We Love CoCo Curry

Coco Curry is Martina's favorite food in Japan. No joke. We both love it, and we've wanted to do a video about it for a long time now. Today, we will finally share what CoCo Curry is all about.

And, no, this video is not sponsored. We actually just really like CoCo Curry. A lot. A lot a lot. We actually ate it today, while editing this video. We just wanted to share it because we love it.

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Автор JaeKobrax ( назад)
I commented on here before saying there's Coco curry here in Hawaii, but we have a very boring version :( we can't choose bases, and we get either spicy or mild. Still great curry tho!

Автор Amber Smoot ( назад)
we did it!!! we finally made it to Japa and fell in love with Coco!!!

I need to know, what kind of rice do they use?! Can I import it?

Автор みったりん ( назад)
CoCo壱って たまに無性に食べたくなる

Автор peoplethesedaysful ( назад)

Автор Kara Camp ( назад)
I always rewatch your videos when I need to be cheered up 😊

Автор kenji BANZAI ( назад)
haha its funny how theyre like...cheese on curry. no its not our fault. white people didnt do this. it was here before we got here. hahaha.

Автор THEminiWATCHER ( назад)
Did anyone actually search for 'Japanese sexy sauce'?
If so, please tell me what happened to you :P
(I'm too scared to google it myself 🙄)

Автор parad0x M ( назад)
omg dont hype this Coco curry crap. for christ sake if yall want quality dont set coco's as your standard please cuz you are honestly missing out on genuinely good local ones. Coco's is the equivalent of a mcdonalds here in japan jst saying

Автор feilong168 ( назад)
Coco curry is the bomb

Автор The Fairy Lolita Reads ( назад)
I wonder if they've ever had Jamaican curry. its the best tbh

Автор iceykatrien ( назад)
i went to CoCo curry 2 weeks ago, when i was in Fukushima, Osaka and i know what you mean Simon and Martina. i fell in love with it and am very sad you can't find it in Europe.

Автор Riley Pearse ( назад)
Is it weird that I knew about Japanese curry before Indian curry? I see so many people visualize or describe curry as the Indian kind but I grew up on Japanese style block curry lol. Hawaiian life

Автор e candle ( назад)
Many Japanese eat without mixing.
It is a really popular shop.

Автор Chuck Wee ( назад)
Not sure if it would be the same as the ones in singapore, i will find out soon next week!

Автор Eli Nathan ( назад)
who else immediately googled japanese sexy sauce?

Автор Franz Leslie ( назад)
When we visited japan we tried this 11/10 would recommend. Just a while ago i saw on our local mall in our area (Philippines) Cocoichibanya opened a store it was just about time coz i miss japan.

Автор Wendy Woo ( назад)
I know what you mean with the crack thing, in the UK there are a kid's drink called fruit shoot, we call them crack for toddlers as they go mad for them when they see them.. So we don't let them catch a peek. It's a rare treat or for occasions where there's no better option for them. They aren't that bad, but not exactly the best either

Автор huy mac duong ( назад)
Simon with his Ranch tho lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор wawa005 ( назад)
I used to go to coco city house in Hawaii and the best thing to eat is chicken katsu udon curry with cheese and a side of rice. Always order the cheese on the side because they give you more. Oh I miss coco city house. They don't have it in Vegas. 😭

Автор Krystlyn Jung ( назад)
I am so bad with anything spicy .. I will most prob go for level zero ..
I did not get exposed to curry since young, nor chili or anything else spicy, hence I am very weak towards curry till now T^T I tried eating curry a few time to get used to it but I ended up coughing really badly ;-;
End your relationship with me now guiseeeee :3

Автор Julie Zhang ( назад)
I googled Japanese sexy sauce because temptation.

Автор Brian Mintz ( назад)
So much to love, my favorite is the sexy voiceover! I might play that more than once!😂

Автор Alicia Delgado ( назад)
It looks like the mole sauce my Grandma used to make for me. So it probably tastes realllllyyyyyy good.

Автор Andres The Pro ( назад)
Dear Simon and Martina, did the cheese you add cut down on the spice, making your curry not as spicy??

Автор Sarxz Tes ( назад)
I feel Simon was so angry when netizen said CHEESE RUIN FOOD... XD.. I am quite not sure Cheese will make curry full-flavored but I really wanna try it! At least I have to say that add cheese into your SHIN RAMYUN or any spicy noodles. Try this tasty way ... PRETTY PRETTY GOOD!

