Sen. Graham to booing crowd: Boo yourself

  • Published on Oct 3, 2018
  • Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) says he didn't like President Trump's comments about Christine Blasey Ford, but adding that he thinks Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has been treated badly as well.

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  • David Coker
    David Coker 9 hours ago

    Starting the interview with a false premise is not a good idea. McCain was no hero and even a modicum of research into his blocking a commission to investigate M.I.A.s still being held by the Vietnamese will prove my point. He also divorced his wife which was crippled in a car accident while McCain was being held captive. He also killed the repeal of the A.C.A. I am glad he is dead.

  • Liam Howard
    Liam Howard 9 days ago

    I think Lindsay converted the crowd to republicans

  • Meadow505
    Meadow505 11 days ago

    Why does Graham lick the man-baby's ass? What a loser.

  • Ong Xuanzong
    Ong Xuanzong 26 days ago

    Lindsey make sense... the crowd doesn’t like fact

  • Chris M
    Chris M 27 days ago

    Lindsey Graham, what a hypocrite. Actually laughable. Disgrace of a man

  • maria fuller
    maria fuller 2 months ago

    F CNN

  • Ive Chang
    Ive Chang 2 months ago

    He's admits to applying criminal court level judgement requirements on situation that demands the subtleties of ability to perform as a Supreme Justice.

    ♥ CHRISTINE ♥ 3 months ago


    ♥ CHRISTINE ♥ 3 months ago

    This is funny cause today the news said he was cussing mad at Trump's foreign policy regarding pulling out of Syria.

  • Jeff Webb
    Jeff Webb 4 months ago


  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger 4 months ago

    PROUD TO BE A DEMOCRAT (rebublicans suck!)

  • NastyAxis0111
    NastyAxis0111 4 months ago


  • Nick Baer
    Nick Baer 4 months ago

    Lindsey is a FOOL and a MORON

  • Radar Don
    Radar Don 6 months ago

    Is this guy interviewing Graham retarded? He must be Acosta's and Cuono's brother.

  • Mike Dell
    Mike Dell 6 months ago


  • The Purest Form of Cancer

    Mr. Graham is an absolute Mad Lad. God bless him.

  • Ruth Slater
    Ruth Slater 6 months ago

    Lindsey Ghram made his case very clearly , and he is right

  • Ruth Slater
    Ruth Slater 6 months ago

    blasey is an out right liar , you could just see shes a liar , none of her witnesses backed her ,that woman has mental issues with outa doubt , look at her history that is who that psycho to the core , shes just shameless , and what she did was disgusting .

  • neha ghag
    neha ghag 7 months ago

    Graham 2.0 on fireeee

  • Flyers Lady
    Flyers Lady 7 months ago

    I don't agree with many of your criticisms of President Trump, Senator. Sometimes I think you're a little too harsh on him, or whatever...but overall, you have earned my respect wholeheartedly, because we definitely agree on Brett Kavanaugh, and we seem to agree on the issues that really matter. Thank you, Senator Graham!

  • Cat Guthrie
    Cat Guthrie 7 months ago

    Lindsey, Lindsey when it's 2018 and you still have your 1982 "Glory Days" calendar....and talk about beer in excess, and his crude attitude towards US Senators and a Past President and a Past Secretary of State...leave Dr Ford out of the this guy mentally capable of being on the highest bench in the land....for life?? This will come back to haunt America...So thanks sure are no standard bearer for the people you say were your friends.....respect for you...rescinded.

  • pollywog stew
    pollywog stew 7 months ago

    the guy doing the interview is an ass punk and needs an attitude adjustment

  • Jeremy Mettler
    Jeremy Mettler 7 months ago

    Graham and you but him stink more than you fake fucks . Bruce needs to rewright to you wormy fake fucks gave away the USA you scared fake news fucking mob fucks shit on the USA you not great fucks gave away the USA . I say only me maybe denrio fought for the USA you fucks gave away the USA thus bag of shit I hope gets beechnut in eye fuck doesn't represent Americavonly raping it fake fucking American and news without free press fake fucking American wins idiot not American fucks . Me fought for America me only 9 the grade educated me only one paid attention I civics class and free press . This fuck needs beechnut as worse than fake fucking rest you fuck

  • Orion onthehorizon
    Orion onthehorizon 7 months ago

    If you just talk to people that you think are on the other side of the political spectrum as yourself, you’ll likely find that you have a lot more in common with them than not. Anyone who just follows party lines is being a sheep, and is being used and abused. Baaaaaaaa

  • greg romero
    greg romero 7 months ago

    trump is a spoiled little boy who tells lies and and can't back up a single lie. and his trumptards are too stupid to care. fake jesus,,,shameful . stand up patriots. i.e....warren, obama and thousands more.

