniza 11 hours ago

    You cussed

  • Megan BDO
    Megan BDO 13 hours ago

    "make him say the f word ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Jack Kaczmarski
    Jack Kaczmarski 13 hours ago +1


  • Patricio Velazquez
    Patricio Velazquez 13 hours ago

    ¡Is that a jojo reference!

  • channel valdez
    channel valdez 14 hours ago

    I had a solo in a song but no one could hear me cuz i didnt het the right mic

  • Mittenzi 2332
    Mittenzi 2332 14 hours ago

    Now class what should we make the tiger say
    Make him say the f word

  • Sally
    Sally 14 hours ago

    Why Pachebel’s Cannon...

  • Riley Perz
    Riley Perz 14 hours ago

    During camp: They teach kids to be creative and artsy
    During the play: Singing a song about making fun of this one girl dressed as a warthog.

  • Patrick Lynch
    Patrick Lynch 14 hours ago

    tony the tiger: theyrrrrrrre FUCKING Great!

  • Gaboom 7137
    Gaboom 7137 15 hours ago

    Does the Ringo plushie have an origin?

  • Kateryna Barbulyak
    Kateryna Barbulyak 15 hours ago


  • Nate 823
    Nate 823 15 hours ago


  • Purple Panda Playz
    Purple Panda Playz 16 hours ago

    Raise one arm like Hamilton!

  • Raul Moran
    Raul Moran 16 hours ago

    Jaiden: raoole has always been really special to me.

    me: the first time someone said i was "special"

  • Abigail Delgadillo
    Abigail Delgadillo 16 hours ago

    The jungle book was the play I thinko

  • ジェイキティJayKittu

    Did it happend in 2001?

  • Noah Montes
    Noah Montes 19 hours ago

    I remember reading the rainbow fish

  • Pete Kittycat
    Pete Kittycat 19 hours ago

    Jaiden : at the ripe age of 8

    Also Jaiden : were not droping fire in forth grade

    Me who is 10 and in forth grade: visible confusion

  • Cozy** Cookie
    Cozy** Cookie 19 hours ago

    Animals:ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. You are UGLY
    I had to turn my volume up to hear the kids
    Then it hit me when they talked XD

  • Robert Ortiz
    Robert Ortiz 20 hours ago

    Did jaden just us the hard h omg 3:36

  • Gacha Wizard
    Gacha Wizard 20 hours ago

    I play piano

    I can play Lavenders blue and pop goes the Weasel

  • DrahgunBum
    DrahgunBum 20 hours ago


  • Scarlet Kirby
    Scarlet Kirby 20 hours ago

    Jaiden do you like jojos bizzare adventure?

  • mukund varma
    mukund varma Day ago

    What the hell I am subbed and bell notifications on still I was not show ur last 5 vids. Time to binge

  • Spino the Gamer
    Spino the Gamer Day ago

    no one:
    random kid: make him say the F word

  • Mr.YeetBoi
    Mr.YeetBoi Day ago

    "Make him say the F word!" -Random Kid At Camp Operetta

  • Ashton Da God
    Ashton Da God Day ago

    Jaidens mom: want to go to a camp?
    Jadien 2mins later:wait what is this?

  • Zander Ruiz
    Zander Ruiz Day ago

    I just listened o pachabells canno and was beautiful

  • Belen Peralta
    Belen Peralta Day ago

    “I could only raise up one arm”

    “Like cheetah two”

  • Kris Graves
    Kris Graves Day ago

    I did something like this. . once we did Alice in wonderland and I was a card, I was a short potato soooo. . . We had a card costume and I tripped while running onto stage and was about to say MY ONLY LINE!!! And was about to talk then forgot what I was gonna say then fell straight onto my face. . . . . and I tripped on the COSTUME that the ADULTS MADE they also measured everyone. . .

  • Jayli Pope
    Jayli Pope Day ago

    Didn’t you show the videos in a vid with you and James

  • Neil Schultz
    Neil Schultz Day ago

    Omg I remember reading rainbow fish in my grade 2 class that’s a great book

  • marcmerica
    marcmerica Day ago

    “And then what should the tiger say” “make him say the f word

  • Raul Rodriguez
    Raul Rodriguez Day ago

    Ayeeeee I’m Raul that’s crazy you had a toy named after me 😂

  • Kellan Scherrer
    Kellan Scherrer Day ago

    I can't resist imagining the song with the tiger saying the F Word help me I'm dying in laughter

  • Andrew Clarke
    Andrew Clarke Day ago

    1:01 me and the boys playing with text to speech

  • Neko Chan
    Neko Chan Day ago

    No one:
    Random kid: Make him say the F word!!

  • Lara Belle
    Lara Belle Day ago


  • Rowan Playz
    Rowan Playz Day ago

    One time I had this purple dragon stuff animal(I know its stuffed but dont make me triggered) and my brother said he was "laying eggs" so he cut him open and all the things came out and I was devastated ( I was like five shutup)

  • Kathrine Hovanisyan

    Hey Jayden I’m not super sure but I think I found that same camp on harkness av I saw ppl re-building it so I guess they did not take it down forever ..... ;-; so if you want you can check it out lol bye I love your vids! Can I plz have a shout out ty!❤️

  • Da big BOOM
    Da big BOOM Day ago

    I did the rainbow fish

  • Darragh Houlihan

    Raoole at 4:52

  • Kevin Battey
    Kevin Battey Day ago

    3:37 why is this so funny?

  • partum artifex
    partum artifex Day ago

    If you know cheetahs are fast runners but they get tired a lot. Causing them to die by big animals to target and kill them

  • Hg Gh
    Hg Gh Day ago +1

    You: what should the lion say
    Kid: make him say the f word

  • Andrew Lachiewicz

    i looked it up and the first result wan't your video it just said it is a theatre camp

  • Panic! at My Existence

    Not to be dramatic or anything, but I'd die for Raool.

  • Mista Bea
    Mista Bea Day ago

    Little kid plays make me cringe but I love this

  • Ismael Soto
    Ismael Soto Day ago

    You’re videos remind me about oddsoneout

  • JurassicGamer 27

    1:03 Jaiden did you just make a
    Fluttershy = Tree joke
    I’m proud

  • Weegee Vlogs
    Weegee Vlogs Day ago

    My name is R A U L,still got my foot

  • Olivia Greer
    Olivia Greer Day ago +1

    I LOVE 🌈 🐟 and I’m 13 yeRs o.d and still love 💕 it
    You should make a play called “Ari 🐦 the dog 🐶 musical”

  • Mohammad Quayyum
    Mohammad Quayyum 2 days ago

    Did they say in the clip ha ha ha ha ha you are so ugly

  • Brendan Moncrief
    Brendan Moncrief 2 days ago

    did you help with a undertale Animations?