Undocumented Immigrants Share Their Stories

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
  • Undocumented immigrants who are released from ICE detention centers often have nowhere to go. When this happens near Oakland, California, Pastor Gomez gets notified through the small community of Guatemalan immigrants that has formed around the church that he leads. Gomez, who moonlights as a local motel manager, rents a room for the migrants at the motel at his own expense. There, they are given at least one night of comfortable rest before continuing their transition. “When they get here, I tell them to forget the past-all the suffering along the journey,” says Gomez. Read more: www.theatlantic.com/video/index/593887/room-140/
    "Room 140" was directed by Priscilla Gonzalez Sainz (www.priscillagonzalezsainz.com). It is part of The Atlantic Selects, an online showcase of short documentaries from independent creators, curated by The Atlantic.
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  • Philip Siejack III

    Who cares no more free ride for illegals

  • Jessica S
    Jessica S 3 days ago


  • Robert Masina
    Robert Masina 4 days ago

    Why does it "have to" be the USA these undocumented feel they have to come to?

  • Starman
    Starman 8 days ago +3

    Good now all they have to do is go back

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 5 days ago

      Tu primero. Te veo en el barco que va asta Europe. 😂😂

  • tripodurra
    tripodurra 11 days ago +3

    A illegal alien isn’t an immigrant

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 8 days ago

      Yes. They are. They migrated to the states which makes them undocumented immigrants who have no source of legal status or papers. Lol

  • tripodurra
    tripodurra 11 days ago +4

    The correct term is illegal Alien

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 3 days ago

      @Robert Masina lol there's two ways of calling them. Just how everyone else have two ways of calling blacks and brown people.

    • Robert Masina
      Robert Masina 3 days ago

      @Julissa Flores. How is calling them illegals a racial slur? If one enters another nation unlawfully with no documents, the word on that is illegal according to any dictionary.

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 4 days ago

      @Robert Masina lol no it's not. You say sugarcoated because it's a trigger word to get gringos more mad about the situation. Undocumented is a proper way to call them you basically calling them a racial slur by saying illegals. Like for example calling native Americans. Indians when we arent from india. That's a name Columbus called because he assume he was near the Indian Ocean which was true. Lol snowflakes get triggered over everything.

    • Robert Masina
      Robert Masina 4 days ago

      @Julissa Flores Undocumented is a sugarcoated word for illegal.

    • Starman
      Starman 5 days ago +1

      @Julissa Flores you're just stupid.. got it

  • NoobMaster69
    NoobMaster69 13 days ago +3

    I say kill em

    • Cucklord
      Cucklord Day ago

      Yes, let's kill a bunch of people for illegally entering a piece of land (which isn't even morally wrong btw). Illegality is completely different from being morally wrong.

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 8 days ago +1

      I say kill white Europeans first. Since their the first person to act all cocky and shit lmao

  • Dirty Dave
    Dirty Dave 13 days ago +2

    That's why many motels have bedbugs now....

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 9 days ago

      What does bedbugs have to do with this ? . Mostly white people are housed in motels not illegals. I assume you know when illegals cross into the us by coyote they dont stay in the same place for much. They consisting move around to not be caught.

  • Dirty Dave
    Dirty Dave 13 days ago +3

    Deport'em all...…...ASAP

  • Admiral V
    Admiral V 13 days ago

    If you believe this crap then you’re what’s wrong with this country. Why is it racist for wanting people to come in LEGALLY?!

  • Digital Bullet
    Digital Bullet 14 days ago

    I am sick and tired of these illegal immigrants and their "stories" of why they came here. I don't give a shit why or how you got here. All i give a shit about is sending you back where you came from. What do you not understand? You came here illegally which doesn't entitle you to shit. Go Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 9 days ago

      Same thing I say to white US born citizens living in mexico or south america illegally. Go home !!!

  • Shirley Frederick
    Shirley Frederick 15 days ago +1

    The American Dream is for Anericans, not for invaders. There are many Americans living in poverty and poor neighborhoods. Why should invaders abandon their country and come to our country for a better life. They should protest the government and condtions in their own country, not storm into our country and demand rights.

    • Shirley Frederick
      Shirley Frederick 3 days ago

      @Robert Masina So, you think that gives them the right to invade the U.S. and expect it's citizens to take on the burden of Central Anerica's problems.
      Many U S. Citizens are also homeless poor and need medical care. Do you think U S. Tax payers want to provide for invaders before their own citizens?

    • Robert Masina
      Robert Masina 3 days ago

      @Shirley Frederick. How can they protest the conditions of their country when over 90 something percent of its population is powerless about it being up against a corrupt government?

    • Shirley Frederick
      Shirley Frederick 5 days ago

      @Julissa Flores The Americans who developed and built this country built it for citizens born here. We don't owe you anything. As for the Statute of Liberty, that is merely a poem on it's base, not constitutional law.

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 9 days ago

      Lmao no hun statue of liberty welcomes undocumented immigrants who come to this country for opportunities to better themselves. Don't get it twisted. American borns havent do anything for themselves to say this american dream is for americans. If it's for Americans then hate to break it to you but people from mexico and south AMERICA are American as well and Canada too. We all deserve the American dream. Don't be cocky Chica.