  • Tunde O
    Tunde O 7 months ago

    wow....that last minute was nothing short of breathtaking eloquence..."winning is over the arc of time where terrorism becomes an ember and not a flame"...was he quoting or was that him??

  • J Ross
    J Ross 7 months ago

    Lindsey Graham's stock has increased more in the last month than CNN's credibility has dropped in the last 10 years.

  • Confessions
    Confessions 7 months ago +1

    Politicians don’t even comport themselves with respect and/or dignity.

  • hotzpacho
    hotzpacho 7 months ago

    Fuck CNN

  • Kay KU
    Kay KU 7 months ago


  • Breakthrough Z
    Breakthrough Z 7 months ago

    kept fidgeting. what's wrong w. him

  • Hermann Portner
    Hermann Portner 7 months ago

    Lindsey "Chameleon" Graham gets very strange

  • Driver 1967
    Driver 1967 7 months ago +3

    CNN(communist news network)

  • JT Killer
    JT Killer 7 months ago

    Bet none of your punk boy democrats will have a debate with a republican crowd! This guy was a boss in the hostile democratic hell show.

  • RJ Originator
    RJ Originator 7 months ago

    7:55 - Are you fucking kidding me? You talk about a double standard even as YOUR OWN PARTY DID EXACTLY WHAT YOU JUST SAID. They held open Scalia's empty seat for, like, 8 months explicitly so they could try and take back power and put Gorsuch on the court. Are you fucking kidding me, Lindsey Graham? You really have sold your soul.

  • N.S.A
    N.S.A 7 months ago

    What a absolute mad lad

  • Liberalism is a Mental Disease

    I agree. Boo yourselves! Graham is the boss!

    • Mel C.
      Mel C. 7 months ago

      Liberalism is a Mental Disease haters r gonna keep on hating! Tel it like it is...MINUS VIOLENCE LIKE THE ANGRY LEFTIES❤🇺🇸💙

  • detective cotts
    detective cotts 7 months ago +1

    Lindsey Graham is the fucking man.

  • Jordan Thomas
    Jordan Thomas 7 months ago

    Is it just me or was the interviewer a pretty rude and dissaproving/patronizing? Is there some context that I'm missing, it doesn't seem very objective

  • Guitar Overkill
    Guitar Overkill 7 months ago +1

    She sounds like she had more than one beer before the party, since she can’t remember how she got there. And doesn’t now where there was. And doesn’t remember how she got home. And none of her friends say it happened.

  • Tommy Hooks
    Tommy Hooks 7 months ago

    Of course CNN is going to defend socialism ..... Ted's dad was socialist.... and the CIA is definitely socialist .

  • Tommy Hooks
    Tommy Hooks 7 months ago

    When CNN was created , it was Ted Turners baby . Ted was 'on a roll' at that time. He 'hooked up' with Jane Fonda, and his life took a downward spill. I can't remember 'all' the details about CNN, but it also went downhill... you can fill in the blanks ..... maybe the CIA had something to do with it .

  • Tommy Hooks
    Tommy Hooks 7 months ago

    I do live in South Carolina... and I was disappointed with Congressman Graham for some time, but in recent months Congressman Graham has worked our President and he will get my vote again .

  • Chuck Barnett
    Chuck Barnett 7 months ago

    mother fucker is hung up on little shit ppl say

  • Mart. Lad.
    Mart. Lad. 7 months ago

    Thank you Senator. Here, you prove yourself to be an honourable maverick.

