GoPro HERO 4 | AMAZING THAILAND TRIP | Travel | 2016

Thailand trip • 100% GoPro footage • 2.7K • 2016 • Travel • HERO4 Silver • HD •
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In 2016 we took a GoPro HERO4 travelling through Thailand and Singapore on an amazing 4 week adventure. The trip was filmed entirely on the GoPro Hero 4 Silver, with a FeiyuTech G4 to help stabilize the footage. As you can see the Gopro HERO4 produces some great quality video. I decided to shoot at 2.7K and 30fps and for diving 60fps (so that i could slow the footage down slightly to reduce shakiness)
I Edited the movie on Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects.

Here is the equipment that I used on the trip:

GoPro used: https://goo.gl/am3Qeo
Stabilizer used: https://goo.gl/tgVEhh
Floaty used: https://goo.gl/9kibkf
Time lapse thing: https://goo.gl/5XPAOM
GorillaPod: https://goo.gl/eHxKcb
Memory card: https://goo.gl/aFZR2m
Extra batteries: https://goo.gl/MIwQ1c
Extension pole: https://goo.gl/BTHmdn
Mounts: https://goo.gl/VH72hF

My first attempt at filming/editing. Let me know your thoughts.


Music: Treasured Soul by Michael Calfan

No copyright infringement intended. All rights reserved to respective artists.

For business purposes only email: jamiesweden480@gmail.com

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Автор Lexy Fedosov ( назад)
I would die to be able to make/edit my videos like this! x3
Very impressive!!

Автор Kenneth Allen ( назад)
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Автор Karan Nathani ( назад)

Автор tancomtex1 ( назад)

Автор Kanhu Charan Behera ( назад)
beautiful place

Автор CREAMY. Chanel ( назад)
hello am Thailand thank you your vedio I like it!!

Автор Brother Gameplay ( назад)
Brasil é mais bonito

Автор Matthew Jan Corre ( назад)
Thailand is amazing. I hope you sub back. Thanks!

Автор Picture Perfect Lifestyle ( назад)
Awesome Video! Wish i had my drone when we visited Thailand!

Автор Dany ́s Travel and Fitness Diary ( назад)
starkes video ;)

Автор Jane Hervilla ( назад)
This makes me so excited! Going to Thailand Next Month!!

Автор DAOUDLDN ( назад)
Wow nice how did this get so many views so quickly ?

Автор Matenza ( назад)
Very nice video, great time lapse! Keep it up!

Автор Briana's Vlogs ( назад)
This video is amazing btw!!

Автор Briana's Vlogs ( назад)
I've been thinking bout getting an GoPro to make better videos :) vlog type travel videos on my channel!

Автор Shiori ( назад)
Those random snippets of Gardens by the Bay 😝

Автор Dayat Ahmad ( назад)
How do you add the Thailand 2016 title at the start?

Автор Troll Gawd ( назад)
do you know of a free way to add that cinematic look?

Автор gregor drysdale ( назад)
This made me super excited about going to THAILAND! 😊😊😊😊

Автор MRC Gammer Ch ( назад)

Автор Lucifer Morningstar ( назад)
I Love Thailand

Автор Josh Bukoskey ( назад)
Beautiful weather for ya! What was your favorite drone flying spot!?

Автор Troll Gawd ( назад)
how long would it take for me to edit something like this if I have a lot of technical knowledge but 0 experience editing?

Автор lavastruck ( назад)
What resort is @ 2:35?

Автор Totti Liu ( назад)

Автор Jesus Avalos ( назад)
Dope video man! I was having second thoughts on relying on just my GoPro for videos but this proves it can definitely be a real weapon. Couple questions, how many memory cards did you carry? Any reason for shooting on 2.7K instead of 4K?

Also, what do you think was one of the most important accessories aside from battery and memory card?

What did you carry everything in?

I got the hero 4 silver. 1 64 gBc and 1 32 GB memory.

Автор Kanjana Sopasin ( назад)
Thailand is amazing, if you want come here we always wellcome. 😊

Автор Nicholas Iskandar ( назад)
Great video! 👏🏻 please check out my newest cinereel video https://youtu.be/0uD6eYXdEdY . THANKYOU !

Автор Lindziller ( назад)
Thailand looks amazing!

Автор Ike Fanfan ( назад)

Автор Marco Moretti ( назад)
Guys check out my adventure/travel video from Svalbard ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-61foCB79A

Автор Wilmis ( назад)
Hey, great video! Where in Thailand did you go? Would be fun to know where you went ad all of that :)

Автор Moe jordan ( назад)
@2:41 @3:23 NOT thailand ..awesome video though :)

Автор Eugenia Sarcanean ( назад)
Nice video

Автор Felippe Almeida ( назад)
great job!!!!

Автор HearThis ( назад)

Автор Johnny Jo - Life With GoPro ( назад)
Good Job! I subscribed to your Channel
Can you please subscribe to my
Channel! Facebook-Johnny Jo-Life With GoPro

Автор NP Cooking ( назад)
Thailand only

Автор yami9mo ( назад)
nice editing. Good job

Автор cally stanphill ( назад)
Great video! Where were you snorkeling when you saw the turtles?

Автор leprokn ( назад)
Were your time lapses done in video mode or did you take continuous stills?

Автор MMProductions ( назад)
Amazing video James! What FOV did you shoot on? Wide, medium, or narrow?