  • Carly Hall
    Carly Hall 22 days ago +10

    Half of these stories are made up and I can interview millions of legal citizens here with their own horror stories.

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 9 days ago

      @Sosig King never made up. You have your person experiencing. I have mine. Ik many who have escaped the violence down south. You say your formerly undocumented meaning your illegal I assume. Ya sure children and women being rape is made up huh. ? People who are deported back to their country down south are killed with in a couple of days or weeks is made up huh ? Since what I can see the color your skin means more privilege then you really may think. Have you gone down south. ? Have you seen what the president and cartels are doing Latin America ? Ya sure since you don't believe what I say or do not agree you assume what I'm saying is made up. Well do some research then come talk to me when you honestly realize how poorly people of color are being treated in "America" all becuase they escape violence from their homeland. Then go down south and see with your own eyes. How they are treated there. Or speak to some who comes from south America. Then you'll understand what I'm taking about isn't made up. Ya "formerly undocumented" my butt.

    • Sosig King
      Sosig King 9 days ago

      @Julissa Flores That is made up you troglodyte. I should know. I am one of the many formerly undocumented. Many come here for economic or educational opportunity and it is very rare that somebody would come to escape.

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 15 days ago +1

      Lol no they arent. Just shut up. You dont like the honest truth. People who flee their country and get deport are killed for coming back. Ya that sounds made up right ? Women and children are raped and sometimes killed from coyotes on the way here near the border. Some men are left behind to starve without food and water if they cant keep up. Ya that sounds fake. Bs.

    • jordanrichards320
      jordanrichards320 17 days ago +2

      How can you tell that they're made up?

  • Carly Hall
    Carly Hall 22 days ago +4

    I don't want to hear their story .
    How about Legal citizens stories.
    Go fix the mess you have in your homelands.

    • Robert Masina
      Robert Masina 3 days ago +1

      How can they fix the mess in their homeland when 90 something percent of their residents are powerless to do anything about the conditions of their native land up against the corrupt government there.

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 15 days ago

      Cant fix what the united states takes. What us has to do is make their own damn resources.

  • altyria valenci
    altyria valenci 23 days ago +11


  • IglooDweller
    IglooDweller 25 days ago +7

    Illegal immigration is a lose-lose for everyone.

  • David Espinoza
    David Espinoza Month ago

    The U.S.A cannot save the world! We have problems to not every AMERICAN IS FILTHY RICH. We have homeless people to. And let me say this BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. The worst President the U.S.A has had ILLEGALLY CREATED DACA for who ILLEGALS! None AMERICAN CITIZENS!!

    • David Espinoza
      David Espinoza 26 days ago

      @Julissa Flores yes do you. When the AFRICAN ASSWIPE 🐒 BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA was President i work for our SCHOOL District by day Ans GOVERNMENT HOUSING by Night. And i both MEXICAN CITIZENS enrolled. And that a fact. I got ASSAULTED on Government HOUSING by the MEXICAN CITIZENS for doing mt job. They don't follow rules or our LAWS! Most of the women have sex for money. And that a fact. They MEDICARE, government HOUSING and their children a free EDUCATION. That's where DACA comes in. Any think to say. Let me ask you do you know about the MEXICAN PRESIDENT CARLOS SALINAS DEGORTADEY. HOW MUCH MONEY HIS STOLE AND WHERE HE RELOCATED TO. IF NOT STAY OUT OF MY BUSINESS!!

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 26 days ago

      David Espinoza question do you even know what a DACA recipient means lol ? And Clinton is the co-founder of ICE your point is what still lol ? .

    • David Espinoza
      David Espinoza 27 days ago

      @Julissa Flores well if you don't for sure you need what the AFRICAN ASSWIPE 🐒BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA CREATED DACA!!

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 28 days ago

      David Espinoza and your point is what ?

  • David Espinoza
    David Espinoza Month ago +3

    All of you that are for the people from south of our AMERICAN BORDER move forward. Stop living in the past. Many true AMERICAN CITIZENS died to establish this Country. My oldest brother was one of them. In Vietnam. But for AMERICAN CITIZENS only not for who ever wanted to come to the U.S.A and make it their home country. And live of our taxes. What about their countries do they just wipe their hands and walk away! I believe instead of FOREIGN Aid give this countries FARMING EQUIPMENT. So the people can farm their lands and raise farm animals for food to Support them selves. And monitor by the U.S GOVERNMENT!!

  • Pepe Lepeu
    Pepe Lepeu Month ago +7

    Deport them all. Build that wall. Build it tall

    • Cucklord
      Cucklord Day ago

      >Finding Pepe memes funny in 2019

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 8 days ago

      @Starman he's actually not building the wall hes renovating lol what big fat lie. Deporting illegals won't solve the problem ma'am . You honestly think your brothers and sister will work the jobs illegals work now for little pay ? Not be ignorant they expect to be paid $15 and up with benefits. Little white boys cant last a day in constructions without bitching and whining for the labor and how hot it outside they leave with the two days. Lol don't make me laugh. Trump is corrupted. You're blind honey.