  • Steve A Reeno
    Steve A Reeno 7 months ago

    CNN 'used to be' one of my favorite news channels. I don't have a clue why CNN reporters ask questions at press conferences, because they surely don't report what was actually said, they make up or TWIST the story. Repetitive hit questions too. CNN seems to think we don't have access to the truth or can't see or hear the press conferences on other networks, radio, and print in their entirety without your editing and trying to tell us what to think. CNN and the liberal DEMON-CRATS have lost me FOREVER! I'm now locked in as a REPUBLICAN forever. I used to vote either party. Best man/woman. Voted for Obama the first time. What a mistake!! CNN has turned into "The Dark Side". Fire all your news department staff and restructure, or you will lose all of your viewers soon. Ya'll have gone crazy!

  • Femre Ola
    Femre Ola 7 months ago

    I’m beginning to perceive this man as a future commander in chief of America

  • MLJ1219
    MLJ1219 7 months ago

    Anna Wells You --> "You do not denounce the rights of one gender for another." Yet, that is exactly what you are doing & have done in every post you have made. You say be fair out of one side of your mouth & you say believe only women because if you don't you are saying women are liars out of the other side of your mouth. Guess what, some women lie & some men lie, that is why we have due process, the presumption of innocence etc etc. We don't need to believe one gender over the other which is what you advocate. I advocate not giving a platform outside a real court of law (bias media, YT & social media courts that are run on emotion not evidence) to any party or gender & to do so is dangerous to men now & will be dangerous to women down the road. In 1984 the state of Missouri did a study & concluded that 25% of all 'child abuse hot line calls' were by women who had been told by their lawyers to use the hot line as a sure method to get custody. No judge is going to give custody to an accused father & a year later when it is proven no child abuse happened the custody has been decided & under res judicated doctrine the matter has been settled & is over. Please don't tell me that women don't lie, fart or pass turds. Save that for your feminist buddies who have the same mindset as you.

  • Martin Britton
    Martin Britton 7 months ago

    This interviewer is an arse.

  • MLJ1219
    MLJ1219 7 months ago

    Anna Wells Thank you for showing your true colors. The 24 examples I gave are not factoids or my opinions they are factual. I am sure that if I stated the sun sets in the west you could come up statistics or opinions against that also. I gave you 24 solid reasons why a gynocentric society is more than eager to hear claims made by women, even claims that are 35 years old & have more holes than a piece of Swiss cheese. Proof again that nobody is saying women can't come forth with allegations but, those accusations hold no more weight than the denial of the one being accused. That's the difference between you & me I believe in due process & the presumption of innocence until somebody is proven guilty in a court of law. If you aren't getting your day in court then you need to be blaming your local prosecutor & writing to your legislative representative NOT advocating that due process be given to women but, taken away from men. You would be making a horrible mistake to come at me with statistics that back your emotional beliefs. I have dozens of studies that will shut you down & my studies were not paid for with N.OW./ feminist money. I do worry because the burden of proof is on the accuser & women like you are trying to change that. BTW, the penalty for filing a false police report in most states is a fine or 6 months in jail with a statute of limitations being one year. Again, I accused you of shooting my dog & stealing $5,000 from my safe & because you won't admit to it you are convicting me of lying -- do you see how your logic & feminist logic works?? YOU want to be believed but, because I am a man I cannot be believed? Please keep in mind that this Ford accusation started out as horseplay or an inappropriate roll on a bed but, soon turned into attempted rape, gang rape. YOU KNOW now that I think about it, I seem to remember fearing that you were going to rape me when you shot my dog & robbed me of my $5,000 dollars 3 years ago. Do you see why it is reckless to give a nationwide platform to those that will blurt out anything especially when the consequences are so minor for women who have an ax to grind. I assume you went to your local prosecutor & he declined to pursue your case for lack of evidence. The same thing that would happen if I went to my local prosecutor asking him to file charges against you. (I would also be put in a straight jacket & maybe you should be too) Not every case is a slam dunk winner. How about this solution for you. This is what they used to do 75 years ago. The accuser puts up a 5,000 refundable bond & if she/he wins the case the bond is refunded in full. If the accuser lacks evidence or the jury doesn't believe her/ him then they get the $5,000 bond as a legal settlement for compensation that day. But, you would cry only the rich would receive justice. I am a pensioner on a sparse pension but, I assure you I could raise $5,000 dollars if I thought somebody raped me. Again, I say your beef is with your local prosecutor not all men. And, if you have filed with the local prosecutor I sure would like to hear his side of the story but, according to you that would only allow the prosecutor to call you a liar. (that would be political death for any prosecutor but, men get called liars all the time, ask any feminist)

  • cub35guy
    cub35guy 7 months ago

    Lindsey Graham -- what -- a -- douche. I hope he rots in the 5th level of hell. and soon. He's getting old. TICK TOCK. Join your buddy -- McCain.. who was an actual hero.