Автор しろ ( назад)

Автор Max Annand ( назад)
mum walked in the room. fuck

Автор Aldair Cruz ( назад)
Coco Curry really sound like Mexican 'Mole' with the ingredients and stuff even the colour!, have you ever tried Mole? it's similar?

Автор Julianne Lin ( назад)
Lol I used to have CocoCurry all the time at Taiwan. I've always preferred Japanese curry over Indian or Thai curry (I do still like those too tho).

Автор Jacob Kemezys ( назад)
Is there any vegetarian options at that place?

Автор Gloria Celeste ( назад)
Yum! I can't wait to try it!

Автор Elaine Huynh ( назад)
Damm...This makes me wanna go to japan even more now XD

Автор Weed-S159 ( назад)
This place reminds me Kamimaezu in Nagoya?

Автор Daniel Boyett ( назад)
I too carry around a bottle ranch wherever I go.

Автор dakimstar ( назад)
im more of a fan of C&C curry shop, their katsu is abit more thicker IMO and cheaper. but CoCo is pretty good as well when theres no C&C around!

Автор Arham Abedin ( назад)
i love you guys

Автор ASNCwalker ( назад)
curry is love, curry is life. legit I eat curry at least 3-4 times a week

Автор Iris Dao ( назад)
I miss Japan's CoCo's! The one in LA definitely cannot compare at any level. My favorite order when I was living in Okinawa was always the asuri clam with scrambled eggs with level 3 spice and regular servings. Definitely drink a lot of water afterwards though haha CoCo's always dehydrated me.

Автор aydan ! ( назад)
"BREak up that katSOO"

Автор Starwberry Girlie ( назад)
mail me some CoCo curry cause aint my parents gonna let me at japan

Автор Panda ( назад)
Are menus in Coco Curry in English as well? Also is it hard to order food in Japan if you only speak English?

Автор Maru Gamas ( назад)
OMG this is torture I want cococurry NOW PLEASE it looks delicious

Автор Az Neila ( назад)

Автор Ika Thian ( назад)
me eating porridge while watching this hahhaha

Автор Ruth Snape ( назад)
Livestream ordering Cococurries!

Автор kyoko chu ( назад)
okay the coco curry in japan is way more advanced than the chain of restaurants we have in hawaii LOL wow.... amazing..

Автор Gastper Kaswaki ( назад)
Lol people who are making fun of white people because they add cheese in curry are dumps, try Japanese curry in any country and you will get the same options as what they said. I live in Middle East and I'm half Asian, I eat curry with cheese. They even have a French fries with a little bit of onion green, curry sauces, chicken and CHEESE!!

Автор Melissa Smith ( назад)
Last time I was in Japan I lived on Coco Curry, I need one in Melbourne, Australia.

Автор jess ( назад)
How many people actually googled Japanese sexy sauce?

Автор jsalsabila ( назад)
Coco curry became me and my friends's favorite restaurant to eat! Because its soooo delicious oh my god! But here in Indonesia we dont have that much type for the topping(?) lol anyway its really good! And the pickle is totally da bomb

Автор Scandi Snowgirl ( назад)
Yay!!! Other white people who don't fit that stupid stereotype that we can't handle spicy!!! lol I've eaten Thai food so spicy that the Thai friends I have are looking at me like 😳 and I'm all like "what?"

Автор Dave Ng ( назад)

Автор Midnigh Erza ( назад)
in Malaysia also have coco curry from japan... but the nearest coco curry was close down... :(

Автор josephine clark ( назад)
So now that you have lived here for awhile how often do you eat here? Like have you gotten bored with it yet, or do you save it for special occasions?

Автор How To Be Irish ( назад)
Unbelievable that people piss and moan about white people adding cheese to shit as if cheese isn't a massive food staple in many countries and is often offered on the menu. I'll be the first to say that white people ruin a lot of shit, but just chill out. Rest those huge quads of steel you got from jumping to conclusions.

Автор Barry Manilow ( назад)
Whenever I eat anything now all I can hear is martina's "sexy food" voice doing a commentary in my head and it makes things super awks

Автор Luna Sangria ( назад)

Автор danamaria gutierrez ( назад)
You should try to recreate coco curry! It'd be great to watch whether it goes good or bad

Автор 「Akim Lai-Fang」 ( назад)
Does Simon really walks around with a bottle of ranch everywhere he goes?

Автор Kiwaru Seonwu ( назад)
Why are people so against cheese? There are so many cheese flavored products in Japan! xD

Автор mate gday ( назад)
never tried cococaine curry even i've living in Tokyo for 2years. 😒 this video make me to go to coco. very fun to watch you guys! 응원합니다 ㅋㅋㅋ

Автор chubbycheesecake ( назад)
Hello Everyone! I'm trying to find a Coco Curry franchise in our country (Philippines) and I found a restaurant called Coco Ichibanya. Is Coco Curry and CoCo Ichibanya the same franchise? Thanks in advance guys!