    • Starman
      Starman 8 days ago

      That's a good idea thankfully our President agrees

    • Liisa Korpi
      Liisa Korpi 15 days ago

      Oh, look who can rhyme 🙄

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores Month ago

      Pepe Lepeu your little wall won’t stop them from coming 💀

  • Dodge Guy
    Dodge Guy Month ago +9

    I support legal immigrants with open arms. Those who took the time to get proper documentation, back ground checks, and were approved to come to the US are more than welcome in the US and should be proud to be American citizens. To those that have crossed illegaly and have avoided deportation for years and have taken free money from the tax payers should be deported. If you want to be a US citizen do it the right way. Are you hiding something and know the US won't approve citizenship for a good reason? Let's deport illegals and open more jobs for US citizens regardless of skin color, white, brown, black, green, or purple. If you follow the correct process as millions have and you are approved to be a US citizen I say welcome and good luck building a great life for you and your family in the US. You are part of a great nation! Anyone that doesn't like it here in the US I ask that you look at some of these folks and those in other countries and think about how good you really have it here in the US.

    • Brenan Class
      Brenan Class 23 days ago +3

      YOU RACIST( sarcasm) I agree with you 100 percent I don’t understand how wanting people to come here legally is racist. It’s not like I’m discriminating against any race. If a white dude came here illegally I would want to deport him. Yet if they say illegal immigrant enough it takes all meaning out of it, just like racist and fascist and sexist. You get the point.

  • 0urMutualFriend
    0urMutualFriend Month ago +2

    Wow the Guatemalan lady and her child's story really got me

  • kay davis
    kay davis Month ago +5


    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 3 days ago

      @Robert Masina you must be blind to even see that lol . Ya that's a tip but you have no idea who they are or what's their last name lol. That's cute didn't know your true colors came out ain't nobody likes a snitch lol. Enjoy the tip. Lol 😂😂

    • Robert Masina
      Robert Masina 3 days ago

      @Julissa Flores. If you know something more than I do that these people have a job lined up for them by family members, then thank you for the info.

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 3 days ago

      @Robert Masina what do white american who dont finish high school have too ? They have no skills other being a drop out. Many who cross over have jobs in place from their family members. If this people who cant speak a lick of english can walk into any job and "take your job" like that then theres something wrong with your work skills.

    • Robert Masina
      Robert Masina 3 days ago

      @kay Davis. Good point, what kind of employment do they have in mind with a grade school level education, no job skills and no English?

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 8 days ago

      @FirewolfGaming125 lol no honey clearly you didnt listen in high school. It's the United states of america which is the country we live on north america is the continent you clearly don't know your world history much. 😂😂

  • JessieA
    JessieA Month ago +12

    I love the people who bring Native Americans into this. They also came from another continent...Asia. And people saying that Pilgrims were illegal aliens therefore it is okay for these people to be here. LOL. I am pretty sure murder was legal at some point. Should we change the laws too? I am actually part Native American. My father came here legally from Brazil.
    We have laws for a reason.

    • Starman
      Starman 5 days ago

      @Liz Martinez well if you are a sperg and think of ancestry immigration over the course of time and not the place you are born then everyone who isn't from Ethiopia in Africa is a immigrant

    • Liz Martinez
      Liz Martinez Month ago +7

      Lol so you’re saying everyone is an immigrant right?🧐 therefore immigrants can withhold other immigrants from coming to land that isn’t theirs to being with? You make no sense. Also don’t compare immigration with murder. These people aren’t killing anyone.

  • ASM _
    ASM _ Month ago +7

    I don’t care about their stories, they don’t belong here.

    • Starman
      Starman Day ago

      @Cucklord your name checks out

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores Day ago

      @Starman aww I hope you get cancer too. Lol

    • Cucklord
      Cucklord Day ago +1

      USA is just a piece of stolen land, including Texas.

    • Cucklord
      Cucklord Day ago +1

      So just because people enter a piece of stolen land, means that they should be kicked out?

    • Starman
      Starman 8 days ago

      @Julissa Flores your use of emojis are cancer and I hope you're barren

  • McChrister
    McChrister Month ago +3

    I take it ICE releases the Illegals with an ankle monitor? What good is that? Or is it something else? What about the American homeless? They would love to lay in that bed as well!! Sad, sad, events that are happening in the US. Priorities are totally screwed up....👎🏼😠 Praying for the homeless citizens...😢🙏🏼🙏🏼 P.S. The child of the mother that is crying is totally right! You traumatized this child by taking the trip to the US....Irresponsible parent. Go back and stay in Guatemala. Your daughter obviously liked it there! Sad...😞😢

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores Month ago

      McChrister homeless have the opportunity to go out and get a job since they were born here but they don’t do it all because they rather sit back beg for food and money or live off welfare. Lmao that’s sad. Lazy people I must say.

  • A Hap
    A Hap Month ago

    The long pause? She forgot that she was fearing for her life! Haha. What a lie. She said that she came her for a better economic opportunity FIRST then said she was fearing for her life. Which is it? You scared? Or you just want a job. Deport them

  • A Anon
    A Anon Month ago +1

    100% of crimes committed by illegal aliens is PREVENTABLE.
    The American Citizenry has had ENOUGH.
    YOUR dream is OVER........

    That Makes me:
    Unsympathetic and Unapologetic.