    IM DEPLORABLE 7 months ago

    WTF is wrong with people whatever happened to the presumption of innocense?! what about Clinton you know the guy that took the office of the most integrity in the world and turned it into a laughing stock so he could get a blowjob!! he's a great guy?? REALLY!! He's a scumbag just like his scumbag wife and all you liberal idiots wanted more of them!! They are liars, cheats and thieves!! Unfuckingbelievable!! GET THE FUCK OVER IT!!

  • MLJ1219
    MLJ1219 7 months ago

    Anna Wells Your so called awareness seems tilted & tainted. How would a man receive the same considerations for domestic abuse in Iowa when the top law officer (attorney general) stated she would NOT prosecute women for domestic abuse issues?? HOW are you going to UNTRAIN police officers (judges & prosecuting attorneys) to ignore VAWA which was renewed 2 years ago by congress? HOW are you going to undo the fact that many, many police departments in the 90's took block grants that had conditions/strings attached to them? Those conditions were if the police dept. accepted the block grant (money that didn't have to be paid back) then the police dept. had to initiate a VAWA training program, primary aggressor laws & ALL THAT IT IMPLIES. How are you going to turn back the wind when it has already blown? You trying to imply that things have changed is a crock of shit & we both know that. So, you admit out of one side of your mouth that domestic abuse laws were unfair but, everything is hunky dory now. 🤔 You try to imply that police are fair & if they were unfair in the past that has been rectified. By the many comments I am reading on this video & several others about the Kavanaugh/Ford fiasco I would say you are dead wrong about there being BALANCE IN THE FORCE. Even in your last paragraph you show your anti male bias when you say, the only defense Kavanaugh has is to say she is lying. Again, implying that all men are guilty if a woman makes an accusation. Wasn't it you who broke into my house 3 years ago & shot my dog & took 5 thousand dollars out of my safe?? When can I expect you to make restitution to me on that? If you deny that accusation aren't you saying I am lying, isn't that your defense? You want people to assume men are treated just as fairly as women when it comes to courts, judges, police etc.

  • sumopit
    sumopit 7 months ago

    Do i dislike this because it's CNN or do i like it because Graham is awesome

  • Kevin NYC
    Kevin NYC 7 months ago

    They really don't get it.

  • neverlooksatit
    neverlooksatit 7 months ago

    Lindsey Graham is the reason I have a prejudice about southerners. He's a nice, polite bigot.

  • MLJ1219
    MLJ1219 7 months ago

    Anna Wells Respectfully, Have you ever heard of VAWA (the violence against women act) that has been around for over 25 years?? Have you ever heard of VAMA (violence against men act) NO YOU HAVEN'T because there is no VAMA. Have you ever heard of PRIMARY AGGRESSOR LAWS -- they state that in the absence of blatant evidence in an accusation of domestic violence it should be assumed that the man is the PERPETRATOR. Daniel never said he was arrested & the ONLY REASON he wasn't was because the accuser's story easily fell apart with a canvas type investigation. He was lucky, most police would not take the time to canvas, they would make an arrest & (let the man post a $300 bond) let the prosecutor decide if he wanted to pursue. Daniel never indicated he was arrested he indicated that he feared arrest & that the accuser never suffered any type of possible consequences for what she tried to do. So, I don't understand why you feel the need to run interference for his accuser or for women in general? Most police departments in metropolitan areas have stated that domestic abuse crimes take up more of their time than any other crime but, you would have us believe that arrests are RARE with VAWA & PRIMARY AGGRESSOR LAWS on the books calling for & demanding arrests? If a man is arrested & charged with domestic abuse he is told by his attorney to take a plea deal. Plea guilty, pay a $1500 fine, a two week anger management course. Sounds good, but, now you have a record, can't ever own a gun, can't work at a daycare, hospital etc & if ever charged again they won't put you in jail, they will put you under the jail. MOST men take that plea deal because the cost to fight it is exorbitant & it's hard to prove innocence in a he said/she said accusation & if a prosecutor doesn't take an aggressive stance against domestic abuse he won't get re-elected to public office so WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. About ten years ago the female attorney general of the state of Iowa stated that women would not be prosecuted for domestic abuse because they were incapable of inflicting any real harm to men -- google it.