Автор sugarboo jimbo ( назад)
that egg looked so good omg into my pussy big boy

Автор H J ( назад)
There are a few cocoichiban stores in Seoul too but I like it better in Japan for some reason

Автор HungryLioness ( назад)
ugh i . want.

Автор NarutoFreak1 ( назад)
Did he just order level 10 spicy? Hell no lol. I tried that once....never again.

Автор mangafreak942 ( назад)
I'm sitting in a hallway of one of the buildings at my university... I feel uncomfortable and guilty listening to this even with headphones in.

Автор Aqalia Aliaaqa ( назад)
What do you mean its nothing like indian food? something i dont understand is how people cannot like thai and indian food. There is not only one type of curry, there are THOUSANDS.

Автор trixchialoveskimchi6 ( назад)
i want a coco curry where i live :(... the thing is i've tasted japanese kare in instant ramen form and didn't like it. so i want to give it a chance.

Автор Jennifer Kim ( назад)
you guys should do the 18 and over curry challenge!

Автор SereniTEA ( назад)
❤️ COCOs❤️  Misssss COCOs ❤️  Soooo sad! ❤️ No nose cleaning in America!!! :( lol ❤️

Автор Gabrielle Andres ( назад)
YESSS THERES A COCO CURRY BY MY JOB!!! Thanks Martina for showing me the light!!!

Автор Emrora M ( назад)
That was CoCo crazy!
Love you guys!

Автор Professor Rosenstock ( назад)
I figured Coco was as in Chocolate

Автор OneLove Phia ( назад)
if I like the curry sauce- I feel like I can eat it

Автор なかがわ小次郎 ( назад)



Автор Divinecross ( назад)
I died when Simon ordered his choices cause he had a koREAN ACCENT lmao it was gold

Автор yamadago ( назад)
DARA(2ne1) loves Japanese coco curry.
She ate coco curry EVERYDAY in Japan.actually.

Автор 田島アヤ ( назад)
I don't know if you guys still read comments but you should try champion curry! I thinks it is better than coco!

Автор Al Pal ( назад)
Why so why so weird I think simon was right coco=cocan

Автор Hammy Technoid ( назад)
Dirty dirty cheese... oooooowie gooooowie!!!! LOL

Автор Asumedog54 ( назад)
I have a question if I'm going to visit Japan and I don't speak Japanese how understand there wrighting and speach

Автор Anna Xiong ( назад)
Idk why I'm so obsessed with this video. I've watched AT LEAST 10 times and I'm not joking. I think I'm visually addicted to coco curry even though I've never had it.

Автор Reabecca Bunny ( назад)
It looks so good I want some!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Автор Danika Trophy ( назад)
Do more mukbangs 😍

Автор SoundsLikeCalamari ( назад)
I know why you love it :) I had CoCo Curry 4 times in the week I was in Japan ^^;;;

Автор budywudy9 ( назад)
is there a menu/part of the menu in English? I can't read nor speak Japanese..

Автор Darryl Mair ( назад)
Every time I'm in Japan. CoCoCurry E V E R Y D A Y <3

Автор Chua Jana ( назад)
Martina's little fancy hairbun is so cute!!

Автор Khitab Tube ( назад)
Lmao the sexy voice sounded just like porn.

Автор Khitab Tube ( назад)
Did anyone else google " Japanese sexy sauce."?

Автор Humming Urban Angela ( назад)
Idea: Ranch packet + Kewpie. Ranchy umami??

Автор 0777sadie ( назад)
I just Love your food porn videos! I feel that way about food too...

Автор Endless Goth ( назад)
omg cheese goals 😍

Автор GreatGrandCarrot ( назад)
I always get level 3 spicyness, extra spinach, mushrooms, cheese, sausage, and fried fish.

Автор Justin Diaz ( назад)
This looks fantastic. I love your videos and seeing all the food. *writes CoCo Curry on checklist of places to eat in Japan.*

Автор Cara Crosby ( назад)
I LOVE Coco Curry with cheese!!!!! i miss it so much here in England

Автор Jazmin Paeste ( назад)
I love CHEESE❤😋

Автор Estrella Vazquez ( назад)
I cried a little when martina said eyk history :,(

Автор Sebastian Schwinte ( назад)
Is there any vegetarian sauce???

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