    See...........Say PAYDAY No Mas ~

  • whitehope
    whitehope Month ago +7

    A little over a year ago I was involved in a car wreck, I was a passenger in my friend vehicle on our way back from having lunch on a Sunday afternoon when another vehicle lost control and struck our vehicle sending it into a reinforced concrete wall. The driver of the vehicle that caused the wreck was a intoxicated illegal alien that was over twice the legal limit while driving without a license, registration or insurance. I suffered serious injuries including a pneumothorax, fractured ribs, sternum, and all of the usual injuries incurred during car wrecks. I began experiencing weakness in my legs about 3 months after the wreck and one morning I was unable to walk or urinate which forced me to seek medical attention. I was diagnosed with cauda equina syndrome and rushed into emergency spinal surgery to decompress spinal nerves, this was a latent injury of the car wreck. I have since regained the ability to walk but I have not regained proper control of my bladder forcing me to rely on a catheter to empty my bladder, I am 35 years old and will most likely have to use a catheter for the rest of my life. About 2 months ago I found out that I am a victim of identity theft, a illegal alien in Texas is using my information. After my experience I want all illegals deported without any exception. I unfortunately live in the cesspool known as California which cares more for illegals then citizens. The illegal aliens that caused the wreck has a extensive criminal record and should of been deported over a decade ago but is protected by the insane liberals who control California. I have decided that I will not pay any taxes since the state cares more for illegals. My businesses is 80% cash and the small percentage of checks that I receive are cashed at liquor stores requiring no information. I avoid sales tax on most purchases by shopping online our out of state. I will be leaving this ghetto state in the next few years and it will be a happy moment when the cross the state line for the last time. Since illegals continously break the law all of the time I have decided to disregard any law that California has passed that I do not agree with.

    • Rosita Rogers
      Rosita Rogers 17 days ago

      Whitehope, I was born and raised in California, and left many years ago. I saw the rents go up, traffic unbareable, and the crime way up. I feel for you, I really do. That once beautiful state has become a cess pool. Now these INVADERS are everywhere, in our schools in our neighborhood's, but hopefully NOT at the work place. They get food stamps, money, section 8 housing etc. Your young get out of Cali while you can and find a state you would enjoy to work and live in. Bless you and remember, you and I owe these ILLEGALS NOTHING. 🐈

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 26 days ago

      whitehope so let me guess you are one of the “proud boys” to be proud of what your ancestors did to native Indian tribes by slaughtering, beating, and raping them from their lands and family permanently establishing a war against each other over gold and oil . That’s nothing to be proud of. That’s more cowardly then anything. Lol you say illegals make a bunch of babies when ya we do but so does white Americans. I know more white girls popping babies left and right giving them away to foster care or adoption then illegals do. As for labor jobs I work for one. There’s more brown working this jobs then their is any other race. I just recently had two white Boys applied didn’t even last a week. They last two days. They couldn’t handle the job. There is plenty of jobs hiring all over the country. Which includes labor jobs but don’t see American born citizens hopping on their opportunities they offer. Instead we have lazy Americans bitching and whining about us taking their beloved jobs. Lol that’s funny.

    • whitehope
      whitehope 28 days ago +1

      @ninuxy Did I hit a nerve, are you illegal, do you have illegal family members? The United States was not built by unintelligent third world trash like yourself. The United States was founded and built by white European Christians for white European Christians. Why is the white race the only race capable of building great prosperous nations. The 10 best countries to live are all white European societies. In California alone 84 hospitals have been forced to close due to being anchor baby factories. We are going to take our country back one way or another. Who do you think did all of those jobs before the United States was flooded with third world trash, who do you think will do them once the trash is gone. Do you realize that the top 20% of wage earners pay 90% of all income tax revenue so any contributions by illegals is a tiny drop in the bucket. The small percentage of illegals that do file taxes report just enough income to claim the earned income credit allowing them to receive more money then the paid. Illegals crap out anchor babies and immediately collect benefits all while working under the table for cash. The United States has a disproportionate amount of unskilled labor in the workforce which creates too much competition for the same jobs which causes wages to be depressed. The construction economy of Southern California and other states has been destroyed by illegal aliens. Once the illegal aliens are removed from the country wages will rise for those jobs once occupied by illegals and the entire economy will grow. Who do you think does all of the jobs in states not flooded with illegal aliens.

    • ninuxy
      ninuxy 28 days ago +1

      @whitehope Quit writing essays, Nazi punk. I don't bother reading more than a few lines.

      You failed miserably to rebut the premise I offered that destroys your moronic moaning.

      I explicitly used the word undocumented to trigger your over-sensitive existence. It was on purpose.

      Undocumented workers save us $100's of billions in return. I hope we can bring more of these hard working people and kick out lazy bums like you. They deserve more to be here than your ilk.