  • Pot Committed
    Pot Committed 7 months ago

    Set'em straight Lindsey!

  • Qwerty Qwerty
    Qwerty Qwerty 7 months ago

    When will CNN realize their behavior. 1. CNN is fake news 2. the news channel is fake and everyone is moving away from. 3 I use to believe CNN was the real news and professional news channel but now I'm walking away from Democrat and fake news CNN! Fake news CNN traitor CNN fake news! Our president will sue u idiot

  • Nathan Waters
    Nathan Waters 7 months ago

    I loved how the host controlled the crowd. I don't see that from CNN much.

  • J. S.
    J. S. 7 months ago

    Folks a CNN employee who has been given the liberty to censor and access comments has tampered with my comment below. I've corrected the childish/vicious tampering with my written and posted comment. It's a good idea to check comments regularly.

  • David Smith
    David Smith 7 months ago

    Wait until the next nominee is Judge Amy Barrett. Far more conservative than Kavanaugh and a woman of faith.

  • Vicky Lease Option
    Vicky Lease Option 7 months ago

    I have never been so proud of saying I AM NOT AN AMERICAN. Amen to my parents for bringing me to this world in another country.

  • Pa ul
    Pa ul 7 months ago

    CNN sucks balls

  • Pa ul
    Pa ul 7 months ago

    All the comments are supporting Graham lol

  • Vicky Lease Option
    Vicky Lease Option 7 months ago

    Booo..McClain is probably looking down on this clown.

  • vinnyusa2009
    vinnyusa2009 7 months ago

    even the CNN audience are stupid losers low lifers piece of shit and ass lickers

  • Allan Simoes
    Allan Simoes 7 months ago

    John McCain is burning in Hell, His wife is a Mafia Queen an infiltrate in the GOP. Allan.

  • Beverly Sewing & Vacuum

    Timeline: Dr. Ford & friend FBI agent Monica McClean were together in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware when the letter sent to Senator Diane Feinstein was written. Monica McClean shows up in the hearing video walking in with Ms. Blasey-Ford when she delivered her testimony. Monica McClean was a career lawyer within the Department of Justice and as legal counsel for the FBI had specific insight into exactly these issues.

  • JR
    JR 7 months ago

    Trump will lead the USA and Israel toward iron law! any other nation Trump dont care about they wont survive and God will wipe all of them out because Israel will be the future capitol of the world!! God will use the power of the USA to bring Israel to global power and its capitol Jerusalem! then America will cease to exist GODS GOVERNMENT RULES FROM THEIR ON THIS EARTH! AND ONLY HIS GOVERNMENET!! this kids is why Trump doesn't give a crap about anyone but American Christian and Israel and any one who wants to go along with us! IT IS ALL LEADING TO THE `1000 YEAR REIGN ON EARTH

  • gene Barry
    gene Barry 7 months ago

    Lindsey is my new best friend

  • Philip Tyler
    Philip Tyler 7 months ago

    Blind lemming libtards believe any false accusation that can’t be proven

  • Nick Sam
    Nick Sam 7 months ago

    CNN .....News-No.....Fake News- Yes Voice of the Libtards. I don't need to listen to them long. They lost their credibility long ago. CNN...traitors to the USA. They sold out to the banking elite. My Advice is if you are employed by this rag of a news organization; "Stop being a traitor and leave to find other employment". Otherwise you are despicable and deserve a firing squad.

  • Edward Malek Farah
    Edward Malek Farah 7 months ago

    Very fake

  • Jim Demers
    Jim Demers 7 months ago

    Lindsey graham has guts. I tip my hat to him. I wish I could vote for him.