Автор Boxedoutvisuals ( назад)
Amazing footage man, keep up the good work,
check out my montage shoot of London, hope you enjoy

Автор keemona S ( назад)
красивый парень

Автор The Geeky Traveler ( назад)
wow ! amazing video bro! you earned a subscriber! really loved it! I am soon gnna be making travel videos myself! check-out a small Video Clip I made with my new Xiaomi Yi 4k : https://youtu.be/-2FisZ1j6KI

Автор jaxis · ( назад)
how many subs did you have before making the video?

Автор MAVIS WEI ( назад)
There's scenery in Singapore ;-)

Автор Mike Archambeau ( назад)
hi, great video !!
where did you go to play with elephant ?

Автор William Maxlee ( назад)
how can you use that song on your video? donate money or what?

Автор Sotiris Sotiris ( назад)
very nice

Автор Travel-us ( назад)
Great video... I'd love your feedback on my Thailand video!!

Автор Piotr Dudkiewicz ( назад)
well done James! I have just uploaded my movie from Phi Phi Islands that includes rare drone shots from Maya Bay, check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgX-xVfqLXQ

Автор ThePay Raaw ( назад)
Song please ?

Автор intanleon ( назад)
amazing thailand n SINGAPORE trip ;)

Автор pierre josson ( назад)
splendid !! great video ;) here's mine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_BZnT1ELDY !! remember :)

Автор Ju ( назад)
Hey, I used some parts of this video in my school homework about Thailand. We needed to talk about a country and show images of it. I just realised that should've asked for your permission before doing it... but it's already done x.x I'm sorry, I hope that this doesn't bother you... I'll give you the credits though
I'm sorry again!

Автор Leo's Praxisteil ( назад)
good video....

Автор Carla Mendez ( назад)
Hey where did you get the music???

Автор Black glasses ( назад)
Am in thailand you guy is so good I like it

Автор Zodiac Edits ( назад)
amazing dude

Автор HighLife ( назад)
Great video! Thanks for sharing! HighLife

Автор JEN H VLOGS ( назад)
AWESOME video!! great editing, amazing quality and fun music.. love it! Keep bringing in the great content! I already subbed :)

Автор S.B.B TV ( назад)
Thank you for go to Thailand

Автор Freez BioCute ( назад)

Автор The Glimpsed Travel Show ( назад)
I truly loved your vid, What was your inspiration behind it? Please also take a look at my travel series, been to America, Spain, Thailand and Australia so far! all the best! Josh

Автор MISS JJay ( назад)
Hi, I was just wondering what equipments you used with the Gopro, great video by the way 👍🏾

Автор Albert Arriola ( назад)
Loved the video. Thinking of going for the GoPro 5 Black. Thoughts? I have no experience on a Go Pro but I definitely want to pair with a gimbal seeing your footage. I'm heading to Thailand on the 19th. Any notes, tips, or help appreciated! Great vid once again :)

Автор Simone Steigler ( назад)
Hey your video is awesome! I make videos that are similar if anyone would like to check out my channel :)

Автор Tugce Cansu ( назад)
Wow really good content :)) want to see my video and take a sub? :)) https://youtu.be/s_Xf-e_M8mc

Автор Grzesiek Bandura ( назад)
Nice video... I am in love with that place.
Check mine video too!

Автор Silvia Trent ( назад)
Amazing 😍 compliments!!!!

Автор Bob Jason Tiamsic ( назад)
Hi. What editor did u use?

Автор Arm Photography ( назад)
Welcome to Thailand :) :)

Автор xChispaPinky ( назад)
Hopefully Camp Thailand will be as good as this

Автор Carbon Based Productions ( назад)
+Very good!!! How did you do the tilting up with the camera on the timelapse at :35 ? Good work my friend!

Автор Weerapon Chamsara ( назад)

Автор CW.VLOGS ( назад)
Hey man, how do you shoot your time lapses!? Love the footage

Автор Suandoi Resort ( назад)
love it !

Автор Tugce Cansu ( назад)
Nice Video mate Check this out and Tell me your opinion :))

Автор SPEEDDREAM ( назад)
very beautiful

Автор TriggerfingerFilm ( назад)
Great video James!

Автор Youngmac2008 ( назад)
Cool video. I need a GoPro on my current trip https://facebook.com/touringbackpack

Автор Sunny Rahman ( назад)
what a great video.Would like to see more.Can i ask how you did the editing? what software you used? thanks

Автор Tour and TravelGO ( назад)
Nice vid James.. Awesomeeeee...

Автор Nathalie Santos ( назад)
Omg that monkey!!! 😂😂😂😂 So Cute

Автор K adventure ( назад)
Amazing !!

Автор nAxiD ( назад)
Great video!
Maybe you like my thailand Footage too? Check out "Thailand - A Journey 2017"

Автор เงี่ยน ปั๊ด ( назад)

Автор TOMYUM KUNG ( назад)
Fantastic Videos Amazing Thailand

Автор John-Living-Life ( назад)
Great video and I felt like i was with you in Thailand!! Awesome job editing! Just came back from Morocco and did my first video. https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=1Kj0kLr7AG0#

Автор Happy Travel videos ( назад)
so lovely video.

Автор Sovann Chea ( назад)
hmm mixed with Singapore I think, Nice!

Автор Giuseppe Ragazzo ( назад)
Great video Jams Goldenboy. Subscribed!!

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Goood ..Like Thailand trip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvDOVXFkwDI&t=104s

Автор سياحة دوت كوم ( назад)
excllent .. like and subscribe for this video

Автор burn or give away ( назад)
great footage and editing .. where is the place at 3.34??

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