    • whitehope
      whitehope 28 days ago +1

      @ninuxy Stop saying undocumented because undocumented has no legal meaning, they are illegal aliens plain and simple. Illegal aliens are a 100,000,000,000 financial burden for the American tax payers. The tiny tax contributions from illegal aliens does nothing to offset the massive cost. They are not needed or welcome in the United States. We have a legal system for immigration and they simply choose not to follow it. My bicycle was stolen from my backyard when I was a kid it was later recovered when the illegal alien riding it was arrested, that was back when California actually followed federal law. My custom show car was stolen and stripped and dumped in a field when I was 19 and I eventually caught the person selling my stolen parts. After I had him arrested I was told by police that he is a illegal alien who had been deported twice previously. None of those crimes would of been committed if those people were not in the country illegally. Kate steinle would be alive today if existing immigration laws would of been enforced. If one American life would be saved by deporting all illegals the it is absolutely worth it. I caught a illegal trying to break into my utility truck to take tools and I immediately started beating him, he kept saying no hit me, no hit me and as I continued to beat him I said no come to my country, no come to my country. I did not bother calling the police since California will do nothing about it instead I knocked out most of the illegals teeth with my flashlight.

  • qwljasdf
    qwljasdf Month ago +14

    there's so much cruelty in the comments. those who can't see the humanity of these undocumented immigrants - their pain and struggle to survive and provide better lives for their loved ones - are awful people. pat yourself on the back for being born in a country where you can live a comfortable life and look down on those who, for no fault of their own, don't have that luxury. very noble.. your unwarranted arrogance and pride in a flag disguise deep personal insecurities and are themselves revealing character flaws. try to be better people

    • A Anon
      A Anon Month ago +3

      TONE DEAF!


    • qwljasdf
      qwljasdf Month ago +1

      @A Anon no one with any sense is showing up to your house, buddy. so rest easy

    • A Anon
      A Anon Month ago +6

      Well Thank YOU for YOUR LECTURE on civility and morality!
      Obviously You have NOT been the victim of Identity theft or had a drunk illegal Kill YOUR LOVED ONE.
      At this point:
      The American Citizenry has had ENOUGH......
      No ones being cruel.....were tired of being told We are being selfish as others crash Our party uninvited.......
      You would consider a person who shows up at your house uninvited with out calling RUDE.
      The American Citizenry has had ENOUGH.
      The selfish dream is OVER.
      That Makes me Unsympathetic and Unapologetic.


      See.......Say PAYDAY No Mas ~
      Or maybe they will kill YOUR loved one NEXT......

      THINK about it.

  • Mel Pierce
    Mel Pierce 2 months ago +3

    Sounds like your family were legal immigrents fleeing for fear of their lives not coming for free school, free health care, free what ever they can con the system out of or taking a job could go to an American and thus keeping wages down for the rest of us.

  • Midnightspecia1
    Midnightspecia1 2 months ago +3

    Lol just give them their stupid court dates....cut them loose (they never show)to the real jungle... The homeless and meth addicts in downtown Fresno or Bakersfield when it’s 107f will make them feel right at home. Lol or anytime for that matter. Welcome to Paradise.

  • Ponette
    Ponette 2 months ago +9

    They want to live in America, then they get here, and they are miserable, working in a job they hate. How is that different from everyone else? Most of us are struggling too, have crushing college debt and dislike our bosses. They have a roof over their heads, and they look well fed. Life is not easy.

  • Raymond Shreve
    Raymond Shreve 2 months ago +2

    I really enjoy watching people watching other people on tv

    • Raymond Shreve
      Raymond Shreve Month ago

      @Patty J. Ayers why not? We'll just keep it rolling down the line

    • Patty J. Ayers
      Patty J. Ayers Month ago +1

      Would it be interesting for somebody to watch you doing that ? Haha

    • Ponette
      Ponette 2 months ago


  • Kitcat_007
    Kitcat_007 2 months ago +4

    Stop comparing immigration of the 21st Century to the past. 40 yrs ago there were blue collar jobs for anyone who wanted them. After 1981 the devaulation of the Mexican Peso, opened the floodgates to the U.S, and the Mexicans undercut blue collar workers and destroyed most unions. Today automation and outsourcing have nearly wiped out most blue collar jobs. We DON'T NEED, OR WANT UNSKILLED PENNILESS PEOPLE !! THIS COUNTRY WILL SOON BE THE THIRD WORLD IF THE WICKED MARXI-CRATS ARE NOT STOPPED !

    • Raymond Shreve
      Raymond Shreve 2 months ago +5

      If you talk to the farmers that hire these "illegal immigrants". They'll tell you that they can't afford to pay the type of money that Americans would require for that type of work. And with more people coming into the country, the economy grows because they spend money on food, clothing, cell phones and everything else you spend it on.

  • Beast Rider
    Beast Rider 2 months ago +14

    Why didn't the Pilgrims go back to England?😕

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 14 days ago

      @Sunny Zigglerand your point is what? 🤔🤔 clearly it's not illegals fault. Are you that dumb.

    • Sunny Ziggler
      Sunny Ziggler 14 days ago

      Julissa Flores “wages are down because the government isn’t paying citizens enough” . Wow economics def wasn’t your best subject

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 15 days ago

      @Sunny Ziggler yet they will still come. Building a wall wont helpt the problem it will make it worse. Wages are down do to the goverment not paying their citizens more. I work at a dead end job never will i ever get a raise. But younger people then me start off at 15 then me and ive work there more then a year. Goverment needs to fix this shit. Doesnt matter if they are illegal or not.