  • P. N.
    P. N. 7 months ago

    and YES that was meant out of satirical humor and sadly reflects the attention this case has attracted from both sides knowing who is right,
    despite having any possible way to know what really happened so many years ago.

  • P. N.
    P. N. 7 months ago

    Here is what is going to be needed in the years to come. A woman ripping off her
    clothing and panting in your ear isn't gonna be good enough unless she says YES
    and follows it up in writing..

    Protect Men From False Accusations (PMFFA Form)

    We the undersigned have agreed to, without duress, to participate
    in a sexual encounter.
    This agreement includes kissing, foreplay and any other form of
    sexual or romantic encounter(s).
    To avoid any legal repercussions at a later day, both parties
    agree to the encounter being videotaped and the video may be
    used in future defense should it become necessary against baseless
    accusations should they arise.
    The current and future encounters are covered under this agreement.
    All encounters are subject to videotaping as stipulated in this

    Participant #1

    (please print)___________________________________________


    Participant #2

    (please print) __________________________________________


    (when applicable)

    Participant #3

    (please print)__________________________________________


  • Cedars Gear
    Cedars Gear 7 months ago

    WOW! That’s all CNN got out of this interview...
    Fake news.... go report some fake weather now.

  • Mary Bufis
    Mary Bufis 7 months ago

    Oh wait...this is CNN! A fake ass network that spreads lies

  • Scot Scotty
    Scot Scotty 7 months ago

    Democrats are the ISIS of America.

  • Hobbesian Thinker
    Hobbesian Thinker 7 months ago

    Lindsey the testosterone supplier for the GOP!

  • Art Lover
    Art Lover 7 months ago

    Good for Lindsey, he is awesome.

  • Ryan Nickerson
    Ryan Nickerson 7 months ago

    How is this the title of the video? That was like 2 seconds of the video? The rest is Graham explaining his beliefs and reasonings

  • Matt Thomas
    Matt Thomas 7 months ago

    This is fucking great!

  • Cons and Piracy Theorums

    Its broken my heart that you won't acknowledge that I'm the guy who saved America more money then any man in history. That's so big you all can't handle it like I can. Because I solved it in the first place.none if you are smart enough to deal with it

  • speedoflite1
    speedoflite1 7 months ago

    Longtime senatorial bachelorette pulled hissy fit card from the bottom of the Clarence Thomas deck, w/o once noting Gorsuch had no such sexual improprieties fixed to his job app.

  • Ola Ade
    Ola Ade 7 months ago

    This guy has no standing

  • Dr. Cornelius Q. Cadbury

    All the dumbass comments here about muh Merrick Garland

  • Cherie Cullum
    Cherie Cullum 7 months ago

    Honest, grahams boo yourself comment is what my 4 year old grandchild would say...

  • puppiesinspace
    puppiesinspace 7 months ago

    What a trash magazine. This thing is still alive????

  • James D3
    James D3 7 months ago

    There are real victims out there and she just discredited every single 1 of them ... except the 1 who forgot how she escaped her life threatening situation (but you won't find 1)

  • Rob Gyanisu
    Rob Gyanisu 7 months ago

    Hey, Senator, you're gonna (be) boo(-hooing), next month, when you're voted out of office.

  • Rick Del Rio
    Rick Del Rio 7 months ago

    He also believes in concentration camps for children

  • zurdo z
    zurdo z 7 months ago

    I bet this sissy graham can't take a punch from a girl.

  • R. Jay Gill
    R. Jay Gill 7 months ago

    CNN is rally bad and really over

  • Proraptor
    Proraptor 7 months ago

    Graham speaks the truth, keep up the good work

  • Andrew Shaddo
    Andrew Shaddo 7 months ago

    CNN go Boo yourself !!!!

  • benzman500sl
    benzman500sl 7 months ago

    Fuck the idiots who booed. ..Grahams a great Senator and just helped Judge Kavanaugh get confirmed so these idiots who booed that day are probably crying an gnashing their teeth. Man...what a great day!!!!

  • Chadwick Bowen
    Chadwick Bowen 7 months ago

    Please get rid of these bumbling mfs

  • David Porter
    David Porter 7 months ago

    Graham is gay