    • Sunny Ziggler
      Sunny Ziggler 15 days ago

      Julissa Flores it’s been proven by economists that illegal immigration stagnates or decreases wages for middle and lower class citizens. Yes, they won’t do it for the same wage, but maybe the construction worker or maid can better support her family with the increase in her wages. also everything is soon to be automated so we don’t need anymore unskilled labor

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 26 days ago

      Geyote Pilkington Americans complaining about jobs being “taken away” from “them” when there’s a bunch of jobs hiring. Lol ya shit happens right ?

  • AlfaFilms
    AlfaFilms 2 months ago +13

    I think that The Atlantic has some of the best video journalism on RUclip

    • A Anon
      A Anon Month ago +1

      It's PANDERRIFIC! ¡PANDERRIFICO! (en espanol)

    • Brian
      Brian Month ago +4

      Only if you are delusional, they spew propaganda. Not a real news source.

  • mr1spamification
    mr1spamification 2 months ago

    fuckers can go through the process to seek asylum, but they don't, because they know they'll be denied, because searching for a financially secure life is not an immediate threat to your life. Illegals are illegals, this is one big lame appeal to emotion. We need the wall.

  • The Atlantic
    The Atlantic  2 months ago

    Watch more films about immigration and the border: ruclip.com/video/Nr6wiT3ElVo/video.html&

  • Sominboy27
    Sominboy27 2 months ago +5

    Just remember, "would i hide jews if the nazis came at my door" isnt just a thought exersise anymore. Its reality. Just be lucky trump hasnt put the same penalty on americans that hitler did for germans for doing this YET.

    • Robert Masina
      Robert Masina 2 days ago

      Sominboy27. One can't compare Trump with Hitler, he isn't going to put anyone to death. If someone should be caught in this country with no documents, they will be deported alive and well.

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 2 months ago

      Fall Of An Empire they were targeted because hilter felt threaten by them such as trump feels threaten by every illegal that’s isn’t of white skin. You see the same thing here ?

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 2 months ago

      Fall Of An Empire they were killed viciously, starved to death, separated from their families thrown in gas chambers while being burn alive.

    • Fall Of An Empire
      Fall Of An Empire 2 months ago +3

      except jews werent in the country ILLEGALLY while costing tax payers trillions of dollars.

  • Michael B
    Michael B 2 months ago +8

    Build that wall

    • Michael B
      Michael B 2 months ago +1

      Julissa Flores complain on shit? He has done more than any Democrat would have done and will be re elected in 2020

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 2 months ago +1

      Michael B clearly you can’t physically put a wall in the rio grande it would take millions of dollars and resources. Most lands that don’t have a wall at all are own from the First Nation Native American and have strict rules about it. Unless orange man wants to break the rules and forcibly build a wall on First Nation land he should sit his orange self in the White House and continue to complain on shit he can’t do without the senate being involve.

    • Michael B
      Michael B 2 months ago

      Julissa Flores not along the whole border

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 2 months ago

      Michael B dude there’s already a wall.

  • Roy Wessbecher
    Roy Wessbecher 2 months ago +8

    It's called "deterrence-based "policy. If we can make America a worse hellhole for them than where they came from, then, when we send them back, they can tell everyone how bad it is here. That child with the ankle monitor will definitely spread the word what America is like. That's where we're at.
    Dignity? Leading by example? Out the window. - Just teach them a painful lesson they'll never forget!

  • 巨人の肩
    巨人の肩 2 months ago +12

    All people who look Latino are of actual (Native) American descent.

    • A Anon
      A Anon 25 days ago

      Latino literally means Italian.......
      Native Americans look Italian?!
      Im sorry YOU were stating.......

    • Serena Light-Mor
      Serena Light-Mor 27 days ago

      Amerika is the entire bloody continent. What countries are in Amerika?! From Canada to Patagonia makes Amerika, Amerikan people. Stop the ignorance. 🤣 butch of dummies, that NO nothing but star hate without any reason.

    • ji jindeski kanakua
      ji jindeski kanakua Month ago +2

      @J B actually you are wrong.. many tribes in the USA have lineage to tribes in Mexico... They are decedents of each other, specially tribes that have languages that are of nahuatl origins.

    • A Anon
      A Anon Month ago +2

      Who should ACTUALLY be given the land........
      I hope this opens eyes!

    • Patty J. Ayers
      Patty J. Ayers Month ago +1

      J B - In what way ‘different’? Do you think the arbritrary borders created in the modern era did something to them?

  • Karl Kiefer
    Karl Kiefer 2 months ago +10

    You who bartered long held ethics, and suborned your convictions
    To support a megalomaniac with morals bent and skewed,
    Should have invested more reflection on an apropos expression:
    While you were busy with your avarice
    The devil changed you.
    Does your religious faith support this leader's blithe retort
    When condoning cold blooded murder for economic gain?
    Are you so frightened by the thought of being banished from the herd
    That you'll hold silent, or dissemble, in the face of his racist words?
    When you use politics as a proxy to make your moral choices,
    Are they easier to defend if you only listen to your hand picked voices?
    Can you defend the gassing of children, and shrug it off as collateral damage
    When our leader's immoral acts turn into illegal actions?
    Have you ever actually met one, you who live in the heartland's embrace?
    You know, an immigrant who looks different, who has a different face.
    Have you ever considered their struggle, walked a mile in their shoes?
    Ever wondered what you would do if it ever happened to you?
    With all the countless tragedies besetting the human race,
    What deprivation of your psyche precludes your showing grace?
    Have you ever asked their story, you who live near the sea?
    'Cuz in the not too distant future you might be
    A climate refugee.

    • carren ward
      carren ward 21 day ago

      I volunteer in a food bank in San Diego CA, so can attest that desperation runs across the board from elderly; homeless; undocumented; military low-ranking; to college students. Unfortunately no easy answer to poverty in general, the main concern is the economic-earning has a huge divide & the US hasn't a system of general assistance for less fortunate as other countries have i.e. socialized medical coverage such as NHS of Britain; benefits such as CenterLink in Australia and New Zealand (as one example). I am considered a Leftist in some matters (M4A; living wage; social assistance programs for all, not selective as it is here in the USA), yet probably a Centralist when it comes to immigration. I highly recommend reading Leftist argument for immigration cap - it's called "How Many Is Too Many?" and covers aspects of what undocumented immigration has done & will perpetuate: environmental impact i.e. urban sprawl, loss of natural inhabitant as most migrate to large cities, not rural enclaves - this also reflects employment, as only 4% of undocumented is accounted to working in agricultural. Prior to discounting, it also offers sound solutions vs a wall (per se). What is most important that many do not understand, esp those who let emotions drive the narrative & not take a step back and see the entire picture is THE main employment sector that's hit most by undocumented is not the employment of you & me & our family & friends, it impacts low-income/low-skill employment sectors the most - sectors such as hospitality; construction; retail; warehouse; domestic, the same industries & sectors that experience suppression & stagnation of wages the most, hence, reason why the USA has one of the worst economic divides among western-world countries, and no living wage. Not undermining your statement as its' impact is important & on many levels whether emotional; spiritual; humanistic; but reality also has to come into play.

    • J B
      J B Month ago

      pamela daley white lefty people be like feeling morally superior!

    • J B
      J B Month ago

      Nice pseudo moralistic nonsense. I am sure you love other megalomaniacs as long their policies fits your narratives.

    • Nancy Cornett
      Nancy Cornett 2 months ago +1

      Karl Kiefer Thank you!

    • Brice Croneberger
      Brice Croneberger 2 months ago

      millennial jesus your absolutely correct!!

  • Leanin
    Leanin 2 months ago

    How many liberal faggots in here because they don’t know what a legal port of entry is?

  • Brian
    Brian 2 months ago +4


  • Interpreting Aesthetic
    Interpreting Aesthetic 2 months ago +4

    The thumbnail for this video reminded me of the Key and Peele sketch "Laron Can't Laugh"...
    and that's what I came here to say.

  • dacealksne
    dacealksne 2 months ago +2

    inglés por favor

  • Dogsoldier 1950
    Dogsoldier 1950 2 months ago +21

    These are not victims. They made a decision to travel 1500 miles to enter the USA illegally

    • Robert Masina
      Robert Masina 2 days ago +1

      Mmm K. How many asylum seekers can this nation take in?

    • Starman
      Starman 8 days ago

      @Mmm K request asylum at a port of entry and file the right documents and information and they will let you go for a while but if your asylum claim failed then a active deportation order is placed on you
      This is not requesting asylum this is abuse of our legal system

    • Rosita Rogers
      Rosita Rogers 17 days ago

      @Dogsoldier 1950 you are absolutely right!

    • Dogsoldier 1950
      Dogsoldier 1950 2 months ago +4

      Mmm K economic migration is not a justification for asslym

    • Email Goose
      Email Goose 2 months ago +6

      They are victims to circumstance, to lack of resources, lack of human rights that they must seek out any possible solution to SURVIVE. They don't know what might happen after they cross but they have hope they can deserve to feel an ounce of happiness we PRIVILEGED FOLK have every second to feel if we wanted to.

  • Dissociation Nation
    Dissociation Nation 2 months ago +31

    My great grand parents migrated to the USA, though some would call it an escape, as many of these migrants might relate to. That's because they left a broken, poor and soon to become a facist Germany. My grandfather, only then a young man, went to fight in ww2 soon there after. When he came back, he settled and had my mother in 1949. Years later her highschool graduation present was a pair of suitcases and a co sign into the military. She didnt have much a choice, although was glad to serve this country, continuing to protect this nation as her father did. She did so for 34 years, until retirement and wasnt able to have me till later in life because of this. This was the beginning of a proud American family.
    I'm 26 and many people my age dont feel they have any direct connection to the dream that many have of coming to this country. I sure do.

    • Charlie Hare
      Charlie Hare 2 days ago

      @0urMutualFriend who gives ah shit.. we fought.. they lost.. end of story

    • Serena Light-Mor
      Serena Light-Mor 27 days ago +1

      @fall: you have NO idea their issues, so stop posting hate. The government wants us to kill each other while they plan to depopulate; this is NOT the time to separate and hate one another. Those are children, someone’s fäther or mother. Stop it. God wants to find us loving each other, not hating or killing each other.

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores Month ago

      0urMutualFriend exactly.

    • 0urMutualFriend
      0urMutualFriend Month ago

      Your point about native Americans is false; they were still the first settlers of America, wherever they came from

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 2 months ago

      Fall Of An Empire ahh false go down to South America you would shit your pants to what you actually see with your own eyes what’s actually going on.

  • dog de la frog
    dog de la frog 2 months ago +15

    conservatives are scared of this. let that sink in :)

    • Raymond Shreve
      Raymond Shreve Month ago

      @J B i wish someone would try to take over my home.

    • J B
      J B Month ago

      Raymond Shreve yeah white boy, squatters have rights too to take over your home.

    • J B
      J B Month ago

      I encourage squatters to take over your home, you think these illegals have “rights”. Therefore shelter is a right, and everyone feel free to take over your home.

    • Raymond Shreve
      Raymond Shreve 2 months ago +2

      Conservatives are scared of their own shadows. That's why they're so adamant about their gun rights

    • NahNah52
      NahNah52 2 months ago +1

      Scared isn't the correct word -- try *issed-off.
      Like the old saying goes; "Better to be *issed-off ------- than *issed-on!"

  • Junior Rivera
    Junior Rivera 2 months ago


  • Helpful Helper
    Helpful Helper 2 months ago +3

    What is on their feet?

    • Karl Kiefer
      Karl Kiefer 2 months ago +2

      @dacealksne You're a disgusting excuse for a human being.

    • Anson Pang
      Anson Pang 2 months ago +1

      @dacealksne excuse me?

    • dacealksne
      dacealksne 2 months ago +1

      They should put those things from The Running Man around their necks

    • Junior Rivera
      Junior Rivera 2 months ago +1


  • aped
    aped 2 months ago +8

    Send them back!!!!

    • Buzzy boy
      Buzzy boy 28 days ago +2

      Can I send you back ?

  • thinkabout
    thinkabout 2 months ago +11

    This experiment we call human civilization is coming to a halt much sooner than we think - only one example is abrupt climate change. Hang on tight !

    • thinkabout
      thinkabout 2 months ago +1

      @e hisamova agree

    • e hisamova
      e hisamova 2 months ago +1

      We have about 3 years of normalcy left

  • Dontread Myname
    Dontread Myname 2 months ago +17

    Trump 2020! Open border communist democrats must be stopped. They scream that no one is above the law, but when illegal alien invaders desecrate our sovereignty they enable them and turn a blind eye. When will democrats put us citizens over ms-13 and illegal aliens.

    • NahNah52
      NahNah52 2 months ago +2

      @Mmm K You're correct -- seeking asylum has been going on for decades; it's the 'illegal entry' and promises of being given everything "FREE FREE FREE!!!"

    • NahNah52
      NahNah52 2 months ago

      @mpye The Israelis aren't the problem -- this is the problem----> www.politicalislam.com

    • Mmm K
      Mmm K 2 months ago +2

      It is NOT illegal to request asylum!

    • mpye
      mpye 2 months ago

      israels are over americans. need give them more aid.

    • L B
      L B 2 months ago +4

      Dontread Myname, do you have any idea how shrill and paranoid you sound?

  • Evan Fields
    Evan Fields 2 months ago +9

    Room 140 is where they used to hold the old Twitter characters.

  • Lillie Holmes
    Lillie Holmes 2 months ago +1

    What is going on, the writing was so small, I couldn't read it.

    • Ruth
      Ruth 2 months ago

      Could barely hear it with the ac on!

    • Raptor Jesus
      Raptor Jesus 2 months ago +4

      You might need glasses my dude

  • Sy Sharp
    Sy Sharp 2 months ago +5

    During the worlds six mass extinction period Neo-colonists abandoned their own people to consume more...
    Incredibly selfish and sad

  • ProteanView
    ProteanView 2 months ago

    Globalist open borders propaganda. We have 500000 homeless Americans. Folks in Appalachia suffer from abject poverty. Folks on South Side are in danger. This is a sovereign nation of tax payers. Until everyone is housed & safe, globalist anti-Gentiles like Atlantic editor Goldberg should stop proselytizing & corporate sponsored media should stop manipulating us so they can flood our country with cheap labor, break minimum wage & expand our tent cities. Open borders isn't about helping these poor folks it's about our ruling class getting cheap labor to ruin OUR poor folks.

  • daryl H
    daryl H 2 months ago +21

    Disgusting ... Tuck Frump !!!

    • Robert Masina
      Robert Masina 3 days ago

      @daryl H. That's what this country needs, a president one either loves or hates.

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 8 days ago

      @whitehope yet white Europeans still came to this country making a huge mess with all these white homeless people. Ya clearly the US doesn't need lazy cry babies Born citizens living here either.

    • whitehope
      whitehope Month ago

      @Raymond Shreve These people have no rights, the only right they have is a speedy trip home. The United States does not need any more third world trash.

    • Raymond Shreve
      Raymond Shreve 2 months ago

      Democraps and repubes are both responsible for trampling on these peoples rights

    • NahNah52
      NahNah52 2 months ago +2

      Research -- those 'cages' were built by no-bama.